the provident gentleman

 My headcanon where ghost Vader is the biggest fucking Han x Leia shipper the galaxy has ever seen leads me straight to the place where post-Return ghost Vader is trying to give Leia dating advice and encouragement through Luke.

‘Luke, tell your sister she should definitely invite that nice Solo chap around for dinner tonight.’

‘Um…yes Dad.’

‘And tell her not to settle for that Millennium Falcon. A real gentleman should provide a proper spaceship for my precious wonderful baby girl who deserves only the best in everything.’

‘By the Force - yes Dad.’

‘And what about you son? Is there no-one special? There must be a few nice girls on planets I haven’t blown up yet…”

‘Dad, I don’t actually like …’

‘Girls? That’s alright son; this is a modern galaxy. What about that Calrissian boy, he seemed nice…’

‘NO DAD, I mean I’m not interested. At all.’

Anakin I-will-defy-the-stars-and-heavens-to-get-one-snog-from-Senator-Amidala Skywalker is not impressed. ‘What?! But son, you’re the most eligible boy in the galaxy! You’re clever and brave and strong and far too good for all these scruffy rebel types you keep hanging around with - ‘


Do you want me to die without grandchildren; is that it?’

Dad - um. You’re already - I mean -’

And ghost Obi-Wan sighing in the background just like ‘Yup, this all sounds familiar…’


Henry Appleby for danjaley​‘s Marriage Market Challenge.

The only child of a wealthy doctor, Henry always believed that he would follow in his father’s footsteps and take over the family practice when he grew up, but when the time eventually came to choose a career path the quiet young man surprised everyone by opting to attend veterinary school instead. Although hesitant about it, his father agreed to pay for his tuition and boarding expenses, but on one condition- After graduation, Henry must get married and provide the aging gentleman with a suitable heir.

Now that he’s out of school and has several years experience under his belt, Henry has reluctantly agreed to take a break from his beloved practice and travel to Roaring Heights to find a wife. A bit on the shy side, he truly hopes that he can break out of his shell and find someone to love and love him in return, but he remains doubtful. Despite his friendly smile and gentle nature, women seldom seem interested in the awkward, bespectacled animal lover.

Animal Lover | Brave | Friendly | Good | Shy