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The Tiff Next Wave Festival, a film festival run by teens, for teens, premiered a stunning and potent film, Lily and Kat. An impressive first effort by director Michael Preysler, Lily and Kat tells the story of the two title characters (played by Jessica Rothe and Hannah Murray respectively), who are fashion students and best friends in New York City.

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Hey Pulp Zine poetry enthusiasts and writers! Late Night Poetry Club (a compilation of staff and reader submitted original poetry) is back for October, and the theme is Baby Teeth! This theme can mean anything from growing up or growing out of something, losing a childhood feeling, letting go and letting grow, feeling young/feeling like you’re aging, etc.– anything at all that you interpret it to be (those are just a few of many ideas!! And, it can totally be a poem you previously wrote). Also, your poem does not have to include the words “baby teeth” in anyway, and, once again, you can interpret the theme however you like! We want any and all original poetry submissions for this theme sent to , where our poetry editor will choose 5 or more submissions for the post! The due date for ALL poetry submissions is Thursday, October 23rd, 2014, so send ‘em in!! Thanks so much!


Essine, The Pulp Zine Poetry Editor

(image by charlotteks)