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These are the reasons I have no social live but I regret nothing they are so so worth it 😋😋😋

No, you’re not dreaming. This really is a remix of Kehlani by adored melodic dubstep darlings Adventure Club. The ever reliable Montreal pair have given Kehlani’s hit single Undercover an atmospheric dubstep treatment, and it’s as beautifully moving and profoundly sweeping as you’d expect any Adventure Club track to be. The contrast between its intense wobbles and Kehlani’s crystalline vocals creates a riveting experience brimming with catharsis. Adventure Club urges us to search our souls, so that we can dance and be free. The official remix is available from iTunes, here.

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but.. think of boa. think of the boys she watched develop and grow as people. think of the trainers, who grew closer and developed bonds with their students, only to watch them sit in their seat with heads bowed, eliminated. think of the pain boa has to go through when she sees what she has to read, when she practiced the scripts over and over again, and held in tears for the kids she bonded with for months. imagine the trainers and boa replaying every time a trainee has said things like “thank you so much!” and “you’ve helped me so much!” and “i love you!” over and over again until they burst into tears. imagine their thoughts when they see the final eliminations and they see all the eliminated trainers, all their students, gathered in one room and they think of what’ve possibly gone wrong for them to get eliminated. imagine the pain the trainers go through when a talented person is eliminated and the class is just not the same without them. imagine.


at some point in 2012, groupon produced the “groupon kidz club”, a small series of animated shorts which 1. clearly parodied the old 90s burger king kids club and 2. were real fucking weird

the groupon website’s official page for the groupon kidz club now denies the very existence of the groupon kidz club

♡ 170708 | IVY Club Instagram Update
  교복왕 주인공은 나야 나!
아이비클럽 친구들을 위해
워너원이 직접 보내온 영상 메시지💝
워너원 멤버들 교복 입은 모습
곧 볼 수 있으니 조금만 기다려~
풀버전은 페이스북에서!!

Translation: The school uniform king is me, it’s me!
For IVY Club friends, 
Wanna One personally send this video message 💝

Wanna One members will wear a school uniform soon, 
so wait just a little while longer~ 

The full version is on Facebook!!