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Hi! I just finished reading everything from your masterpost. Like wow. Thank you so much!!! I needed that. I was just wondering if you could recommend some of your favorite johnlock fanfics? Uni life is so stressful. I need sth to keep me alive haha

OMG THANK YOU!! I am so pleased my Masterpost was a nice stress-reliever for you! OH MY GOODNESS, asking me to pick my favourite Johnlock Fanfics is like asking me to choose only one puppy in a room full of them. GUH. I have over 300 faved at Ao3 and over 400 faved at FFNet.

How about I give you the list of my “always go-to” fics, ones that I ALWAYS go back to in my bookmarks when I need to read a good fic? There’s still a lot, but it narrows down my list a teeny bit. You’ll notice a lot of them are Sherlock POV or pining Sherlock, because UGH I love it. And when the characters are portrayed like on the show. AU’s are a bit hard for me to enjoy unless it’s well written. And I LOVE pre-slash. I cannot get enough of these idiots falling in love over and over again.

I’ll separate these into “Ao3″ links and “” fics, because one has a “mark for later” feature, and the other is LOL. That and the ones on, I haven’t read in a long time because I get annoyed that they log me out every two days and they’re hard to read on my phone, where I do all my primary reading. Hah. Anyway. Enough of my ramblings, here we go.

  • Someone I Love by hudders and hiddles (M) (Pining, Fluff, Canon Compliant, Bittersweet End, Angst) - So of COURSE I’m going to recommend my gift fic from the lovely @hudders-and-hiddles! It’s got a lot of my favourite tropes in it, so could be why I love it so much. It’s Sherlock-centric, and he’s pining, lovesick, and loves John so much it actually hurts. It’s Season 3 canon-compliant, and the ending is bittersweet. UGH. It’s so beautiful. I want to frame every page up on my walls. You can see my “first read reaction” here
  • The Green Blade by verityburns (T) (Post-TRF, Casefic, Hurt/Comfort) - Oh, I just found this one recently on Ao3 after about 2 years of non-stop reading it on FFNet. I was SO happy. This was one of my first long fics, and works with or without shipper goggles on (so if you’re looking for smut, none here… it’s more a “i love you your my best friend” fic, and glad I read it BEFORE I became a hardcore shipper because I probably would have never finished it). Because I know it so well now, I tend to skip over to all the little Johnlock moments in it, the domestic-y ones. There’s a really great case in it, some adorable little moments (like Sherlock constantly stealing John’s food and Sherlock doesn’t realize he’s doing it), and it really feels like it could be a show-canon story. Very in-character. Love this one. Oh, and there’s some BAMF!Sally in it too :)
  • The White Lotuses by SilentAuror (E) (Mutual Pining, Fluff, Post-S3, Slowburn) - GUH this one is so lovely. It’s a nice slow burn fic, with a great payoff at the end. John’s POV, and I just really really love every single word in it.
  • Iris by slashscribe (Ao3) (E) (Parentlock, pining Sherlock, post-S3) - You know I was really surprised I liked this because I am not big into parentlock, but UGH this one hurts so good. I ADORE pining Sherlock, and I love how in-character everyone is. Sherlock is literally the bestest friend ever. I love this one SO. MUCH.
  • Because Blah Blah Blah Happy by cwb (E) - (Unabashed fluff, smut, and silliness) - This one never fails to put a smile on my face! It’s short enough to read on the bus, and it just so cute and silly. I love it.
  • Love Is by SilentAuror (E) - (Pining Sherlock, John is kind of an ass but only for a bit) - UGH this one is painfully beautiful. About halfway through it gets all UH OH, but it has a happy ending. Promise!
  • Second Chance by SilentAuror (E) (Pining Sherlock, Fluff, Sherlock attempts to woo John badly, post s3) - This one is actually really really cute. I don’t know, it’s Sherlock being Sherlock, SO much UST, and happy endings for all. 
  • Matters of National Security by mistyzeo (E) (Jealous & Pining Sherlock, John dates a man) - I really REALLY also like jealous!Sherlock when John dates someone else and Sherlock spends most of the story trying to convince himself he’s not jealous, but he is, and UGH, the end, I love it.
  • Right Hand Man by SilentAuror (E) (Mary is not nice, post S3, Sherlock is a good friend, and shameless smut, Hurt!John) - John is injured and Sherlock takes him in because Mary thinks he’ll be too much to take care of along with a baby. It’s good. But if you like Mary and think she’s a nice lady, you won’t like the Mary parts of it.
  • Midnight Blue Serenity by BeautifulFiction (E) (Bartender for a Case, Drugs, UST, Pining) - I’d be surprised if you HAVEN’T read this one, but if you haven’t: Sherlock and John go undercover to a bar for a case, they silently pine for each other, and there’s some nice smut in it too. There’s also mild violence, so heed that. It’s a fan favourite, you won’t be disappointed.
  • A Shipless Ocean by myswordfishmind  (M) (Post-TRF, 10 Years Later)  Another one I was surprised I ADORED. John has a 7-year-old son and no longer lives in London, and Sherlock has been “dead” for ten years and returns to him. Sherlock POV. It leaves an open ending, for the most part, but they still get together. 
  • Vena Cava by SilentAuror (E) (HLV Fix It,  John POV) - UGH I love this one. It’s been awhile since I’ve read it, i just know that I love it every single time I read it. It’s achingly beautiful, and a nice slow burn as two idiots find each other.
  • Last Christmas by Mazarin221b (T) (Christmas, Sherlock is a lovesick idiot) - OMG I LOVE THIS ONE. Sherlock realizes he made a mistake and tries to rectify it in the most soppy manner ever. He’s such a romantic dork.
  • High Tide by stardust_made (T) (Jealous Sherlock, Oblivious John, Sherlock is not happy) Ugh, I love this one too. It’s a play on the “John dates a man” trope but John doesn’t realize it. Sherlock is pining and jealous and this one is so wonderful. 
  • Turbulence in the Sky by esplanade (T) (Embarassed Sherlock, Pining Sherlock, John isn’t as clueless as you think) - Oh gosh this one is SO CUTE. Basically Sherlock keeps trying confess his feelings for John and instead spouts random facts.  Ending is SO precious.
  • Laid Bare by esplanade (T) (Sherlock POV, Pining) - Story told from Sherlock’s POV, him basically analyzing John and coming to realize he cares for him. I can’t describe it, I just really enjoy it.
  • The Norwood Love Builders by flawedamythyst (T) (Ao3) Who doesn’t love a good “for a case” trope fic?? This is one of my absolute faves. Sherlock and John are forced to face their feelings for each other as they attend a couples-therapy retreat for a case. It’s so good. A nice amount of Angst, humour, pining, and flirting. Ugh, I want a fic like this from Sherlock’s POV. I have yet to find one.
  • A Quiet Murmuration by cathedral_carver (T) (Unabashed shameless fluff) - I’m not even kidding. This one is SO fluffy I love it. Sherlock pays John back with kisses. 
  • To Sleep, Perchance to Smother Your Flatmate with a Pillow by Linpatootie (G) (Bedsharing, fluff, cuddling, annoyed John)  - This one is also ridiculously cute. Sherlock is doing a sleep study, “FOR SCIENCE!” and insists he and John must share a bed. Sign me up.
  • The Strait of Juan de Fuca by mightypog (T) (Mutual Pining, Sherlock and John go on a trip, Angst, Happy Ending) This one is lovely. Basically Sherlock and John hash out their differences in the Canadian Wilderness. It’s good, trust me.
  • Loving John Watson by Spark_Writer  (T) (Second Person, Pining Sherlock) - I love this one. Written as if you are Sherlock, a discovery into your relationship with John. Beautiful.
  • Hitting the Water at Sixty Miles an Hour by what_alchemy (E)  (Meeting Mrs. Holmes, Johnlock road trip, Mutual Pining, “As a Couple”) - Sherlock and John go to meet Mrs. Holmes, except she thinks they’re a couple. This was done pre-S3, so not COMPLETELY canon compliant, but it’s SO achingly beautiful. The burn is good in this one.

UGH. There’s SO MANY MORE on Ao3 I want to share with you but these are the ones I have recently read so I remember what they are about… Let me know if you want any more! Now, FFNet ones that I remember… I don’t read them often because they were from my “pre-shipper” days, so a lot of them are friendshipfics, but I still love them so very much:

BAH! That should keep you going for a bit… I’ll need to post more FFNet ones when I get a chance to read through them again.

Hope this curbs your Johnlock needs! Feel free to contact me again when you need more. I have TONNES more.

A Second Chance

PT: 1/2

Chris Evans x Reader
Genre: Fluff? 

You and Chris dated for 3 years, then you got pregnant and he left. Your son Ethan is now a little over a year old and guess who comes back.

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

You had just finished putting your son Ethan to bed. You were exhausted. Your best friend had planned a “fun filled” day for you since today was your birthday. She took you and Ethan out, walking all about downtown Boston and to dinner. Now you sat on your couch in your tiny apartment with a cup of coffee in your hand watching some random movie on tv.

About 20 minutes into your relaxation your door bell rang. You looked to the door in confusion since it was pretty late and you were unsure of who would be ringing your doorbell at this time. Despite that you still got up and made your way to the door. Up on your tip-toes you peeped through the peephole. The person was looking around so you couldn’t see their face but, they looked oddly familiar, too familiar.

You opened the door slowly. The person was fiddling with his fingers. He was dressed the same way he used to. Jeans and henley t-shirt, simple yet extremely attractive. His eyes connected with yours and your stomach dropped. You couldn’t believe that he was here.

“Ch-Chris? How? What are you doing here?” you asked at a loss for words.

He just stared at you for a little.

“Shit, I thought I knew what I was going to say to you when you opened the door but, now I can’t find the words.” he told you finally speaking.

You rolled your eyes at him. You really didn’t need this right now, you didn’t want this drama in your life. It’s hard enough raising a child on your own, but to have Chris Evans come into your life again and complicate things would make things too hard.

“What do you want Chris?”

“My kid, I would like to see my kid… please.” he corrected. 

“Excuse me?”

“Before you get mad please, just let me explain. Can I come in?” Chris pleaded. He was nervous, probably the most nervous he’s ever been in his life.

“You’re kidding right? Chris you can’t just-”

“Please Y/N” he begged with those beautiful eyes you fell in love with.

You sighed.“Fine,” and you let him in.

The two of you sat at your kitchen table. Chris stared off.

“Are you going to just stare and scan my apartment or are you going to tell me what the hell you’re doing here.”

Chris tensed up suddenly regretting coming here. He forgot how harsh you could be. He just kept the thought of his child in mind to give him strength.

“Y/N I know you probably hate me and you have every right to but, I am sorry. I’m sorry I left you when you needed me most and most of all I’m sorry I turned my back on my child. And I came here to ask if you’d allow me to see him or her. I know I don’t deserve-”

“You’re right you don’t deserve to see him. Chris you left, walking out on me and your child. You weren’t there for your own child’s birth. You weren’t there for me throughout the pregnancy. Hell last time you told me you hated kids, didn’t want them, and there would never be a time in your life that you’d be ready and fit to be a father. What changed?”

“A lot. My sister had her kid and when I held her baby in my arms I knew what I missed. Watching her grow up these past few months has changed my entire perspective of kids. I have failed as a man, as a father and as a human being. I need to make right on this. I don’t want to miss my kid’s life. Look I’m not here for us, I know I’ve wronged you in so many ways, it’s unforgivable. I don’t deserve you, either of you. But I just, I want to be there for my child, I want to be in his or her life. Please let me fix my mistake, it won’t change the fact that I left nor will it make up for it, I know this, but at least I can start doing better now. Please let me make this right, I don’t want my kid to grow up without a father, or without him or her at least knowing their real father. And I don’t want my kid to know me as the person who walked away from them, who didn’t want them. I can’t do that to my kid, I can’t because it isn’t true. I do want him or her, more than anything I want my child. So please Y/N help me fix this.”

You wanted to say you didn’t believe Chris but, you did. That look in his eyes told you he was telling the truth. You’ve known him long enough to know that look meant he was being truthful. You saw it with more anger when you told him you weren’t going to get an abortion all those years ago. Chris meant it but, you were scared. You knew that letting him into Ethan’s life, would inevitably mean letting him into yours again, and you weren’t sure if you were ready for that, especially after how much he hurt you.

“It’s a him…..Chris I don’t know, how do I know you won’t walk away from him, like you walked away from me. What if he gets to know you and all of a sudden you walk out on him, what am I supposed to tell him? God I could barely cope with that loss, imagine a child.”

“I know that you don’t trust me and you have every right not too but, I don’t have to be his dad right away.”

“What do you mean?” you asked confused.

“Well he’s about what one?”

You nodded.

“Right, so he doesn’t need to know I’m his dad yet. You can just introduce me to him as Chris if that makes you more comfortable. I don’t expect you to trust me Y/N, I hurt you in the worst way possible, I know that’s something I may not ever be able to make up for. But, I told you, this isn’t about us, this is about our son. Just a chance, that’s all I’m asking for.”

The desperation in Chris’ eyes broke your heart, he really did want to be in Ethan’s life. You sighed.

“Fine, you can meet him but, only when I say it’s okay. You are just Chris to him, nothing more. If you stick around we’ll see about easing him into the idea of you being his dad. Maybe when he’s old enough to grasp the idea of a mother and father, and what that means.” You told him.

Chris grabbed your hands from across the table squeezing them. You felt a warmth from them you missed so much. You missed him holding you, keeping you safe in his protective arms.

“Thank you so much Y/N, I promise you, I’m not going anywhere. Can I see him?”

“Well he’s sleeping right now, maybe another time. I don’t want to wake-”

“Mama!” you heard Ethan call out through the baby monitor.

“Well I thought he was sleeping. I guess the answer is yes then. Give me a second, let me go get him.”

Even though you had told Chris you had no interest in kids, when you got pregnant, you just couldn’t get an abortion after the doctor had done the ultrasound. When told him he was livid, his acting career was just gaining some momentum and he made it clear he didn’t want kids. You weren’t mad at him for leaving, he said some nasty stuff before he left about you and kids, that left you a little mad. It mainly just hurt to see him leave you and all your history behind, because you thought he would’ve stayed for those reasons, and maybe make an attempt to make it work. It was painful for you because your relationship ended not because you didn’t love each other or because you didn’t want to be together anymore.

As you walked to Ethan’s bedroom your heart pounded in your chest. You were scared to let Chris in, so you decided not to. He’d only be in your life for your son’s benefit and to you he’d be nothing more than Ethan’s father.

“I can do this. It’s for Ethan, not for me. I shouldn’t let my fears, prevent Ethan from potentially having a father.” you said to yourself.

You opened his door to see him bouncing in his crib.

“Mama, mama!” He cried out.

“Hey baby, what’s wrong?” You asked picking him up. You felt his forehead, he was a little warm. It is flu season in Boston now, so him coming down with something didn’t come as a surprise. Ethan rested his head on your shoulder.

“Awh, my poor baby has a little fever. Okay mommy will give you some medicine right after you meet her friend.” You told Ethan walking him back to the kitchen.

Chris was bouncing his knee uncontrollably and nibbling on his right thumb. He was so nervous. All of sudden he thought meeting his son, would fuck up the kid’s life.

“A son, I can’t believe I have a son.” he said to himself staring at the kitchen tiles.

Then he heard footsteps. He looked up and saw you walking to him with the most beautiful little boy in your arms. Chris stood up immediately.

“Ethan, baby look.” you said pointing to Chris.

Chris’ eyes went wide when he heard his son’s name. He looked at you.

“You named him Ethan?”

You looked at Chris, who’s eyes looked to be in shock.

“Yeah, I figured it would be nice to give him a name I knew you and I both loved.”

“I have always loved that name.” Chris told you.

“Ethan look, this is mommy’s friend Chris, say hi.” you said to Ethan waving at Chris so he would copy.

Ethan’s head rose from your shoulder and turned to Chris. He gave a little wave. You noticed as Chris’ eyes got misty.

“Can I hold him?” Chris asked you and sniffled a little.

“Uh sure, he has a little fever though.” you told him handing Ethan over.

You thought Ethan wouldn’t want to leave your arms and at first he didn’t but then, he reached over to Chris, and Chris took his son in his arms for the very first time.

“Hey buddy I’m Chris.” he said to Ethan very lightly bouncing him.

You could see the tears Chris was holding back.

“Gosh Y/N he’s perfect.”

“I know, he has your eyes, something I was very happy about.”

“Holy shit, you’re right. I can’t believe it…Ethan you are very lucky to have such a brave, strong, independent mommy, and I promise I will be a better man for you. ” Chris sniffled.

The scene in front of you almost brought tears to your eyes. You watched as Ethan rubbed his small hand on Chris’ stubble, something you loved to do when you were together.

“I can’t believe I finally get to meet you Ethan. You are so perfect, your mom has done an amazing job raising you so far. This is ridiculous, one meeting and I love you already.” Chris told Ethan and a tear fell from his eye.

You smiled at the scene, momentarily thinking you made the right decision.

“Oh Y/N I almost forgot to tell you… Happy Birthday!” Chris said to you.

You were shocked. “I can’t believe you remembered.”

“Of course I remembered, its you, I could never forget.”

Chris didn’t stay over for much longer because Ethan started to get cranky due to his fever. After giving Ethan his medicine, you took a shower and headed to bed. Laying down the last thing you thought of was Chris Evans, and how today may have marked the day when he’d be inescapable.

Void!Stiles - Idfc (Part 2)


WARNINGS; cursing, smuttity smutty smut. stiles being dominant and calling you babygirl oh my god 

REQUEST; Can you do a part 2 to your void stiles smut where Y/N tells stiles what happened and he want to show her he can do better ??? 

 Part two to the Idfc imagine? 


 ≫ PROMPT; in which you tell Stiles about your encounter with the Nogitsune, only for him to become raged by the fact that you enjoyed it. 

 ≫ A/N; I know this isn’t Halloween related but in a sense, it kind of is, so either way, I’m adding it to my Halloween series just because I’m all out of ideas.

 ∆ Idfc - Blackbear (Rad Cat Remix) ∆ 

Originally posted by teenwolfxhorrorstory

 | part one |

 It had been five days since your little escapade with the Nogitsune, and during those five days, you had felt nothing but utter guilt. You had cut off contact with the pack, ignoring Scott’s phone calls and the continuous knocks on the door. You had no choice but to keep your mouth shut, and to just sleep away the pain of what you had done. You didn’t know what was going on in the outside world, simply because if you knew, you knew it would be way worse. After all, you slept with the enemy. That certainly would not bide well with your friends.

 All you really wanted to do was see Stiles again, but you knew that even if you did see him, it wasn’t as if he would do anything differently. The two of you would go back to being good friends, just as before. But you wanted it to change, you wanted to have sex with him every single night. But then you also wanted him to be in love with you the way you loved him. 

 Currently, it was 8 a.m, and you were positive that everyone was at school. However, instead of being at school, you were cocooned in twenty blankets, your laptop blaring your favorite television show. Your phone continued to buzz from the constant texting you received from your best friends, but you simply ignored it as you began a new season of your show. 

 Suddenly, you heard small knocks coming from the front door, and you sighed as you shut your laptop closed. You were sure it was probably just Lydia or Scott coming up to check on you yet again, and since you were tired of it, you began to walk down the stairs to tell them to knock off the search party.

Once you made it to the last step, you raced towards the door with so much rage that you swung it open rather harshly. And instead of seeing Scott or Lydia, you saw the one person you had least expected to see. 


 He looked normal, okay even, but you weren’t completely sure. Your face dropped at the sight of him, and you were about to shut the door in his face until he pressed his arm against it, pushing it back open. “Hey [Y/N]." 

 You crossed your arms over you chest, still not sure if this was really him. "Is this Stiles Stiles or Nogitsune Stiles?" 

 "I-It’s me, [Y/N]. Scott found a way to get me back last night, and- and he told me you weren’t there, and wanted no part in helping,” He looked down at his feet nervously before looking up back at you with expectant eyes. “What’s going on?" 

 "It’s nothing, Stiles, I swear. I-I’ve just even feeling sick lately, nothing too big,” You forced a smile onto your face, “I’m just glad you’re back." 

 You then wrapped your arms around him, breathing in his warm scent and enjoying every second of it. He hesitated for a gradual moment before looping his arms around your waist, bringing you even closer to his body. All you wanted to do was stay in that moment forever, but you knew that you had to pull away, so you did. You two eyed each other awkwardly before he began to speak, sighing softly, "I really missed you, [Y/N].”

 "I missed you too,“ You forced another smile onto your face, only making you feel more nauseous than when you first laid eyes on him. As it would only happen, since he was your best friend, he immediately noticed the face expressions that seemed bland and depressing.

 "Something’s wrong with you,” Stiles stuck his hands into his pockets. “You’re acting different." 

 "I’m fine, Stiles,” you let out an exhale of breath, tapping your foot impatiently. “I promise." 

 "No, you’re not [Y/N]. Because if you were, instead of saying you promised, you would’ve slapped me on the arm for overreacting,” Stiles’s eyes averted from you to the ground repeatedly, his words causing you to cross your arms over your chest, rolling your eyes.

 "Stiles, what do you want me to say? You’re the one who showed up on my doorstep, as if, as if you wanted something!“ Your eyes were beginning to brim your tears, just by the clear fact that Stiles was so oblivious to how in love you were with him. He noticed the small tears that you wiped furiously on your sleeve, turning your head so that he couldn’t see you. 

 "Hey, hey, [Y/N]. What’s wrong? Come on, you know you can talk to me,” Stiles passed through the threshold of your home, closing the door behind him as he wrapped his arms around you again. You cried into his shoulder, and it was then that you felt so guilty that it started to consume you. Not just guilty for having sex with the Nogitsune, but because you were guilty for being the girl who fell in love with her best friend. 

 You suddenly pushed yourself away from his arms, remembering that you didn’t want his pity. “M-Maybe you should j-just leave Stiles.”

 "What, why, [Y/N]?“ He furrowed his eyebrows confusedly, watching you with wary eyes.

 "It’s for the best,” You spoke boldly as you wiped the last of your tears. You were done feeling weak. Now, all you felt was anger that your best friend didn’t reciprocate your feelings. “Anyways, it’s not like anything will change if I tell you what’s wrong.”

 "[Y/N], just tell me. I’m not going anywhere until you do,“ Stiles walked towards you tentatively as you clenched your jaw from anger. "Just tell me what’s wrong.” And that’s when your heart shattered into little pieces. From being in love, to finding comfort in the enemy, to dealing with beta werewolf issues. You were sick of it. It was as if there was a blank void in your heart that was filled with cement.

 "I hate you,“ you pushed Stiles roughly, causing him to stumble back. "I hate you so goddamn much." 

 "I. Hate. You,” You spoke in a sharp tone, each word causing you to push Stiles even harsher. For a few moments, the boy did nothing except watch you, until he finally caught your arms, grabbing them roughly. He held your wrists tightly in his hands, staring into your eyes angrily.

 "What the hell is going on with you?!“ Stiles questioned furiously, his voice now raising close enough to a yell.

 "I-It’s you, Stiles! You’re so fucking oblivious to everything, fuck, I-I hate you for doing this to me! I’m in love with you, and all I ever was to you was a best friend! You never gave a fuck about me, and I-I just hate you so much!” You screamed at the boy, who’s jaw was clenched tightly from hearing your words.

 "[Y/N], you never fucking told me this! How the fuck was I supposed to know? I’m not a fucking psychic!“ The boy cursed repeatedly, taking you aback as he gripped your wrists even tighter.

 "You know what, Stiles? Fuck you. I don’t care what happens to you, just leave me alone. I think I’ll go find someone else who cares about me more than you do,” You sneered, trying to fight yourself out of his grasp, but failing repeatedly.

 "Really? Who, [Y/N]? Because I care about you so fucking much! All you had to do was tell me, and I would’ve been yours!“ Stiles shook from rage, shaking his head in disbelief. 

 "You don’t even know, do you?” You said below a whisper, causing Stiles to raise his eyebrows, waiting for you to elaborate. 

 You sighed loudly, “Of course you don’t.”

 "What. Don’t. I. Know,“ Stiles gritted his teeth angrily, his eyes boring a hole through your face. 

 "Last night, I did something I shouldn’t have,” You began to reminisce, your eyes avoiding Stiles’ protruding glare. “You came into my house as the, um, the Nogitsune, and I-I got kidnapped." 

 "Holy fuck, are you okay? [Y/N] what happened? Did he try to kill you-”

 "No, no, nothing like that. Instead,“ You gulped as you began to say the words that you had been hiding from everyone for the past five days. "Instead, I, uh, had sex with you-or the Nogitsune, but Stiles, he looked like you and I was just really horny-”

 "Did you enjoy it?“ He cut off your rushed speaking, his own words coming out as harsh yell. He had a stone-cold expression plastered on his face as he watched your eyes look down at the floor. Oh, you had definitely enjoyed it. It was rough, needy, desperate; everything you wanted.

 Stiles was now practically fuming, his jaw clenched completely as he backed up into the nearest wall, your back slamming on contact with the wall of your living room. The bookshelf next to it shook from the rough movement, and you found yourself holding your breath, your heartbeat racing. He removed his hands from your wrists, which were now red, moving them down to your hips and gripping you tightly in place. "All you had to do was let me know you wanted me, baby, and you would’ve had me." 

 You gulped nervously from the position you were in, shaking slightly from the anxiety of finally getting what you had always wanted. "How good was the sex?” Stiles questioned. 

 "It was the best. He literally tore me apart, and I even squirted for the first time in my life,“ You spoke boldly, knowing that by tempting Stiles, he would act upon your desires.

 "Well, baby, I assure you, I can do way better than he can,” He leaned in, whispering in your ear. You shuddered from the thought, your breathing picking up its pace.

 "I don’t believe you,“ You smirked lightly, knowing that Stiles would immediately try to prove you wrong. And without words being exchanged, he smashed his lips onto yours, moving his hands from your hips, all the way up to your arms, pinning them above your head against the wall. His lips wandered to your jawline, sucking on the skin until you were sure that even though you were a werewolf, the marks would stay. Stiles then continued down your neck, right above your collarbones. Without wasting time by waiting for you to take it off, he ripped your flimsy t-shirt off your body just as the Nogitsune did, except that with Stiles, it was way hotter. He threw it across the room, pulling down your pajama shorts and underwear in one swift motion, flinging them as well. 

 "Did the Nogitsune make you feel this good?” Stiles groaned as he attacked your neck with kisses again. Your fingers were knotted with his hair, your next answer causing Stiles to get even angrier.

 "No, he made me feel even better.“ 

 With the words being spoken, you could hear his heartbeat picking up the pace as he took off his shirt in a quick motion, along with his pants, kicking them to the side of the room. Your back was still pressed against the cold wall, your core throbbing as Stiles continued working on you. You wrapped your arms around him as you jumped up and looped your legs around his waist, giving him better access to your upper body. You leaned back in his arms as he kissed down your cleavage, all the way down below your stomach. You then moved back to your previous position, light moans escaping your mouth as the two of you kissed roughly. 

 "K-Kitchen table,” You spoke between moans, wanting him to slam you down the same way the Nogitsune had. He walked with you in his arms towards the kitchen rapidly, slamming you down on the table as he ran his hands down your whole body now. Suddenly, he plunged two fingers into you without a warning, causing you to arch your back off the table completely. You scratched the table with your nails from the increasing amount of pleasure. “Oh my god, yes Stiles! Don’t stop!" 

 He then curved his incredibly long fingers, hitting your g-spot with as much force as the Nogitsune had. But because it was Stiles, and this was actually happening, you enjoyed this version far more. "Did he do it this good, this fast?” Stiles leaned over your body, hovering over you as he spoke. 

 "N-No, Stiles, keep going!“ You begged, only causing the aforementioned boy to speed up. You could feel yourself beginning to let loose as you neared an orgasm, your vision becoming blurry from the pleasure. "S-Stiles, yes, right there!" 

 "Are you gonna cum for me, baby?” Stiles spoke breathily as he went at a pace that would quickly send you over the edge. And just as you finally did, your back arched off the table, his fingers feeling your walls clench around them. He smirked lightly as he pulled his fingers out of you, your eyes watching him in awe as he licked your juices off of his fingers. He then leaned down to kiss you, all the while taking off his underwear and letting his erection spring free. You wrapped your legs around his waist as he suddenly pushed himself into you, making the two of you moan in relief. 

 He held your hips with his hands as he thrusted at an inhumane pace that, on any other day, would never have been regarded as ‘Stiles-like.’ The sound of skin slapping and moans filled the room, your fingers entangled in his hair, which you always seemed to reach for the most. He continued his fast pace as your legs shook from the pleasure, his thumb reaching to rub your clit to add to the tension. At this point, you were a mess, moaning his name so loud that you were sure the neighbors could hear you. 

 "Come on, baby, can he make you this wet?“ Stiles grunted as he thrusted in out and out of you.

 "N-No, he can’t!” You arched your back yet again, clawing at the table. 

 "Can he make you feel this good?“ Stiles questioned harshly as he moved one hand to grasp at your neck, pinning you down completely on the table, whereas the other hand was still working on your clit. 

 "No, Stiles, only you can!” You nearly screamed out, your body withering underneath him. His thrusts were becoming needy, desperate, heated in a sense of thrill. 

 "Babygirl, are you gonna be a good girl and cum for me?“ Stiles lowly whispered, his thrusts starting to become sloppy as he could feel himself nearing a release.

 "Y-Yes, oh my god! Yes!” You said just as Stiles rubbed furiously on your sensitive clit, finally sending you over the edge for the second time. 

 You were a moaning mess as you felt your walls tighten around him, your nails taking down his back as he released too, his juices filling you up. Your legs trembled from the intensity of your orgasm, and Stiles pulled out from you, watching you as you rode out your high. Once you finally opened your eyes, you met his gaze, your breathing coming out in uneven spells. His breath was ragged as well as he calmed down from his own orgasm.

 Suddenly, he looked into your eyes that were glazed over with lust, “I did good, babygirl, didn’t I?” “Yeah,” You shrugged, your heartbeat still racing. But you couldn’t deny that you wanted more, that you craved it at this point. So, of course, you being you, you offered with a smirk. 

 "Round 2?“

masterlist ; requests are open

I’m teen wolf trash for two reasons; dylan o’brien and stydia.  I never stray from my normal fandom but what the hell I’ve been wanting to branch out for a while now. I wrote this little thing in honer of the 5th season premiering tonight. It’s on right now and I’m not watching it cause this short drabble got away from me for a bit. It’s ‘smutty’ I guess but nothing compared to the shit I normally write. And it’s 100% not edited and besides the characters my work. 

So without further ado…


He didn’t like how much time Lydia was spending with Deputy Parrish. He didn’t like how the older man looked at her when she’d flip her hair to one side and expose the creamy skin of her neck. He especially didn’t like it when the do-good officer dropped her off at school one more after they fell asleep at his place while trying to find the answer to the mysterious question of what he is.

All of this though put strain on his relationship with Malia. Neither of them really knew how to be in a relationship and the start of their relationship wasn’t ideal. Throwing jealousy into the mix was like adding gasoline to an already out of control forest fire. The only thing they could really do was watch as the fire burnt itself out.

And it did and it was messy and awkward. Scott and Kira and even Liam tried to keep their small pack together but it was looking to be useless. Malia couldn’t be around Stiles and Stiles couldn’t be around Malia. The pair of them couldn’t be around Lydia without feeling the need to put the blame of their failed relationship on her, which she remained clueless about, like she always has been with Stiles’ feelings towards her.

Only that’s what Lydia wanted him to think. She’s known all along that he’s been in love with her since like the second or third grade. He made it so obvious with his awkward way of stumbling over his words and his dorky expressions. The older and closer they got the more Lydia realized that Stiles’ interest in her wasn’t solely based off her good looks. He knew her; all of her talents and flaws and weaknesses. He’s seen her cry, and in battle and in victory. Stiles has comforted her when she lost her best friend, and Lydia has brought him back from the brink of death. The older and close they got the more Lydia realized that her feelings for Stiles weren’t quite as platonic as she thought they were.

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oikurohina headcanons

Made with @sneakysnekdaishou at like 1 AM
This is going to be really long but there’s not enough oikurohina so ye

-Kuroo and Oiks would be gentle with smol Hina and give him so much attention and he’d love it so much
-Oiks and Kuroo work all day and Hina stays home, so when they get home Hinata has dinner and everything ready for them
-Hina also memorized their schedules and calls them while they’re on their lunch break to say something cute and/or cheesy
-But he’s usually bored so they get a cat (we don’t know what its name is yet)
-The cat is rlly fat but also fluffy and extremely cuddly. Unfortunately it gets hair everywhere due to shedding a lot but at least if gives Hinata something to do
-Hinata makes lunch and coffee for Kuroo and Oiks before they leave for work
-aka best. housewife. ever.
-Whichever one has a birthday the other two plan a rlly nice date for them all to go on and celebrate together
-It all ends with them acting like memes though
-Someone made a rude comment to Hinata in the street and Kuroo and Oiks protecting him (protective senpai and husbands) and calling the guy out and stuff
-Kuroo likes watching alien movies with Oiks
-Hinata finds them boring and hard to follow so he just falls asleep while laid across Oiks and Kuroo
-Whenever Kuroo sees a cat in a horror movie he becomes rlly concerned about that cat
-Like when someone dies he just goes “is the cat okay tho”
-Oiks gets scared at horror movies
-So does Hina
-Hinata and Oikawa kinda just cling onto each other or to Kuroo when it comes to a scary scene
-Sometimes if Hinata is one one side of Kuroo and Oikawa is on the other side Kuroo wraps an arm around each of them and they bury their faces into his chest so they don’t have to see the screen.
-Kuroo has a soft spot for sad movies and he will cry
-They all cry tbh
-They try to comfort each other too but it just makes everything worse
-Also they watch Noragami together and they cried during episode 9
-Oikawa still crying hours later
-They have a king sized bed so they can cuddle together on it
-It’s like a sandwich, with smol Hinata in the middle
-Most of the time, at least
-All of them hate Trump (sorry not sorry)
-They see no future for America no matter who becomes president
-Sometimes Oikawa and/or Kuroo stop to get meatbuns for Hinata on their way home from work
-Whenever Oikawa gets hit on by girls Hinata swooshes in out of nowhere like that one time when Kiyoko was being hit on by Terushima
-And Oiks is like “It’s okay babe I got this” and he politely rejects the girls and whisks Hinata away
-Everyone is on a first name basis except Hinata
-He still calls them “Kuroo-san” and “Oikawa-san”
-He tried calling them by their first names before (Tetsurou-kun and Tooru-kun) and both of them flipped out bc he was so damn cute when he said it
-But Hina thought he did something wrong so he goes back to last names
-Hinata gets really scared at night after watching Noragami bc he thinks he keeps hearing and/or seeing phantoms in the dark
-Kuroo and Oiks have to comfort the poor child because Hinata finds their voices calming
-Unfortunately Kuroo and Oiks picks up the whole hearing/seeing phantoms thing because thanks Hinata
-They don’t sleep for like a week
-they really need to lay off on the drugs tbh (loljk)
-They’re at an amusement park and Oiks gets separated from Hinata and Kuroo and he gets scared and upset
-Hinata and Kuroo notice he’s gone though after like two seconds and they go back to look for him
-After they find him Hinata promises to never leave him behind again even if it was an accident
-Kuroo nearly fights every parent that tells their child(ren) not to look at him or his boyfriends
-Kuroo can’t sleep without white noise in the background so they always have a fan running
-the fan breaks down though and none of them can sleep
-Luckily Hinata buys a new one the next day while the other two are at work
-Kuroo likes the new fan
-Kuroo gets upset whenever people hit on Oiks or Hinata
-Except there was this one time when a boy (probably around age 10?) walked up to Oikawa and told him he was pretty and that he hoped he would grow up to be pretty like him
-Kuroo thought that moment was cute (and the boy’s mom was like the best mom ever)
-Whenever Hinata and/or Kuroo get sick, Oiks flips out and immediately calls a doctor even though it’s just a cold
-When Oiks is sick he begs to call the doctor but Kuroo’s like “you just have a cold”
-If Hinata isn’t the one that’s sick he takes really good care of the one that is sick
-Still the best housewife ever
-When he is sick tho both Oikawa and Kuroo take off work to make sure he doesn’t push himself to get things done and that he RESTS.
-Hina is literally like “but heichouuuuuu” when he’s told that he can’t do a certain thing he’s used to doing
-Both of them say “don’t you heichou me” in sync
-and that was the day they realized that they spend too much time together
-none of them really give a shit
-Kuroo has seasonal allergies so they always think he’s sick whenever he coughs and sneezes/sniffles and he’s just like “allegra… plz.”
-Kageyama comes over frequently and whenever he does they always challenges him to Mario Kart because he’s really bad at it and they all know he sucks
-Kags always rage quits in the end
-Oiks Kuro and Hina make mac n cheese together because that’s the only thing Oiks can actually cook
-Oiks is more of a baker
-He tries to make space food once and he failed really bad
-Kuroo loves cooking though, so if he arrives home early from work, he helps Hinata make dinner
-Never let Oikawa in the kitchen unless it’s for baking
-Once the three of them (plus Makki and Mattsun) went to Walmart dressed as Mario characters and they acted like memes.
-They got kicked out.

anonymous asked:

can you do a fluffly g dragon request?

In His Arms

Genre: Fluff

Rating: G

Summary: Being with an idol is hard work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it work. As you pondered with your relationship with Jiyong, you realized how lucky you are to have made some difficult decisions together with him.

This got me right in the heart, fam. Like y’all I’m sobbing. JIYONG LET THIS BE REAL

Being with the famous, world-renowned G-Dragon wasn’t easy. But, being the best friend and ultimate love of Kwon Jiyong was a whole different story. You had to admit there were some extreme ups and extreme downs, but things were imperfect, that was just life. It was up to the both of you whether you accept the challenge and walk out of it hand in hand or give up with a bitter taste left in your mouth.

But the both of you were lucky to have each other. Lucky enough that not one of you faltered.

You slept soundly on your bed, with a blanket over you and a pillow for support, you had a small smile plastered on your cheek. You were used to sleeping alone during come back season. At first it was a problem, your longing was apparent and his time was tight, but you grew understanding of it, especially when he tries to make more time for you during this season.

Cold air brushed over your exposed skin, what’s left of what the blanket cannot cover. Your subconscious continues to deliver heartfelt memories of what love was to the both of you.

Jiyong fell hard. He was different around, he doesn’t play around, doing push and pull games. You were someone he could be himself with. Someone who’s not glamorous, someone who has a terribly awful sense of humor, someone who’s just a man who’s in love with someone like you.

You felt your heart strings tug at one another. Jiyong was your ray of sunshine, a light that paved so much growth in you. The both of you make each other better. You learn and evolve and you weren’t afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes were meant to be done, it’s an experience that you need in able for the both of you to grow.

You can’t deny the constant pity stare your friends would give you every time they ask where he was and why he wasn’t with you was embarrassing. You couldn’t deny the fact that sometimes you would get upset over his profession and you couldn’t deny that it made you feel lonely at times.

Compromise. The one thing the both of you needed. You had your wants and needs, but you also had shortcomings. The both of you did. But what’s best about being with Jiyong was the fact that he delivers. He delivers his promises and if there were times that he failed to keep a promise, he would pay back ten times more than you’d expect.

You were still present on your bed. Snuggly tucked in as the smile never left your face. You barely heard the door open, when you were still busy pondering over your relationship. But a pair of soft lips placed gently on your cheek shook you into consciousness. You recognized those lips the second they made contact with your skin. The smile you adorned got wider as you fluttered your eyes open.

“I’m sorry, I woke you up.” His voice was gentle yet you could hear the hoarseness he had due to working day and night.

“It’s fine.” You croaked, shifting your body to face him.

“I missed you.” Jiyong said, lovingly placing his hand over your cheek.

“We just talked on the phone a couple of hours ago.” You giggled, placing your hand on top of his.

“It’s different when you’re not there with me.” He said in response, again, placing a soft kiss on your forehead.

His kisses were always distinct, sincere and meaningful. His kisses were special, his kisses were like magic. One kiss and everything you thought was going wrong would instantly turn right, he had that kind of power upon you. And you loved it how he makes you feel so warm.

“I’m so lucky to have you, you know that?” You gazed at him, reaching out your arms for you to wrap around his neck.

“Aren’t I supposed to say that?” Jiyong giggled, comfortably letting you pull him closer as he wraps his arms around you, taking in your scent and your entirety. He definitely never felt more comfortable and happy than having you in his arms.

Starring Role - Part 1

Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~1,600

Summary: The reader is guest starring on Criminal Minds as Spencer Reid’s love interest, but she’s hoping to acquire a more permanent role. When she and Matthew Gray Gubler have to shoot a sexy seduction scene, sparks fly. Will they remain just friends, or will their kiss catapult their relationship to the next level?

Home | Message | Reid Masterlist

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Chances I was too afraid to take

“Chances I was too afraid to take”

Song – Sixteen by Real Friends

*Smut Warning*

You dance to music blasting from the radio as you wait for your friend to come over for your usual TV marathon. Usually he’s early, but today he’s running a tad later than usual.

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"Red Cup" - Chapter 7: Kitchen Sink

Rated MA for absurdly descriptive sexual content, foul language the Osbourne family would be proud of, explicit drug use because college, and everything else your mother would probably find offensive.

Click here to read the synopsis and to access the table of contents!
Click here to read the previous chapter!

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Why I Facepalmed All Over “Kansas”

It’s no coincidence OUAT’s theme song is DUMB-DUMB-DUMB-DUMMMMMMB because this episode hurt my head.

Plan? We need a PLAN to defeat Zelena? Nobody said anything about that!

The flashbacks, however, were great, courtesy of Glinda the Good Witch of the South and her shady sorority sisters.

Why, bless my soul, you’re just in time for Rush Week! Here, try some enchanted pendants– you won’t be able to put it down!

Oh, and there’s the small matter of Rumple and Belle playing ‘hide the dagger’ in the back of his shop and then they got engaged. *Ahem*

“Rumple, I can’t find room for Zelena in the wedding table arrangements!” “Give me five minutes, sweetheart, and that won’t be a problem.”

Read on for more headache-inducing madness!

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Dear Husband (aka. Jang David Kim),

I looked at our photos the other day, and I realized I am not the same person in our wedding photos, and neither are you.

I still remember the way you asked if I wanted to start dating. I remember the  second day of dating you asked me if I was ready to become a pastor’s wife. I remember our first argument. I remember the first time you asked me to go to Korea with you to meet your parents. I remember that day you got on not just one knee, but both knees and said, “Nina, it’s time” as you told me that although you cannot promise many things, you “promise to be a husband who will spend the rest of life loving and pursuing Christ.” I remember walking down the aisle smiling as you were in tears. I remember the first time I slept next to you and woke up to your bed hair and morning breath. 

I remember so many moments. Many moments that I should have been afraid. But that’s the thing. I was never scared. Nervous maybe, but never afraid. You were always so sure even in times where we had no idea what was going on or what was going to happen. You were never scared—or maybe you’re just good at hiding it. Your trust in God is like a rock—I think that’s why I was never scared.

The year went by so fast. Days turned to weeks, which turned to months, in which months changed to seasons. And even though it was tough, I loved every single day with you.

I like how you are the first one I get to see when I wake up, and you wake me up with a “good morning” cuddle and a “what are you doing today?” I like how you laugh like a dad seeing his daughter with bed hair, bad breath, making double-chin faces. And after a little while, you quietly go out of the bedroom knowing it is my time to spend time with the Lord. And after a hour or two, you come in asking, “lunch?”  It’s so comfortable to use the bathroom with the door wide open—let alone be naked around the house. You eat all the things I cook and bake—my experiments and you eat them well and deliciously even though I know some dishes are disasters. You fill everywhere we go with praise, singing random praise songs at home, in the market, in the car.

When we argue, you are reasonable and humble even when I choose not to be. You still draw near even when I am throwing a fit, saying “sorry” when clearly it was my doing. Of course there are days we both get out of hand, but you are always calling us to pray and repent for bringing chaos and division into our house which was and is meant for love and worship. I like how every day you walk in the door after a long day of ministry, you embrace me like we haven’t seen each other in a while. Your humility to be teachable makes me want to learn as well. Marriage is a huge lesson of learning to be teachable, about letting go, and dying to self. Learning to love, learning to give, learning to hold our tongues, learning to laugh at each other’s unfunny jokes, learning to have sex, learning to fight well for the things that matter, learning to honor one another, learning to glorify God in our marriage. I like how I get to learn all these things with somebody and I am glad that that somebody is you.

People who know us always jokingly say that you are blessed to have me and that I “have a lot of grace” to love you. And many times, I would blush. Not being flustered by the “compliments,” but because I realized those people really don’t know me. They do not see who I am with just you around or when I am at home. And they also do not know who you are away from the crowd. Maybe to the crowds and the congregation, you are a great preacher of God’s Word, passionate with truth.  To them, you are this silly man who loves to eat—live to eat, not eat to live. You laugh loudly and you love being around people, and they too love being around you. You love to make people laugh. But they do not know you—maybe to some extent, but not the way I do.

Away from the crowds, you are a bookworm for God’s Word, reading passages you’ve read a million times because you believe there is always something deeper the Lord has to say. You are humble in your pursuit of God—I’ve never known anyone who studies the Word and loves God like you do, yet you never flaunt your knowledge or use theological jargon or language. You take the Word for what it is and you fear Him and follow Him. You rejoice in the mystery of God, admitting that you do not know everything yet you devote your life to seeking. You are tired after a day of ministry, yet you never fail to be that husband who would come home and watch shows with me, talk with me, and listen to what I have to say. I get angry and sensitive—something I am afraid to expose to others, yet you take it like a patient father, helping me not to worry about the silly things of the world, but reminding me that God loves me and He is going to take care of us. You make a face and give me huge hugs when I get hurt by silly things, and out of my control, I cannot help but to let go of my pride and just burst out in laughter. You always make me laugh!

You are the front man, the pastor of many, but you also do the background work that no one notices (He sees!). People see you as the rebuker at times, but they don’t see or hear what happens in your prayer closet. You are a man of many tears—tears of extreme joy, weeping over sins, eyes watering from anger over injustice, and some just because you are hysterically laughing over something that is quite dorky. You take people for who they are despite the condition or season they are in—you love someone just because they belong to God, not because they prove something. It freed me when you loved me not because of all the reasons guys have claimed to love me in the past—for my “gentle” heart, for my “willingness” to serve at any time, for being “kind” to others, and for my “keen mind.” These things did not impress you nor were they even the reasons why you love me (nor do these things define me now). Yet it made me the most secure in your love because the reasons why you love me are not things that are temporary depending on my mood or emotion that day or the season I am in, but they are reasons that will always stick no matter how “good” or “bad” I am. You are all those things that people know you on the pulpit, in crowds, but you are also so much more than that.

Many who have been married for a long time would say, “what do you know? You’ve only been married for a year.” And they are right—there is so much to learn—about marriage, about my husband, about myself, and about God’s great enfolding plan. But I do know that marriage is a fight. Just as life is a fight to live out the covenant Christ has freely given, marriage is also a fight to keep the covenant between you, me and Christ who is holding all things together. I am not perfect and more of my imperfections will come when we endure greater hardships. But I cannot wait to see what God has in store for us. I cannot wait to be the mother to your children (a daughter who looks like you? haha). The future is so uncertain, but again, I am not scared as long as I know that God is in control and that you will be by my side. Thank you for being here. I cannot wait to see what God will be teaching us tomorrow and the day after and the day after that.

I am glad to say that you and I both are not the people we see in our wedding photographs. I would like to believe that we have grown—in character, in love, in faithfulness, in recognizing and repenting for our sins—all for the glory of our Dad. So with that, I promise that my fight to love and honor you will not end just because we enter anniversaries of greater digits. I promise that wherever God asks us to go and what ever God asks us to do, I will not second guess, but I will obey and take His Word for what it is even when it makes no sense to me. I can’t promise that I will be a perfect wife, but I do “promise to be a wife who will spend the rest of my life loving and pursuing Christ.”

Happy 1-year anniversary, DJ. I thank God for you and I love you so much.

your wife Nina.

Of Beer and Bloody Noses

((Alright, first scenario! Honestly, I didn’t intend for it to be sad- or this long-, but here we are. It gets better, though! Trust me! Don’t nope out just yet!))

Pairings: S.CoupsxReader

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 3,599

Summary: As your best friend, S.Coups has been there for you through thick and thin, quietly comforting you as you cry over your failed relationships. On one particular night, as you drink yourself into numbness, he can hold his tongue no longer. He has to tell you.

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mara-babe  asked:

idk if a lot of people are talking to you about the amy's anxiety post you made or not, but i guess I'm just a little confused on why you think Jake is so sensitive to Amy's anxiety. like could you provide more examples from the show? i'm actually pretty curious


okay okay okay okay okay right right right right LET’S GIVE CANON EXAMPLES

First off, I’m not sure that I’d call it sensitivity, exactly. As I said, I’m not sure that he’s even 100% aware that he’s doing it, other than that specific time in the JimmieJabs where they’re talking in the alley and she mentions being so psyched to win, whereupon Jake tells her that he doesn’t understand why she’d get so worked up over a goofy game when she’s always so composed and in-control when they work cases and chase perps. Personally (idk what the writers intended) I think it’s in part just Jake being sincere and honest and saying what he thinks, and in part an accumulated sense of What Amy Santiago Needs To Hear that comes from working with her and getting to know her so well over the past seven (eight? I can’t remember) years of being partners and friends.

I mean, okay, let’s lay it down. They’re friends - best friends, even, though especially close to the beginning they’re always tugging at each others’ pigtails, (metaphorically? nah, Jake’s totally yanked Amy’s ponytail at least once) - and we can see throughout the show that they’re always pretty honest and open with each other, even when it comes to romantic feelings. 

So, from the Length Of Time Knowing Each Other and the nature of their relationship (pretty damn close, whether platonic or not), it can be assumed that each kind of pick up on the other’s quirks and insecurities and issues, whether it be consciously or unconsciously. And, since we canonically know that Jake is actually a pretty sensitive person overall (like, seriously, this boy’s heart is unbelievably huge, however much he declares he’s Bad At Feelings) I’d guess that a lot of his comments towards Amy, when not deliberately trying to get a rise out of her, are formulated around the knowledge that she’s always a little unsure of herself, despite her numerous accomplishments and her general awesomeness. He knows, probably, that having grown up in a huge-ass family, recognition and validation might have been difficult to get. He also knows, probably, that Amy is by nature an anxious person; he’s worked with her for seven years, for crying out loud. THUS. Even if it’s completely subconsciously, it’s pretty easy to assume that Jake, being the sensitive and kind-hearted idiot he is (and also being totally and completely in love with her, you know), would naturally pick up some behaviors around Amy in light of watching her freak out, or second-guess herself, or have panic attacks, etc. 

HAVING ESTABLISHED THAT, here goes with the examples! 

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Castle Fanfic: What Happens in AC - Chapter 5/?

I apologize for the delay in getting this chapter out, this week has been insane. Thank you to everyone for the support you’ve given this story. Thank you for your replies, your reblogs, and your likes!

If you’d like to read What Happens In AC in it’s entirety, I’ve set up a page for the fic here.

Where we left off:

It’s all she can think of; a chance to apologize for hurting her with their impulsiveness. Castle’s nodding his agreement, though, so she’s confident he’s in her corner with this suggestion.

“We’ll do it again, all of it. We’ll get married again.”

“Again, Katie? I didn’t realize you’d gotten married a first time.”

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Kurt Weller's Two Promises

I rewatched the Pilot today, for science of course (no actually, it was, honestly, for work this time because we needed to do a pilot structure for a project and used Blindspot as a reference). Anyway, I watched it, and having the finale still fresh in my mind, something hit me, real hard.

At the end of the Pilot, when Kurt goes to check on Jane at her safe house, he makes her a promise, he says,

Jane, you’re gonna be okay. I promise.

And of course, since the finale still haunts me, I immediately thought of little Kurt and Taylor in the tent, and what he said then. 

I’ll always keep you safe. I promise.

Now, for months, we’ve lived under the assumption that Jane is Taylor, and when I found out about this flashback scene, and what Kurt says, I was a giddy fangirl (I was spoiled for this flashback so I had a couple of weeks to fangirl madly about it). I was very excited because it felt like, at last, after twenty five years, Kurt can fulfill his promise to Taylor, he can keep her safe from whatever horrible things have happened, have been happening and will happen to her. I mean, how fairytale of an ending would that have been.

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