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gettzi  asked:

I did a study (survey type) ten years ago about daydreaming and found that it was related to "openness to experience" and "creative problem solving. Maladaptive daydreaming was defined in the literature as ruminating on negative thoughts or feelings. Side note: I did the study before I knew I have combined type ADHD. So I was probably projecting a bit trying to justify my inattentive zoning out habits (aka world building inside my head time).

High five from the ADHD-PI chick over here.  Since starting on this topic I got lost for half an hour down a research rabbit hole and then remembered I had a ton of personal projects I want to do, plus actual real for-pay work I’m behind on. So.

The classic Eli Somer definition of maladaptive daydreaming is “an extensive fantasy activity that replaces human interaction and/or interferes with academic, interpersonal, or vocational functioning” (his scale doesn’t address content almost at all, but focuses largely on behavioural criteria) and to me it’s a very tail-wags-the-dog thing. It’s like stimming in autism.

The behaviourist approach to autism, or the maladaptive daydreaming approach, focuses on the end result (daydreaming, hand-flapping) and says that, THAT is the bad thing, and if we can diminish THAT, then the child can spend more time doing math homework or the person can spend more time socializing. Which is why you get “autism experts” who make children sit on their hands, or just tie or tape the children’s hands down, to make them “pay attention”.  Behaviourists devote ENDLESS amounts of time to making autistic people stop stimming.

Meanwhile, if you ask the people inside the situation, the actual problem is emotional or physiological dysregulation; the problem is being so distressed and overloaded that it urgently needs soothing, either through sensory or imaginal self-stimulation. 

The actually useful solution is helping the person find easier, more efficient ways of self-soothing that they can then go do their math homework or talk to people.  Which can be big–medication, less stimulating environments, schedule changes–or small, like having a fidget toy or worry beads.

Whereas the actual “experts” who have targeted stimming or maladaptive daydreaming as the bad thing are the kings of their little theoretical castle and by GOD they’re not admitting that the thing they’ve sworn to eradicate is actually a useful coping skill.

Immortal Pines : Part 10

I know a lot of you assumed that Part 9 was the last part of IP, if you follow my side blog @tawnatalks then you know that I’ve answered this but for those of you who don’t surprise! Part 10 is a thing!

And I’m releasing it tonight n.n

Before it comes out, I just wanted to give myself a disclaimer since I’m sure at least one of you is going to be skeptical, and here it is. The ending for Immortal Pines was written over half a year ago, and has not changed since the release of the final episode. I have changed some minor terminology with things because of the show, but other than that, the story itself has not changed.

If you haven’t read IP yet or if you want to relive the horror before Part 10 comes out, here’s a link to the first page.

And now I’m going to get sappy.

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And they wear white.

So, here is the article I previously wrote in Russian.


I discovered this band a few days ago (I wish, I did it last year), and for now I can say that their music is stuck on repeat on my smartphone and in my head.

Heirsound is a NY-CA based project of Alexa San Roman (@alexagabrielle) and Dane Petersen. Both of them are known to collaborate on another music act “Love, Robot”, which, as Alexa claimed, is on a termless hiatus. San Roman gave almost half of her life to Love, Robot, then she suddenly decided to start all over. Thanks to her talent and professional skills, talented bandmates and a fanbase’s support, Heirsound is doing pretty great and about to become as big as 30STM, or The XX, or, okay, Paramore.

The sound of Alexa and Dane’s duo might get appreciation from listeners of different styles. The internet labeled them as indie and alternative, which in reality should be in addition to electronic rock and dream pop. So, Alexa might’ve lost some of her fans from L,R fanbase, but she surely gained a few more hundreds of another genre’s listeners.

Love, Robot is a black pop, hardcore band with heavily distorted guitars and some screamo. But the core of the band - Alexa San Roman - has always been a girl with romantic soul and tender heart, what we can hear in Heirsound.

Heirsound has light sounding. The guitar is mostly clear, the delay instead of distortion, light electronic effects and clear drums. They totally remind me of The XX. It’s delightful to hear Alexa’s voice without stressing and tension, she can show the world that she’s not only a badass rocker chick but also a human being. I like how she plays with her voice, adding just the right amount of pressure to send chills down the listener’s skin. Dane really reminds me of Zac Farro from HalfNoise (and Paramore), who mostly breathes out the lyrics instead of singing it. He perfectly balances Alexa’s vocals - sometimes raspy and powerful, sometimes soft and silky.

The duo released their first EP “Merge” in 2016, this year they released a set of EPs called “Layers”. “Layers” consists of three volumes, 4 songs lengths each. So, why didn’t they just release a full-length album? Oh, that would be boring! No, there’s actually a good reason for that. And that’s what Dane says about it in the interview for

Layers is separated into three musical/lyrical moods which in retrospect was sort of a cool & unintentional surprise when it came to it’s first inspiration. We were just continuing to write a lot of music. We thought we’d work toward an album. When we had enough demos, the songs so clearly separated themselves into three moods to us. One after the other digging deeper into our lives like peeling back layers of skin until all that’s left is bone which was a visual image that fueled the anatomy theme. We also knew the sonic treatment of each collection had to fit the mood it’s subject gave off. It all kind of hit us at once when we took a listen back to what we had.

So, what is so special about this band?

First of all, they do everything by themselves. Music, production, promotion, merchandise, even music videos. And, oh, I almost forgot to mention - music videos of Heirsound deserve special attention. Each video is a piece of art and made by Alexa herself. Shapes, colors, silhouettes and great video editing, she is truly a professional. The one thing I keep noticing is that she’s very true and honest with her fans in her lyrics, San Roman bares her soul and shares her feelings with everyone, but if you see the music videos of Heirsound carefully, you realize that there’s basically no stable picture of her, her face, her eyes. Every video has remotes, static noises, bouncing picture and other visual effects, and it’s a rare thing if the camera is focused on Alexa’s or Dane’s face for more than a second. “Heaven with you” and “Hoods up” are, probably, the only exceptions. I’m in love with how Alexa uses the colors in the videos. There’s a lot of dark pink in “Hoods up”, the color builds the feeling of a lullaby. The bright red, crimson in “Choke” impowering the rage and despair of the song. The black of “Lacuna” with a glimpse of light (a flashlight) and the duo’s white silhouettes remind of wandering in the darkness of mind. Everything is so simple, but yet so genius.

Second of all, name me one band which streamed their recording sessions online. I haven’t heard of any except for Heirsound. It’s surprising how close to the fans they are, how they trust and respect their fanbase to show the world the process of creation a record. No, don’t confuse it with Instagram stories of artists in the studio or documentaries after the musician did the job, it’s really different. You still can find a video of periscope stream of Alexa and Dane tracking guitar (for Lacuna? Or Peace of mind?) on YouTube. I mean, the fans are really like family to the band. I wonder, if they stay as close when their fanbase reach a number of millions of people…

Okay, so you’ve got plenty of reasons to check this band out if you haven’t already. It’s been two and a half years since the formation of Heirsound, it’s still the beginning, and I’m happy to find out about them in this point in time. Self-promotion is a hard job to do, and I wish Alexa and Dane all the best. I hope to see their live show in year or two in Moscow… If their body and soul don’t go different ways!

P. S. My pen got rusty a bit, so don’t be shy to comment how bad or good the article is

~ Val.

…captain america excerpt.
over one and a half year ago i was asked if i would be interested to do some promo art for “captain america: civil war”. in short: i said yes.
an unknown territory became fast part of my life and it was an interesting experience to witness the first costume designs and to be allowed to combine them with my personal style. let’s start this soft and i already apologize for overwhelming you with tons of work i did for this project.



Why do you climb mountains, little dog?

Risd graduation film, year 2013

Korean American Film Festival New York
New England Animation Film Festival


The tale of two cities according to Heiko and Stephi - Part 52

This is our anniversary post. Yes, it’s unbelievable that Heiko and I do this project for one year. This week we not only show you these very creative and extraordinary portraits (I’m sure you never saw anything similar), we will also tell you about our experiences over the last year.

Heiko: I cannot believe that I have been doing this with Stephi for a year now. Even New York and Sakovia felt like a walk in the park and you maybe know how much I don’t like the park.
Every week she makes me find a picture and when the pictures in my achieves are not good enough I have to get off my comfortable couch and take new pictures. Damn, I even have to get to locations in my city I have never been before. I have to get out of my comfort zone. Can you believe it?
And the pressure; the pressure is the worst. Weeks in advance (and sometimes even hours in advance), I have to provide pictures of all those crazy locations, like the cathedral, the shopping streets, all those underground stations I despise and whatnot. On top of that, Stephi even came to Cologne and forced me to show her the city on a Saturday EVENING!!! As if Cologne provides any fun on a Saturday evening? Obviously it couldn’t have been some random location, it had to be typical for the city. (I was half lucky on that occasion.) But can you believe the pressure I am under here? Why do I keep up with that?
But it might get worse as Stephi wants to come over here AGAIN. I need a vacation.
Still, the worst is what you are just witnessing. I had to take another self-portrait in front of a tourist attraction. WHO COMES EVEN UP WITH SUCH CRAZY IDEAS??? As if a picture with Stephi from said night in Cologne wasn’t enough?

Yeah, I might do this for another year!

Stephi: When we started this project one year ago I thought we will make some posts and stop this after a few weeks. But the pressure grew and I wasn’t able to stop this anymore. It’s like I sold my soul, there’s no escape. I can’t believe that I was so naive to join this, and now I don’t only know a lot about Cologne, I even know a lot more about my own city.
Can you imagine the pressure? Heiko takes this all very seriously, there’s no place for fun here. And as this wouldn’t be hard enough, in November I was in Cologne for a seminar. For work only! And Heiko forced me to show me something from Cologne in the evening. I even had to visit a typical pub and had to drink the typical mini “beers”!!!! And I’m absolutely scared to visit Cologne again for a seminar in July. Heiko will guide me through the city and show me all the “great” places!
Why did I join this project? WHY? Can anyone help me? Please!