the psd weird


Way too many puppy eyes…

anonymous asked:

hey there lenora! your gif packs are so beautiful :) thank you so much for making them for the community! I've recently been interested in making gif packs of my own but I've been struggling really hard to find a psd that works for the tv series I'm giffing and as such I was wondering if you'd ever consider releasing the psd (or a similar one) of the one used in your gif packs or if you could redirect me to good psds I may use! thank you in advance and have a wonderful day ~

hello ! thank you so much, and aslcknsljdcnads i’m glad i can contribute something. i know the struggle you’re feeling, i’m not gonna release my personal psd but i can release a simple base coloring i made. i’ve tried this on a few different shows and it works really well with minor adjustments ( adding a color balance layer or an extra brightness or curves layer ). if you could give this a like or a reblog if downloading that’d be super awesome :)