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HEY, LOVELY CHIP, Please, can I request RFA+V reaction to a drunk MC? They arrived home and she is drunk or she arrived home drunk already, PLEASE

HELLO, LOVELY ANON! It’s been a while, so I’m sorry if this is not that good ;3c.


  • That’s it; this is the big moment, he is not the drunk person right now, he is the responsible one.
  • It feels good…Until he actually has to do it.
  • Yoosung is too worried about you; he should know that getting drunk just once is not going to kill you.
  • You arrived drunk after a party, after worrying and worrying about you, he started to question you.
  • “So…Someone flirted with you? Were there a lot of guys at the party?” Here he goes.
  • But soon he is taking care of you, just like you were very sick or something like that.
  • But prepare yourself because in the next day he will keep treating you like a sick person and better…
  • The questionary will begin.
  • He will make sure he goes with you to the next party!
  • And will probably get drunk as well.


  • The actor is suddenly very concerned as soon as you step inside of the house.
  • You didn’t think someone that loves cold beers so much would be so concerned when they see someone drunk.
  • Maybe it’s because he had a lot of ‘experience’ and forgot how it is to get drunk, knowing Zen he would deny that he ever got drunk, he would say stuff like:
  • My body is too strong!
  • And you would just roll your eyes.
  • But Zen is really lovely, like always, such a real gentleman!
  • He takes care of you, makes sure you eat something, cuddles until you finally rest.
  • It’s so lovely that you don’t see the problem in getting drunk again…
  • Until the next day,
  • The passionate actor turns into a parent that will lecture you how you shouldn’t drink so much!
  • Prepare your brain for the lecture.


  • Unlike the others, Jaehee showed no concern.
  • Maybe she liked too much how clingy you became when you were drunk; the assistant just kept a small but lovely smile on her face.
  • Everything you asks, she gives it to you, water, food, some blankets.
  • She listens to your drunken rant FOR HOURS.
  • When you wake up, you don’t feel the hangover from drinking so much, Jaehee really took care of you.
  • Jaehee gives you breakfast and makes sure to talk to you about everything that happened last time at the party at least what you remembers.
  • She confesses that she was worried, but she likes to keep calm over that kind of situation.
  • And she asks that in the next party, you drink a little less.


  • This is what happens when he is not there to see you! Bad things!
  • A lot of thoughts ran through the businessman’s mind, especially the one that says: People you love will get hurt if they are not under your care.
  • He hated the fact that he couldn’t go to the party with you because he had a crucial meeting.
  • Jumin doesn’t know how to take care of you, he has been drunk before, but no one ever took care of him, and he can’t quite recall how he took care of himself.
  • So he calls Jaehee to do the job.
  • The next morning, you’ll find a doctor that reassures him that everything is ok with you.
  • He had to make sure, who knows what you drank.
  • Jumin is very relieved that you are fine and you woke up without a headache, a hangover.
  • Everything is fine!
  • He just needs to make sure to have someone that will watch you at the parties he can’t attend.
  • I mean…He is just happy


  • He is very giggly when he sees you so drunk.
  • The redhead knows what to do, no, not for experience, but the hacker is just really smart!
  • He takes care of you when you need; he listens to your crazy stories, hugs you when you are suddenly sad, he kisses you when you are clingy.
  • He hides behind the couch when you are angry, and he sings with you when you are too happy!
  • You still don’t know the lyrics; you’ll blame it on being drunk.
  • It was a rather funny night, you slept like a baby and woke up with breakfast in bed!
  • Luciel doesn’t lecture you or express his concern, but deep inside, he was anxious.
  • Something terrible could happen to you without him knowing, and he is not happy with that.
  • You have to be more careful, and don’t worry; he will be extra cautious just for you.

V He is blind in this one

  • V is just a very calm and kind person, and this is not going to change when he thinks you need care.
  • Just like the others, he remained by your side.
  • Sadly, he can’t do much for you, except hug you, talk to you, listen to you, just be with you.
  • And for you, that’s enough; just his smile is enough to make you feel calm and safe by his side.
  • So when he tells you to rest, you don’t put up a fight, you just agree and goes to sleep.
  • How can you say no to someone so damn cute?
  • Next morning, he just keeps asking how are you, he wants to know if you are in any pain, or if you need anything.
  • He wants to know about everything, and he wants you to be extra careful.
  • That’s why he reminds you of how much he would miss you if you ever get hurt.

Maybe they all worry too much, but they don’t want to lose you.

Sixth house;

In the 5th house, the joyous encounter with our inner star was celebrated with luxurious parties, theatrical performances and fantastic displays of talent and brilliance. Having spent so many nights enjoying a greater, happier aspect of being alive, we wake up to find that our home is dusty and messy. Champagne glasses pile up, waiting to be cleaned. Candles are still burning in their holders. There are food and wine stains in the tapestries, and the garden needs tending to.

This is where some of us come after having suffered some disillusionment: the world is not as fun as we’d like it to be. First of all, we’re bound to a physical body’s limitations, one that needs care, attention and affection, otherwise it’ll eventually fall to illness and eventually fester and putrefy. The sixth house is related to health in its most holistic sense, once we consider that one’s physical health depends on one’s state of mind. After all, if we’re able to find harmony within and be at peace with the personality we found in the 5th house, we’re extremely likely to take good care of ourselves and treat our bodies with responsibility and respect. This is also why this house is associated more specifically to nutrition and hygiene.

The opposition between the 6th and 12th houses also leads to an interesting fact: the 6th house is where we find mundane activities that may complement and solve part of our karma. This can be attained mainly through the 6th house’s association to the way we service others while expecting nothing in return. The 6th house not only represents everyday activities we must perform because someone has to do them, but it also symbolizes that when we do them charitably, focusing on healing ourselves and others, we readjust our karma and purify ourselves.

The 6th allows our outstanding 5th house personality to revaluate itself, so that it notices how it can be useful in this world. Because we have already found that we are especial and worthy of admiration in the 5th house, we’re able to work in the 6th house with courteousness and respectfulness, and this is why this house describes how we work in groups towards a common goal, thus ruling over how we deal with our work environment, self-discipline, submissive roles and coworkers. The sixth house is where we find that living on Earth, under Mother Nature’s rules, is no joke; we develop a profound respect for all natural things of this planet, especially when we notice how useful and valuable we can be, and this is also why this house is associated with our attitudes towards animals and the natural world.

Sun in the 6th house: a wise noble kneels in front of their people, vowing to a life of service; the crown reflects modest sheets of divine sunlight. This is someone who feels closer and closer to their true purpose as they put themselves into other people’s service. Being useful, distributing knowledge, arranging, organizing and taking care of others is what ignites this placement’s true light. Those with this placement are likely to stand out in their workplace because of their attitudes towards coworkers and the work itself. This Sun benefits a lot from healthy habits and a stable, reliable routine, and this is also a symbol for an incredible respect towards nature and life’s subtle, amazing details. As the 6th house is the house of alchemy, it is likely that the features of the Sun sign improve remarkably over time, as the individual learns with their own experience.

Moon in the 6th house: a devoted nurse feels their patient calmy leave this world, as the life in their hands quietly vanishes to somewhere unknown; the air seems enchanted with the natural grace of an everyday miracle. The individual’s ability to protect and nourish themselves and others is more evidently expressed through the service they pay for others and through their care towards mundane matters. A symbol for an outstanding ability to heal other people’s bodies and minds, this Moon likes to keep stable routines from which she can quietly control her entire life structure while keeping her feelings in harmony. There’s a strong emotional attachment to the concept of being perfect and maybe pure or holy that may permeate this Moon’s inclination to heal and solve other people’s problems.

Mercury in the 6th house: a professor helps one of their students, calmly explaining concepts as they draw on a blackboard, revealing fantastical truths of a mundane knowledge. Here, the individual is useful and convenient through the service of their intellectual and mental faculties, which are sharp and refined. People with this placement are usually technical perfectionists because of their eye for details that are often neglected by others. Their communicative abilities are best when they’re used to enlighten other people or absorb knowledge that might be useful for their own selves. Their minds are usually focused on everything that may make people’s days better, improving everything they set themselves to do. This placement also suggests a mental interest in health topics and teaching professions.

Venus in the 6th house: a figure wakes up before dawn, cleaning and organizing the house so that it can be perfect for the evening reception. Sweet and caring, Venus here demonstrates her affection by fixing people’s lives in the smallest details. People with this placement usually like taking care of their health, body and mind, and they’ll often extend this care to those around them. There’s a notable interest in serving others and improving their lives for the better with one’s kindness and knowledge. This is someone who can be seen happily cooking for their partner, solving their problems in secret and a conflict-dissolving presence in the work place. Venus here is also a master of understanding how the world works through a deep analysis of natural laws, producing a humble but extremely rich knowledge on what makes people tick. This is because Venus here is extremely introspective and quite analytical of her own self, as she desires to reflect nature’s perfect and pure structure.

Mars in the 6th house: an honourable warrior returns to their kingdom, bringing with them all sorts of unimaginable treasures discovered in their perilous quest. People with this placement experience excitement and a rush of pioneering energy when they’re into other people’s service. They’re competitive in their workplace and they usually don’t work as submissively as other 6th house placements do. This is a symbol of passion for solving other people’s problems and also improving their life in some way, while also drawing attention to the fields of health and therapies.

Jupiter in the 6th house: a farmer quietly works on their lands; the Sun rises slowly from distant mountains, distributing strings of gold as he rises. The wind blows; birds play cheerfully in the air. The great benefic favours hard-working attitudes here. The personality is usually quite introspective without losing its brilliance, producing a wise and generous individual who’s much interested in improving the world and helping people. Jupiter here feels great when dealing with mundane, everyday activities, and his teachings reveal a secret knowledge with spiritual implications. There is a magical wisdom in every completed quotidian task.

Saturn in the 6th house: an artisan works patiently with their products, painting careful details to their work of art; behind them, lay a dozen discarded imperfect attempts. People with this placement have a strong sense of what perfection looks like, and they always feel like they’re bound for doing their best, whatever it takes. There’s always something to improve here, so the individual may feel restless and never content with their own performance. Because this is the house of internal harmony, disharmonic and criticizing thoughts are heavily punished by Saturn’s presence, manifesting as health problems, limitations surrounding the work environment and one’s ability to work in groups. A symbol of an overthinker, Saturn here emphasizes the need for rebuilding one’s own sense of reality and self-worth, while also highlighting the importance of charitable activities, maintaining a healthy body and purifying the mind’s depreciating thoughts.

Uranus in the 6th house: a sudden storm rages during the night, fustigating trees and sending loose things in the air; in the morning, everything’s strangely out of place. Uranus here has some trouble working with his peers. The individual born under this placement deals very differently with all 6th house affairs, so they may struggle maintaining a predictable routine or habits. Uranus propagates divine, inconvenient messages of how work should be done, defying traditions while trying to show how simple things can be handled with changes here and there. The individual surely has an unusual way of serving others and can be rather rebellious whenever they find themselves in submissive positions.

Neptune in the 6th house: a vaporous figure prays passionately by an altar, so that all worldly pain and suffering can be soothed. Neptune is here dissolving the 6th house’s clear limits and boundaries. The individual, then, becomes highly aware of other people’s problems, and may have some trouble when establishing limits between them and others in this aspect. This is generally someone who’d die to solve other people’s problems, but they usually lack the 6th house’s typical discipline for doing so in a safe way, and so they may engage in sacrificial attitudes to fulfill loving fantasies of saving all people from disgrace and loss. Neptune here favours services that improve other people’s mental and spiritual conditions. Mundane activities are typically regarded as tiring, boring or highly infused with beautiful fantasies of a dreamy world.

Pluto in the 6th house: a dark wizard mutters ancient words, casting a forbidden healing spell. Pluto here indicates a strong and introspective personality that tends to overanalyze itself and others. Problems and health issues are carefully and fearlessly dissected, and so the individual usually develops a passionate obsession towards their duties and work. People with this placement stand out for the power that seems to emanate from their knowledge, and the Soul deeply desires to help others with its unique abilities and powerful way of dealing with the world. Those who seek the help of people with this placement often feel like they’ve been through a surgery and that the root of their problem has been violently attacked or even removed, and they’ll never be the same again, leaving us at a state of wonder: how did they came to be so powerful?

Detail: Edmund Leighton, “The King and the Beggar-maid”; 1898.

🌹Venus placements and love✨

This post is going to help you understand your love-life better. It’s going to help you to read your Venus placements! Nb! I’ve written your love interest as a male, but you can change it to whatever fits you.

Venus in the Signs:

Who you’ll fall for, how, and why, based on your Venus sign.

- You are more likely to fall for someone if their Sun or AC is your Venus Sign.

Venus in Aries: You’ll fall for someone who is wild, passionate, competitive, reckless, and firery. The Jock or the Bad Boy. You’ll be struck by love the way trees get struck by lightening. You’ll love the way he’s always so passionate and out there. He’ll drag you out of bed in the middle of the night to do something. To go on an adventure.

• Venus in Taurus: You’ll fall for someone who is stable, protective, reliable, mature, and romantic. The classical gentleman or marriage-material. You’ll fall for him by feeling love slowly creeping up on you. Slow and steady. Like drinking a hot cup of tea or cocoa. It’ll warm you up from the inside. He’s the type of man who’ll wake you up with a plate of homecooked food.

• Venus in Gemini: You’ll fall for someone who is witty, quick, intelligent, easy to talk to and exciting. The popular guy everyone genuinly loves. You’ll fall for him like a breeze on a warm summer day. You see him as a breath of fresh air in a otherwise polluted enviorment. You’ll love his way of being liked by everyone, and the way he can convince anyone into anything.

• Venus in Cancer: You’ll fall for someone who is sweet, caring, protective, sensitive, fair, and loving. The kind, quiet guy who takes care of everyone. He is well liked and respected. Heals the wounded. You fall for him because he makes your heart go all soft and gooey. He probably makes your knees shiver and tremble too. You love him because when he’s at the top, he gives everyone a hand to come join him.

• Venus in Leo: You’ll fall for someone who is loyal, proud, cocky, elegant, loud, and popular. The popular guy. Or the preppy man. He is an elegant royal. You’ll love his fierceness and protectiveness. He’s a king and you’re his queen. He’s a lion and you’re hin lioness. When you fall for him, it won’t be subtle. He might see a strong and elegant woman in you, and you see a strong and elegant man in him. You fall in love in a playful, and challenging manner. Like two people dancing, slowly getting closer and closer.

• Venus in Virgo: You’ll fall for someone who is practical, intelligent, woke, smart, and clever. You’ll probably fall in love with him by him teaching you new things and helping you. He awakens some kind of inner fascination in you for him. You’ll love his way of spreading knowledge and trust. He is well-respected and he’s the one you go to when in trouble. He is the man of steel.

• Venus in Libra: You’ll fall for someone who is diplomatic, gentle, just, popular, and masculine. You’ll fall for him the way Disney princesses fall for their prince. He’s your Prince Charming. Your knight in shining armour. You’ll love how protective and fair he is. He’ll be the type of guy who brings you flowers and takes you out for dinner, but also calms you down, and helps you solve your problems.

• Venus in Scorpio: You’ll fall for someone who is passionate, mysterious, protective, unique, and powerful. The mysterious man, the bad boy. It will be love at first sight. He’s magnetic, you’ll be pulled towards him. You’ll love how he makes the entire world stop. Time stops. There’s just you two. Frozen in time, like two snow cystals in a snowstorm. His magnetic field to strong and powerful. And you’ll love his air of mystery and excitement.

• Venus in Sagittarius: You’ll fall for someone who is fun, loving, exciting, wise, adventurous, and mature. The foreign professor, the traveller. When you fall for him, it’ll feel like the sun rising over the meadow on a dewy summer morning. Warm, and enlightening. You’ll love the way his mind is like a library and his lust for travelling, learning, and exploring. His mind is like a map, always expanding. You grow together with him. Like the mist in the forest, spreading all over the landscape.

• Venus in Capricorn: You’ll fall for someone who is stable, mature, wise, logical, protective, mysterious, and classy. The man. Like a flower in the ground, blossoming, your love for him wil blossom into a beautiful flower on stable ground. He’ll be your rock. Standing with your back against a tree, the tree wraps around you and almost swallow you up. You’re safe and home. That’s what you feel for him. Deep in a dark, but safe and warm cave.

• Venus in Aquarius: You’ll fall for someone who is unique, original, intelligent, bizarre, spontaneous, and eccentric. The intellect. The rebellious leader. When you meet him you’ll be intrigued and impressed. He’s like a cult leader. You’ll fall in love with his mind and ability to lead an army of justice. You’ll feel powerful with him. And you’ll feel hope for the future, and what has yet to come.

• Venus in Pisces: You’ll fall for someone who is genuine, sweet, intuitive, caring, gentle, wise, and healing. You’ll be pulled in by the mysterious and unique persona, almost like crystal ball, it’s clear. When you fall in love it’s like a starry night. You feel like they open up your mind and awakens your 6th sense. You’ll feel nostalgic with them. Like two children, running through the forest on midsummer’s eve, dreaming of what can be.

Venus in the Houses:


• The 1st house: You’ll meet them while looking in the mirror. Oh, no, wait, that’s you! You’ll meet them while doing sports or something fun and exciting.

• The 2nd house: You’ll meet them while shopping. Or though connections. Somewhere related to money, but in a classy way.

• The 3rd house: You’ll meet them somewhere you go often. They might be a neighbour, co-worker, classmate, friend of a sibling, etc.

• The 4th house: You’ll meet them at your home. It might be a family friend, childhood friend, or someone from your past.

• The 5th house: You’ll meet them at the local theatre, the cinema, the club, art class, amusement park, anywhere related to art, creativity, hobbies or fun.

• The 6th house: You’ll meet them at work or at school. Maybe at the dentist or at the doctor’s office.

• The 7th house: You’ll meet them while doing charity. Or in some stereotypically romantic way. You might drop your purse, and he’ll swoop down to help you pick it up, and you’ll touch hands and fall in love.

• The 8th house: You’ll meet them at the morgue or the strip club. Or both. Jk, you’ll meet them at a fancy restaurant or party.

• The 9th house: You’ll meet them while travelling or at church. The library maybe.

• The 10th house: You’ll meet them at work. Or somewhere connected to work. Maybe at a job trip, someone from another office, a boss or a competitor.

• The 11th house: You’ll meet them through your friends. A friend of a friend. Or a friend. If you’re lucky, maybe even your crush!

• The 12th house: You’ll meet them while being out in the nature. Hiking, jogging, walking. Anything connected to the elements. A cabin in the woods, on boat, by the bonfire or the grill, or on a plane or bridge.

Venus in aspects to the Planets:


• Sun - Venus: You feel like your beauty and aesthetic is a part of your identity. People get easily pulled towards you. You’re a magnetic and beautiful person. Popular and easily liked. People look up to you, and admire you.

• Moon - Venus: You live for love. You feel love and beauty in every inch and limb or your body. You love decorating yourself and your home in order to feel good and beautiful.

• Mercury - Venus: You are quite the sweet-talker. You could talk anyone into anything. You love music and poetry. You love PDA and express your love through words and actions. Quite publicily.

• Mars - Venus: You are extremely passionate and blunt when it comes to love. Like an atomic bomb of hugs, kisses, and hearts, you are quite intense. Your love and passion never fades for what and who you love.

• Jupiter - Venus: You are the collector of beauty, art, and poetry. You have travelled the world and picked up everything beautiful that you love, and put it in your museum. Your mind is a beautiful and special place, and here you have managed to share it with others.

• Saturn - Venus: You are a stable and secure partner. When in relationships, you are the mom/dad, taking care of the other. You nurture and protect. Like a true lioness. Or the opposite: you like to have a partner protect you. Usually older, and mature.

• Uranus - Venus: You love to break norms and social rules. You’re usually involved in bizarre or unique relationships. You might have an original and new kind of eye for beauty. Other people feel both intrigued and frightened by you.

• Neptune - Venus: You tend to compare yourself to others a lot. You idolize people, and you want to be like them. People love your gentle and soft aura. You’re like a goddess swaying in the wind. Pale blue and pale pink silk.

• Pluto - Venus: You love taboos. You are one magnetic, passionate, obsessive person. Once you have set your eye on someone, they can’t escape, for better or for worse. You have a high sex appeal, and people are fascinated by you. When they meet you, they feel like someone threw a heavy stone on their stomach.

how a music crush begins
  • me: *sees male musician*
  • me: meh I guess he's kinda cute
  • male musician: *plays for two seconds*

four horsemen of the apocalypse

- people who want bucky in black panther
- people writing their white selfinsert oc (cough or darcy cough) into wakanda
- people who didnt have a problem with thor suddenly very passionately anti-fictional monarchies because oh i dont know i wonder why
- people boycotting black panther because… feminism?

Discipline 101

So you have the ambition. You have all the answers. All you lack is the discipline.

Unsurprisingly, this is a problem most people have, so don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Tell me, do you have a concrete goal? Or is it something vague like, “Rule the world”, or “get rich” or “become famous”?

Usually those who lack discipline have a habit of getting ahead of themselves and they end up having all these fantastic goals without any knowledge of how to achieve them. They have big ambitions, but no clear plans, no visible steps, and no foundation to start their life on. It’s the equivalent of standing on one side of the river and being able to see the other side, but having no method of making it across.

It’s good to have a starting point, and know what you want in the end. But the path to earning what you desire isn’t pre-made for you. It’s up to you to lay every brick and measure everything out. In your life, you’re the architect, you’re the engineer, you’re the investor, you’re everything.

So the how do you get some discipline?  It’s simple: You need to know how you’re going to do something, before you set out to do it.

Step 1: Get Motivated

Make a list. And make sure you handwrite it. Two columns. Think about everything you have a problem with, all your interests and passions, and everything you have ever wanted in one column. In the other column, spend as much time as you need to come up with solutions to each issue/goal. Don’t write one side, without the other.

Spend a couple days looking at that list. Make it into a poster, use it as your phone background, it doesn’t matter as long as you make sure you see it every day until you feel something. I’m saying that incredibly vaguely because people are fueled by different emotions. For me, it was rage.

Every morning, I stared at that list of everything I’d ever wanted, every little problem that made my life miserable and I got furious. To see what my life revolved around so callously written on paper, and feeling so close yet so far, that drove me insane. My anger made my passion double, and nothing fuels discipline more than passion.

Step 2: Plan

Once you’ve gotten yourself suitably motivated to take charge of your life, don’t waste any time. Start by creating a plan. Now that you know what you want to do, figure out how to do it.

Create a timeline for the next year and then a looser version for the next ten years. It can sound daunting, but when you fall off track at some point (and I can guarantee, you will) you’re going to need something to point you in the right direction.

For your detailed, one year plan, make sure your goals are distributed into two categories: Short term and Long term.  

For your short term goals, list everything you want to achieve in that year and how exactly you’re going to do it.

For example,  if you want to lose weight, I don’t just want to see you write down “lose weight”. Tell me how. Tell me how much. Tell me by when. “Lose five pounds by October by going to the gym 4 days a week”, or “Cut down on eating X food so I can lose 5 pounds by October”, etc. Be specific.

For your long term goals, pick 3 things you want in general. The first thing should be something you can achieve in that year, and it should be the focus of your entire year. The second thing is something you don’t necessarily need, but it makes you happy anyways (like spending more time on a hobby, or saving money for a new designer bag, etc.). The third thing should be something that stays fairly consistent in every single ‘year-plan’ you have. Ultimately, it’s either your most important desire, or very close to it.

These long term goals will help you put together your 10 year plan, and create a better sense of direction in your life.

Step 3: Prioritize

Learn to prioritize these tasks and goals. Don’t go to sleep until you’ve felt like you’ve completed all your tasks for the day. Don’t give in to distractions and the illusion of “well-deserved fun”. Sure, going clubbing may seem fun on  Saturday, but it won’t be fun on Sunday night when you’re frantically writing a paper that’s due in two hours. There’s always time for fun later, there’s always another concert and another football game and another party. But some things have a greater impact on your life than just one night of “fun”.

I’m not saying become some kind of a workaholic. There’s always a time and a place for everything. If you try to follow your plan without any distractions or any fun, you’re going to get bored and then you’re start to hate your plan and your life and then it gets messy. Avoid all that by knowing when you’ve earned a break. It’s very important to discern when you can afford to step away from work to have fun with your friends and when going out is just going to distract you from an important deadline. 

Step 4: Act

Now, don’t just write these goals down and shove them in a dusty file on your desk. Keep them within arms reach. Look at them frequently. What I like to do is every morning, I write down a short term goal I have for that week/day/month and one of my long-term goals in my planner. It’s just a little reminder and keeps me focused throughout the day. I don’t feel like my day is complete or productive until I’ve had some progress on either the long term or short term goal.

Also, keep in mind that while planning is a great thing to do, don’t expect yourself to stick to every single detail of the plan. Life happens, and there are certain things you cannot control (although it wouldn’t hurt to try). Don’t be too hard on yourself if you find yourself unable to complete one of your goals for the day/week/month. It happens to everyone, we’re all human. What you need to focus on is the big picture and move on. Don’t waste precious time wallowing in past mistakes. Time doesn’t wait for anyone, least of all for you.

Step 5: Commit

Discipline doesn’t come from just being motivated or having a plan. It comes from consistency. Form productive habits, start efficient routines, and stick to them. For example, if you want to become a writer, make sure you write something, however small it is, everyday. One sentence, one paragraph, one page, the amount doesn’t matter. It’s important to understand that something, however small, is better than nothing. This constant dedication to your work will help you move one step closer to your goals.

The more you force yourself to stay in line when faced with temptation, the easier it will be every other time you are faced with the same challenge further down the line. Everyone forms habits. Just make sure they’re the right ones and you’d be shocked at how much your life could change.

Everything you need to become disciplined is inside of you. Everyone has the willpower and motivation. It’s just some people know what to do with it.

Just remember: Get motivated. Plan. Prioritize. Act. Commit

And the world is yours.


Usernames and anonymous words are still people with lives, a house, hobbies, passions, problems, dreams, all that behind the screen. Never forget that.

I’m always doubting about doing these types of posts, but I thought maybe I could speak up every once in a while lmao. I apologize if I don’t word my thoughts correctly. What I’m trying to say is, I know it’s sometimes hard not to snap at inconsiderate/angering questions and sentences coming from young people who probably didn’t think about looking for answers or connecting their brain together. I know some of us can find works or reactions from young people “cringy” or “overdone”. I know it’s infuriating to see kids reposting, tracing or recoloring art because they still don’t know how important it is to respect the artists: the thing is, I believe we all had these parts inside of us when we were younger, too. We had things we liked that we find insufferable now, we had a younger self we’d like to punch in the face. There are things we regret. But thinking back at it, although unfortunate events in my life had made my childhood a personally hard time to go through and I expressed myself through childish actions, I’m glad I did go through these steps. It made me grow into who I am today: a person who’s willing to keep growing. I’m thankful I went through many experiences that now put me in the position to guide young people who perhaps need that guidance, one way or another. Let’s be firm, but compassionate. Don’t sugarcoat kids either, you’re allowed and SHOULD speak up when you feel like you’re suffocating. But always take a step back, and try to think for both sides. These “cringy” kids maybe ARE future mature creating geniuses!
We are tomorrow’s inspirations, models, and constructors!

Let’s be nice and understanding to youth and distance ourselves from online problems so we can focus on making it better instead. :)

Passion makes a person stop eating, sleeping, working, feeling at peace. A lot of people are frightened because, when it appears, it demolishes all the old things it finds in its path.

No one wants their life thrown into chaos. That is why a lot of people keep that threat under control, and are somehow capable of sustaining a house or a structure that is already rotten. They are the engineers of the superseded.

Other people think exactly the opposite: they surrender themselves without a second thought, hoping to find in passion the solutions to all their problems. They make the other person responsible for their happiness and blame them for their possible unhappiness. They are either euphoric because something marvelous has happened or depressed because something unexpected has just ruined everything.

Keeping passion at bay or surrendering blindly to it - which of these two attitudes is the least destructive?

I don’t know.

—  Paulo Coelho

I really enjoyed drawing these and I’ll draw more another day uwu. As always thank you for your ideas, you guys are the best! Hope you all like it ;)

Btw, if you want to “adopt” one of them, just tell me and it’s yours (give them a name and a story… all of that <3)

My favourite is the vulcan/klingon hybrid. I bet she’s super strong and disciplined (not all klingons are uncontrolled and violent for no reason) but very passionate and… kind of romantic.

I also have a problem with the cardassian/aenar one because aenars need cool weather, but cardassians need hot weather so ????


Pairing: Jungkook X Reader

Genre: Fluff (with slightly smutty undertones at the end) and a fail attempt at humor; Soulmate!AU where anything your soulmate does to their body reflects on your own

Soulmate Series: Yoongi | Hoseok | Jin | Jimin | Namjoon | Taehyung

Word Count: 2.6K

Originally posted by jungk0oksthighs

You’d never had a problem with the whole ‘soulmate’ deal, unlike some of your more passionate colleagues. It’d never sparked up much of a reaction in you, because honestly, who had the time to actually care? Besides, it did turn out to be rather amusing, most of the time.

Like when you were in the middle of discussing an important project with your professor, for example, and you felt something ticklish on the inside of your arm. You’d always been susceptible to even the slightest brush of the fingers, so you bit your lip hard to stop yourself from laughing out loud.

When you finally got to leave, you made a pit stop at the bathroom, to get a napkin or something to wipe your cut lip—go figure, you’d managed to bite it that hard—and you looked down at your wrist: the source of your problems. Looking at the squiggles on it, you felt like you were supposed to get angry, but honestly, the basic math problems drawn crudely with black ink made you laugh out loud. Sure, you got some strange looks from, like, one person for doing that, but you could tell your soulmate had to be hilarious.

You looked again, unable to resist smiling when you saw—and felt—more black ink being scribbled furiously onto your delicate skin. Your soulmate must have been having a math test or something soon; why else would they have been writing all that on their hand? Though, really, what an amateur move.

You took great delight in re-telling the story to your friends later, but it seemed like they’d reached the point where they were just tired of hearing you talk about your soulmate all the time. But really, they seemed great—and you really, really wanted to meet them. It’s just…you had no idea how.

Who knew a single conversation could change it all?

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anonymous asked:

I know you ship wolfstar and remadora but remadora is so unhealthy? I don't get why you ship it

The thing is, I don’t really see it’s unhealthy? I mean, I understand the argument against Remadora…to a point. 

The main arguments against Remadora are that : 

  • It came out of nowhere
  • It’s toxic because Tonks/The Order (primarily Molly) pressured Remus into a relationship that he had legitimate concerns about 

A lot of Remus and Tonks’ relationship happens behind the scenes. The books (I’m going to ignore the films because of how horribly they treated Remus and Tonks’ characters and relationships) are through Harry’s eyes. He doesn’t even see Remus and Tonks that much, so he’s not going to notice a lot about them. Also, Remus and Harry aren’t all that close, so it’s not like Harry is going to sit down with Remus and go “so you and Tonks, eh?”  Now, I like Harry, but that kid is one of the blindest teenage boys I’ve ever read in a book series. It took him five books to realize Ginny always had a crush on him (and even then Hermione had to break it down for him) and seven books to realize that Hermione and Ron were destined to be together. So him not noticing Remus and Tonks sending love-eyes at one another in the background is obviously not going to make readers notice it. 

But in those moments where Harry isn’t paying attention to anything other than Voldemort, Cho Chang and Draco Malfoy, I imagine Remus and Tonks spent quite a lot of time together. The Order was recalled in July and, according to Pottermore, Tonks confessed her feelings to Remus that following spring… So I think that’s ample time to fall in love with someone. Stake-outs, hours spent in Number 12. Tonks probably spent most of her free time at Grimmauld - it’s sort of hard to keep hanging out with other friends and such when you’re apart of a secret rebellion, ya know?

And as for it being an unhealthy relationship… Well. People cite the hospital scene as the big toxic moment in the series…  They’ve probably had that conversation time and time again, and that particular moment - the hospital scene - is quite a tense moment for the pair. Dumbledore has just been killed. Without Dumbledore, what the hell is the Order going to do? Dumbledore was the rock of the Order; if everything went to shit, it’d be okay because they still had Albus Dumbledore. And now he’s gone. And yet, Fleur Delacour is still thinking about a wedding. So, yeah, Tonks may have made a mistake bringing it up in front of everyone, but characters make mistake and given how high the levels of tension were already, have a small breakdown isn’t completely unreasonable. P L U S (can  you tell i have a lot of opinions about this shit) Tonks has been depressed for the last year because a) her boyfriend is trying to get himself killed b) her cousin who she was just getting to know was just murdered c) bellatrix fucking lestrange wants her dead and d) SHE’S LITERALLY ON THE FRONT LINE OF A FUCKING WAR LET A BRO BE STRESSED OUT WITHOUT CALLING HER PATHETIC AIGHT

Plus, Remus isn’t an idiot. Remus is one of the most stubborn characters in that books; he’s never given in the wolf, into depression, into the shit that the Wizarding World has thrown at him. Do you really think he’d marry a girl that he didn’t want to marry just because Molly Weasley told him to? Because Tonks was upset? I think that’s a massive discredit to his character. 

TLDR; remus and tonks are one of the most realistic couples in the potter series because their relationship goes through such an arc and that’s how life works not every couple is peaches and ice cream you have problems especially when you’re fighting on the front lines of a war and yeah they have problems but they talk them through because they’re adults and that’s what you do when you care about someone in a relationship 

Insect (and non-insect) Correspondences
  • Ant: strength, industry, community, power
  • Bees: messages, communication, community, family, teamwork, luck, love, hidden wisdoms
  • Butterflies: beauty, grace, transformation, change, growth, death and spirit work
  • Caterpillar: transformation, transition, change, youth, preparation, new paths and possibilities
  • Cricket: luck, blessings, abundance, happiness, joy, song and meditation
  • Dragonfly: truth, change, wisdom, learning, water and air elements, energy, speed, acceleration
  • Earthworms: growth, fertility, life and the underworld
  • Fireflies: guidance, illuminating problems, love, passion, inner self, self discovery, freedom, ancestors and spirits, often associated with the moon, fire element
  • Fly: travel, flight
  • Grasshopper: freedom, air element
  • Ladybug: good luck, blessing, dreams, happiness, wishes
  • Moth: the truth, wonder, happiness, joy, passion, sometimes associated with the moon and nighttime, light, fire element
  • Praying Mantis: directions, finding your way, new beginnings and paths, stillness, peace, fullfilment, spiritual perception, paitence
  • Scarabs: reincarnation, rebirth, creation, eternal life and immortality, creativity, astral travel
  • Scorpian: speed, reflexes, survival, intuition, battle and competition, aggression, protection, peercetion, offesnive magic
  • Snail: luck, divination, birth, meditation, peace, protection
  • Spiders: creativity, dream work especially nightmare prevention, mysticism, life, creation, good fortune, fate, destiny 
  • Wasp: warning, strength, independence, adaptablity, offensive magic, curses
  • Woolly Bears: weather magic and weather divination

jadednormality  asked:

Is there any specific reason your work features almost exclusively female characters? It was just something I noticed and was wondering if it was a statement or just had to do with inspiration. Thank you!

Who, me?! 

Well that’s easy! I paint women all the time because I love them. Women are majestic, beautiful creatures and if I could paint them all day every day I’d be totally okay with that. 

Much longer answer: 

I paint them because it’s what I’m drawn to. It’s not an active decision, it’s just what I want to draw whenever I pick up a pen. My art passions are so intrinsically tied with painting women that I could never separate the two. They are the center of my gravitational art universe, if you will.

It never started out as a statement. I still paint them now for all those exact same reasons, but there is definitely a feminist element to it now that I’m older. I still have so much to work on and I’m slowly pushing towards a much broader spectrum of the types of women I paint (more free time, please!) I love my childhood inspirations so much, but a lot of them only touched on a very narrow window of female representation.

I had a comment on one of my paintings once that has stuck with me ever since: “She’s given as much respect as a male character would be given. Thank you.” I could never bring myself to reply to this comment because a part of it just made me want to cry? I’m not articulate enough to really explain my thought process here but: I never start a painting with those kind of intentions. To me it should just be the norm that characters are given the same respect regardless of gender, but it’s not. We’re not there yet. 

I want to paint women with stories. With histories and regrets and triumphs and problems and passions. I paint beautiful characters, because women are beautiful, but I hope the fact that I’m always thinking about these things comes across at least. I’m all about women owning their sexuality as well, but I think you need only glance at my gallery to see I use it sparingly. And on the rare occasion when I do paint scantily clad women - it’s still not the focus? I like for it to fit, and to make sense, and to not just be there for the sake of it?!

I’m officially rambling now, but yes. There is a tiny cheerleader in my brain chanting ‘paint the ladies.’ 

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