the prose is so powerful

she persisted
when they tried to enfgulf her in flames
like a phoenix
she rose from the ashes

she persisted
when they tried to silence her
like a banshee
she screamed

she persisted
when they tried to drown her
like a mermaid
she breathed underwater

she persisted
when they threw sticks and stones at her
like a queen
she wore them as a crown

she persisted
when they tried to shoot her down
like a hunter
she fired back

she persisted
when they tried to make her a beta
she showed them
that she was an alpha

—  #ShePersisted
(cc, 2017)
I want to worship your skin, I want to pray between your knees. I’ll damn myself to have your hands all over me. God has no place here. Adam has no place here. Only you. Only us. My Goddess. My Eve. I want your name in my mouth like a hymn. I’ll cover myself in you like its holy water. Us in the thrones, us in the skies, us in the garden with no sin. They’ll say our union is unholy, ungodly: they’ll call it blasphemous, I’ll call it sacred.
—  Our love is not impure, Scarlette La Vaillante

i’ve been trying to say the words for an eulogy to 2016. mark twain asked who prays for the devil, after all. i set my alarm in the morning to “fuck you and goodbye, 2016″, woke up smiling.

what died in me, though? something bitter is growing, but i think it’s still full of green. i learned to fight rather than have something taken from me. i got so tired of being weak. i spat and snarled and grew a spine. what else can i say of 2016? 

a prayer for the year that i wish i could unlive: i can’t forgive you yet. you took our best and brightest. snatched the lives of club members and of children in cribs. you left begging unanswered, turned a blind eye on whole cities, cold-shouldered minorities. 

my worst-case scenarios all seemed to pull through. my nightmares learned to breathe through you. but i’m alive. i survived you.

and i learned, the way children learn to swim when they’re thrown into the deep end of the pool. either you drown or you paddle and there’s no one coming to help you. either you embrace the water or the dark embraces you. so i’m swimming, ‘16. thanks to you. the fact that you didn’t kill me makes me feel brave. makes me feel strong. like i’m tired but i’ve got more to do. 

here’s what you gave me: you gave me how to pick the happy out of the bad like clawing meat from crab legs. how to angle myself in the direction of my dreams even if it means shooting directly through hell. how to let go and how to mourn and how to be alive in the moment because who knows how long this happy will last for. so fuck you but thank you. i know nobody likes you. i don’t either. but i know i’m a better person.

that’s what you did. in all of the shit, you made happy so much more powerful.

anonymous asked:

50 yr u.s. woman here. Your prose is so powerful, transcendent, so timeless and hints at wisdom and insight far beyond your years. It resonates directly (and so elegantly!) on the thrum of human experience. Just ordered your book. You are brilliant.

That is amazing. It’s amazing that you’re 50 and enjoy my writing because I look back on that book and my writing now and think “look how I’ve grown.” And then I’m so proud of myself because I’m not the person I was 2 years ago. And I’m proud that that girl, who she was, is still appreciated. You are the person that I’m writing for.

i love words. i love the power they have on people. you can so easily make or break a person with the right combination. you can use them to mean so many different things. you can use words to say something that other people haven’t figured out how to say yet. words mean so much. literature is so powerful. prose is so powerful. poetry is so powerful. the conversations we have on a daily basis are so powerful. words are the most powerful thing because words are everything. but yet, sometimes they just aren’t enough.


IN THE LIGHT OF RECENT ANON HATE AND PETTINESS i wanted to appreciate some of the ppl .. nobody needs this shit on a monday. and i have somehow garnered 600 followers on this blog…. i wanted to thank you all, aka the ones who i’ve been either stalking, loving on, or just rping with.. most of your followed me from my inquisitor blog, some of you are just new, others i’m in deep love with, but one thing i know is that y'all won’t read this part and will just look for all of ur names. i KNOW YOU WILL don’t lie to me.

♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ) those i love more than life itself. 

bloodydeeproads : FOLLOW MY WIFE. follow her…. so you’re the bae. you make me happy and im so..ELATED THAT we’re such good friends. we click so well on a personal level and writing-wise. you’re a treasure and we have so many good times together it’s so great i just wanna talk to you always forever i stay up when i shouldn’t just to talk your ear off. you torture me with our headcanons and plots.. those times with me yelling at you with a terrible british accent with holly… so many good times. always remember when you’re down that tal vashoth don’t need sleep. 

admiralrivaini : disco… i love you…… we have yet to rp but hours of talking in that stupid chat has given me life. i don’t want to withdraw. get it. cuz my url is withdrawment. anyways i love you and we need to rp asap. 

 tethrxs : -sweats nervously- uh i really like your writing and i really like our interactions like so much that i put you up top with my close friends honestly you’re so cool and it’s baffling like how you came into existence. because you’re insanely good. 

ferxne : i love you………………………. we haven’t rped but like.;… you’re so cool. you’re the chillest. the most chill. if there was somebody who i would have at my side in the pit, it would probably be you tbh… 

nutrimentum : stop kicking my love interests into mud puddles, mom. (ilysm and we need to rp more) 

spiritflux : YOU’RE so fantastic and sweet ooc it’s ridiculous it’s no wonder you found coco you’re one in the same it’s like writing wise you’re incredible and ooc you’re just a doll we need to talk more

compatiors : need i say that i love you? honestly you’re funny as hell and chill and i’ll draw you demon cole any day week year go hard flocka 

malefxcar / ixstus : you’re perfect don’t stop

rxghthand : i honestly love your art and you’re perfection? one of my favorite roleplayers on here, i admire the heck outta you. you and i are one in the same with the amount of drafts we have so i understand why we haven’t made a thread but.. we need one… ily. 

rebelllum : you’re an adulterer, you’re… salacious. you’re too good for me. looking at you is a sin. big boy i love you.. our writing works so well together in my opinion and you’re a sweetheart ooc. i just wish we spoke and rped more… cuz…. ur so great

uthshiral & apostature: -holds up boombox and plays baby come back to me-

bythestone : I love your blog so much. It’s just a delight to see you on my dash and in my activity. You’ve been my number one fan like 3 times now? Ily. You’re so fantastic and I always love myself some dwarf. 

malcolm-hawke : You play Malcolm SO WELL. I don’t know of any other Malcolm roleplayer and I know why. Cuz you set the bar so high. You’re.. so good. I love your interactions with nutrimentum. I should’ve made you a starter earlier, I’m so excited for any interaction we are to have. 

thxwarden : Your writing is perfection. Your blog is perfection. I love female player characters and yours is no exception. In fact, yours is one of my favorite, esp over all of the HoF. You’re so talented and just… I love it. 

surxna : Your art *u* Your character is so great too! I love all of the background you have up and just in general you’re so polished! Among one of my fav HoF. 

coeurdxlion : I love your cullen. I love everything about your cullen. You’re relatively new and have already captured my heart, ENSNARED IT. I very much like your writing style, and just how our interactions have gone so far. It merits putting you on here. You’re playing with the big boys now. 

heraldofdoubt : I L OVE      Y     O U. I’m so happy to finally rp with you and ohh you’re so goo d you’re so  go od.. Your inquisitor gives me feelings and makes me want to stay just on Hawke cuz I.. wanna interact with your Inquisitor. Everything about her is so refined and you have her voice EN POINT. I love her. She’s a real character, less of a cardboard stand-in or a self-insert.. That’s hard to master. And plus, your writing is immaculate. Love u. 

prophetry : You make me laugh so much. Not only that, your writing is.. ughh where do I even start? You seem so cool ooc, and your blog looks so great and your prose flows so effortlessly… please give me your power. 

(✿ ♥‿♥) those i roleplay with or know ooc that are great. 

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