the problematics

call me an optimist but i think yuri on ice is actually… genuinely… gay

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why do you use SJW as a pejorative? there's nothing wrong with critisizing problematic material or calling out people who perpetrate it. you seem incredibly naive, but it also shows how priviledged you are if you can just sit back and watch injustices happen because they dont affect you whatsoever. also nothing is "just fiction" because nothing exists in a vacuum.

Here’s your answer for the SJW bit! I never see tumblr SJWs doing anything that’s actually good. Like, with this ask, what have you done, really? You’ve insulted me and you’ve accused me of having privilege, but you don’t know anything about me or what I actively do and advocate for. You’ve accomplished nothing by being an asshole, except, of course, make yourself look bad. You know exactly nothing of my experiences, but you’re more than willing to discount them and assign your assumptions onto me, which is the exact opposite of what a SJW is supposed to do. Calling people out for doing something you don’t like isn’t making the world a better place, it’s you pushing your own toxicity onto others. No one owes you anything, no one has to cater to you or change who they are for you and why the hell should they when you’re a nobody to them? And if me choosing to not go around openly attacking people who I view as Problematic makes me “incredibly naïve” then so be it, I really couldn’t care what you think or what you want to call me. I’ve never shied from speaking out about what I think about the things that bother me or about the content I don’t agree with, but I’m not about to go attack someone for liking something I don’t like. And if I did want to talk to someone, unlike you, I’d be brave and talk to the person off anon and actually talk to them to hear their side of things rather than spew nonsense into their inbox and pretend like my opinion is the only one that matters.

Discussion is a two way street, anon, and if you’re not willing to listen to the other person, then it’s obviously not really a discussion you’re wanting, is it? No, the only reason you’re here hiding on anon is to be Problematic and cause drama and to garner a bit of gratification out of it. I grew bored of your kind of person a long time ago and it makes me wonder who the truly naïve one of us is.

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Wait how do they scare YOU? You're in the attack on Titan fandom, that's far worse

It’s like putting a frog in boiling water, if you put the frog in boiling water it immediately jumps out. Put it in cold water and boil it then, the frog stays in the water. I’m the frog.

AoT certainly had a bad side, but it didn’t at the start like Voltron did. Before the anime came out it was also relatively small and even when the anime came out it wasn’t that bad at first. And by the time it got worse (especially for artists that drew erejean) I had made fandom friends that made it worth it.

Also, I guess I got soft from the kylux fandom which knows it’s fair share of discourse but compared to both voltron and snk is REALLY mild.

This ENORMOUSLY bothers me.

There’s nothing romantic about this first kiss. If I was her I would have slapped the bejeezus out of him after Sarah left. And maybe it’s the fact that she didn’t that has me so bothered? Because even if she wanted to be kissed, NOT LIKE THIS. This is PROBLEMATIC folks. He apologizes after but it didn’t make me feel better about it. Like I said, maybe it’s because she never got to confront him about it? He just headed her off with that apology and I didn’t feel *sincere* because it was so quick. It felt manipulative.

I’m still down for Garrett Hawke jokes in the style of Chuck Norris jokes

  • When a Blight begins, Garrett Hawke doesn’t try to survive. The darkspawn do.
  • Underneath Garrett Hawke’s beard is another beard, and underneath that beard is a fist.
  • Garrett Hawke once got bit by a poisonous spider… After three days of pain and agony… the poisonous spider died.
  • Garrett Hawke caught the Blight and made it sick.
  • Fear of spiders is arachnophobia, fear of tight spaces is claustrophobia, fear of Garrett Hawke is called Logic.
  • Garrett Hawke is so powerful he can put out a fire with a fire spell.

The reason I like Anthony Mackie so much is because he’s that extrovert friend

you know the one

the one who talks a thousand miles a minute but stops asap and waits for as long as possible for his introvert friend to get a word in

the one who runs with what the introvert friend said, subtly repeating what they said in case it wasn’t heard and then playing it up with enthusiasm

the one who the introvert friend shares inside jokes with so even when talking with somebody else they always make them feel special or important

the one who makes the introvert friend more talkative and comfortable in a setting that they’d usually find uncomfortable

the one who charms the whole room but always gravitates towards their introvert friend