the prophet: the best of works

How to Snag Potter

By Draco Malfoy

1. Midnight Rendezvous: Invite him to a duel and then bond over shared rule-breaking. Didn’t work because Weasley insisted on coming along. Reported them to Filch instead. 

2. Midnight Rendezvous, second attempt: Inspire gratitude by helping him deal with illegal dragon. Possible small talk about my name? Caught by McGonagall

3. Show off amazing Quidditch skills and really cool new broom. Nope. Granger said I bought my way onto the team (NOT TRUE) and I’m pretty sure Potter believed it. 

4. Send carefully composed and endearing Valentine (the only good thing Lockhart has ever done). I don’t think he liked it very much, despite the brilliant lyrics I composed. Ended up shifting blame onto the Girl Weasel. Fairly certain he doesn’t suspect.

5. Become gravely injured in order to appeal to his Savior Complex and inspire feelings of protectiveness. DO NOT ATTEMPT AGAIN. Was nearly murdered when I insulted that giant filthy chicken, and yet Potter decided that IT was the victim?! Unacceptable. I will not rest until that beast is put down.

6. A fun prank! He seems to enjoy stuff like this when the Weasley Twins do it, so I’m sure he will laugh. Learn to sew. It turns out that Potter has no sense of humor as well as very poor vision, because he nearly killed me with that damn Patronus Charm. Although I must admit, it is kind of hot that he can already do a Patronus.

7. Support him with Triwizard Tournament badges! Okay, this one was probably my fault. Pansy saw me experimenting with them and I changed the messages at the last minute. Why can’t he just realize that I don’t mean it?

8. Report Potter’s tragic story to the Prophet to increase sympathy and support. Exaggerate if it will get him more attention. I realize now that Potter does not like attention. Also Skeeter made out like Potter is in some sort of love triangle involving Granger, which is not even remotely acceptable. This was a mistake.

9. Show respect for his friends by composing an encouraging song in Weasley’s honor. Apparently making the title sound complimentary isn’t enough to negate other more insulting lyrics. Honestly this was doomed from the start because there is literally nothing good about the Weasel except his best friend.

10. Impress him with your status and power by leading the Inquisitorial Squad. Umbridge is an absolute menace and I am an idiot.

11. Make him jealous: Flirt excessively with Pansy. I don’t think he even noticed.

12. Show him your sensitive side by crying in the girls’ loo. Fuck.

Sorry I haven’t written in a while. 

13. Realize you’ve been a complete arse for your entire life. Regret everything. Do your best to become someone who does the right thing. Don’t identify Potter when asked. Stop cronies from killing him. Apologize sincerely after he gets you off at your trial. Invite him for dinner. 

14. Invite him for drinks. 

15. Buy him a birthday present. 

16. Kiss him. 

17. Go back to his flat. 

18. Refuse to leave his bed. This only works for so long.

19. Attempt to make him breakfast.

20. Come out to the Prophet together.

21. Date for three years.

22. Say “yes.”

Moon Phases

New Moon- New Moon magick begins on the day of the new moon to three-and-a-half days after. Use the energy of the new moon for new ventures and new beginnings. Also use the new moon for love spells, job hunting, and healing.

Waxing Moon- The waxing moon begins seven to fourteen days after the new moon. Use the waxing moon for constructive magick, such as love spells, magick for wealth and success, courage, friendship, luck or good health.

Full Moon- A powerful energy for rituals of prophecy, divination and protection. Any spell work that requires  extra energy, such as finding a new job or healing serious conditions, is best begun during the full moon. Also for love, gaining sacred knowledge, legal matters, attracting
money and prophetic dreams.

Waning Moon- Begin waning moon magick three-and-a-half to ten-and-a-half days after the full moon. The waning moon is used for banishing negativity, for curing addictions, and illness.

Dark Moon- The energy of the dark moon is useful for working magick against attackers, and for understanding your own angers and passions. Also for rituals designed to bring justice to bear in very negative situations.

So I’ve been thinking about the idea of Blue mirroring Lance in terms of hidden insecurity, and while I cannot for the life of me remember where I saw it, I saw someone on tumblr post “everyone thinks of Blue as the low standards Lion” in reference to her bio painting her as the most accepting.

And I think about that, and… what that means.

Because Blue just as much as all of the other Lions is shown to hold out for her designated paladin. She doesn’t grab Keith any of the numerous times he was there and she could’ve gone home immediately. And considering Blue is Lance’s Lion- that wasn’t a small temptation. If she’s specifically good at working with people who aren’t ideal paladin matches, if she can get along with just about anyone- every time Keith went to that cave Blue would have that temptation.

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Candles: Elements & Planets

Candles are good divination aids, spells, or any other magick work.

Planetary Candles

These can be used for rituals, ceremonies, or create planetary vibrations needed for power in your spell work. These can also be used when working with planetary spirits.

What spell work is best suitable for what planets? 

  • Sun: Legal Matters, Healing, Protection.
  • Moon: Sleep, Prophetic Dreams, Fertility, Peace, Healing.
  • Mercury: Mental Powers, Divination, Psychic Powers, Wisdom.
  • Venus: Love, Friendship, Fidelity, Beauty, Youth. 
  • Mars: Courage, Strength, Lust, Sexual Potency, Exorcism, Hex Breaking, Protection. 
  • Jupiter: Money, Prosperity, Legal Matters, Luck. 
  • Saturn: Visions, Longevity, Exorcisms, Endings. 

What colours are associated with the planets?
Note** these are my personal associations. 

  • Sun: Yellow/Orange/Gold.
  • Moon: White/Silver/Pale Blues.
  • Mercury: Purple, Grey, (or mixed colours).
  • Venus: Pink/Pale Yellows or Greens.
  • Mars: Red/Scarlet.
  • Jupiter: Violet/Indigo.
  • Saturn: Black.

What scents?

  • Sun: Cedarwood, Frangipani, Chamomile, Hibiscus, Almond, Cinnamon, Bergamot, Ginger, Lemon Balm, Olive, Peony, Pepper, Rosemary, Saffron.
  • Moon: Aloe, Cucumber, Iris, Nutmeg, Melon, Periwrinkle, Poppy, Pumpkin, Seaweed, Tumeric, Water Lily, (White) Rose, Gardenia, Irish Moss, Jasmine, Myrrh, Sandalwood. 
  • Mercury: Garlic, Hazelnut, Honeysuckle, Lily of the Valley, Lavender, Mushroom, Mint, Mulberry, Parsley, Valerian, Carrot, Orchid.
  • Venus: Lotus, Apple, Apricot, Avocado, Birch, Burdock, Pear, Blackberry, Mallow, Lilac, Raspberry, Rose, Thyme, Vanilla, Vervain, Myrtle.
  • Mars: Allspice, Basil, Coriander, Pine, Nettle, Tobacco, Pepper, Tiger Lily.
  • Jupiter: Anise, Blueberry, Chestnut, Clove, Fig, Maple, Oak, Sage, Grapefruit, Magnolia, Coconut, Pecan, Yarrow. 
  • Saturn: Cypress, Patchouli, Tamarind, Holly, Grape, Tomato, Orris Root.

Note** You can dress the candles with planetary oils, or draw/carve planetary symbols onto them. You may also choose to add herbs, glitter, or crystals on top but be wary of not burning them. 

Elemental Candles

What spell work is best for what element?

  • Earth: Money, Prosperity, Fertility, Healing, Employment.
  • Air: Mental Powers, Visions, Psychic Powers, Wisdom. 
  • Fire: Lust, Courage, Strength, Exorcism, Protection, Health. 
  • Water: Sleep, Meditation, Purification, Prophetic Dreams, Healing, Love, Friendships, Fidelity. 

What colours are associated with the elements?
Note** these are my personal associations.

  • Earth: Green, Brown, Black.
  • Air: Pale Yellow, Sky Blue, Pastels.
  • Fire: Orange, Scarlet, Crimson.
  • Water: Blue, Pearl, Sea Green.

What scents?

  • Earth: Corn, Oak Moss, Rice, Sage, Vetiver.
  • Air: Lemongrass, Acacia, Dandelion, Leaves, Dill.
  • Fire: Juniper, Basil, Cinnamon, Coffee, Pepper.
  • Water: Lotus, Spearmint, Myrrh, Lemon, Violet.

Note** You can dress the candles with elemental oils, or draw/carve elemental symbols onto them. You may also choose to add herbs, glitter, or crystals on top but be wary of not burning them. 

لا فتى الا علي ولا سيف الا ذو الفقار
There is no hero but Ali and no sword except Dhulfiqar

The Prophet (saw) said: ‘’Allah has given me the Dhulfiqar and told me: ‘’O’ Muhammad! Take this sword and give it to the best person on the Earth.’’ I asked Him: ‘’Who is the best person on the Earth?’’ He replied: ‘’My successor (or Khalifa) on the Earth; Ali Ibn Abi Talib.’’

Andrew Wood - The Jesus Christ of Grunge

I worked at a record store for most of my college days. The pay was terrible, the customers had bad taste (for the most part), and the owner was always doing some untoward stuff that later resulted in his partner kicking him out of the business… but it may have been the best job I’ve ever had. Why was it the best job ever?  Because my income was supplemented by an unending supply of promo CDs, first crack at all CDs being traded in by customers, and my name always happened to make it onto the guest list of two of the three big music venues in town. Plus my co-workers were a diverse group of equally music-obsessed nerds, punk rockers, hip-hop enthusiasts and an Anglophile manager who became one of my best friends. It was pretty epic, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Working in a record store also gave me special insight into crazy rabbit hole of music theory conspiracies. My buddy Ryan Shaw had this theory about Andrew Wood, the lead singer of Mother Love Bone and the first major heroin casualty of the grunge era. His theory was that Andrew Wood was the prophet that rock and roll was promised, that he would be overlooked and ridiculed in his own time, and then sentenced to death for the sins of rock and roll, only to be resurrected and live eternally through his disciples and their testimony. 

In other words, Andrew Wood was the Jesus Christ of Grunge who had to die for the sins of Hair Metal so that Rock and Roll could live on. 

SIDE NOTE: My buddy Ryan was an ordained minister who later became a trial lawyer, so that gives credence to the underpinning philosophy of the theory.  

Much like B.C. and A.D., prior to Andrew Wood there was no “Alternative” but after his death we started living in the Alternative age. Grunge, Indie and Nu-Metal, Emo, and Alt-Country were all new gospels that were written in the aftermath of Andrew Wood’s passing…
So if Andrew Wood was the Jesus Christ of Grunge, who were his apostles?

Stone Gossard as SIMON/PETER - The rock upon which the Temple of the Dog was built, literally. Stone Gossard is the through line for the Seattle sound and was ever present in its inception. From his time at Green River to Mother Love Bone to Temple of the Dog to Pearl Jam and then Brad, Gossard was the foundation stone. Without Stone Gossard, would there even be grunge? Stone is the rhythm (along with his brother Jeff Ament) from which the music is manifested. Gossard may never have been front and center in all of the bands he formed, but he spoke softly and carried a big axe.

Chris Cornell as JOHN - John was the disciple whom Jesus loved the most. 
Chris was Andrew’s roommate and best friend. When Andrew overdosed, Chris was on a European tour with Soundgarden striking his own Jesus Christ pose. Chris was so grief stricken with the loss that he immediately wrote two songs “Say Hello 2 Heaven” and “Reach Down” about Wood. Chris showed them to Stone and Jeff, and Temple of the Dog was formed to honor their late friend. Chris would later hit mainstream success with Soundgarden and with Audioslave (which was just okay but waaaayyy to mellow for a band composed of members of Rage Against the Machine and Soundgarden).

Jeff Ament as ANDREW (Simon/Peter’s brother) - Ament was right there with Stone in Green River, Mother Love Bone, Temple of the Dog and then Pearl Jam. He’s the bass that pulses the heartbeat of the music. Plus, his graphic design sense provided the classic look and feel of all the liner notes and album packaging for those bands (which along with flannel, long hair, and Doc Martens worn with shorts, were essential cornerstones of the era). Through Ames Bros. Design, Pearl Jam’s visual aesthetic was really set in stone and their tour posters became must-have’s for screen print enthusiasts everywhere. Music never looked so good.

Eddie Vedder as JAMES, SON of ALPHAEUS - Some people say that James was literally Jesus’ little brother, while other’s interpret it metaphorically because upon dying Jesus said to James that Mary was now his mother, and James was now her son. Either way, Eddie Veddie was the younger brother of Andrew Wood who then took his mother’s hand and ushered in a new era of grunge. Eddie would tell you that he’s no fucking messiah, which is meant as a testament to the love he had for his brother.

SIDE NOTE: I almost had Eddie as Paul/Saul, not one of the original 12 apostles, but one of the most steadfast and true disciples of Jesus whose writings to the Romans and to the Corinthians would help shape Christian philosophy for many centuries to come. As the lead singer and songwriter of Pearl Jam, you could make a case that Eddie is Paul, but I don’t think he’s gentile enough for that. He’s Eddie Vedder, and that’s an entirely different essay.

Simon the Zealot was known for strictly keeping the law of Moses (the Ten Commandments) and had great disregard for where he saw people headed. In Jesus, Simon found someone who was practicing what he preached. Simon would go on to evangelize the gospel in much of the west including throughout Egypt and into Africa. Kurt Cobain hated the mainstream and was a zealot when it came to grunge. He spread the word far and high and carried the tradition well. 

Layne Staley as THADDEUS - Cool name. Cool band. When a jar of flies is kept for too long, the man in a box digs some dirt. Staley of Alice in Chains and Mad Season fame burned out too soon, but man was he cool.

Dave Grohl as MATTHEW/LEVI - Matthew/Levi was the tax collector who gave up his job and life to follow Jesus. He was the author of one of the gospels (Gospel of Matthew). Grohl was a drummer who later gave up that life to lead his own band, the Foo Fighters, who went on to become one of the biggest alternative bands (and David Letterman’s favorite band). 

Kim Thyll as JAMES (brother of John) - James was John’s brother who followed him along and became an apostle. He had a moment of doubt when Jesus came back to life and doubted that it was really Jesus. Kim followed Chris Cornell into Soundgarden and preached the gospel upon a black hole sun. He later had many doubts when Chris left the band and stored to become a pop singer and then started Audioslave, which was terrible. Eventually, Soundgarden reformed and the word could go on being spread, one music hall, arena or outdoor festival at a time.

Jerry Cantrell as BARTHOLOMEW - Cool name. Cool band. Do the Bart, man!

Mark Arm as PHILIP - Philip was an apostle, but he didn’t really matter. He was there at the start and probably did some stuff but you can’t really remember it. That’s kind of like Mark Arm and Mudhoney. He started Green River and recruited Stone Gossard to the band because he only wanted to sing instead of sing and play guitar. Then He formed Mudhoney. They had a moment for a slight minute but most people couldn’t tell them apart from Tad. How’s that for a Judgement Night?

Courtney Love as MARY MAGDALENE - Go listen to Hole’s first record, Live Through This, and you’ll be asking Courtney if you could wash HER feet. From start to finish, that album is all killer and no filler, regardless of wether Kurt Cobain wrote it or not. 

Thurston Moore as JUDAS - Sonic Youth were grunge before grunge was a thing. They ushered in the alt-rock movement and were preaching the gospel way before it was cool. In another world, Thurston Moore would have been John the Baptist, but he blew up the band by betraying Kim Deal (whom the Dandy Warhols rightly worshipped in their song “As Cool as Kim Deal”). So, yeah. Thurston Moore is Judas.         

Paul Westerberg as JOHN THE BAPTIST - He came first and helped lay the groundwork for the alternative movement. This could have easily gone to Michael Stipe of R.E.M., but The Replacements were much better and spawned a legion of followers. The Mats work in the 80s at Twin Tone and in Minneapolis would help to set up the dynamic that would take place in Seattle with Sub Pop. Westerberg couldn’t hardly wait…

With Pearl Jam having recently been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, now more than ever, we should give thanks and praise to the great Andrew Wood, the Captain Hi-Top, Love Commander (it is right to give him thanks and praise). For he so loved rock and roll and that he was forced to suffer, die and was buried for its sins so that rock could be reborn again. May he rest in peace today, knowing that his words still resonate with the masses.

So come bite the apple, my fellow star dog champions.      

Hide your mom. Control your sister.  Yeah.

Can I get a Hallelujah?

A reading from the Book of Stone


الله يرحمه , Kahlil Gibran.  The best-selling poet after Shakespeare and Laozi, Gibran was born in Lebanon to a Maronite family before emigrating to the United States of America in 1895 at the age of 12.  His works infuse the traditions of the Syriac Maronite Church as well as the mysticism of Sufism, and while critical acclaim did not follow The Prophet (26 verses of poetic prose) on its publication in 1923, popular acclaim did, and continues to do so–it has yet to be out of print since its original publication in the United States of America.  Also a gifted artist (he illustrated his own works), Gibran died on this date in 1931 at the age of 48.  Here’s one of his poems worth remembering:

“Pity the Nation” (composed c. 1912, published 1933)

Pity the nation that is full of beliefs and empty of religion.

Pity the nation that wears a cloth it does not weave and eats a bread it does not harvest.

Pity the nation that acclaims the bully as hero, and that deems the glittering conqueror bountiful.

Pity a nation that despises a passion in its dream, yet submits in its awakening.

Pity the nation that raises not its voice save when it walks in a funeral, boasts not except among its ruins, and will rebel not save when its neck is laid between the sword and the block.

Pity the nation whose statesman is a fox, whose philosopher is a juggler, and whose art is the art of patching and mimicking

Pity the nation that welcomes its new ruler with trumpeting, and farewells him with hooting, only to welcome another with trumpeting again.

Pity the nation whose sages are dumb with years and whose strongmen are yet in the cradle.

Pity the nation divided into fragments, each fragment deeming itself a nation.

Stamp details:
Stamp on top:
Issued on: April 10, 1971
From: Beirut, Lebanon
MC #1129

Middle stamps:
Issued on: December 19, 1983
From: Beirut, Lebanon
MC #BL43

Stamps on bottom:
Issued on: April 30, 2008
From: Beirut, Lebanon
MC #BL53

[Al-Wakil/The trustee/The Excellent Guardian]
“Allah suffices as a Disposer [of affairs].” ‎﴾‬‎4.81﴿‬
Allah is All-good and All-powerful; all our affairs are best entrusted to His care, for He is the best Guardian of all interests “In Allah let the believers put all their trust.” ‎﴾3.160‬‎﴿‬‎
Putting one’s trust in Allah means that one should take all possible precautions and then leave the results in the hands of Allah, who knows the working of events better than any human mind can conceive of. “And when you have decided, then rely upon Allah. Indeed, Allah loves those who rely [upon Him].” ‎﴾‬‎3‬‎‎.‬‎1‬‎5‬‎9‬‎﴿‬ A true believer, like the Prophets, realises that the fruition of his efforts comes only from Allah, therefore He turns to no one else for that. “Sufficient for us is Allah , and [He is] the best Disposer of affairs."‎﴾‬‎3‬‎.‬‎1‬‎7‬‎3‬‎﴿‬ The Prophet ‎ﷺ‎‬‎ recommended the following dua before sleeping: "O Allah, I surrender myself to You and entrust my affair to You, with hope in You and fear of You. There is no resort and no deliverer (from hardship but You). I affirm my faith in the Book which You revealed and in the Messengers whom You sent.” (Sahih Muslim : Book 48, Hadith 77) ‎اللَّهُمَّ أَسْلَمْتُ نَفْسِي إِلَيْكَ وَوَجَّهْتُ وَجْهِي إِلَيْكَ وَأَلْجَأْتُ ظَهْرِي إِلَيْكَ وَفَوَّضْتُ أَمْرِي إِلَيْكَ رَغْبَةً وَرَهْبَةً إِلَيْكَ لاَ مَلْجَأَ وَلاَ مَنْجَا مِنْكَ إِلاَّ إِلَيْكَ آمَنْتُ بِكِتَابِكَ الَّذِي أَنْزَلْتَ وَبِرَسُولِكَ الَّذِي أَرْسَلْتَ ‏.‏ فَإِنْ مَاتَ مَاتَ عَلَى الْفِطْرَةِ ‏"
To take Allah as the only Guardian is part of our belief in Allah, as is clear from this verse “(O Prophet, tell them) "He is the Most Merciful; we have believed in Him, and upon Him we have relied.” ‎﴾‬‎6‬‎7‬‎.‬‎2‬‎9‬‎﴿‬ Tawakkul (having trust in Allah) is a highly desirable and rewarding trait which all of us should try to develop for it reinforces our belief in the One true God.❤️

HAVE DREAMS SPELL/FOOD POTION (so you get to be witchy and enjoy a snack!)

NOTE: This only works before bed!!!

💫 Cheese (any kind, but cheddar is the best, it has been proven to induce more dreams((it did for me after this spell)))
💫 paper
💫 pen or pencil (Dark blue works best as its for dreams)
💫 flame source
💫 Jasmine incense OPTIONAL (for prophetic dreams)
💫 small bottle or jar
💫 any candle colour

⭐️ Basil (Divination)
⭐️ Rosemary (cleansing/purification/protection)
⭐️ Cinnamon (psychic powers)
⭐️ Marigold OPTIONAL (prophetic dreams) ((even though it’s optional, it’s best to have it))


1. Light your candle and incense and run your cheese through the smoke

2. Mix all ingredients and put them In your jar

3. On the paper, make two sigils : one for dreams , two for protection against bad dreams

4. Burn the paper Make sure you’ll be able to recover the ashes of your paper

5. Put ashes in jar

6. OPTIONAL : put some incense ashes in jar

7. Close jar and pour wax all over the lid to seal the jar, never open the jar again.

8. Enjoy your cheese and go to sleep right away

NOTE: store the jar near your bed

If you have any questions, feel free to send an ask or message me ! ✨

A Synthesizer to play Radiohead

Originally written in response to the following question, this should serve to answer any synthesizer recommendation inquiries. 

Hello man, amazing work here! I was wondering What synth I could buy to pin down some of their most characteristic synth sounds (Let Down, Everything In It’s Right Place, Identikit, Staircase, Myxomatosis, Airbag’s “Martenot” [Korg prophecy]). I guess it would be the Prophet 08 but is there some other DSI cheaper ooption. Thanks :D

Thom and Jonny with a Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, Roland Juno-60, and Moog MiniMoog Voyager PE druing the recording of A Moon Shaped Pool. They also used their Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 08 and a Sequential Circuits Prophet 10 during the same sessions.

The synth on Let Down is a ZX Spectrum Computer. Everything in its Right Place is a Sequential Circuits Prophet 5. Staircase was a DSI Prophet 08. The bass on Climbing Up The Walls is an original Novation Bass Station, the bass on All I Need is Nigel’s Prophet 5, and the bass on Lotus Flower is a vintage MiniMoog Model D. The bass sound on Myxomatosis is a resonant monosynth layered with Colin’s fuzzy (Lovetone Big Cheese) bass guitar. The pads on Myxomatosis are a web of polysynths and chorus’d string-synthesizers (best heard 2:07-2:25, and in the last few seconds). Identikits “Broken hearts” section features synths panned left and right, probably a mixture of Prophets. The synthy choir on Motion Picture Soundtrack is a combination of Mellotron and ondes Martenot. Idioteque’s “synth” is a sample of a piece (Mild und Leise by Paul Lansky) created a room-sized IBM super-computer. The “synth” near the end of 15 Step is Ed’s Autoharp run through his pedalboard. As you note, the Martenot-like synth on Airbag (and Climbing Up The Walls) is a Korg Prophecy.

Thom and Jonny with an ARP 2600, a Roland SH101, and a Clavia Nord Lead 3 during the recording of In Rainbows.

It should be clear that no single synth can come close to replicating all of Radiohead’s synth sounds, or even their most distinctive.

First, there’s the fact that Radiohead have used a wide range of instruments over the years. Many synths (monophonic ones) are used only for bass sounds, while others (polyphonic) are used only for chordal textures. Others (string synthesizers, vintage samplers) are in different classes altogether. While most are subtractive synthesizers and have similar architecture, most have very distinctive filters. For example, the Bass Station, Roland SH-101 (used during the In Rainbows sessions), and MiniMoog Model D are all similar mono synths, but their filters sound radically different. By far the most significant factor in a subtractive synthesizer’s tone is the tone of its filter: regardless of how many oscillators, waveforms, envelopes, and extra features a synth offers, it will always sound like its filter. (This is part of why eurorack is so appealing: you can build a single synth with multiple filters cloned from vintage synths).

But even a digital synth with multiple filter emulations will have trouble replicating many of Radiohead’s “synth” sounds, because they often consist of other instruments layered with synthesizers, such as on Myxomatosis. And that doesn’t even cover the synthy sounds which they’ve sampled or created with other means.

Ed and Phil at Nigel’s old “The Hospital” studio during the recording of In Rainbows. On the right is an ARP 2600, while the stand on the right holds (from top to bottom) an Analogue Systems The Spawn and RS-15 Cabinet, a Korg MS-10, a Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, a PPG Wave 2.2/2.3, and an E-MU Emulator II. The RS15 Cabinet contains an RS200 Sequencer, an RS150 Seq/Switch, an RS340 Gate Delay, and an RS370 Polyphonic Harmonic Generator with RS375 Expander.

That said, Radiohead have used synths by one designer far more than any others: Dave Smith. Between the Prophet 5 and Prophet 08 (plus the Tetras which Thom and Jonny used 2012-2013), his synths have been on more tracks than those from any other brand or designer. While the filter on the Prophet 5 differs somewhat from the Prophet 08 and Tetra, the designs are similar and all use Curtis chips. As such, any one of these synths can do a pretty decent job of replicating the others.

The Actual Recommendations:

You’ll never pin down most of their most characteristic sounds with a single synthesizer, but you will be able to pin down the largest number of their sounds using a Dave Smith Instruments or Sequential Circuits synthesizer. The DSI Mopho X4 is a Prophet ‘08 with half the voices, but added sub-oscillators. The DSI Tetra (discontinued, but readily available on the used market) is the keyboard-less equivalent.

Jonny playing the old Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 during the recording of Man of War in 1998.

The one catch is that Radiohead almost exclusively use DSI and Sequential Circuits synths for polyphonic sounds (All I Need being an exception). The members of Radiohead generally use other synths for bass. For the past six or so years, Thom and Jonny have mainly used a MiniMoog when working with Radiohead. With Atoms for Peace, Thom and Nigel almost exclusively used an old Korg MS20 (best heard on Ingenue). Radiohead also had a Korg MS10 in studio during the recording of In Rainbows. And of course, Jonny has his modular synthesizers for monophonic (as well as polyphonic and rhythmic) sounds.

A good monophonic partner for a DSI polysynth would be the Korg MS20 mini. The MS20 mini is a relatively inexpensive monosynth capably of both traditional synth bass and lead sounds as well as experimental effects. Its pair of filters (high and lowpass) have a lot of character and are capable of smooth bass and intense modulation, and its pathway opens you up to modular synthesis. In fact, if you’re not too concerned with chordal textures, the MS20 would probably be a better starter synthesizer.

Nigel’s synth setup for the 2013 Atoms for Peace tour reflects the keyboards played by Thom and him during the recording of AMOK: DSI Prophet ‘08 for pads, Korg MS20 for bass and leads. The Roland A500 PRO MIDI controller above the Prophet is primarily used to trigger sampled string synthesizers for songs from The Eraser.

Get Real

Requested by: Anon

Author: Breathing Easy 101

Pairing: Dean x Plus-sized reader

Word Count: 1,906

“Okay,” you sigh, throwing yourself into a chair in the kitchen. “I guess I’m just not understanding why we have to risk our asses to get this random, run-of-the-mill demon?”

“‘Cause, Y/N, she’s the only one who might be able to help us kill Crowley,” Dean huffed. In his defense, this was about the 15 millionth time you’d asked. You still weren’t used to hunting with the Winchesters, so even hunting demons sent a chill down your spine. That must’ve been child’s play compared to what the brother’s undoubtedly had already seen.

"And we want Crowley dead, because…”

Both brothers whipped their heads around and gave you the same “are you kidding me” expression.

You rolled your eyes and changed the subject. “Well, at least tell me who the demon is.”

“Her name’s Hera,” Sam reported, sitting down next to you at the table with a salad. “She was, apparently, one of Crowley’s crossroad "friends” before he was the king of Hell.“

Dean snorted from across the room. “Yeah, as if Crowley is even capable of having a friend.”

"Yeah, well,” Sam sighed. “This is the only chance we have, Dean. If Crowley has an Achilles heel, Hera would be one of the only ones to know it.”

“Whatever,” Dean mumbled, bringing over plates of burger and fries for you and himself. “So, what do you say, Y/N, you up for a demon hunt?”

“Yeah, let’s do it.”

Several annoyingly long hours later, you and the Winchesters returned to the bunker with a new house guest, who Dean threw into the basement’s devil trap and chains as soon as he had the chance.

“Sammy, take Y/N upstairs,” Dean whispered to his brother when he thought you were out of earshot. “I don’t need her to see this.”

You watched Sam nod his head and walk over to you. “Hey, you hungry? There’s a diner up the street that’s Dean’s favorite, we can pick up something for him too.”

Knowing what Dean was about to do, and exactly why he didn’t want you to see it, you played dumb and followed Sam upstairs. Before you knew it, you were back in the bunker, putting Dean’s pie in the fridge and then heading back to the basement.

“Hey, Y/N.” His hands were drenched in blood, although he was trying his hardest to hide it underneath the towel he was holding. “Watch the demon for a second, will ya? I’m starving.”

You nodded and Dean left, leaving you alone with Hera. You sat in a chair across the room but stared directly at her until she lifted her head.

She had a pretty face, with high and sharp cheek bones that stood out, despite being covered in blood. Her eyelashes were long, eyebrows perfectly arched and a perfect cupid bow arch in her lips.

Hera smirked at you. “Hiya.”

You ignored her, knowing better than to engage in conversation, and kept staring.

“Man, those Winchester’s are really something, huh, girlie?”

She didn’t phase you at all.

“I, myself, would rather have been on a lunch date with Sam than reenacting everyhorrid 50 Shades of Grey scene with Dean.” Hera rolled her eyes, growing annoyed by your silence. “So, how was your lunch date, Y/N? God, I hope you had a Caesar salad.”

You flinched involuntarily. People had always picked on you for having a little extra baggage but that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt every single time someone opened their mouth about it.

"Ooh, soft spot,” Hera continued on, pursing her lips. “You know, I never would’ve pegged Sam as a chubby chaser… but I can see it.”

“We weren’t on a date,” you finally spoke up.

“Hm…” Hera exhaled. “So, it’s Dean you want, then? I had an inkling, I just had to be sure. There are too many girls out there who’s goal is to land both brothers.”

You fell silent again.

Hera crossed her legs, ignoring the fact that her feet her chained loosely together. “But Dean, loving big girls? No, I’m pretty sure I’m more of his type than you are. Word down under was that he actually paid cash for ass once. Bit of a surprise, really, with him being such a model-chasing playboy and all.”

You tried your hardest to ignore Hera, focusing intently on making sure she wasn’t trying to escape. You couldn’t let her words get to you. Sam and Dean had told you about the prophet, Kevin Tran, who once let Crowley do the same to him and the next thing anyone knew, he was dead.

“Let me tell you something about, sweetie,” Hera began, as if she knew him better than you did. “Your thunder thighs and your saddlebag hips aren’t doing a thing for Dean Winchester. I should know. God, there was this one night between us in Jefferson City—”

“Stop,” you chuckled. “Just stop, it’s not working.”

Hera looked at you through her long lashes, trying her best to look innocent. “What do you mean, Y/N?”

“Dean would rather die than sleep with a demon.”

“You think if Dean had the choice between the two of us—the butterball or the piece of lean meat— he’d really choose you? Oh, honey, get real.”

That was it. Before you could stop yourself, you were lunging at her, hitting, punching and clawing her. Suddenly, you remembered seeing the demon blade in the basement and went to grab it.

"No!” Hera shrieked. “No, don’t!”

Your vision was blurry, your ears were buzzing, and your hand was shaking, all out of sheer anger. You didn’t even hear Sam and Dean rush down the stairs.

“Dean. Dean! Take Y/N upstairs, NOW!” You remembered Sam screaming as Dean yanked the blade out of your hands to point at Hera.

Dean eventually caved and carried you upstairs, though you were kicking and screaming and sputtering the whole time with tears streaming down your face. The second he put you down, you ran to your room and slammed the door shut. A few minutes later, you heard a knock.

“Go away!”

“C’mon, Y/N,” Dean cooed through the door. “Open up.”

You didn’t respond.

“Hey, I’ll stand out here all day. I don’t give a damn.” Dean knocked a few more times before giving up and sliding his back against the door and sitting down in the hallway. “Well, when you wanna talk, Y/N, I’m right here. Right on the other side of this door, since you’re feeling like running away from your problems. I got nothing but time.”

About an hour later, you heard Sam come to door and whisper something to Dean, who you figured would’ve given up  on you a long time ago. Once you heard Sam’s heavy footsteps retreat, you opened your door.

Dean stood up and turned around to face you. “I told you I had nothing but time. Can I come in?”

You opened the door wider and stepped aside, then went to sit on your bed.

Dean closed the door behind him and pulled a desk chair closer to your bed side. “Y/N—”

“I know what you’re going to say, Dean,” you cut him off. “I shouldn’t have let Hera get to me, I shouldn’t have responded— let alone, try to kill her— and I could’ve seriously ruined you and Sam’s chance at getting Crowley. I know. I’m sorry.”

"Hey, look at me.” He lifted your chin up himself when you refused. “That’s not what I was gonna say, Y/N.”

“Well, then, what?”

“Well, before you interrupted, I was trying to ask what Hera said to you. I mean, I would expect that I’d take a swing on a demon, any time, any place, but not you, Y/N. What happened?”

Looking at it now, it all seems so simple. Part of you always wanted to believe thatmaybe you had a chance with him, but Hera was right. There was no way a guy like Dean would want a girl who could barely wear skinny jeans without her love handles flopping out.

“Nothing,” you replied, rubbing a stray tear from your eye. “It’s nothing. I’m sorry I almost blew the—”

“To hell with the mission!” Dean’s scream threw you off a little and even made you jump a little. He’d rarely ever risen his voice with you. “I don’t give a damn about the mission! It’s been years, and we still haven’t killed that son-of-a-bitch Crowley! You think I care that much about killing him that I’d rather do that than figure out what the hell that bitch said to you?! ‘Cause you’d be wrong, Y/N!”

You felt the strangest need to apologize even more. “I’m sor—”

“Don’t be sorry, just tell me what happened.”

You didn’t even care about the embarrassment factor anymore, you just wanted this whole thing to be over. “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, Dean, but I’m not… Hera.”

“You’re not… Hera?”

“No! I’m not perfect or thin and when I go out to eat, if I get a salad, people think I’m trying too hard. If I get a burger, people think I don’t care and that I deserve to look the way I do. Hera was in my face about it and how you wouldn’t—” You stopped yourself, not sure if Dean even needed to be subjected to this information.

Dean grabbed your hand from your lap. “Hey, Y/N, you can talk to me, alright?”

You nodded and took a deep breath. “I’ve always had the slightest bit of a… crush on you, Dean. It’s dumb and so school-girlish and probably inconvenient too, since we’re all living together and—”

Dean leaned forward, grabbed your face in both of his hands and kissed you before you could even continue your babbling. It was soft and slow, and even though it felt like time sped down for it, you still felt like Dean was pulling away way too soon.

“Now that that’s out of the way,” he chuckled. “You wanna actually tell me what Hera said to you?”

“She just said I was fat and unworthy and that you’d rather have her over me, any day. And that you did have her in Jefferson City one night.”

Dean snorted. “She wishes.”

"It was stupid, I don’t even know why it upset me so much.”

“That’s what they do, Y/N, demons. They get inside your head, say all kindsa messed up things, make you doubt yourself. I’ve seen it a million times. Hell, it’s worked on me a million times. But most of the time, nothing they’re saying is true. You’re not fat, Hera’s not a goddess, and I don’t think there’s anything hotter than a girl who doesn’t pretend she’s not starving half the damn time.”

You let out a short laugh.

"I know that you’ve probably spent most of your life worrying about the Heras of the world, what they have to say about you, but you keep trucking, Y/N. I can’t say I’ll heal you, but I can sure as hell help.”

You smiled and before you knew it, Dean was kissing you again. All too soon, there was a knock on the door.

“Come join the party, Sammy,” Dean shouted.

Sam opened the door, looked quizzically at the two of you holding hands but shook his head instead of asking questions. “You guys need to come downstairs. We have still have a, um, situation.”

Being an Ideal Muslimah

*Catatan Kajian Muslimah bersama Ustadzah Farhat Naik*

*We have top 4 succesful women of jannah:*

*1. Fatimah (The Prophet’s daughter)*
Fatimah is the person who will lead all the muslimah to jannah.
Once Fatimah was an exhausted wife with so many thing she should do using her hands. After She told The Prophet about her problem and got advice from The Prophet she became a super woman who never forget making super power dzikr in every singgle thing of her work.

*2. Khadijah (The Prophet’s wife)*
One example of good moment: when Rasulullah got the first revelation through the angel of Gabriel (who at that time spread his wings so widely making Rasulullah so scared and trembled). The prophet had actually three options where he should go and share: his people (quraish), his best friend (Abu Bakr), or his wife (Khadijah).
The Prophet without any doubt decided to go home and meet Khadijah. Why? He did know Khadijah was the best first person to tell about His very ‘horrible’ moment. She had a maturity He needed at the moment. She didnt ask The Prophet unecessary questions as common wives do after being left so long by husbands. She didnt even get scared too seeing his husband in a terrible condition. She treated The Prophet so wisely and understood The Prophet so much. She gives us a good example how a very strong bonding between wife and husband should be built. It is the key to raise leadership.

*3. Maryam (Prophet Isa’s mother)*
Maryam is The Lady of The Quran because her name becomes one of the name of Surah in The Quran. She had glorius characters such as takwa, purification, and modesty.

*4. Asyiah (Firaun’s wife)*
As a king’s wife Aisyah actually had everything that a lady could desire, but since she understood this life is just a while she gave up all her luxuries. She was much loved by Firaun that was why He permited her to adopt baby Musa (while other babies at that time were killed by the order from Firaun). When Firaun punished her to get into the boiled water, she did it with no scare at all for the sake her tauhid to Allah. Aisyah always prayed to Allah to have a house to Allah in jannah, and Allah builds it special for her.

*5. Ummu Ammar*
Although Ummu Ammar did not survive to see the Muslim community grow and thrive, her strength, courage and faith in a period of complete darkness and ignorance shows that Islam presented hope and salvation to the weakest members of society. Ummu Ammar chose to believe in the One God and faced the consequences of this belief in a pagan society – her powerful character continues to inspire Muslims around the world even today.

*4 Important points from those successful women of jannah:*
_1. A woman should have a strong sense of purpose; a strong intention to always seek for Allah’s ridha. Anything you are doing should be ibadah. Always ask yourself: what is your purpose in life? Is Allah satisfied?_

_2.A woman should have a deep connection to Allah. Allah guarantees that if we walk to Him, He will run to us. If you are close to Allah, you’ll experience the sweetness of iman whatever you face, Allah will take care of your problems._
The keys to connect to Allah:
a. Sholat
b. Recite and understand The Quran
c. Doa
d. Dzikir in the night and afternoon

_3. A woman should make use of her time. Time isn’t money, time is more important than money! We cant save time! So, be very careful spending your time and energy._

_4. Find out what you are good at and seek for Allah’s ridha, be the best of yourself whatever your proffesion is. Whatever you do, in any field, you have to exceed._

📝 Written by Haya

anonymous asked:

Salam, I know it's Ramadan and the shaytan is locked up but I still have problems, I can't fight it it's so hard, I feel disgusted, and sometimes I feel like dying. 😔😔

Alikum Salam and Ramadan Kareem to you

Has the time not come for those who have believed that their hearts should become humbly submissive at the remembrance of Allah and what has come down of the truth? And let them not be like those who were given the Scripture before, and a long period passed over them, so their hearts hardened; and many of them are defiantly disobedient. Know that Allah gives life to the earth after its lifelessness. We have made clear to you the signs; perhaps you will understand. (57: 16-17)

In the above ayah, Allah (عزَّوجَلَّ) is comparing our heart to the dead earth. He can give life to the earth after it turns lifeless by sending rain and, likewise, He gives life to the dead hearts by showing them the miracles of the Quran.

Ramadan is the month of the Quran – and the Quran alone can help you change. In this month, you have the perfect opportunity to make a sincere effort and strive to bring about change within yourself.

So the first thing you need to do is make a sincere effort. Recognize that you have a problem – whatever it is that you are addicted to, this is the best time to break the habit. Fasting is a shield from sins, fasting increases the iman of the believers and their consciousness of Allah. Hence, if you can break your bad habits and push yourself our of this spiral of negativity for the remaining 26 days of Ramadan, you will have moved one step closer to Allah. So firstly, acknowledge the problem and form the intention to change and work very very hard to get closer to Allah (عزَّوجَلَّ). Once you have made this intention, Allah’s help is guaranteed.

The Prophet ﷺ said, “Allah the Most High said, ‘I am as My servant thinks (expects) I am. I am with him when he mentions Me. If he mentions Me to himself, I mention him to Myself; and if he mentions Me in an assembly, I mention him in an assembly greater than it. If he draws near to Me a hand’s length, I draw near to him an arm’s length. And if he comes to Me walking, I go to him at speed.’” (Bukhari)

Next, recognize the reasons for falling into sin. Is it the people you surround yourself with?, is it what you watch on the internet/tv?, is it your thoughts and your own nafs that push you towards committing sins?, do you only commit certain sins at certain times during the day (for example when you are alone)? Ask yourself these questions – in fact write them down and write down the answers too so you have the root of the problem right in front of you and you can see it black and white. This will make the issue much easier to address. Change your routine, friends, surroundings or whatever it is that is causing you to commit certain sins. Lasting change doesn’t happen overnight but you certainly need to start somewhere. You need to control what you let your eyes see, what you let your tongue speak, what you let your ears hear, what you let your hands and feet do.. each and every one of these things count. If you feel like your heart has become hardened, remember that each time you commit a sin with your eyes/ears/tongue/hands/feet, the hardness of your heart increases and each time you do dhikr and remember Allah, the heart becomes softened.. little by little.. Recognize the problem and work very hard to keep taking conscious steps towards avoiding situations that lead you to committing sinful acts. You have to work hard on this – you need to strive to fix the condition of your heart. You need to be committed. Remember, if you want to achieve this, Allah (عزَّوجَلَّ)  will help you but you need to take the first steps..

Thirdly, start reading and most importantly: understanding the Quran. Here are a few links that I would suggest for starters. Select a time of the day that you can commit to understanding the Quran. Read the portion you are going to listen to the Tafseer (explanation) of and then hear the Tafseer. Make this a part of your routine during Ramadan – make sure that you continue the same after Ramadan too – remember, if you want any change or activity in your life to benefit you, you need to make it a part of your routine. It needs to be something you do everyday. Hence, select a time of the day you can commit to the understanding the Quran every day. It will be a great starting point inShaAllah

Resources: 1 2

Also some basics: if you don’t already do the basics, they are the first thing you need to focus on. Salah is the most important pillar of Islam. If you don’t perform Salah, this is the most important thing you need to focus on and this is the best time to focus on it. Since it’s Ramadan, it’s much easier to push yourself towards Salah. Try to understand the meaning of what you are reciting in salah and listen to reminders about the importance of Salah in our Deen.

Recite what has been revealed to you of the Book, and perform the Salah. Verily, the Salah prevents from Al-Fahsha’ (immoral sins) and Al-Munkar (evil deeds) and the remembering (praising) of Allah is greater indeed. And Allah knows what you do (29:45)

Would advice you to also try to go for Taraweeh if possible because listening to Quran recitation will do you much good and will soften your heart inShaAllah. Also keep making Dhikr through out the day. If this is not possible, again select a time of the day when you will do dhikr (example: reciting SubhanAllah, AstaghfirAllah, La ilaha illa anta..) and be consistent with it. Finally, make sure you keep yourself busy with good. The empty mind is the devils workshop. Each time you find yourself thinking about committing evil, recite Ayatul Kursi or Surah Nas. As soon as you think about committing a sin, change your place, busy yourself, hangout with your family.. whatever you need to do to get away from the situation, do it.

Lastly, make sure that you never lose hope in the mercy of Allah (عزَّوجَلَّ). Remind yourself of the following whenever you find yourself falling into negativity and despair - Remember, the following are specifically for you from Allah (عزَّوجَلَّ). 

Say: “My servants, you who have transgressed against yourselves, do not despair of the mercy of Allah. Truly Allah forgives all wrong actions. He is the Ever-Forgiving, the Most Merciful.” (39:53)

And those who, when they commit an immorality or wrong themselves [by transgression], remember Allah and seek forgiveness for their sins - and who can forgive sins except Allah? (3:135)

Certainly no one despairs of Allah’s Mercy, except the people who disbelieve (12:87)

It was narrated that Abu Hurayrah (رضي الله عنه) said: I heard the Prophet ﷺ say: “A person committed a sin and said: ‘My Lord, I have sinned; forgive me.’ His Lord said: ‘Is My slave acknowledging that he has a Lord Who forgives sins and punishes for them? I have forgiven My slave.’ Then as much time passed as Allah willed, then he committed a sin and said, ‘My Lord, I have sinned; forgive me.’ His Lord said: ‘Is My slave acknowledging that he has a Lord Who forgives sins and punishes for them?  I have forgiven My slave.’ Then as much time passed as Allah willed, then he committed a sin and said, ‘My Lord, I have sinned; forgive me.’ His Lord said: ‘Is My slave acknowledging that he has a Lord Who forgives sins and punishes for them? I have forgiven My slave,’ – three times…” (Bukhari)

The Prophet ﷺ said: “The Shaytan said to the Lord of Glory: ‘By Your Glory O Lord, I will keep trying to misguide Your slaves so long as their souls are in their bodies.’ The Lord said, ‘By My Glory and Majesty, I will continue to forgive them so long as they ask My forgiveness.’” (Ahmad)

See also:

How to increase the level of Iman in my heart?
How to deal with sins and the guilt that they bring?

Hope this was helpful. Please do try to implement some of the advice offered above. Take one step at a time.. Take care and feel free to reach out if you ever need help with anything else. 

anonymous asked:

Do you any advice or tips to offer in terms of memory recollection, unlocking your natural abilities, etc? I feel so far behind the other angels, my brethren, and I don't feel worthy. I just want to remember more about myself and my relationships with other angels, mankind, and Father. Thank you for reading this and I appreciate any help/advice/tips/etc you have to offer!

First of all, I promise you that you are not too far behind or unworthy. All of us are at different stages in collecting memories or practising our abilities and there is no shame in that. We can help each other out. Think of your past life memory and other abilities as a muscle. You haven’t really exercised it in a long time so it’s going to take some time and practise to get it working strongly again, but you can get there. Heck, even I’m still learning things. 

Now sit down and get comfy ‘cause I’ve got a bunch of info for you, feather. You don’t have to do it all. Everyone has different methods that are comfortable/convenient for them. My advice for memory recovery and such is the following:

  • Start a journal: Write your dreams down in it. You’d be surprised about what kind of memories or important symbols can filter through dreams. Especially if you get repeating themes. Write any little tidbits of info that catch your attention in there. Doodle or describe your interpretation of how angels look. Write poetry. It’s like a free space to create while reflecting. Since your brains busy making things, you can stir up some old memories like that, Even if you don’t, it’s relaxing and gives you something physical to tie your divine feelings too.
  • Meditate: Something I should do more often as it really does help. If you aren’t sure how it’s done, there’s lots of tutorials online or guided meditations on youtube. If you want to make more of an event out of it, burn some incense and set things up like a ritual, or go to a meditation class. Buddhist centres usually offer free sessions in breath control and clearing the mind. Piece of advice, don’t try to stop thinking altogether. That just distracts you. Instead, let your mind flow and do it’s thing. Something interesting may pop into your head.
  • Astral project: Like meditation but it feels more like you’re doing something. Once again, tonnes of guided sessions and tutorials. I reblogged a really nice one a few days ago called “Crystal Lake”. You can fly around very easily while projecting, and it’s often a good place to practise my next point.
  • Talk to other angels: Not just the ones online or on earth! Research how to talk to spirits and such, and ask for angels to come to you. If you’re able to start conversation or get signs from one, they may be able to lend you a hand or give tips on what you’re doing. Also you can pray, if that’s your thing, or just strike up verbal conversation if in private. It can help.
  • Research: Look into the hierarchy of angels, associations with famous angels, lists of names, our true forms. Read, read, read. You don’t have to stay on boring topics, follow what interests you. Something may catch your eye. It doesn’t have to be all non-fiction and studies. There is plenty of media inspired by us that can offer different views or standpoints.
  • Visit holy/historical places: Churches are the obvious one, but anywhere you feel holy works beautifully. For me, my local beach feels like a holy place, but that may be due to my dominion over water. Places with history work as well. There’s something about standing somewhere that’s been there for years that stirs up feelings inside of you. I actually got one of my most vivid flashes of a memory whilst standing atop of a building in the Roman Forum next to the Colosseum.
  • Reminders: Anything that reminds you of home is good. Certain textures (for me it’s soft things), or foods for example. You may want to go places that remind you of home, or do things that you used to or feel like you have an association with, such as helping the sick, or travelling etc. That’s why I have the aesthetic stuff here ^^
  • The Craft: Witchcraft and other such things is actually super helpful. Obviously, it’s not for everyone, but since it’s a secular practise (no particular religious view needed) anyone can do it, and you can tailor it so that it honours the deity you follow if that’s what you like. Or you can keep it separate from religion. Here is where you get a lot of tips on unlocking your abilities and communicating with angels that aren’t incarnate right now. Tumblr has a pretty good community for it, and I try to filter through things that are helpful to us specifically. 
  • Focus on what you want to do: Naturally, you’re going to want to get as much done as possible. However, it’s not a race. Focus on areas that interest you. If you want to strengthen your empathy or prophetic skills, focus on that. If you want to study the intricacies of interactions between angels and humans, do that. If you want to try and astral project or build up a mindspace where you can invite spirits in, go for it! There’s no rules or time limit, and if you need help, we’re all here together trying to work this stuff out. Shoot someone a question and we’ll be more than happy to help you as best we can.
  • Finally: Don’t ignore stuff that pops up into your head and seems significant. I know from experience that something that seemed like a random intrusive thought was a part of a memory. Basically, if you seem to dwell on it, or it feels important, maybe write it down and think on the subject for awhile. It might be something note worthy.
Rejecting Pakistani and Islamic Marriage Stereotypes: why being asexual does not mean I must conform TW: Rape, marital rape, domestic violence

I am single and most definitely not ready to mingle. You may be wondering why an aromantic asexual like myself needs to worry about ‘mingling’ if it’s something I don’t want to do? Well, my fellow peers, I have the great privilege of belonging to the Pakistani Muslim community, and if you happen to be an adult woman in such a community, much like myself, you are expected to take the next step in life: marriage.

Marriage is considered a natural process amongst my people. You grow up, get an education, pursue a career if necessary (because why would a woman need to work when she will end up a housewife?) and get married. The general consensus is that a heterosexual marriage is the final step to completion for a woman. A woman is only ‘whole’ when she has a husband and children. Daughters are just extra baggage for parents until they can be married and sent away. Emphasis is laid upon the daughter, rather than the son, to find a partner, and parents go to extreme lengths and efforts in order to make that happen. Once their daughter is married, parents can sigh a relief and pat themselves on the back for doing such a great job and making it through such a difficult time. And the sons? They can wait, because “no woman is ever good enough for him anyway”. The unmarried daughters who are still trying to figure out their lives already know that we are a burden to our parents, simply because we identify with the female sex.

We know, because the one question you can guarantee any unmarried Pakistani woman has been asked by members of the community is “have you found a husband yet?” Pakistanis don’t care if you are enjoying your studies or managed to get a promotion a work, they just want to know when the next wedding will be so they can dress up and gossip with their old cronies. ‘Why are you not married yet? What are your family waiting for? Do you want to grow old and become a spinster? Is our boy not good enough for you?’ Questions asked countless times seem harmless enough to an outsider, but for the responder, it’s hard to miss their implications. The message is clear: why are you still single when you would be happier and safer with a husband?

 Yes, aunty-jee, once I am married I will be ‘happy’ and ‘safe’. I will be ‘safe’ from your intrusive questions about my personal life. I will be ‘safe’ from my own family’s criticisms and instead fall mercy to the scrutiny of my new in-laws. I will be ‘safe’ from the gossip, societal shunning and violence that unmarried Pakistani women face, and all because I have the immunity of being a wife. Yes, aunty-jee, I will most certainly be ‘safe’.

The fact that unmarried woman are not considered safe and are targets for public shaming seems to be the bigger problem here, but every Pakistani woman knows that. After all, it’s been embedded into our minds practically all our lives. Once we are old enough to understand what it means to be desirable, we are taught to condition ourselves to fit the stereotype of a good Pakistani wife. And this starts young. I’m talking about little girls at 3 yrs old using skin whitening soap so they can grow up for men to call their fair skin ‘beautiful’. I’m talking about teenage girls being told a good girl is unassuming, unassertive, submissive and obedient.

This isn’t just a few among many. I’m talking about a culture from a country perpetuated by a long history of misogyny: where sons are seen as a blessing and daughters a burden, where honour killings, daughters killed for the shame of being female, still take place, and where Malala Yousafzai was shot for campaigning for a woman’s rights to education. I’m talking about the women who are guilt tripped and shamed for their lack of femininity, the female rape victims who are shunned by society for being ‘bad luck’ and the acid attacks inflicted on women because they were ‘too successful’ for a man to bear.

Woe betide the Pakistani woman who chooses not to marry, for she will garner the hatred of all men and women who think a woman’s place is in servitude to her husband. And woe betide the Pakistani woman who wishes to marry but does not want to conform to the housewife stereotype, for she must face rejection from her own community. And woe betide again for the Pakistani woman who does marry, for her family will abandon her to suffer in silence when she becomes victim to the abuse of her husband and in-laws.

And still, you ask me, why I am worried?

I do not wish to marry because I am afraid marriage will destroy me. I am expected to marry a Muslim man, but how many will actually be accommodating to my asexuality? How many will lure me in with lies and sweet promises to treat me well and then force themselves on me once the contract is signed because it is their marital right? How many will point the finger at me, telling me “do not refuse your husband” because it has been ingrained into every single Pakistani Muslim mind that a woman is submissive and obedient. I will try to seek help from my family, who will use my religion against me and say “you are his wife, it is your Islamic duty to obey him”.

I think I do not need love if marriage is the only way to obtain it. I question why my asexuality feels like a burden on me. Why can I not assume my marriage will be a happy one? Are all people so sexually charged that to even deny sex is wrong? I am left wondering, am I a bad Muslim for not feeling sexual desire? Is my asexuality a sin? Why do I not feel pleasure when everyone else does? Why am I unable to be a good Pakistani and Muslim wife?

I look to my religion for respite. What does Allah actually say about women in marriage? Islam encourages marriage because it contributes to half your deen (faith). Marrying sooner is better for men and women who want to avoid committing illegal sexual activity outside of marriage. Marriage was also recommended by the Prophet Muhammad PBUH, and thus is considered a Sunnah. Some of the benefits to marriage are having a spouse who can provide emotional and spiritual support, receiving certain rights upon marriage and having the ability to create a family of your own.

As an aroace Muslim, I do not consider myself in need to marry for the sake of receiving spiritual and emotional support. I understand the benefits this would have for a couple who are romantically and sexually involved (and for aces who wish to marry), but fail to see how this would apply to me. In my opinion, I find it more appealing to establish that type of bond in a platonic relationship outside of marriage as it avoids all the unnecessary marital expectations that a Pakistani Muslim must face, as mentioned previously. For myself, I believe my spiritual and emotional connection to my faith works best with Allah, as there are no societal/cultural pressures which Allah imposes on me and is a relationship I can establish on my own terms.

I can dismiss the benefit of fulfilling my sexual desire without fear of sin as sexual desire is not something I experience nor is sex something I want to do either. Something worth noting though is that the Prophet PBUH did insinuate that marriage was not necessarily required for those who do not experience sexual desire as there is no fear of sin being committed. I guess you can only listen to the best, right?

Regarding the rights received once married, some would be: a wife’s right to a dowry, sexual satisfaction, financial support and good treatment by her husband. Again, for an aroace woman, none of these rights would personally benefit me as I have no wish to be satisfied sexually, nor do I have the need for someone to treat me well (that would just require good friends/family) and lastly, my aroace identity does not really affect my desire for money nor a dowry (although the extra cash would be handy, it’s not worth the hassle to get married for).

The Prophet PBUH encouraged marriage for those who would most benefit from such a contract, and I believe that, as an aroace with no particular desire for a partner, to fulfil my sexual desire nor to receive the benefits, marriage is not necessary for me. Although there is no obligation to marry in Islam, there is still pressure to conform to the general consensus amongst Muslims to get married, especially as it would be following in the example of the Prophet PBUH. As marriage is so overwhelmingly commonplace, the concept of a Muslim choosing to not marry is seen as unusual, and for someone like me, who chooses not do so for the reasons mentioned above, it is even more radical.

Although my asexuality and desire to not marry is not an issue in Islam, I find that the choices I make in how I practise my religion comes under a lot scrutiny, largely due to the fact that Muslims have a monopoly on following the Islam best tailored to their cultural environment. Muslims in general believe that the hetero-norm of marriage is the only correct way of living your adult life. This means that if I am amongst a Muslim community who believe that I should get married for the benefit of society, then I will be under societal pressure to do, regardless of what I or what Islam itself has to say on the matter.

It is here in this grey area between culture and religion that my conflicts lie. In accordance to Islam the decision to marry is my own, so even if my family and my community are pressurising me and I refuse, I am not ‘technically’ disobeying God. I say this sceptically because although it is my Islamic right to refuse, Islam also tells me that I should be obedient to my parents and avoid unnecessary conflict if they do not directly oppose Islamic teachings.

Unfortunately, this is where my culture plays an important role. If I was to refuse marriage and explicitly state so for the reasons I discussed above, my parents would assume I was intentionally causing conflict as my opinion is so obscure to the set Pakistani norm. They would consider my opinion highly disrespectful as it insults the beliefs they have held their entire lives, and as a result, I would be creating a huge division within my family. I care far too much about the relationship I have with my parents to risk breaking it by suggesting something as not getting married. To me, my parents are the most valued people in my life. They are the people who sacrificed so much in order to give me the best of everything, they fed me, clothed me and cared for me like no one else could.

I remember how my father spent 5 days every week after work tutoring us so we were ahead in class and thus had one less worry as Asian Muslims in an all-white Catholic school. How my mother worked during the day and then attended GCSE classes at night to get her UK education as she didn’t grow up here. When I realise that they must have given up their own selfish desires in order to make sure I never experienced that same sacrifice, I think to myself, surely this once, I can return the favour? If my marriage will make them happy, don’t they deserve that happiness? They deserve better than to be hurt by my own selfishness and pride. When I think about my parents in this way, I understand why God said I should listen to them.

In all honesty, I would be quite happy to avoid marriage at all costs if I could, but that would not help my circumstances nor be conducive to my family situation. As a Muslim, it is during these times I remember that this life is not my paradise. I am not a woman free from obligation, I am in subservience to my Creator, Allah, and not everything I wish for will be granted in this world. That is not the life of a Muslim, and I must remind myself that this life is a test.

As a result, I am left praying that in the near future either my opinion of marriage will change or that I will be able to find a partner understanding of my asexuality. In making this choice, I realise some may think I am no better than the society I criticise for making women conform, for I too have conformed to my own fate. Perhaps I am just a hypocrite, slave to the very traps I sought to escape, or perhaps I can reject the notion of accepting my fate quietly and instead choose to control what is inevitable, and turn it into something I will accept only on my own terms. That too, I think, is also a way to not conform.

Second Chances

James Potter was having a horrible horrible night. He hated these stuffy Pure Blood parties. He hated the patronizing way the older wizards spoke to him, as if being a professional Quidditch player were just a passing hobby - a rebellious phase, if you will - and that any day now he’d come to his sense and go into the ministry just as his father had done. Never mind that he was one of the top Chasers in the league, or that he was on record time and time again saying that No, he was not going to be an auror so please stop asking. 

As if dealing with his parents’ deaths hadn’t been enough, it stoked the fire more. If one more distant aunt came up to him and told him that it was time to stop all this nonsense now that he had inherited the Potter fortune he was going to scream.

Downing his third glass of champagne he skirted the edges of the party, looking for a way out. Sirius - his one lifeline at functions like this - had abandoned him to go snog the coat check women, so he had to brave the crowds on his own. He wouldn’t have even come to the stupid event if it hadn’t been for the team’s sponsors. 

It was as he was nearing the doors to the garden that someone snagged him by the sleeve reeling him back in. Plastering a fake smile on his face, he turned around. A petite witch stood before him, looking up gleefully, her dark hair just brushing the shoulders of her lavender dress robes. “James Potter?” She asked, eyes sliding over him. “That’s you, right? Chaser for the Montrose Magpies?”

“Yeah, that’s me.” The witch was pretty, he had to hand her that. Her face was round, and her eyes were green. Not strikingly green - not the way they would’ve been if she was, say, ginger - but pretty all the same. 

She held out a hand for him to shake. “I’m Vanessa Litfield, part time reporter for The Daily Prophet.”

He shook her hand, but said “I’m not doing interviews tonight, sorry.”

“A bit conceited, are we?” She laughed, shaking her head. “I didn't approach you for an interview, Mr. Potter. You just seemed lonely and in need of quality conversation.”

“And you figured you could provide me with that conversation?”

“Well, I am known for being good with my words.” she winked. 

“We’ll see then.” He nabbed two champagne flutes off a passing tray, handing one to her. “Show me what you’ve got.”

Vanessa, it turned out, took that to heart and babbled on for a good hour. James didn’t mind it, though, because it kept other potential conversation partners at bay. He could endure a pretty girl's incessant chatting no problem. In fact, he was coming to find that he quite liked talking with her. She didn’t seem to take anything too seriously, which he found refreshing. 

“Can I see you again, Mr. Potter?” she asked as the party dwindled down. 

He shrugged, pretending to think on it. 

“Are you going to leave a girl hanging?” she laughed, nudging his shoulder. “I need a response quick, my roommate is making her way over to fetch me.”

He decided that he wouldn’t mind spending more time with her. Maybe he’d enjoy it. He’d been in a bit of a dry spell recently, anyway. “I suppose so,” He joked. “Well, alright. Owl me and we’ll set something up.”

“That’s romantic,” she rolled her eyes. “I can see why you’re swarmed with women.”

He opened his mouth to reply - with what, he wasn’t sure, not after he caught sight of the women approaching them. No, it couldn't be, he thought. But it was. 

The willowy red-head reached out, tapping Vanessa on her shoulder. James, too busy taking in the sight of her, missed their exchange. She stood just as she had five years previously at Hogwarts - just as sure, just as beautiful, her hair just as red. Her eyes just as green. Her freckles had faded out for the most part, and her face more angular. She wore a set of deep purple robes, just the right color to offset her pale skin. 

“Are you ready?” she asked Vanessa, her voice just as musical as it had been the last time they spoke. Vanessa looked from the girl beside her, to James, and finally the red-head did as well. Her expression mirrored his, he was almost certain. The surprise, the confusion. It was all there, scrawled across her beautiful features. He was always able to read her so easily, five years didn’t erase that.

He wanted to speak, to greet her, to at least say something. But instead, he just gawked. How could he not?

“Do you two know each other?” Vanessa asked, looking between the two. 

It was her who recovered first, naturally. She shook her head, laughing it off. “Nah, he just looks familiar, is all.”

“Well, he’s a famous chaser. You’ve probably seen him in the Prophet.”

“A famous chaser, huh?” She looked him over in that knowing way that made his insides twist up in knots. “Seems fitting.”

Recovering at last, James extended his hand. “James Potter,” he said. As if she didn’t already know that. As if he didn’t feel kicked in the gut the moment she feigned ignorance. 

"Nice to meet you,” she took his hand, and he saw the slight color stain her cheeks. He felt the heat of her skin radiating through him. “I’m Lily Evans.”

“She works at the Prophet with me.” Vanessa explained. “She’s one of our best columnists.” But James already knew that. He read everything she wrote. 

Lily tugged on her friend’s arm, pulling her towards the door. “We really need to be going, Nessa.”

“All right, don’t get your knickers in a twist.” She let Lily pull her away, only pausing to call over her shoulder. “I’ll owl you for that date, Mr. Potter!”

James only nodded in reply, as he watched Lily Evans walk away from him for the second time.

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Top 10 things I love about Paranatural

10) It pokes fun at common cliches found everywhere in literature, but still handles them seriously and makes full use of them. After all, cliche doesn’t automatically equal bad. They’re popular for a reason. It also has no problem making fun of itself, which I adore.

9) The characters and their flaws are all portrayed very well, especially considering they’re children dealing with a variety of difficult and heavy things. Like showing that Isaac’s behavior towards Max is very unfair and unappreciated, despite Isaac’s circumstances, and I think that’s neat.

8) The characters are all multi-facted people and have a lot of sides that I’m sure we haven’t gotten to see yet. I’m excited for all the character development we’re going to see as the comic progresses!

7) This image and everything it stands for

6) Johnny getting called out recently on his behavior. While he’s a relatively harmless bully (though a bully nonetheless), he could have developed into much worse, and I look forward to seeing the inevitable changes in his behavior in the coming days. Redemption arc(?) go!

5) The attention to detail in this comic is phenomenal. It’s really all the little things that tie the comic together and make it as enjoyable as it is, like the characters’ clothes changing every day when they could just remain static. Or the fact that everyone that participated in Hitball were different, detailed characters when they could have just as easily have been lackluster background characters.

4) Seeing Zack’s art develop from the very beginning chapters to now. It’s just plain awesome to see how much he’s developed as an artist from chapter 1 to chapter 5. And the comic is always so pleasant to read AND look at.

oh, whoops that’s a little less than pleasant

There we go. Again, should I mention that I love all the attention to detail?

3) I love all the questions and mysteries. We’re still so close to the beginning of the comic and all of the ground work of an amazing story, and I am beyond excited for what the future holds. I mean, also a little impatient, I’ll admit, but that’s not going to stop me from waiting to see this to the end!

2) I love the Tumblr community that’s sprung out of this comic. It’s the one I probably try and interact with the most and every time I do, everyone is always so nice. I have made so many friends through Paranatural, had so many laughs, and felt connected every time Zack Morrison tried to rip our hearts out. While it’s certainly not perfect, I’m very happy to be a part of it.

1) Lastly, I love Zack Morrison. Platonically, of course, and mostly just respectfully. I love that he produces such a high quality, funny, and thoroughly enjoyable comic for absolutely free. And on such a consistent schedule, despite the occasional, understandable hiccups. I love all of the hard work he pours into Paranatural and that he’s just as apt to communicate and talk to us as we are to talk to him. Zack Morrison is easily the best thing about Paranatural.

anonymous asked:

Could you write a little ficlet about how Harry got the scar Rita says he has during the Quidditch World Cup commentary -and Ginny reaction to it-? thank you!!

“The famous lightning scar has company: Potter is sporting a nasty cut over his right cheekbone…”

The 2014 Quidditch World Cup was not, truly, a holiday for any of the Potters. (Well, except maybe for the kids.) A few days sightseeing around Argentina, falling in love with the country (as they did with every country they visited), then on to the campsite ahead of the final match: Bulgaria versus Brazil. Ginny had to work reporting for the Prophet, and quite a few other papers worldwide, too. Her writing was recognised as some of the best in the business; she didn’t merely report on what had happened in a match, she made people feel like they were really there, watching the game with her. Her interviews were just as prized - she was able to draw out confessions from her subjects whilst still keeping things light and human. When she’d played Quidditch herself, first for the Harpies then for England, she’d been regarded as one of the best players in the world. But in the few years she’d been working for the paper, she’d won more prizes—and been more proud of them—than in all her time as a Chaser.

Today, she was interviewing Viktor Krum, ahead of the final match in two days’ time. His coming out of retirement had shocked the world, and no one had found out the reason behind the decision. Yet. Harry had no doubt that Ginny would find out what he was up to. Harry was, ostensibly, working in the morning, too, but on nothing so exciting as Ginny’s assignment. He was, however, working in the same place as her for the first time since their Hogwarts days, and this was proving mightily distracting. It was very challenging to get anything done knowing she was close by.

He risked another glance pitchwards, and saw the two of them talking together. Krum appeared to be offering Ginny his broom, and… Harry held his breath. He hadn’t seen Ginny fly properly for a few years now, and he missed it. Sure, she knocked around in the garden with the kids, and sometimes flew to work in London, if the weather was nice but she hadn’t flown professionally, that he’d seen, in such a long, long time. She appeared to be declining, at first, perhaps out of politeness, but Krum insisted and, even at this distance, Harry could see her resolve weakening. She accepted the broom from him, hovered on it just above ground level, toes skimming the grass, then launched off so fast she was literally just a blur. She swooped and dived, turning and rolling and–

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The Daily Prophet is glad to announce the official engagement of Miss Andromeda Black to Mister Thorfinn Rowle. The happy news have been made public this morning announced proudly by both their families. Druella Black herself has confirmed that a small celebration will be held right after her younger daughter’s wedding that is fast approaching already. 

Andromeda Black, with only twenty three years old, has become a career woman and currently works at St. Mungo’s as a professional healer. Thorfinn Rowle, the twenty two year old bachelor and son of Thaddeus Rowle, has already achieved a prominent position at the Ministry of Magic and has made his bloodline largely proud despite his young age. 

The date of the big event remains unknown, of course, but both families have expressed their utter happiness and satisfaction for this long due arrangement. All the staff at The Daily Prophet, and this columnist especially, wish the new couple the best, and all the happiness in the world.

( @thundrstorms @andromedablackism )