the prose is so powerful

she persisted
when they tried to enfgulf her in flames
like a phoenix
she rose from the ashes

she persisted
when they tried to silence her
like a banshee
she screamed

she persisted
when they tried to drown her
like a mermaid
she breathed underwater

she persisted
when they threw sticks and stones at her
like a queen
she wore them as a crown

she persisted
when they tried to shoot her down
like a hunter
she fired back

she persisted
when they tried to make her a beta
she showed them
that she was an alpha

—  #ShePersisted
(cc, 2017)

i love words. i love the power they have on people. you can so easily make or break a person with the right combination. you can use them to mean so many different things. you can use words to say something that other people haven’t figured out how to say yet. words mean so much. literature is so powerful. prose is so powerful. poetry is so powerful. the conversations we have on a daily basis are so powerful. words are the most powerful thing because words are everything. but yet, sometimes they just aren’t enough.

It’s so hard to work everyday and make a powerful effort in Life,to give a meaning ,to achieve some pleasure from good things ,to do the best for the loved ones,to our neighbour,to someone who are in need..,plus we try to touch  some souls’ hearts  and even the more we work ,the more we fight our Life can be like  dust into the air,thrown away into the winds of oblivion…its like to write an importante letter to the remaining ones but it is written over water,washed away in debris and one day my work,my meanless taste will be only like a pebble broken grain by grain deep in the bottom of a lost sea …