the protective brothers

Break a Little - Part Three

Summary: Dean’s secret is out. You are bitter and angry as Sam tries to protect his big brother from you


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Characters: Alpha!Reader, Beta!Sam, Omega!Dean

Pairings: Alpha!Reader x Omega!Dean

Word Count: 1600

Warnings: language, fighting, self hate, a/b/o dynamics, no smut yet but there will be some eventually ;)

A/N: This is my first A/B/O series and I would love any feedback. I took some creative leeway on some of this. A special thanks to @sofreddie for being so amazingly supportive.

Also the Song I half based this on (LINK HERE) is a must listen. I don’t know, it just gives me angsty feels

“You’re an omega.” You can’t believe it. It isn’t processing completely as he pushes against your arm, trying to get out of your grip but you refuse to let go.

“You’re not sick,” you mumble, feeling like you are in some trance as your eyes wander over his face, “you’re in heat.”

Hands grab you from behind, locking yours behind your back, pulling you away, “Dean! Get out of here!” Sam shouts, restraining you.

Dean doesn’t move, just keeps staring at you.

“Dean! Go!” Sam yells again, harder this time and Dean jogs away reluctantly. You start fighting against Sam’s grip, finally getting your wits about you.

“Let go of me!” You growl, squirming against him, “Let fucking go.”

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What?? The first fic on here is a sickfic?? From me of all people?? Noooo way! Lmao hope you enjoy -Mod M


His ability with math was basically a blessing. Ever since he was a child Mark had been able to pass math easily, and make it into the ‘gifted’ programs with each of his schools. He wasn’t totally sure how he managed that, yet it still happened. Which of course pleased his parents, their son was a genius who could do any math thrown at him in his head.

Which is one reason why Mark decided to become a high school math teacher. The other reason was to always be there for his brother when he needed help. There was no denying that Mark was a protective older brother, and at the start of the year he could barely make a sentence in front of the class but, he had forced himself to learn.

It was halfway through December and Mark hadn’t felt well that morning. His stomach wasn’t behaving, and he felt like it’s contents were constantly slushing around inside of him. He sighed and sat at his desk waiting for the class bell to rang. This was the hour that Mark had both his brother, and his soon to be brother in law in the class. He squeezed his eyes as the annoying charm went off signaling the start of the class and he stood up to begin to take roll.

Students waited for him to finish taking roll, some whispered to one another while others tried to finish their homework before they had to turn it in.

Though both Charlie and Luke watched Mark as he sat back down at his computer and put in the attendance for the class,

“He looks pale,” Lucas whispered and glanced at Charlie,

“He might just be tired,” Charlie says in response, feeling his chest tighten with worry for his older brother,

“Your brother is always tired,” Lucas sighed before he took another long look at Mark thinking to himself,“I think he’s sick with something,” Lucas stated before Mark stood and called for the classes attention. He spoke slowly and paced across the front of the classroom as he explained how to complete the formula. He faced his class then asked,

“Any questions?” He sighed as the class just gave him the look of a deer in headlights,“Would You like me to complete another one?” And instantly the class erupted in a wave of ‘yes’s and 'please’s and other variants of We didn’t understand it please help.

He did a small sigh before turning and beginning to write and do his best to explain the work once again, as he spoke he felt his brain begin to mush together and just be a mix of numbers,

“Do you know what he’s even saying?” Lucas quietly asked Charlie,

“I..I have no idea,” Charlie whispers back,“Maybe we should tell Dylan?”

“If we want Mark to not die, I think that might be the best idea,” Luke said before getting his phone unlocked and sending his older brother a text,

'To D-Man: I don’t know if you noticed this morning but right now mark looks like he’s literally gonna pass out on us,’

'To D-Man: Like I’m not kidding, Hes swaying LIKE crazy and no one can understand a mcfuckin word Hes saying,’

'From D-Man: I didn’t even see him this morning’

'From D-Man: he left the house at like 6 am for some reason,’

'To D-Man: Maybe because he’s weird?’

'To D-Man: or Maybe he wanted to work out to be buff like u lmaoo’

'From D-Man: wtv I’ll be there soon try to make him sit or something’

'To D-Man: You Want me to do the impossible.’ Lucas sighed and put his phone back in his pocket before he stood up,

“W-what’re You doing?” Charlie whispered as he saw the other boy stand,

“I was told to make your brother sit down, so I’m going to do that,” Lucas continued to make his way to the front of the classroom, actually leaving his camera on his desk for once instead of carrying with him, which meant he actually means business.

“Mr. Gormley, what’re you doing out of your seat?”

“I’m here to do what’s best for you,” Luke mumbled as he grabbed Mark’s hand and tries to pull him to his seat,

“Stop. Im in the middle of class, you know if you keep trying I’ll have to sen-” Mark Was cut off by his body beginning to protest, saliva began to form in quantities that were entirely unneeded.

That made mark almost instantly change his mind on his stance and he made his way to the chair before closing his eyes,

“Are You alright Mr. Moma?” A random student called out before another student asked,

“Do You Want me To Go Get the nurse?” Followed by,

“Holy crap! Does this mean math is finished??” And other statements of class being dismissed and what not,

Mark could’ve sworn that his life was over at that point and that he’d never be able to show up to another classroom to teach, but suddenly there was a knock on the door, before it opening.

“Dylan! Finally, I thought mark was going to puke on everyone,” Luke sighed in relief, but his older brother didn’t respond as he made his way towards his boyfriend,

“Another sub is on the way, behave,” He wrapped and arm under Mark’s armpits before he hauled him up and out the door walking slowly he got his way to the car.

Luckily everything was smooth sailing until the two boys got home, once home Mark’s symptoms finally began to show he couldn’t walk very well, and once Dylan took and found out his temperature he flicked Mark’s head,

“You can’t work with a fever,” Dylan scolded, and then looked at Mark who was already asleep on the couch,

“I guess I..Can’t scold him if he’s asleep,” Dylan sighed but then took a seat, moving Mark’s head to be resting on his lap, he sat playing on his phone for a second before he took a picture of his resting boyfriend, because God, why is mark so damn cute all the time.


who thought it was a solid plan to put Anakin in charge of thousands of impressionable 12-year-olds honestly i ask you


“Holy shit, Alfor, that’s fucking huge!”


“Oh sorry - holy shit, your majesty, that’s fucking huge!”

Because I have this headcanon where Coran and Alfor were actually besties, and Alfor had to remind him all the time to actually call him “your highness” or “your majesty” and treat him properly around others because “Coran you’re my best friend but I’m also supposed to be your king, remember?”

Protective Big Brother / Friend Starters
  • Feel free to add more!
  • "Are you sure you can trust him?"
  • "At least tell me when and where they're going to drop you off."
  • "They look kinda shady."
  • "I don't like him."
  • "Look, you're safety is my utmost concern, if they do anything funny, don't hesitate to call me."
  • "Check up with me when you move places or anything that might come up, alright?"
  • "You remember what I told you about these types of people, right?"
  • "I'm not trying to me protective, I just care about you."
  • "Be careful, don't forget to call!"
  • "Don't touch him/her/them!"
  • "Just what do you think you're doing?"
  • "Look, I may fight with my siblings, but once you lay a finger on them, you'll be facing me."
  • "Lay a finger on them, and that finger comes off."
  • "I'm keeping an eye out for you."
  • "They may trust you, but I know people like you who gains their trust before stabbing them in the back."
  • "Give you their love? More like give me your heart before I anything else?"

What I will never get over 

  • Sam Cortlands death 
  • Young Aelin/Celaena having no friends her age (besides Aedion) 
    • And when baby Aelin asks to be freinds with Baby Dorian, he rejecting her and saying he already has a friend and his name is Chaol 
  • Celaena being broken and yelling “She left me" 
  • Aedion crying in the stairwell after hearing of the death of everyone in Endovier and Callaculla 
  • Celaena singing at Nehemiah’s grave 
  • Dorian yelling for Sorscha after she is beheaded 
  • Chaol telling Dorian he loves him 
  • Chaol telling Celaena to get up
    • Young Aelin telling Celaena to get up 
  • Asterin’s story and how she lost her baby witchling  
  • Rowan yelling and having to be held back in order for him not to go after Aelin 
  • Aelin being locked in the coffin 
  • Aelin being whipped by Cairn 
  • Fenrys becoming blood sworn to Maeve and sleeping with her to protect his brother 
  • Sam yelling “I’ll kill you” because Arobynn beat Celaena in front of him