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I don’t know why I feel so much comfort and serenity with the darkness that festers within me. Am I the only one? Am I sick in the head? I might be, sure I am. I don’t give a fuck. - Promethean Dread 🖤

hi here’s joseph being happy and having a great time with his kids because that’s what they deserve. @ devs i have a lot of thoughts about the good joseph ending if y’all just didn’t write it or made it unattainable or it’s bugged or whatevs. hmu under the cut.

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How To Bounce Back From Hard Times

1. Perspective - assess the situation. Sometimes the hard times cause us to get lost in the storm and we just need to remind ourselves “I’m still breathing.” Having perspective means we acknowledge that everything is temporary, including the hard times.

2. Focus - putting the past behind us. Often times we can become attached to our suffering, we must learn to not identify with the experiences and instead look for the lesson they were sent to teach us.

3. Purpose - what’s your why? What’s the point of bouncing back when we haven’t decided on which direction we’re moving in? We are arrows and the hard times have pulled us back, before we release the bow we must decide where our target is and move toward it with purpose.

4. Exercise - work out the frustration. Stress takes a toll on the body and in order to heal this stress we must express the emotions that come with it - one of the ways we can do this is through exercise.

5. Meditation - clear the mind. We accumulate a lot of baggage in the mind whilst in the middle of our hardship, after the storm has passed we can use meditation to allow the mind to relax.

6. Commitment - time to buddy up. An accountability partner can help us through the process of bouncing back by checking in with us regularly to make sure we’ve taken the action we said we were going to take.

Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.

Peace & positive vibes.

In case nobody told you today

•Life is decay

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•You will always be truly alone

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•You are expendable

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•Nothing happens for a reason

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•You’re going to die

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•You will be forgotten

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•It will be like you never existed

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- Promethean Dread

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jd, don't you ever feel even a little bit guilty about the fact that this is all hard on veronica? there has to be some part of you that knows this isn't whats best for both of you. are you really happy, or just hiding your feelings?

I don’t really get the whole “making other people feel bad” thing.  I mean I’m doing a good thing here!  But the whole topic on “repression” is sorta speaking to me though.  Damn, I’m craving a slushie.


5 Ways To Deal With Recurring Thoughts 

Whether it’s something that happened in the past or something that could happen in the future - wishing the thoughts away only increases our resistance to them and attracts more resistance into other areas of our lives. Here are some ways to practically deal with recurring thoughts:

1. Mindfulness - get into the now. When recurring thoughts arise we can acknowledge that we’re following them and then make the conscious decision to tune into the now. The recurring thoughts are keeping us trapped in the mind - to ground ourselves in the now we need to lose the mind and come to the senses.

2. Subconscious detoxing - filling the mind with peaceful imagery. Often times our recurring thoughts can be triggered or perpetuated by what we choose to feed our subconscious mind. To greatly reduce the frequency of these thoughts we can immerse ourselves in nature and take a break from social media, television & music.

3. Exercise - working out our emotions. Recurring thoughts can be an indication that there are some emotions within us that have not been expressed. One way to express these emotions is to move into the body which relieves much of the mental tension that can be brought on by these thoughts.

4. Creativity - expressing our true feelings. Another way to express repressed emotions or thoughts is through being creative. Painting, drawing, singing, dancing or cooking - creative outlets greatly reduce stress and are a great way to deal with recurring thoughts.

5. Meditation - observing the thoughts that dominate the mind. When we make time to be present with ourselves we can observe the thoughts that are dominating the mind. Rather than feeling helpless to these recurring thoughts we can adjust our actions to create positive thoughts that serve us.

Positive actions create positive thoughts - do what you love.

Peace & positive vibes.

When you want to teach children to think, you begin by treating them seriously when they are little, giving them responsibilities, talking to them candidly, providing privacy and solitude for them, and making them readers and thinkers of significant thoughts from the beginning. That’s if you want to teach them to think.
—  Bertrand Russell