the psd doesnt look good


Sometimes, I find myself thinking of the things I have lost. The pain makes me stop.

Since it’s been a while since I last had one and I just reached a huge milestone I never thought I would reach, I decided to make a follow forever. yeh i know the gif doesnt look that good i was just experimenting with psds

Here’s a short list of blogs I cannot imagine my dashboard living without:

5sostralian | 5sozfam | ashotons | ashtonbangme | ashtontopia | bitchlucas | cliffical | cliffordtales | cutelucas | damnlucas | fallenfor5sos | funkhood | hemmingslip | hemmolytic | irwingasm | irwinty | itsmuke | juveniall | mikashton | orgascal | pizzamukesexualashton | vegemiteash