the pudding one made me laugh


~Day 11 of Halloween~

Happy’s POV

“Daddy! You put them in too long!!” Kida and Marie whined. Well, mainly Kida since Marie was only 4 and didn’t really understand how burning the marshmallows were a bad thing. Kida being 6 and headstrong like her mother, scolded me for burning them and Marie followed her example by putting her hands on her hips and giving me a very terrifying look for a 4 year old.

“I know, princesses. I’ll make up another batch.” I said trying to appease them. They seemed satisfied with that answer and stopped glaring at me. I sighed in relief and started on melting more marshmallows making sure to pay extra attention to them so they wouldn’t burn. I already had the other ingredients out to make the oreo rice krispie treats.

I took the marshmallows out and and had the girls help me mix everything together. We put it in the pan for it to set then we started on our second project, Pudding Monster packs.

We started off with making a big batch of vanilla pudding that I had to stop the girls from eating. We put them in five separate bowls, giving each bowl a different color before putting them in little half cups.

Next was the fun step, we all went to the table and I gave all of us sharpies. We each had an equal amount leaving some for you when you got home. We drew faces on the cups and made them into monsters.

We made all sorts of monsters and once the faces were done we put a layer of sprinkles on top just for fun. The girls and I had fun and set them in the fridge after we made their faces.

After that, I started cutting the set Rice krispie treats into different shaped tombstones. The girls were coloring in a coloring book so I wasn’t paying too close attention, until I heard Marie start meowing. I turned around to find Marie coloring her nose with the sharpie, having already drawn whiskers on her face.

“Fuck! No!” I dropped the knife onto the Krispie treats and quickly came over to grab the sharpie from her then the one from Kida as I noticed she was drawing tiger stripes on her arm. I picked up mine too and put them in a drawer.

Fuck…. The girls were scary but you, you were a whole new level of scary and you were going to kill me for this. Oh god… what was I going to do?

“Okay princesses… bathroom!” I told them and ushered them in there. I set Kida on the toilet and took a washcloth out. I got it wet and put soap on it, I took Kida’s arm and gently tried to get the stripes off.

After about a minute of trying, nothing happened and I stopped. I set the washcloth down with a sigh. I wasn’t even going to try with Marie. I was definitely dead as soon as you got home which apparently was now since the front door was opening.

“Mommy!” Kida and Marie screamed and ran to greet you. I trailed behind slowly.

“What happened to you two?” I heard you laugh, and I smiled. Maybe you wouldn’t be mad. I saw you kneeling next to the girls with a smile. “My little monsters, giving daddy a heart attack, huh?”

The girls giggled and you laughed too. Apparently all three of you knew me way too well. You picked up Marie and put her on your hip while taking Kida’s hand and lead them to our bedroom. I followed behind and watched as you set them on the bed. Going to your vanity, you grabbed makeup remover and somehow managed to gently wipe off the sharpie.

“Oil based makeup remover.” You answered the question you knew I had. You smirked at me and winked.

“I love you.” I told you.

“I love you too.” You smiled and blew me a kiss, the girls giggled at that.

“Momma! We made you treats!” Marie told her.

“You did?” You asked excitedly. “Well, let’s go see!” You helped them off the bed after you finished wiping the sharpie off. They each took one of your hands and lead you to the kitchen, you pecked my lips quickly as you passed.

They showed you the monster pudding cups first which you adored. Then the showed you the krispie treats that I hadn’t even finished cutting. You laughed and had me and the girls sit at the table. You finished cutting the treats then grabbed the icing I already had made.

You brought them both over and separated them evenly for the girls and then took some for us. You brought our plate over and sat on my lap, kissing me softly. I smiled and pulled you into a deep kiss.




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One Piece Chapter 861 Firsts Impressions.

This has been an interesting chapter that I liked very much by its details, but it has annoyed me a little the idiotness that can be my Sanji. Anyway, Sanji is Sanji and we are not going to change him at this point … 

Although, my initial reaction to reading the chapter has been this:

Then… There are a few things I want to talk about with you:

1) The Cover is the most cute thing I’ve seen in months. If you want to find the members of the crew in the kittens you will spend some fun: I have found Luffy, Zoro, Brook, Robin and Sanji. 

Try it!

2) I love the art of the Sweet Commanders. They are amazing! (And Katakuri is HOT!)

3) I am so curious about Mother Caramel. In fact I didn’t think we’d see his face until later. We don’t know who that lady is, and I do not think she looks like Dadan. 


Is she? 

The cigarrette is a clue? The Mother…? 

Dadan was a Mother for Ace, Luffy and Sabo and all her crew… And BM, call her THE MOTHER? Ummmmm…. Interesting.

4) I have the feeling that when the crap plan to destroy the wedding fails, the little gift of Gyojin Island, will explode Big Mom in the nose. (And I’m very curious to know what’s inside …)

5)  When I have seen Cesar with this attitude…

… This song has come to my head and I can not take it from!!:

6) Cuteness everywhere… And then is Brûlée (LOL)

7) Sanji is the most idiotic and perverted boy I ever seen, but I love him the same. 


8) Pudding is a cockteaser.

In my country it is said “calientapollas” and I do not know if the word I have used in English sounds very rude, I apologize if I offend someone, but still, you know what I am referring to.

9) Interesting: Pudding  calling demon to Sanji. I understand that it announces the expected power-up of the cook and his demonic flames. 

I really want to see Sanji burn.

(And yes… Sanji is a perverted Incubus. xD)

10) I like these panels of the Vinsmoke brothers that show the interests of each of them: Ichiji, politics; Niji, women and himself; Yonji, food and Reiju, who cares about everyone. 

11) I love this panel. 

In addition to being the crazy Tea Party of Alice In Wonderland, it is a marvel of details. All the characters are carefully displayed and drawn in a crazy perfect blend. 

Oda is a real genius and no one is going to make me change my mind.

12) And this has made me laugh a lot.

Well, we don’t know what’s going to happen, but what is clear is that Sanji is not going to hurt Pudding … 

I don’t know who will take care of that bitch’s face, Reiju, Carrot or Nami (I’d love it to be Nami), because there are a lot of very powerful female rivals in this arch and all we know that Oda likes to do “one on one” in gender issues … (Of course there are also exceptions such as Zoro against Monet…)

I really want the fight to start … Besides that I’m convinced Luffy will come out of the cake 

And you?

As always, excuse me, my English skills are not as good as Sanji’s acting

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Bonus: Definition of an idiot:

Fran & Franchesca Save Harlem

It was a warm and beautiful afternoon when Fran and Franchesca met up at the Pompette Wine Shop to buy a few bottles of wine. They were going to a brunch a little later that day. They were both all smiles when they saw each other. Life was busy, it felt like forever since they’d seen each other. This was the first brunch in months where the girls would get to sit down with their other 4 friends and have a good meal, catch up and relax. This used to be a regular event but now it was more difficult to get everyone together.  No one was complaining because their lives were all on the move up so it was good but they all missed each other desperately.

Fran arrived first and walked in to find the handsome owner behind the counter. As she started to ask for suggestions for wine, Franchesca walked in. They greeted each other with huge smiles and hugs. They took a moment to chat and then turned back to the owner for his wine suggestions.

As they talked, the 3 of them felt an immediate chill in the air. It was strange, abrupt and odd for this time of year. It felt like the temperature dropped from 76 degrees to 40 in an instant.

Fran: That is so weird, I just got really cold.

Franchesca: Oh my god me too. What’s going on?

They looked toward the owner, his face looking nervous and confused. He seemed to be looking past them. Both women turned around and saw the window behind them first fog, then cover with ice, then crack. The owner started to say “What the fu-“ but before he could finish his question, Fran and Franchesca knew what was happening.

The girls put down their bags and stepped outside.

They stepped out to face a large man. He had pale skin, was almost 7 feet tall, 400 pounds, had a scrunched angry face and was wearing all black. A button up black shirt, black pants and the only non-black item on him was on a black armband that sat high on his bicep. It had white letters that read “SoHa.”

The residents of Harlem didn’t seem to notice him at first. Everyone was shivering. No one understood why it was so cold. People were speeding up and trying to get somewhere warm. Within seconds, they would all be looking in his direction.

The man lifted his fist and using a laser attached to his arm, he fired at Fran. Franchesca ran away leaving Fran to fend for herself. Fran stood in front of the beast, took a deep breath and prepared for battle.

The man missed but quickly fired again. Fran dodged but as the second shot went by her face, she started to sing.

Random Harlem Resident: Is this bitch singing Sade?

Fran continues singing but as she does, the evil man who was moving toward her was moving slowly, at a snails pace. He looked confused and even more angry. As Fran continued to sing No Ordinary Love with a sarcastic smile on her face, the man realized that he could barely move. He kept trying but every step felt like he was walking in quicksand.

Fran looked on, now the sarcastic smile was pure amusement. She pulled something out of her pocket. It looked like a small change purse.  As she started removing items from the small bag, the people notice that it looks like a bunch of small vials.

Second Random Harlem Resident: First you sing to this mutherfucker and now you’re going to smoke with him? What the fuck is this bitch doing?

In her hand, Fran started to mix the ingredients in the vials. The smooth buttery cream in her hand started to glow. The man kept trying to move but seeing the mixture, he laughs and yells “DO YOU REALLY THINK HAND CREAM CAN STOP ME?”

Fran, now looking at the evil man with a sweet mischievous look, sings louder than ever. The man can’t move at all now. He can barely speak. As he looks to Fran he sees that while he can’t move, something about her can and is moving. Her hair, already large and luxurious was growing. It was getting bigger, curlier and was now covering the entire side of the building and encircling the large angry man.

As Fran’s hair forms a globe around the man, we see that Franchesca hadn’t left Fran at all. She’d run around the block to get behind the man so he wouldn’t see her. While Fran’s hair was forming a perfect soft, fluffy ball around the man, Franchesca jumps up and it looks like she’s going to land on the man’s back but just before she touches him, she stops in mid air. Fran’s hair is now a fully formed globe around her, the man and Franchesca.

Franchesca hovers as the bulk of her long loose locs start to braid themselves and then pin themselves in a bun. A few strands remained loose but were also put to work. One seemed to be cutting a line in the back of the man’s head. Where the loc cut, instead of blood, a zipper appeared. As a full zipper formed across the back of the man’s head, Franchesca, still in mid air, unzips the man’s skin. A second loc starts to perform the same action now on the man’s skull.

Fran continues to sing loudly while the man is doing nothing but angry mumbling.

The second loc created a zipper in the evil man’s skull and again, Franchesca unzipped it. She opens his skull while saying “Ew this is gross there isn’t even a brain in here. It’s goo and it stinks.” Fran, still smiling and now ad-libbing in the middle of the song sings, “Better you than meee! Better yooooooooou than meeeeeee.”

Franchesca looks around the man at Fran and says, “You’re such and asshole.”

Franchesca leans in, removes the goo and inserts a glowing brain that had been hidden in her locs. She zipps up the man’s skull and the zipper dissolved into the bone. She zips the man’s skin and again, the zipper dissolved. She gently lands on the ground, walks around the man and stands next to Fran.

Fran, now holding a massive amount of cream in her hands, flings the lotion in the man’s direction. As he stands, the cream covers his body from head to toe. He starts to shrink. He is now 6'2" and his skin turns brown. His face unscrunches and his skin smooths out. The clothes his was wearing no longer fit and start to fall, then fade. They become smaller and change color. The arm band catches fire and he now stand with glasses, jeans and nice shirt.

Franchesca: I hope this doesn’t take too long, I’m getting hungry.

Fran is now lightly humming, allowing the man to move almost at a normal pace. As the transformation completes, Fran’s hair starts to shorten and Franchesca’s locs loosen. By the time their hair is back to normal, the evil man is almost completely different.

As the last ounce of evil is removed from his body, the man yells “WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?”

Fran: It’s okay, it’s all organic!

Franchesca: I repeat, you are an asshole!

The women look at each other, laugh and wink! The evil man is now handsome, kind and intelligent. Fran gives him the once over as Franchesca pulls her back into the Pompette!

The man walks away not fully understanding what happened.

Harlem Native #1: Oh okay so you start with a white ape and end with an urban intellectual and then you act like nothing ever happened?

Harlem Native #2 to her friends: Hurry up and pick up those bags.

Harlem Native#2’s friends pick up 10 different bags of hair they’ve been cutting from Fran’s hair globe and quickly walk away.

Inside the Pompette Wine Shop, the girls are still looking for a few good bottles of wine. Although, now maybe a few more then originally planned. The owner makes his suggestions, the girls buy the wine and head up to their rooftop brunch.

They are the first to arrive. They open a bottle and have a sip while they wait. As they sit quietly, they hear their other 4 friends making fun of each other and then them on the way through the door.  

Dustin: What the fuck are y’all doing? We were on our way to help but you 2 just fix shit on your own, huh?

Kid Fury: Y’all are lucky I even made it. My bed tried to convince me to stay but here you 2 go causing trouble in my damn neighborhood.

Franchesca: Oh yeah! That’s us, the trouble makers!

Crissle: Since y’all handled it, I stopped to get some banana pudding. You’re welcome.

Assante: Crissle is the real hero of this story!

Everyone laughs and teases each other over a delicious meal. All with big smiles that cover up the one thing they all know is true.

What happened today was no fluke. A war has just begun and this might be the last time they are all relaxing together. Today they eat, drink and laugh because they know the next fight is going to be a big one and it might be their last.

The Black Order Will Return.

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OP 880

So, I don’t know about other people, but I really liked this chapter.  Even with the negative bs that seemed to pop up with it, I refuse to let the opinions of others ruin my own. ^^  There’s a lot of excitement in this one (at least for me) and a cliffhanger at the end.  So let’s take a look at “Chance of Escape: ‘0%’”

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First Funny Impressions OP 859

Well, before my review… and how this days I am very busy and out of Tumbrl, I will left some comments about the chapter, a few things that have made me laugh.

1) Have you seen a baby uglier than this in the whole world? (Really Oda, is that necessary? He has a moustache… OMG…)

2) Is Ganster Ganstino (Gas-boy/Caesar) becoming aroused by his own words? O_O (I am scared…)

3) Luffy, laughing his head off, because “Gas-boy”, is one of the best things of the chapter. (I love Luffy so much.)

4) Ichiji and Pudding… They are a good-evil couple. The groom it must be the hot-tatooed Ichiji, not my poor sweet Sanji. They fit. (I want a FIC with those two nao! xDDDD (I hate them, but I recognize they are hot.)

And, for last:

5) The sweet @namibean has already said, but Pudding seems a Sailoor Moon character in this pannel (Or a Marie Antoinette manga character):

One Piece Chapter 864


Just… Glorious.

I remember that when Katakuri was introduced, I was shitting myself because I thought he would be such a hard opponent. Turns out he is almost fucking useless lmao.


All the stuff he said made me smile though… He is furious that Big Mom curved him? Bitch you had the exact same plan, Big Mom was just better than you on this. You got what you deserved.

I’m getting more and more disappointed at the treatment Pudding is receiving. By the end of this arc, she’ll be a good girl I tell you. Oda’s attempt to make her look “bad” once again in this chapter was kinda awkward. It almost felt like he doesn’t know what to do with her anymore. And now that one of her brothers treated her like dirt, Sanji in his shiny armor will come and help.

Not that I don’t like Sanji, but was this really too hard to make a bad bitch out of Pudding, huh?

Brook’s head rolling on the floor and Luffy laughing at it omg cuteness!!!

Ichiji, Niji and Yonji made me LAUGH my ass of, but then I was so fucking shocked at what Reiju added: they are so emotionless that even the aspect of dying doen’t do much to them. Incredible.

But what really amused me is… The Vinsmoke spent one chapter sitting on chairs while everything was going wild around them.

They spent one chapter waiting like… Am I the only one shocked or what? xD

Where Do the Flowers Go Chapter Eight

Chapter Seven

Summary: You and Bucky go undercover in Lenox Hill
Warnings: language

His phone flashed and Bucky smiled as he looked down at the picture that you had sent him. You were in your scrubs, pretending to sleep on the table in the break room with half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in your hand. “Lupei!” Baxter shouted as he walked passed Bucky’s office. Bucky fumbled with his phone and grabbed his tablet before standing up and rushing after his boss.

“Mr. Taylor?”

“Come on, Nic,” Baxter said, laughing as he lead Bucky into his office. “I’ve told you before, call me Baxter.”

“Baxter?” Bucky corrected himself, his eyes filled with humor as he sat down in the soft chair in front of the desk and turned on his tablet. “Do you have questions about the statements? Or maybe the spreadsheets?”

“No questions,” Baxter said. “Your work is amazing, Nic. You’ve already earned your keep.”

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Okay something that really bothers me is how wrong Suicide Squad got Harley and Joker’s relationship. Like Joker was very ooc for the whole movie in my opinion. The only in character thing he did was drive the car into the water after Harley says she can’t swim. They made him so loving in these movie when??? In the comics he would never go back for her or to rescue her. He would probs have done it just to piss Bats off if anything but he would never do it bc he likes her.
The thing is the Joker doesn’t care about Harley AT ALL not even enough to dislike her. He would never chase her down or obsess about her. The one time in the comics he chased her down was in the last laugh and the wasn’t bc he liked her he just want her to have his kid (which she didn’t want to have, she actually called oracle to help her get away).
But in suicide squad they took away the most abusive parts of their relationship and tried to make it seem loving and that made me so uncomfortable.
That time in the movie when she takes off the pudding collar isn’t out of defiance it’s bc she thinks he’s dead and she’s weeping for him which killed me. They said this movie was about Harley becoming independent and I just didn’t see that.
It was all so disappointing to me :/

Visiting Anne

“Ugh, I cannot wait to see Anne. It has been forever, and I miss her so much!” You gushed as you and Harry made your way to Cheshire from London to visit Anne and Robin.

Laughing at your enthusiasm, Harry placed his right hand on your leg in the passenger seat while keep his left hand on the steering wheel.

“I know babe, I can’t wait to see my mum either. I hope she made her famous plum pudding. I’ve been craving it since we last visited.”

“Ugh, Harold, do not even get me started! I’ve been craving it my whole pregnancy, and neither of us make it like Anne does. How much longer until we get there? Your baby is sitting on my bladder!” You whined.

“Hey! Last time I checked it’s your baby too!” He jokingly argued with you resulting in a death glare from you. “Uh… we’ve got about ten minutes left.”

“Thank the lord!!”


You couldn’t help but feel excited when his black Range Rover finally pulled into the driveway of his mum’s house.

“Finally! It’s about time…I’m starving. Ugh, I am telling you H, eating for two is killing me.”

In response, Harry just laughed before getting out of the car. After retrieving your bags for the weekend stay, Harry made his way to the passenger side of the car to help you out. Being eight months pregnant, it was difficult to get around like you had before. The baby was taking quite the toll on your body as well. Your knees often cramped up, your feet would swell very easily, and it always felt like the baby was sitting right on your spine. Harry helped as best he could, but it was still difficult hauling around a nearly seven-pound child inside of you. Your doctors said that your baby was large but not to worry because it was normal for first-time mothers.

You often found yourself thanking God for being fortunate enough to have such a loving husband like Harry who merely weighted hand and foot on you making sure you were always comfortable towards the end of your pregnancy, especially with little things like putting away laundry and going up the stairs.

Throwing the bags around his shoulders, he placed one arm around your back resting on your lower hip and other hand taking your hand helping you walk up the brick stairs of his mum’s front porch.

“Ugh, mummy loves you, but I cannot wait until you are out of me and I can walk up the stairs by myself again!” You said looking down at your stomach.

“Butttttt…. Until then, I will keep helping your mummy because I love her so much!” Harry replied quickly kissing your temple making you blush and roll your eyes.

What felt like an eternity later, you were finally in front of the front door. Adorned with a sign that said “Welcome,” Harry opened the door while helping you. As you stepped into the the hallway, you were immediately hit with the smell of vanilla and pine. Typical Anne.

“Muuuum! Robin! (Y/N) are here!” Harry shouted hoping his Mum would hear.

Before you knew it, Anne quickly appeared in the hallway with Robin appearing shortly after. She first engulfed you in a hug, practically brushing Harry off making him frown. “How is my grandbaby and her mummy-to-be?!” She squealed, but who could blame her? It was her first grandchild. Since the moment you and Harry had told Anne that you were pregnant, Anne has been ecstatic. She sent you texts on the daily asking how you and the baby were and frequently sent baby gifts. You already knew that the baby would be spoiled rotten.

“She has been kicking like mad! She’s getting big, and she’s starting to turn, so she’ll be here soon. Recently it has been hard getting around because my back has been killing me, but Harry is constantly there to help me, which I am grateful,” you said shooting a vibrant smile to your husband, one which he returned.

“Awh, my baby is having a baby!” She turns to her only son smiling with tears in her eyes. She smothered Harry’s face in kisses earning a fake disgusted scoff from Harry.

“Missed you too, Mum,” he laughed wiping his face.

You and Harry both greeted and hugged Robin as well.

“I’ve made your favorite plum pudding for dessert, of course,” Anne said.

“YES!” You a-little-too-excitedly shouted. “Sorry, the baby has wanted it so badly!” You defended earning a laugh from Anne. “But your grandbaby has been sitting on my bladder for the past hour, so I’m going to use the little soon-to-be-mummy’s room really quicky!” 

You slowly but swiftly made your way to the bathroom, and when Anne knew you were out of hearing, she turned to Harry. “So, how is she handling the pregnancy?” 

Harry sighed. “Ugh Mum, she says she’s fine, but I know how much this pregnancy is affecting her and her body. Her feet swell so badly sometimes that she physically cannot walk. She’s always so exhausted because at night her back cramps up so badly that she can’t sleep. She thinks I don’t hear her crying from the pain, but I do, mum, and it kills me to know I can’t do anything to end her pain. I try rubbing it and heating it or running her a warm bath, but none of those help. It makes me feel like I’m failing as a husband and a father…” He said rubbing his eyes and sucking in a breath to suppress the tears. 

“Awh, my Haz,” she comforted pulling him into a motherly hug which he gladly accepted, “You are the best husband and will be the best father. I know (Y/N) appreciates everything you do for her, and just think, in a month or so, you two will have a beautiful daughter.” She pulled away from his embraced and brushed his hair out of his face. “Never for a second think that you are a failure. You love (Y/N) and your daughter so much that you couldn’t fail if you tried. Now, come sit in the living room while I make you and (Y/N) a cuppa. It’s blueberry, your favorite.”

Harry smiled, “Thanks mum. You always know what to say.”


You waddled into the living room a good fifteen minutes later causing Harry to look over the sofa. “Real quick, huh?” He teased.

“Hey! It took me probably five minutes to sit on the toilet and another ten to stand up!” You said defensively.

“You can always give me a shout, Love,” he reminded you.

“Ugh, Haz, I don’t want you helping me use the loo! I can do it myself,” you frowned.

“Nothing I haven’t seen before!” He winked making your face turn bright red. You rolled your eyes at his snide remark. “Now, come’re and give me a cuddle. Mum is making us blueberry tea.”

“My favorite…” You said making your way to where Harry was seated. You slowly sat down and placed your feet on the ottoman, which Harry needed to help you do. “She keeps kicking, H! She is so ready to come out…” You said placing your hands on your stomach. 

Harry placed his hands on your stomach feeling his daughter’s kicks inside you. He couldn’t help the huge grin that covered his face. He was on cloud nine. He had never been so happy. He was married to the love of his life, and in a few short weeks, they’d have a daughter. 

He remembers the day he met you. You were 17, working as a waitress part-time trying to pay for university. He was 19, and couldn’t help but picture how you beautiful you’d look with a baby bump one day. He knew it was weird, envisioning someone he has just met with a baby bump, but he knew, from the moment he met you, that you were his soulmate. And now, here you were, you 23, and he 25, with a large baby bump. The memory made him smile, and when he came back to reality, you were snoring, asleep on his shoulder. 

Seeing you sleep peacefully, painlessly, put him at ease, and he was careful not to wake you. He was just happy to see you asleep because he knew that recently you hadn’t been getting much sleep because of the back pain. He sulked in the moment enjoying before Anne entered the living room with two steaming cups in her hands. “I’ve got your t-”

“Shh..” he whispered as politely as he could to his mother. “She just fell asleep, and I don’t want to wake her since she hasn’t been getting much sleep lately,” he replied looking down at your face, admiring your beauty: A new, glowing beauty he loved. He had one hand behind your back, hand placed on your stomach, slightly rubbing the side, while he took the warm mug from his mother’s hand.

“Of course, Haz.” She said taking your mug for herself and sitting on the adjacent love seat. She admired the scene in front of her. Her baby with his little family. Her heart melted, and she couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride. Her boy had turned into a fine young chap, driven and successful but still compassionate and loving like he always had been. She was relieved that fame hadn’t changed him and that he found a sweet, genuine, down-to-earth girl, with whom he was expecting a child with. “So Haz, have you and “(Y/N) decided on a birth plan?” She asked from her curious motherly intuition.

“We’ve talked about it a few a times, and I think we’ve decided to do a natural home birth with a midwife. In a relaxed environment, (Y/N) will be more comfortable and less paranoid. She can either labor in our bed or the water, and because we live so close to the hospital, if anything goes wrong, help will be right there. We’ve been going to classes where we’ve watched a few labor videos, so I know (Y/N) is terrified for the birth, as am I, but she’s adamant about having a natural labor without any drugs to help with the pain, which worries me, but I’ll be by her side the whole time.” Harry gushed to his mum.

“Ah, I remember you were a stubborn one, H. I was in labor for two and a half days with you. Hopefully the baby doesn’t take after you for (Y/N)’s sake.”

“Ahhh….I hope not either. I couldn’t bear see her in pain for so long, Mum.”

“No worries, my love. (Y/N) is a strong girl. She’ll get through it, especially with you by her side. I am so proud of the man you’ve become, Haz. You’re so good to (Y/N), and you’ll be the best father ever.”

“Thanks, Mum. That means a lot. I’m so excited to start this chapter of my life with (Y/N)…” He said looking down at your beautiful face. “The day I met her, I didn’t think I could ever love her more than that moment, but I was so wrong. Looking at her right now, carrying our child… I’ve never loved her more.”