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this is a very underdeveloped thought but consider the lynch bros hosting a mbmbam style podcast

oh goodness. oh gracious. I mean their personalities are so dramatically different from the McElroy brothers’ so it would be a completely different show and I swear I’m trying to imagine just what kind of show it would be but all I can think about is whether, assuming Ronan and Declan would agree to sit down and do this at all, are they even able to get through a single question without fighting?

Because if we’re being honest, Matthew is the only Lynch brother capable of True Goofs in anything close to the McElroy style. I could see Ronan maybe pulling a little of their brand of wordplay (I swear I can hear him saying “one time i saw a rancho molt its skin and my eyes went to hell” but maybe i’m thinking more of “trc characters as things the mcelroys have said” idk idk) but most of the humor he brings to the podcast comes in the form of scathing sarcastic bitterness and the rest is just him and Declan verbally sparring and referencing past sibling-inflicted trauma. Declan might like to actually stick to the plan and rip apart these weird questions and the idiots who ask them but Ronan inevitably twists something into a jab at him and then Matthew starts goofing on that and it all spirals, horribly, into a bizarre off-topic mess–

yeah I would say the appeal of their show would familial schadenfreude. People literally listen to it just to listen to Ronan and Declan fight, and I guess they get the added bonus of Matthew being a goofy sunshine child in the background.

That said, there needs to be a beautiful moment in at least one episode where all three of them are completely helpless with laughter over something, because boy howdy do these boys deserve it.

(Also, running with @gaybluesargent‘s tags on this, we really need to address whether the clown box is like. a dream object. or more accurately some sort of terrible night horror creation)

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Head Boy

1.5k words, G rated

Scorpius’s seventh year letter from Hogwarts contains an unexpected piece of good news, and Draco has never been prouder. 

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Guys look at his smile, his freaking smile!! He is so happy and so are we. Our jungkookie is finally graduated and ready for adult hood. God where did time go? One minute he was little 15 year old kookie going to school now he’s a grown man 😭. Army’s are proud of you for staying dedicated to completing school, even if some made fun of you for still being in high school, your hyungs/family/friends and army are so PROUD of what you’ve achieved. Fighting!
#LexasLegacy At Clexacon 2017
Fan Art By Papurrcat: Reaction Video: Documentary: More from LG...

The opening video of Lexa’s Legacy Panel shown yesterday at ClexaCon. It is so beautiful, and made me so proud to be a part of this amazing family. What this fandom has achieved is so significant and gives me hope for a better future. I believe it’s just the beginning. Lexa’s legacy will always live on. Equality for everyone on this planet is not just a dream anymore!


We come from a hard way. Almost 6 years in this ship. We have always been holding our heads high trying to find in the small moments the greatest meaning as far as our OTP is concerned and today finally after so long because I don’t remember seeing the carylers so excited and happy since 5x01. The 6x13 episode was good those 20 sec that we had of carylwere gold for us. For many (haters) they willn’t be canon if there isn’t a kiss or sex. What they don’t know is that we have already been canon in their own way (te character’s way). And today will prove that. I am proud to belong to this Caryl family because that is what we are a family conformed by different people in different countries but all united for the same reason. We have supported each other because for no one is a secret that our ship has been the most difficult of the whole show and has given us bitter times and not just only for us even for Mel and Norman. I hope that we continue together it will not be easy but today we will have some happiness. I love you all. I know that good things will come for us (praying for that) but the most important thing is that we stay strong. I hope everyone understands me English is not my first language but as I said in the title. This comes from the bottom of my heart We deserved the good moments too. Like today..

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I was at this debate between three ambassadors im Norway - the Afghan, Pakistani and American. The debate was organized by a charity organization that has accomplished so much, and it’s in the hands of two (?) Afghan brothers - both being law students. Seeing Afghans like them spend time to serve their country AND getting a higher education makes me so happy!! Sometimes it becomes difficult to think that there are other Afghans in Norway that want to give back to their country, and then you see brothers like that. ^^ mA

Sapphire: Aww! She’s learning so fast~usually our Mothers Day gifts are rocks she thinks are pretty and kisses on the forehead, but since we sent her to Kindergarten she’s been learning how to write and-..Ruby, are you okay hon?

Ruby: *Sniff* Darn it!! I told myself I wasn’t going to cry this year!

Sapphire: You say that every year babe..


Hallway Homicide
The Orwels

Cartridge is loaded, my trench coat unzips
Eyes on the clock and his hand on the grip
Sawed-off, Zoloft, the cocktail is lit
Make his family proud, he got a scholarship

Oh, no! They don’t know what’s gonna happen
Oh, no! They don’t know. Well, look who’s laughing

My cartridge is loaded, my trench coat unzipped
My eyes on the clock, and my hand on the grip
Sawed-off, Zoloft, my cocktail is lit
We gonna make this family proud, he got that scholarship

Oh, no! They don’t know what’s gonna happen
Oh, no! They don’t know. Well, look who’s laughing

Lunch room exploded, my gun met her lips
Well, she can take it stop throwing a fit
Popped off her top off in class where she sits,
Took down the class clown, and saved the misfits.

Oh, no! They don’t know what’s gonna happen [3x]
Oh, no! They don’t know. Well, look who’s laughing [3x]