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Honestly I've gone to shows where the artists have been absolutely hammered on stage (or have gotten progressively drunk during the show) and it pushes me to the point of wanting to leave. Artists have a responsibility to do their damnedest to put on a good show for their fans- it's their job. It's what they're paid for. I understand if they're just having a bad day, or are getting sick, but Imo there's no excuse to get on stage smashed.


“You sing until you hate the song and you never want to hear it again and then you keep singing it like it’s your most favourite song in the entire world thats showbiz” I WAS TOLD THIS AT 5 AND YET BRENDON DOESN’T GET IT AT ALL.



i swear he’s gonna have to fucking crash and burn to realise he’s fucking up and its fucking sad thats the case, cause there’s talent their he’s wasting down the drain and money he’s pissing on.

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I know it's been asked before but do you know any big ways to improve or feel satisfied with your own art? I've been drawing for over a decade of my life and feel like I'm still bad and can't finish a piece I'm proud of and it makes me feel so miserable. I don't want to give up, I see many artist like you that get me pumped to draw and aspire to get better, it's just not happening. I won't accept "drawing isn't for me". It's the only median like to do and I need a creative outlet. ahh I'm sorry!

hmmmm i think what really started me on my progress was taking a break and just going on an “art trip” to find the styles which i found myself drifting towards. which kind of art form do you identify with? what colour palettes make your eyes wanna do backflips?

moody art? action packed art? nature art? conceptual art? watercolour art?

import your external interests to make drawing feel more homely. you love plants? puppies? the colour red? big jackets? ripped jeans? jazz music? rainy weather? PUT. THEM. IN. draw what makes your brain buzz with excitement but also remember to start with what makes your heart comfortable as well.

the whole point of discovering these first are to help you find your identity before what you draw really becomes who you are, instead of just aimlessly working on the practical theories of art without knowing what you want to really achieve through it. most of us started on art for this reason - self expression. best of luck nonny!!

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Hey I've been prowling your blog and I absolutely love how you have arranged everything! I've been trying to get tech with mine and I have progressed but not to this level. How did you do it?

Thank you so much, darling! So, I’m a neat freak and have the slightest OCD when it comes to having everything in my life - including my blog - organized. Or at least, thats what my family, friends, and @ilikebigbooks-and-icannotlie​ has told me. Honestly, it took my HOURS to organize my blog and get it the way it is. And most of that time was simply looking for a theme. But if you’re looking for some help, just send me a message! I’m more then happy to help in any way that I can :)

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Do you ever think about "what if I'm not really trans and just faking it"? I've been having these thoughts a lot lately and it sucks and I don't know what to do with them like I don't want to throw away all the progress I've made in the past two years but I also am not as happy as I thought I would be...

i have thoughts like that all the time, and i think if you ask a room full of trans people the same question most of them will say they do too. An imposter syndrome is a natural part of this unfortunately and just adds to the fun and games. Only you can tell if youre really trans, but i guess i go back to my old favourite; “cis people rarely question if they’re trans”

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So there's a really toxic person in my life which I know I'm better off without and so far I'm doing great with not talking to them etc. but fucking hell I miss them. Everytime I think of accepting their apology (and lately I've been really close to accepting it), I remember just how dirty and bad I feel when I talk to them. At the same time,as I said,I miss them and I feel like im rotting inside. what. do.

You’re in the hardest stage of cutting someone off. Ur at that point where its so easy to go back to them and erase all ur progress so far. Wait it out, there’s nothing more u can do and i know it hurts now but eventually u will push past this hurting stage and not care about them anymore. 

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Say what you will about tumblr and sjw but I agree with the previous anon like the one thing extreme sjw have going for them is that even though it's often times misguided, usually their goals are to help people in some way. I don't agree with a lot of extreme sjw things but at least you can say its good intentions. Anti-sjw don't seem to have any of the good intentions, just the misguided vehemency. I've learned a lot about mutual respect from the 4+ years I've been on this hell site.

to be fair anti sjws are most often just misguided in the opposite direction as “sjws” because they think that social justice as a concept is evil, and so are attempting to fight back against it, whereas “sjws” are trying to fight for it in the wrong ways. anti sjws only seem worse because what they’re doing is counterintuitive to cultural and social progress whereas “sjws” are trying to aid progress in the wrong ways

I do like AOS, but I kinda assumed I’d never write any AOS fic because there’s just something about TOS’ glitter and camp and drama that speaks to me on a spiritual level. But here I am outlining a multi-chapter AOS fic and writing about blue eyes and motorcycles and New Vulcan. So idk what changed, but oh well, I’m rolling with it.

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I'm a convert-in-progress and I'm trying to get more involved in Jewish prayer. Right now I've been trying to pray every day but I'm struggling to feel connected to it. It's not something I grew up doing and it still feels weird to me. Do you have any suggestions of ways I could feel more engaged or what you do to make it meaningful for you (if you are one to pray)? Thanks!

After some searching, I found some info that I think will help. In Jewish culture in general, there is a very specific and deep delineation between public vs. private life. This applies to prayer too - there is communal prayer, and their is individual prayer. When you think of communal prayer, you probably think of going to synagogue, but really wherever there is a minyan, you are taking part in communal prayer.

I wasn’t sure which kind of prayer you were talking about - communal or individual - so I’ll share what I’ve found for both. I’m also not sure what religion you’re converting from, not that it matters, but I would caution that prayer in Judaism is very unique to our religion, so it can take time to learn how to pray as a Jew, separate from goyische society which imposes certain expectations around prayer.

Communal Prayer

“New to Jewish Prayer? Nine Tips for Beginners” is a great source with tips about praying among Jews. These are great for people starting out and for goyim who want to know how to be respectful in synagogues during prayer.

The Jewish Virtual Library has a glossary of prayers, blessings, and other rituals.

This page from JVL gives more details about the structures of services and goes more into the details about the why and how behind different sections.

In general, besides the nine tips, I would really recommend going with friends, especially if you can find Jewish friends who have gone before and know the ropes who you can mimic for the time being. When it comes to public prayer, I know I get more nervous when it looks like I don’t know what I’m doing. In general you should really know that people probably aren’t looking at you, and it’s ok to make mistakes. As long as you follow other people’s leads, you won’t miss any important cues.

Individual Prayer

I got the sense in your ask you were wondering more about personal prayer. While personal prayer in any religion probably has similar aspects, the Jewish approach the prayer is unique in its own ways.

If you’re having trouble praying on your own, however, it may be less about the connection and more about the intention behind it. You may find the following resources helpful:

“Why Pray? A Variety of Jewish Answers”: This article talks about various reasons for prayer. I really feel like it’s very easy to get sidetracked and discouraged during prayer if you’re not sure what your purpose in it is. In a way that seems different from other religions, Judaism has very specific purposes behind prayers, and they are very directed in my experience. You are making a very honest appeal to G-d and you have to, in general, balance your prayer with your actions. What are you asking for? What are you trying to communicate? What do you need? Knowing those things going into it may help you direct your thoughts better. Or maybe you don’t need anything - sometimes reflection can also be a good option.

Once you know why you want to pray, it can be helpful to figure out how you’re going to do so - usually this is through blessings (berakhah). This page has more info on individual prayer through berakhah.

I know sometimes I struggle with finding the words; if you do too then maybe this page will be helpful. It characterizes blessings by what you’re trying to accomplish, which can be more helpful than searching by the name of the prayer.

Lastly I found this page, entitled “Personal Prayer,” which brings in a feminist perspective and focuses on Jewish women, but which I think could actually be helpful to all Jewish people.

I don’t know if these resources will help with your particular issues, but sometimes you just need to hear from others Jews to figure out how to troubleshoot whatever issue you’re having. Let me know if you have any other questions about this, and obviously, if other people have tips, please do add them.

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I've seen a few of your comics, and I see you brainstorming with had cannons, or talking able how you are working on some head cannons. But do you post those in a specific place? Is there somewhere I could see more of this cause I'm really intrigued every time you bring the subject up. Or even other fandom you think about.

I don’t post anything anywhere else besides this blog (headcanon-wise), so whatever’s here is what exists.

I’ve got a lot of stuff that’s “in progress” that hasn’t been posted yet, like the ‘Frisk is younger’ AU. In Google-Drive limbo right now, lol

I think that one will end up being turned into some sort of illustrated fanfic that I’ll post in pieces. It’s gotten way, WAY too long and involved to become an actual comic. Truthfully, I’d love to make something like Storyshift that does fake screenshots and sprite edits, but I don’t know how hard that is to do.

Comics that I might’ve mentioned before that I’m currently working on:

  • Papyrus dealing with separation guilt from Sans (short)
  • The bros go on a road trip (very short)
  • A Post-Pacifist Chara comic (very short)
  • Post-Pacifist Sans walks Frisk home from school and things happen (short)
  • Frisk arrives in the Underground on Christmas Giftmas Day (short-ish) (hopefully I’ll get it done for this holiday, already missed the last two lmao)
  • Post-Pacifist Frisk and Napstablook run away from home (long)

Those are my biggest priorities that I absolutely want to get done. They’re not abandoned in the slightest, I just haven’t had time to finish them yet. It doesn’t help that I keep bouncing between projects.

And as always, I still intend to complete the Archie Sonic Gijinka project 100%. Maybe over the summer I can at least catch up to the rebooted cast.

These are ‘I’d like to, but just maybe’s right now:

  • ‘Papyrus is marginally better at his job’-Tale (long) (Worst comes to worst, I’ll describe it in text and share it that way. The plot’s almost completely written already.)
  • More Post-Pacifist Sans and Papyrus separation shorts, I have a lot to talk about with this.
  • Redo of that ‘Sans nightmare’ fic I mentioned that went with the old black and white comic.
  • A Sonic comic that’s been a WIP for 7 years, but the script and some of the layouts are mostly done for a bunch of issues. (obscenely long)
  • Finishing the Relic/Eclipse crack ship comic I did years ago. (medium length)

But everything else tends to be only partially formed ideas that don’t get made into anything. If it’s not on either of those lists, it’s probably not going anywhere? I’m not great at getting long story ideas hammered into something decent. I really need to find a good beta reader, tbh.

But if there’s ever something you want me to elaborate more and talk about, just ask about it! I’ll do my best to come up with more headcanons and ideas. And maybe it’ll jumpstart me into making something more involved for it.

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SidGeno - Lalochezia

Lalochezia – The use of abusive (vulgar) language to relieve stress or ease pain. (crossposted to AO3)

Fucking Philly!”

Zhenya couldn’t help but flinch a little at Sid’s voice, mostly sympathetic. It wasn’t that Sid never cursed; he was a hockey player, and that came with a certain degree of potty mouthedness at the baseline. But, Sid never cursed like this, except when he was angry and, tonight, he was definitely angry. 

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Hey hey so I've been trying to draw people and I've been doing portraits for several years, but recently have been using your style as inspiration for how to draw full bodies better. I was wondering if I could show you what I've been doing and get some constructive criticism on it? Thank you! :))

yeah, sure thing))

(if someone told a 15yo me I’d ever recieve a message like this, a 15yp me would probably laugh for half an hour straight before walking away to draw a “determined” anime eye again. 
p is for progress, kids)

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i've always been envious of people who look good with short hair, i want to chop mine off but it wouldn't suit me one bit, ur so pretty :') these days i've been stanning u more than i stan bangtan, i adore u so much (btw do u by any chance watch eurovision? :^))

“stanning u more than i stan bangtan” omg what a compliment. also,, i did the short hair very progressively. like i had long hair some years ago and then i just went shorter and shorter every year lol,, i didn’t think short hair would suit me until i actually cut it off

(also im european what sort of question is that)

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I've been following since around January or February, and I just wanna say I love seeing your progress as an artist. I like seeing how you refine your style, and it acts as a reminder to keep trying.

AAA WOW wow wow wow you’ve stuck with me since the start of this blog?! that makes me super happy to hear!! and yes, absolutely, definitely, keep trying!! don’t give up!! you will do good, no matter what you think…!!

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I don't know why everyone hated this episode, it was really good. It progressed the plot and we got lot's of nice/cute moments between characters. Plus we finally got to meet Catarina? Like?? I've been waiting forever. And to see that Madzie is doing okay was really great.. And I totally get why all of the Downworlders decided to stick together with the Queen and I'm really curious how that's going to play out in the last episode. How it's all going to end up? Honestly a very well done episode.

Because sometimes you give this fandom nice things and they don’t know what to do with it *shrug*

But honestly I loved all those things, and so much more, too! Like preparing Maia to one day be the leader of the pack. Magnus being smarter than everyone and obviously playing his own game. Badass Alec with his bow. Badass Izzy. Badass Clary. Basically all of the shadowhunters were badass in this episode. I also loved the banter between Jace and Sebastian. Never thought i would like Simon/Maia this much, but they are actually so cute. Magnus/Luke/Raphael scenes, what a blessing! Intense stares between Alec and Magnus. Warlocks being badass. Werewolves being badass. Valentine turning mundanes into forsaken, that was such a cool touch. Even that scene where they were skyping Imogen was so amusing hahaha. Honestly, what’s not to love??!

Character development: Lucy

I feel like its time to introduce an element of Lucy’s character that i’ve been working on a l ot recently, IE her actual character development. And to be honest, she got got hit with the development hammer pretty hard XD. Also its still a work in progress so bear with me.

Remember how in the Fears post i mentioned that she developed a fear of failure eventually? (justlikegoodoldmom). Well, the reason for that is because what started her on the road to development was her messing up a big mission. Badly. Very badly. Her arrogance got in the way and as a result, things got messed up (what happens specifically is up to you), and people, multiple civilians and Robin included, ended up getting hurt. (Robin even had a scar left over). Lucy was. Messed up by it. She couldnt handle what had happened, she couldnt handle the fact that multiple people and her own little brother ended up hurt because of her. (This definitely didnt help all the scrutiny she was under already, because since she’s the firstborn of almia’s two greatest Top Rangers she’s under a l o t of pressure/judgement). She ended up running away without warning for a couple of days before she was brought back, and went into a deep depression for awhile. She barely left her room and just. Couldnt cope. It took many many days of talking from other people and thinking for her to come to the realization that she needed to be better, stronger, more ready. She needed to get her shit together. She needed to change herself and the way she worked. 

That change started with her hair. She went somewhere secluded and cut it, opting to not let it grow back until she was better and stronger than she was before, enough to where no one would get hurt because of her again. She put the goal of wanting to be like her parents behind her and focused on doing her job the best she could, and keeping people safe. Unfortunately, she does develop a bad fear of failure because of this, and her training regimen becomes much more brutal, but those are issues to be tackled in another post :D   

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Yeah so...I've been disillusioned and I'm so disappointed. Do you know what's been going on over at the Wordpress blog? The brand new post he just added? The polls he asked us to do? I've been trying to defend the fans, to defend our right to quick status reports and how we don't need new videos or builds every two weeks. I just...I'm kind of sad. I only had contact with Yandev through his videos, then I went to Reddit to see why there was no new update or status report and wow is all I can say

I just read the new blog post and jfc, he’s making more excuses. “What’s more important - videos or progress” is what people on KF, PULL, and Tumblr have been essentially screeching since the beginning, and the only reason he brings it up now is to use it as an excuse. Of course the game itself should be the number one priority, but he’s flat out lying when he says this after streaming Persona 5 for thirteen hours, and then another seven. How hard is it for him to admit that he’s gotten lazy where the project is concerned and that he needs to get back on track? 2019 sounds impossible at this rate.

He gets paid more than 5k a month to work on the game, and he acts like delivering on his promises to his fans is an inconvenience.

(And he’s using the guilt-trippy polls again.)

-Mod Sega

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Sorry to go off here but I just need to rant. I've been in a relationship for 3.5 years and we want to get married. I have a lot of "queer" friends and they all say the same thing - I'm too young (I'll be 28 in July) to leave the party and that we shouldn't try to imitate a het couple by marrying. What the fuck?!?! Only my step brother has been supportive of the idea and he's a damn redneck! Why do these people claim to be progressive when they're as backwards as the rest of the world?

Continued: Ranting anon again. Seriously these people have no respect. I hate to say it but if one of us was a trans woman or had one of those stupid queer identities then they’d be planning the wedding for us.They just can’t stand that I, a bisexual woman, have fallen in love with an actual lesbian and that we just want to live a quiet life together holding hands on our porch. No threesomes, no polyamory, no dicks. Just me, her and the sunset. They just think women aren’t allowed happy endings. 😤
This is so frustrating! I’m angry in your behalf. You’re not too young to settle down (after 3.5 years!!! At 28!!!) with a woman you love, and two women settling down with each other is not and will never be an imitation of heterosexuality. In fact, the fact that hey would say so shows how shallow and inept their understanding of patriarchy is.

These people are assholes. They don’t want happy endings because they feel their identities cannot truly exist in peace and without oppression. If your oppression is based on identity and not reality, you will cling to your oppression in order to feel you waist.

I wish you both all the best. I think holding hands watching the sunset on your porch sounds very lovely and sweet. If you aren’t “weird” enough for them… well, what are they performing? Who are they trying to impress.

I’m 28 and yes, you’re old enough to know what you want. I’m happy you found her ❤️