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Yes Sir Part 10

Part 10: Acceptance

Professor Winchester and his girl grown impatient with the wait to reveal their secret.

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Warnings: NSFW, Explicit smut including oral/69. The usual- cursing, dirty talk, alcohol. Lots of fluff. Angst. Jealousy. WC: 6340 On AO3

A/N: Damn you Jeffrey & your ig videos ;) I love writing this so damn much. Thanks for being here with me, the readers of this series are the greatest ever. You all make me want to write more. Thanks for all the love. Enjoy!

My grocery bags slumped against the mailbox bank in my apartment building’s lobby as I turned the small brass key and opened my mail slot. After shuffling through junk mail, a thick white envelope fell out of a grocery flyer. My eyes widened as I read the law school’s return address stamp at the top. I ripped the envelope open right there in the hall, squealing when I read the first few lines.

“Good news?” My neighbor asked as I tucked the envelope into my purse.

“Great news!” I replied, not bothering to take my purchases upstairs as I left the building, carrying my sweating bags back to the car.

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Serverus Snape having a crush on you would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Snape 😍 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him growing fond of you as you’d always be overly kind towards him, only to not be able to keep his eyes off of you when he realizes his feelings

-Him trying his best to keep his cold demeanour around you but usually ending up doing kind gestures for you as he truly can’t keep it up

-Him always offering you whatever you might need from the potion room and even going out of his way to make or get the potion or ingredient you need, only to act like it’s nothing

-Him getting embarrassed and blushing even more whenever you’d make him laugh and point it out to him that he just smiled, only to find you cute as you’d get excited at that

-Him subtly glancing at you to get a good look of how you are, only to forget himself and just daydream about you until you’d playfully make a remark about the way he looked at you

-Him always being curious about where you’d go or be at, only to end up following you around and for you to playfully confront him when you’d catch on

-Him gladly and willingly offering to help you with your class and even to substitute in your place whenever you’re sick or have to leave for a while but acting reluctant just to not be too obvious

-Him getting speechless whenever you’d hug him as thanks or even accidentally brush your hand against his, only for you to ask him if he’s alright

-Him always telling off the students in his particular way to mind their own business when they’d whisper to each other about his obvious crush on you, only to act like nothing happened whenever you’d walk pass him

-Him trying his best to let you know of his feelings but being rather unclear, until he’d have no choice but admit it as you’d bluntly ask him about it

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We’ve just learned of the passing of Alan Smith, prof. Emeritus of Cambridge University. A long-time friend, collaborator, and one of those kinds of professors who keeps you going when the going gets extremely rough…

I always joke that in my job, I move tectonic plates for a living, but only in the Jurassic, and I don’t move them very far.

Alan on the other hand, moved ALL the tectonic plates for a living, moved them everywhere in all periods of geologic time, and with an insistence on accuracy. He was, indeed, one of the founding fathers of plate tectonics, but he kept publishing cutting-edge global reconstructions for forty years. In the last years, he related plate positions to past, present, and future conditions of global climate changes,.

His work, and his student’s work, and the students of his students’ work, in Othris, Olympos and just about everywhere benefited Greece not only in interpretation of its geology, but in placing Greece in the forefront of geological research worldwide.

In addition to knowing him for 40 years, publishing papers together, sharing and spending many evenings with retsina and new models of “how Greece came to be,” I also met through him his students, who are among the most highly recognized geologists today.

At present, we are hosting the latest crew of young Cambridge students for their 40-days of field work here in Greece. We were in the field with them yesterday, and many Alan stories were passed down. He, apparently, took it on himself to instil all students coming to do work in Greece with sheer terror at the thought of meeting a Greek sheep dog in the wild. Fortunately, Greek sheep dogs are far less terrible than they used to be, but I’m sure no Cambridge student will ever see a sheep dog here without thinking of Alan.

I’m glad they’re here. Our working relation is part of the greater geoheritage of Greece that we want to pass down to those students and future students coming to join us in our eternal attempt to move the tectonic plates around in the proper directions…

Annie R.

Some of Alan’s publications (among possibly a thousand) include: Bullard, E. C.; Everett, J. E.; Smith, A. G. (1965). “The fit of the continents around the Atlantic”. In P.M.S. Blackett, E.C. Bullard and S.K. Runcorn. A Symposium on Continental Drift (Oct. 28, 1965). Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A. 258. The Royal Society. pp. 41–51. Smith, A.G., Hynes, A.J., Menzies, M., Nisbet, E.G., Price, I., Welland, M.J.P., Ferrière, J., 1975. The stratigraphy of the Othris mountains, eastern central Greece: a deformed Mesozoic continental margin sequence. Eclogae Geologicae Helvetiae 68, 463-481. Smith, A. G. (2006) Tethyan ophiolite emplacement, Africa to Europe motions, and Atlantic spreading. In: Tectonic development of the Eastern Mediterranean region. Special Publication Geological Society of London, 260 . Geological Society of London, London, pp. 11-34.

Photos: by Dina Ghikas, Anna Batsi. Alan of course, and Alan crossing the old footbridge across the Aliakmon at the Vourinos Ophiolite suture zone. Bridge now submerged by Lake Ilariona. Alan ALWAYS ahead of us…


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ok ko doodles!!

  • adult!darrell and teenage!shannon babysitting kid!raymond, he’s excited to go to the sports store and shannon doesn’t want to be there
  • enid, rad, and ko (in a baby carrier) at boxmore; enid’s beating up a jethro while rad and ko make faces at a camera
  • based on ep 18, read under the cut if you can’t see what they’re saying

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My sis suggested me to draw the dumbest thing ever lol but in some ways it could kinda make sense ? “Professor Layton vs phoenix Wright” is about a trial of a witch and if witches and magic are real or not ! (Beatrice is Layton bc at some point he said that witches existed?I played that game ages ago so I don’t remeber it well)