the problematics

  • Show Stans: Alec was so biphobic in the books!!1 Just read City of Fallen Angels!!1!!11
  • Book Stans: No we wasn't *take proof from the book that shows he was just being insecure about his boyfriend having so much more experience than him, not biphobic*
  • Show Stans: suddenly I can't read

People be lovin on Dracula and siding with the Vampire Daddy in his endeavor to eradicate the human stench of the planet but, y’all, come on

Even his dhampir child was like dude, just kill the assholes who killed mom goddamn 

(and Dracula wounds his own son so much the pretty boy needed a YEAR to recuperate? not #1 Dad material, yikes)  (though Dracula’s freak-out was epic and amazing, still murder!)

Wait you expect ordinary common people to stand up to the Church?!?  


You watch your family and your ancestral house burn.  

Not even a powerful family like the Belmonts could stand up to the Church.  If you’re at odds with the Church, you’re FUCKED.  Ordinary people can’t afford that.  Hell, great houses like the Belmonts can’t afford that.

So no, the Number One Drama King Dracula is in no way justified in unleashing his potent, ungodly wrath on scared simple humans and deserves only a very specific, very finite sympathy.  

(his wrath was awesome, lol, but he’s still gotta pay for it)  

I mean, this was freakin awesome.  But was it bats?  Birds?  Bats and birds?  Stop killing babies, dude

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hey xekstrin! do you have any favorite dialogue exchanges that you've written? Or any that stand out to you personally?

Today I was thinking about how in Astraeus’ route, there’s a moment when ….


 [spoilers for Astraeus AFK below]

There’s a moment when you and Selene start fighting the Gate Guardians and their loyalty to Hades overrides their loyalty to you? 

(But Selene & Helios take your side. )

I liked that whole exchange, but my favorite part was this really, kinda sick joke Astraeus makes when he arrives on the scene.

Because haha, get it, you were going to marry their father. And it was a running joke that you adopted Selene and Helios and Persephone, too, kinda. And now you’re a wanted criminal and they’ve almost all turned on you. 

Also the confrontation with Cyprin is great because I broke my own heart! 

They know they might never get another chance to say it :)

Other than that, I’ll grab you something from my current WIP

“When Raven went rogue, they set all of Patch on fire! What the fuck do you think they’d do to you!?”


It’s hard to be scared of someone when you’ve seen them all naked and floppy.

why does tumblr immediately think that once you say someone is good looking or you like their music or movies or anything you’re suddenly “obsessed” or “stan” them… not everyone immediately latches on to things/people and follows every single thing they do.. chill out

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Instead of seeing Namjoon as another equally talented rapper to enjoy in a different way, those Yoongi stans (before anyone attacks me, not all of them, just an insane minority) see him as competition to destroy and as a result get pissed off at him for any little thing. They're seriously a pain in the ass. Like, I always want to say "your boy is already 10x more loved than Joon, chill".

“see him as competition to destroy“ EXACTLY… it needs to stop fr

i needed a reason to trash blackbeard in the form of a meme

  • Bi character is only stated to be bi by the creators outside of the canon source: "That doesn't count at all, they should have at least mentioned it in the source material!"
  • Bi character is said to be bi within the source material: "That doesn't count, because it was only mentioned!"
  • Bi character's sexuality is an important part of their character: "Here we go again with the thinking mlm and wlw's lives revolve around their sexualities, ugh!"
  • Bi character has a love interest of the opposite gender: "So they're basically straight, the creators just want Woke Points™."
  • Bi character has a love interest of the same gender: "So they're basically gay, like nice try but bi people are still underrepresented and this isn't representation."
  • Bi character has more than one love interest: "Classic stereotyping bi people as promiscuous, god!"
  • Bi character literally exists in media at all: "This is somehow bad and problematic!!"
Your Faves Are Problematic: Gorillaz

-Feeds Kinder Eggs to cats
-Eats Massive Dick
-Needs Murdoc to tie his shoelaces
-His name is literally Stu Pot… stew pot…
-Dated Rachel Stevens
-Mum Jeans
-Sold the Geep!!!

-Turned green seemingly overnight
-Dressed as a nazi that one time
-Kidnapped Russel
-Kidnapped 2D
-*various Murdoc noises*
-He’s been wearing the same Cuban heels for about 16 years
-Hangs pictures of him cutting an onion up in his house

-Likes eels
-Sleeps in the middle of the road
-Seems to be tired all the time (same tho)
-Probably cares too much
-There’s not really anything wrong with him. I’m finding this one really tricky. He’s so lovely please take care of this boy.

-It says that for the new Humanz album, she pretty much Fed-Ex’d herself to the band again. Why? She didn’t need to do that. I mean, it’s cute because that’s how she initially arrived at the very beginning but like, the poor girl could’ve just got a plane. She finished Moby Dick though so that’s good. I hope she enjoyed it.