the problem with love is


First and last looks at John Watson. He was so alone, and then he wasn’t.

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Dont you die a bit inside when sm posts kakagai art/gifs and there's someone in the comments saying "hahaha i love their friendship. totally bros. bromance for life"

i try to listen to kakashi bc he is a good sensei ;__;

people on this site are constantly complaining about how much it sucks to be shy and quiet and i’m like? really? do you know what i would give to be shy and quiet instead of loud, abrasive and try-hard? do you KNOW how much i would love to be the retiring person with a hidden heart of gold as opposed to the brash irritant who barges into every conversation without being asked, makes jokes that aren’t funny, and always manages to get involved in stupid arguments? i’ve seriously contemplated taking a vow of silence more than once because clearly that’s the only way i’m gonna be able to make meaningful connections in this Fuckening world

I break my hiatus to bring you guys my favorite character from @108sims bachelorette challenge. 
It’s KELLER lol 
thanks @pixeltrashcan

Yeah sorry Allison messages me and told me today my boy Nihlus was a total
J E R K 
but then I saw Keller in the background and made me laugh so I had to do some fan art

Me: *has thousands of other stuff that needs to be done* 

Also me: *completely ignores it so she can draw her adopted fictional son instead*