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hi here’s joseph being happy and having a great time with his kids because that’s what they deserve. @ devs i have a lot of thoughts about the good joseph ending if y’all just didn’t write it or made it unattainable or it’s bugged or whatevs. hmu under the cut.

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anonymous asked:

jd, don't you ever feel even a little bit guilty about the fact that this is all hard on veronica? there has to be some part of you that knows this isn't whats best for both of you. are you really happy, or just hiding your feelings?

I don’t really get the whole “making other people feel bad” thing.  I mean I’m doing a good thing here!  But the whole topic on “repression” is sorta speaking to me though.  Damn, I’m craving a slushie.

When you want to teach children to think, you begin by treating them seriously when they are little, giving them responsibilities, talking to them candidly, providing privacy and solitude for them, and making them readers and thinkers of significant thoughts from the beginning. That’s if you want to teach them to think.
—  Bertrand Russell

{13-3-17}: trying out digital notes today! having notes digitally is so much easier and are quicker to type up!

i decided the best thing i could do (to help myself more towards exam time) is to make summary sheets on OneNote! i really like how they came out! These are my notes on measuring and studying perception!

14/100 days of productivity!! 

ID #23411

Name: Josiah
Age: 17
Country: England

Hey! I’m Josiah (Jo for short), and I’m a 17 year old male from England. I’m about to go into my final year of high school before University, where I’m planning (hoping) to study medicine. Currently I study Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Psychology.

Honestly, my hobbies include a little bit of everything, although I draw and write a hell of a lot. My music tastes also include pretty much everything, so I’d really like it if we could share whatever music we love and hopefully that would lead to us making some good discoveries.

I’ve always wanted to have a pen pal, and stumbling across this blog I thought it’d be a great idea, especially to meet people from all over the place :)

I’m down with any form of communication really; good old snail mail, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and email are all fine by me (although I do really love writing and receiving letters nudge nudge)

I’m fluent in English, and I do know enough Spanish to hold a conversation, so if you’re fluent then that would be great to help me brush up my skills :)

I feel like I’m starting to ramble at this point, so if there’s anything else you want to talk about, feel free to write to me!

Preferences: Ages 16-21 preferably, although it’s not set in stone.
I’m bisexual, so please don’t be homophobic or otherwise discriminatory.

MBTI and what [secretly] freaks them out

ISTJ: Getting in trouble

INFJ: someone being “better” than them

ISTP: corrupt learning systems

ISFJ: Thanksgiving dinner gone wrong

ESTP: someone busting their ego

ESTJ: Not being in charge

ENFJ: nobody listening to them

INFP: everybody gossiping about them


ISFP: being like everybody else

INTJ: deep affections… but unrequited 

ENTP: a leash

INTP: someone betraying their trust

ENTJ: nobody doing what they’re told 

ESFJ: everybody avoiding them

ESFP: nobody paying attention to them

ID #89333

Name: Lauren
Age: 17
Country: Australia

Hi! I am an aspiring artist and writer and am currently undertaking year 12. I have wanted to look for a pen pal for a while and it would be lovely to have someone with similar interest as me, which would be literature and studying, I know, what a nerd. I am hoping to become an English teacher for secondary students later on in life and possibly taking up Psychology. I also love music, opera to rock, to pop music. It would be lovely to find someone.

Preferences: I don’t really have any preferences, anyone’s fine really!

If I let myself really understand another person, I might be changed by that understanding. And we all fear change. So as I say, it is not an easy thing to permit oneself to understand an individual.
—  Carl Rogers, On Becoming a Person

{24-2-17}: spent the day making this! a pencil case! i’m so happy with it - i cant wait to use it for uni!

if you like this, and want to see how i made it: put it in the tags below or send me an ask! if enough people ask, i’ll make a post!