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Centaur (AD&D)

Yet another creature cribbed from Greek myth, where they were all rapacious drunken wild men who would rampage through the countrysides in whirlwind orgies of sex and violence, except for Chiron, who was pretty much the only decent centaur. So, you’d think centaurs would be perfect for yet another “they’re evil bandits, kill them, kill them all” sort of entry in the Monstrous Manual, right?
WRONG! See, they look more human than orcs or hobgoblins or kobolds (at least, from the waist up), and beings so human-like could not possibly be evil, right?
Though having said that, they might still be just a little evil, in a manner the writers of this book probably didn’t intend…

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if u hate ayahina here are a few reasonable things to do

  1. block tumblrs users who blog a lot of it
  2. blacklist the ship tag/ask people to tag said ship
  3. ignore it
  4. compain to others who agree with you (privately)

things not to do

  1. whine about it like children in the tag (especially during a week dedicated to it)

anonymous asked:

So you agree light-skin/biracial people have privilege that can blind them to the needs of other poc? B/c your response to fans pointing out racism in The 100 reeks of privilege. You yourself dismiss poc experiences, speak over them, and tell them their experiences aren't real! The same way whites have to acknowledge privilege, so do light-skin poc. If society sees/reads you as white, that's power. Being biracial & dating men of color doesn't make you woke. Ignoring The 100's racism = privilege.

Btw, I’m over 35, have a PhD in Critical Ethnic Studies, and have been writing and dealing with race all my life. And I’m from a mutiracial family. I can acknowledge my light-skin privilege that blinds me to the realities of other POC & the fact that I need to listen. You dismiss angry fans & tell them they overreact/blow things out of proportion. You claim they don’t know how to read the show. You say it’s just the genre and everyone dies. Excuses white PTB have been using for ever. Privilege.

So, let’s get this straight. I address the issues of MY racial identity, and you think that means I am silencing OTHER people. Standing up for biracial people and interracial relationships means that I am telling others their experiences aren’t real. Having white skin privilege means, apparently that I am not allowed to speak about the bigotry I see within my own community towards a less dominant community within it. Is this what you’re getting at? 

What it seems like you’re saying is, sit down and shut up and let people call me and others racist whether that’s true or not. That saying “wait a minute, you haven’t considered THIS aspect of this story” is dismissing people’s experience. That having an actual conversation about what all these issues means is racist, because to look at other perspectives is “silencing” so therefore you consider it your duty to silence me.

I’m not IGNORING the racism in The 100, and I’m not saying anyone’s experiences aren’t real. I’m unpacking it and examining the complicated issues of racism in the show. You don’t like the conclusions I come to because it doesn’t fit the one, accepted, fake tumblr social justice position. Listen, when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. 

If you have a PhD in Critical Ethnic Studies, then why didn’t YOU call people on that bullshit colonialist narrative argument? I had to google that to make sure I knew what it was saying. Colonialist narrative, or Post-colonialism, is absolutely an academic term in ethnic studies, with some themes in common with the story of The 100. But it’s not at all what people are saying it is. If there was a colonialist narrative anywhere, it was with Mount Weather who called the grounders savages and thought the ground was their birthright. In fact YES. That does fit the definition. 

Colonialism was presented as “the extension of civilization”, which ideologically justified the self-ascribed racial and cultural superiority of the Western world over the non-Western world. This concept was espoused by Joseph-Ernest Renan in La Réforme intellectuelle et morale (1871), whereby imperial stewardship was thought to effect the intellectual and moral reformation of the coloured peoples of the lesser cultures of the world. That such a divinely established, natural harmony among the human races of the world would be possible, because everyone has an assigned cultural identity, a social place, and an economic role within an imperial colony. [X}

But no one’s calling that racist, are they? Wanna know why? Because the show said they were the absolutely closest to evil that this show ever got!  The vampire nazi colonialists were the villains, and they were white. 

Why did you let that go? That’s your area of expertise. Why did we not see this discussion going around the fandom? What does it mean?  We don’t know, because we only got a few people, scared to speak up, going, “wait, the sky people are refugees. They’re living in a refugee camp.”  Why didn’t I hear your charming academic critical ethnic studies voice bringing up issues of what it means to be a refugee? No? Too complicated? Not black and white enough for you? 

Help me out here, Doctor. Why do you say I’m saying I’m woke because I’ve been in interracial relationships. Those two concepts were not connected. I brought up my personal history to explain my identity when I was talking about the fandom invalidating mixed race people, an issue that you’ve never actually brought up, because you’re too busy trying to invalidate me by calling me racist and privileged.  Laughably implying that I can’t see the other side because I only see MY side, that of a person who comes from both sides. 

I brought up my history and studies and background because you were challenging my right to speak and calling me ignorant about racism, not because I was trying to say I know everything, just to defend my right to speak about my life and my world, and now you’ve decided to tell me about your academic and ethnic background to prove to me that I still have no right to speak. So yeah. Do you think that every time a white woman lashes out at her POC loved one that it is motivated by racism? You should have an opinion on that, with your background. But you never brought it up. You’d rather call me a racist than address the concerns on the table and have open conversation.

Since when, Doctor, did Critical Ethnic Studies turn into pointing your finger at people, calling them racist and then trying to silence them and end the conversation so only one opinion is heard?  Which you’ve been doing to me now for four asks. This is not discussion. This is identity politics, and you are using my identity to try and silence me because I am not POC enough, because I don’t belong and my experience in regards to mixed race families, when TALKING ABOUT MIXED RACE FAMILIES doesn’t count.

You want to talk about race in The 100 or multiculturalism, I have no problem. You want to continue coming into my inbox to tell me I have no right to speak about one of the defining issues of my life because I’m not POC enough, I’m blocking you. 

This part of the conversation is done. You can tell me to shut up all you want, it’s not gonna happen. Not if you call me names, not if you ask me nicely, not even if you argue with logic. Because there is no logic that supports silencing people, any people, especially minorities. And in case you’ve missed it in your discourse, I am STILL a WOC. My experience is part of the POC experience. It is valid.

*logging into tumblr*

some of y'all: “examine yourself!!!!! spend hours microanalyzing your every thought & action & media interactions & academia & kinks & gender. fiction mirrors/becomes/is reality!!! peel apart your every single interest! confess! become ideologically pure! otherwise you are bad and will be punished”

me: *already exausted from just existing* k.

ngl I am low-key worried about Rogue One, but only because my boy Darth Vader is in it, and idk what incarnation of Vader they are going to use.

Filoni!Vader: yEAHHHHHHH!!! i am PUMPED to be on the DARK SIDE man I LOVE KILLING REBELS! *flies a tie-fighter with the Force so his cape can billow while he stands menacingly under a spotlight* I’m angry all of the time and I’m like OBSESSED with killing Obi-Wan! *chugs a Red Bull through his vents* WHO WANTS TO GO NEXT?

Lucas!Vader: high-key wanna die if any of you rebels could do that for me i’d appreciate it. *slaughters thousands of rebels effortlessly* come on man did you even try. damn this self-preservation instinct of mine. *sees obi-wan* HELL YEAH I’M GONNA DIE I CAN’T WAIT! *kills obi-wan in one swing* what.

Comics!Vader: *doesn’t say anything, but if he does it’s going to be one badass line like “ALL I’M SURROUNDED BY IS FEAR AND DEAD MEN”* *has a lot of flashbacks to the time when he had hair* *is sad a lot* *surrounded by quirky fun characters because this is anakin skywalker we are talking about*

Problematic Fave: Katie McGrath

- Kashy McGra™

- She have 3 birthdays (it’s a goddess thing)

- Embarrasing tattoo on her back

- No one believes her when she plays Straight™

- Green eyes out of this world

- Drama Gay Queen

- She doesn’t have any social media

- We don’t really know if she actually exist

- She wants to be buried with all her Star Wars toys and her Morgana figure

- Irish accent

- She loves to play villain on a corset

- Supercorp™, Karlena™, The Hug™

- Jawline more defined than your future

- 5’ 5½" (1,66 m)

- Use to wear a lot of black, knitwear, skinny jeans and very high heels

- She doesn’t even know she has an army of lesbians ready to die for her

- The Lip Bite™

- She like to kiss her co-stars (mostly woman, gorgeous woman)

- Yes, she have pictures kissing her co-stars on her phone

- Take her brother to interviews and talk embarrasings things

- Too excited about nerd things, especially getting on the Batmobil

- Natalie Dormer says to her “Do to me” and she get wet (for the Ice Bucket Challenge)

- She studied history

- She went through a real punk stage

- Shops for books like other women shop for shoes (She said it)

- Self-professed Tomboy!

- Had her face appear on UK postage stamps 

- Once dreamt of being the editor of Vogue China



The shock of the Assassin’s Creed Movie NOT premiering in my country this December really hit me hard. So I decided to cheer myself up by sketching my two current muses ( @therealjacksepticeye and Hugh Dancy) as modern day assassins.

I don’t think I’ll be lining or coloring these fully because I really liked how the sketches turned out. :)

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