the problematics

As much as I like Natalie I’m fucking sick of the showmances. I hope Paul pulls this off. Yes, it would be great for Natalie to be safe for one more week but ultimately her goal was to get to jury. She’s probably going to win AFP regardless of how she places from here on out. And even then, I doubt she’ll be targeted before James/Nicole or the returnee. Paul has been the only person who has been playing hard from the beginning, if he manages to get away with this he 100% deserves the title

At this point I’m just watching Jury and scrolling through tumblr. I can’t deal with this house. Natalie and Meech are the only ones I can stand. Paul and Victor have been playing the game well but I’m tired of men winning and running the house. Nicorey have annoyed me long enough. Nicole is probably gonna target the girls. At this point it’s probably gonna be Paul, Victor, or Nicorey, in final two and I just really don’t want that.

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just a heads up that chapter 14 of codename sailor v is kiiiinda racist.

Thank you for the tip! I love Sailor V, but there are some small glimmers of homophobia and transphobia (and rampant mosquitophobia!) here and there, not enough to make me throw my book into a mortar and pestle and grind it into a fine powder, but just enough to be slightly weird before I flip the page. I hope to salvage as much pre-Sailor Moon lore as I can, and divorce it from whatever product-of-its-time moments may arise. 

when people call draco ‘precious’ or ‘smol’ 

origin of my hate for cassandra clare

this is such a dumb post to make but one of my mutuals has been reblogging a lot of anti cc and it got me in a salty mood so i’m going to tell you all about how I came to hate clorox cave/casserole clam/charity case.

In seventh grade my friends and I got really obsessed with The Mortal Instruments. I read City of Bones at the beginning of the school year (after seeing my favorite booktuber, polandbananasbooks, praise Cassandra Clare’s books) and thought it was amazing, then encouraged my friend, let’s call her Ashley, to read the series, too. Ashley came back from winter break having read the entire series (she absolutely adored it), and about to start The Infernal Devices. By that point, about four of our other friends had also read the series, and we spent most of our free time obsessing over it. I bought the entire series in hardcover, I even got the hp ripoff she wrote with Holly Black and got about 100 pages in. Ashley and I made fun of the City of Bones movie together. I felt great knowing that I had introduced my friends to their new favorite thing. Cassandra Clare was everything I wanted to be as a writer. So when our English teacher offered extra credit for writing a novel, Ashley and I both looked to City of Bones for guidance.

I didn’t want to tell anyone that I hadn’t gotten past City of Fallen Angels. The part where Simon gets caught cheating on Isabelle and Maia and it was justified really didn’t sit well with me. But the book said it was fine, so I tried to ignore it. Then there was Kyle/Jordan getting back with Maia. I thought that once someone hits their partner, that’s it, they should never be together again, but the book acted like Kyle/Jordan was misunderstood and a changed man, so I figured I was just being immature and told myself I would try finishing the series when I got older.

Flash forward to this spring when I got more involved in the fandom and saw lots of callout posts about Cassandra Clare. I quickly realized how awful her books are, and I tried to reread the series all the way through to see just how much of the anti cc tag is true. But I couldn’t. It was just so bad and I couldn’t see why I worshiped this series. The biphobia, burying of the gays, not giving gay characters any plotlines outside their sexuality, incest, girlhate, abuse, lack of diversity, and plagiarism was so obvious. 

Then I took a look at the original draft of my book. I had used many of the tropes CC used in TMI, including the girlhate, cheating, and token gays. I thought this was all ok as an impressionable twelve year old.

CC still influences my writing, but in a different way. I’m trying to be as different from her as possible.