the property of hate cosplay

RGB Cosplay: HELP ME!

Okay TpoH Fandom and Tumblr cosplayers in general, I need your help

You see those two metal boxes? They’re both a necessary part of the cosplay and currently what’s killing me.

Those two boxes contain the mechanisim to allow the dials on the front to click, however they severely throw off the weight of the hollow tv. If I put it on it completely leans forward. Filling it with foam doesn’t help…

My idea was to get a baseball helmet and glue it on the inside so I can put it on and it’ll hold tight….BUT the problem is I can’t get my head into it without having to turn it sideways.

I’m at an impass here…I NEED a way to stop the TV from tilting without cutting out those boxes, and to overall keep the TV on my shoulders.

Help a cosplayer out?


“Do you want to be a hero?”

Costume is 90% done! Missing the gloves and shoes. Though I might have to get a new hat… The one I got isn’t really working out as well as I hoped.

Still! Look how far we’ve come!

The antenna are also detachable for easier transport, held in place by Velcro and magnets.