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Polaroid Hearts (Pt. 4) I

Summary: Ever hear of a love pyramid? It’s when the history major, a fine arts undergrad, and a culinary student all have a crush on you. So in your second year of university, who’s gonna steal your heart first? (A Bucky x Steve x Pietro x Reader story)

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Warnings: A couple small swears, some depreciation 

Word count: 3600 (oops)

A/N: Wow okay I had every intention to have a plethora of Steve moments in this and it just… Didn’t happen. So NEXT TIME, I promise, Stevie action all over the place. Hope you guys like this one!

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Bucky had a plan. He had stayed up for the better half of the night trying to think of the perfect way to get close to you. In the end, he was between bribing Natasha into casually letting him into her dorm room and hanging around until you came in and let him sweep you off your feet with something witty and clever and ultimately flirty, or he could get a job at that gelato place you liked so much.

Bucky was no stranger to how Natasha felt about him, so the former was looking pretty unlikely. Part-time job it was, then.

Meanwhile, Steve had to get in the races. If he kept at this pace he’d lose you to Bucky for sure, or more likely someone else before Bucky could learn how to deal with his disobedient tongue. He spent about half an hour trying to word his text to you perfectly, he might as well have been writing an essay back in high school with all the effort he put into it.

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 My headcanon where ghost Vader is the biggest fucking Han x Leia shipper the galaxy has ever seen leads me straight to the place where post-Return ghost Vader is trying to give Leia dating advice and encouragement through Luke.

‘Luke, tell your sister she should definitely invite that nice Solo chap around for dinner tonight.’

‘Um…yes Dad.’

‘And tell her not to settle for that Millennium Falcon. A real gentleman should provide a proper spaceship for my precious wonderful baby girl who deserves only the best in everything.’

‘By the Force - yes Dad.’

‘And what about you son? Is there no-one special? There must be a few nice girls on planets I haven’t blown up yet…”

‘Dad, I don’t actually like …’

‘Girls? That’s alright son; this is a modern galaxy. What about that Calrissian boy, he seemed nice…’

‘NO DAD, I mean I’m not interested. At all.’

Anakin I-will-defy-the-stars-and-heavens-to-get-one-snog-from-Senator-Amidala Skywalker is not impressed. ‘What?! But son, you’re the most eligible boy in the galaxy! You’re clever and brave and strong and far too good for all these scruffy rebel types you keep hanging around with - ‘


Do you want me to die without grandchildren; is that it?’

Dad - um. You’re already - I mean -’

And ghost Obi-Wan sighing in the background just like ‘Yup, this all sounds familiar…’

anonymous asked:

How do I spot a real POT from a real COP? >.< ? Not sure if you're the right person to ask, but I am.

Well, I don’t know if I am “the right person to ask”, lol, but I certainly do have some thoughts on the subject!

The unfortunate thing is that, if a real COP contacts you, he may seem very much like a real POT and you wouldn’t know the difference until it is to late.  A cop looking to bust a girl for prostitution is going to explicitly offer you a specific amount of money and will discuss, in detail, what he expects sexually for that exchange.  And, when you get in the same room, he will promptly put down the cash and get confirmation that he is going to get laid forthwith.  Once you utter the “magic” words of consent, he will arrest you.

This is one of the many “hazards of the job” that every sex worker faces on a day-to-day basis.  She has to have a strong radar to spot the cops among the “johns” and make good decisions whether to book an appointment with a guy.  And, it is not always possible to do the type of “verification” that will ensure that no cop knocks on her door.  A lot of girls believe that all they have to do is ask “are you a cop?” and when he says “no, baby!” she is immune from arrest.  That just is not true!  A cop is allowed to lie to you and his “statement” that he is not a cop is not going to help you in court!  So, put that little “trick” out of your mind; it isn’t going to help you.

I chimed in on a post on this subject and I think I detailed some useful thoughts that should be kept in mind by a sex worker:  How likely are escorts to be “caught” and face charges? What’s the best way to keep out of trouble with the law?

However, based on your choice of words, I am going to assume that you are asking me whether I think cops lurk on sugar websites like SA, and, if so, what is the best way of ferreting them out before they end up having a chance to put “the cuffs” on you.  So, let’s turn to those issues:

Is there a cop lurking behind that profile of a seemingly perfect POT?  I doubt it

Do cops set up shop on sites like SA, looking to bust girls for prostitution?  It is entirely possible, and, it may have happened, but I tend to doubt that it is a “routine” practice used by law enforcement.  First, it just takes too much time to set the whole “sting” up.  They typically try to get the arrest done on the same day; that’s why sites like Back Page are their favorite haunt.  A vice cop simply makes a call to a girl advertising on Back Page, gets the girl’s “rate”, confirms that he is paying for sex and sets up the appointment for that same day.  As a general rule, cops don’t want to spend the time sending messages back and forth on SA, arranging a platonic “meet and greet” and then go in for the bust on a subsequent “date” days or weeks later when all the details have finally been agreed to.  Police departments operate on statistics:  they want a lot of arrests over a short period of time, so if a girl puts an undercover cop “through his paces” and makes him jump through all these additional hoops, his stats turn to shit and he gets yelled at.  Lol.  

Second, sugaring is perfectly legal.  In other words, the whole concept behind sugaring is that a “gentleman” provides financial support for “companionship” and that in and of itself does not necessarily mean sex for money. And, what happens between two mutually consenting adults is their business, not the government’s.  Admittedly, there can be a super fine line between “sugaring” and “prostitution”, but the line does exist. And, think about it:  sugaring is a lot like vanilla relationships, at least where the vanilla boy pays for his girl’s dinner and a movie, takes her shopping and all that other stuff and hopes that he will get laid in return.  Sex and money are part of every relationship, don’t you agree? And, sugaring is really no different. Although law enforcement may see sugaring websites as possibly skirting into a grey area, there isn’t too much that they can do about it and I tend to think that a District Attorney is not going to be all hot to prosecute a SB for prostitution based on a cop’s “word”, especially if there is a lot of evidence (in the form of messages, etc.,) that indicated that she was looking for a SD, not a john.  Further, sites, like SA, do a lot to “go on record” that they are “dating” websites, not “prostitution” chat boards.  Prosecutors like clean, simple, straight-forward cases when it comes to prostitution, not complicated factual patterns inherent with sugaring, all of which goes to the ultimate issue of “reasonable doubt”.  

Warning signs that a POT is a cop and some tips to avoid the problem

The general observations above should give you a little insight into how the po po works.  So, if the POT is insistent about meeting the same day he messages you, and explicitly tells you that he wants to pay $X in exchange for sex a little warning bell should go off in your head.  And, quite frankly, even if the guy isn’t a cop, he doesn’t sound like a good SD anyway, so he is probably one to avoid under any circumstance!  

Another good tip is always to insist on a platonic “meet and greet”.  And, again, this is just good common sense; you should always meet a POT in a public place first, just as a matter of general safety!  Even assuming that a meet and greet goes off well, you should never agree to go to his hotel room immediately after:  he could be a cop, he could be a psycho.  Either one is not good.  The characteristic they share is a lack of patience and the desire to get you into a locked hotel room quickly.  

Finally:  make sure that your profile does not attract the vice! If your profile looks more like an escort’s advertisement and less like a sugar baby’s interest in a mutually beneficial arrangement, you may draw unwanted attention (whether it is a cop or a horny “POT” looking to get laid on the cheap).  So, if your profile says, “hey guys, I fuck for money”, be prepared for a set of hand cuffs to be part of the transaction, whether they are in the hands of a cop or a creepy dude.  In either case, those cuffs may end up on you and you ain’t going to be happy about it. I think you get my point.

I think it is very smart to be sensitive to this issue when going through messages on SA.  I don’t think that cops set up shop on SA, but you don’t want to be the exception that proves the rule.  As with everything else having to do with sugaring, trust your instincts, be safe, don’t put yourself in a dangerous position and never let money cloud your otherwise good judgment!


Henry Appleby for danjaley​‘s Marriage Market Challenge.

The only child of a wealthy doctor, Henry always believed that he would follow in his father’s footsteps and take over the family practice when he grew up, but when the time eventually came to choose a career path the quiet young man surprised everyone by opting to attend veterinary school instead. Although hesitant about it, his father agreed to pay for his tuition and boarding expenses, but on one condition- After graduation, Henry must get married and provide the aging gentleman with a suitable heir.

Now that he’s out of school and has several years experience under his belt, Henry has reluctantly agreed to take a break from his beloved practice and travel to Roaring Heights to find a wife. A bit on the shy side, he truly hopes that he can break out of his shell and find someone to love and love him in return, but he remains doubtful. Despite his friendly smile and gentle nature, women seldom seem interested in the awkward, bespectacled animal lover.

Animal Lover | Brave | Friendly | Good | Shy

TGG: Oh what a night!

TGG is amazing. I love the night scenes where John and Sherlock are chasing the Golem.

Of course, Sherlock, very much the romantic hero who wants to please John, says how beautiful the night and the stars are. He tells John he appreciates the romantic aspect of the night sky.

John then looks at Sherlock, clearly showing his interest and how he appreciates Sherlock, his mind and his body. The night is beautiful and romantic, sure, but he prefers to look at Sherlock.

Then we have an amazing shot:

So, Sherlock and John are walking to “the way out” and the “fire exit”. They will come out and release the sexual tension. The way out is scary, there are a lot of potential dangerous people, but John and Sherlock are safe together.

They then have a choice to make:

Fire exit or growing dangerous gigantic figure associated with dicks? Hm, tough choice… John and Sherlock decide not to have sex right away. They don’t even look at the exit, refuse to acknowledge it. As shown in the show, they resist the temptation and the sexual tension grows and grows, and will become dangerous.

John makes a comment about sleeping rough. Well, you said it, buddy!

Sherlock tells John the Golem has to hide because he’s different. “In a place where tongues don’t wag.. much”. So, Sherlock and John hide their sexual desires, because they are different. They repress their homosexual attraction and don’t have tongue-interaction.. Much. We see the Golem getting bigger and bigger: the unresolved sexual tension is getting more and more dangerous.

After Sherlock explains the Golem’s need to hide, John looks at his crotch and wishes he had his gun with him. (hello!) Is John finding difficult to have an erection because he has to hide his true feelings?

Oh, but look! Sherlock, ever the gentleman, happily provides! Sherlock gives John an erection. But “don’t mention it”: they don’t talk about it. At that moment precisely, the Golem runs away on a threatening music.

John and Sherlock has to chase after the symbol of their sexual repression! We can’t talk about it, we can’t act on our desires! The sexual repression is slipping away, they panicky try to find it back, otherwise, someone will get killed [fall in love].

Well, they cannot find their sexual repression in time, and someone falls in love. In the most beautiful scene where Sherlock confronts his fear about sentiment and John saves him with his love (and his gun ^^).

John and Sherlock both struggle with their sexual repression, but in the end, they protect each other and stay safe.

This story has an happy end:

As Sherlock and John struggle to find their sexual repression back, but fail, we have this visual.

They are ruining towards cocks (tags on the wall): they act on their homosexual attraction. Their projected shadows show their future: holding hands and walking together towards their mutuals sexual desires.

Even if, in TGG, they are in an unresolved and miserable situation, full of toxic repression, John and Sherlock’s future is bright and happy, full of dicks and hand-holding.

Fire fighters and medics may tease each other but the amount of love between us is immense

Yesterday we were talking to the fire fighters when we get dispatched to the nursing home literally right across the street. We were providing care to the gentleman we were called for when another elderly man came up behind me. I don’t know if it was because we were working on his friend or he had dementia but he started to become violent and fight the nurses he kept breaking free from them and coming right behind me over and over again. I couldn’t stop working because I was handling the 12 lead and sharps but one of the fire guys takes the cot and puts a barrier between myself and the gentleman to protect me. I know it’s not much but I’ve never had anyone outside of emergency services get my back and actually help me. To me that man is my hero he helped me when nobody could and he is my brother. No matter who you are or what side you are on, if you are in emergency services you are my brother or sister. I will protect all of y'all with my life if I have too because we are family.