the problem with love is

Odio quando mi giudichi. Mi guardi con un'aria stranae scuoti la testa. Non ti puoi permettere di giudicare la mia vita passata. Non mi conoscevi prima, non sai che ero completamente diversa, che mi sentivo fuori posto, fragile, insicura. Se non riesci ad accettare i miei sbagli vattenevia, ma non giudicarmi.
—  florianatreccarichi

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With the whole whistling thing,the fae Constructicons do whistle at a human and lure them into going to a fae party only for their boss faeformer Prowl to come in,see a human,and get angry with Constructicons cause holy slag guys you can't just bring a human here! Prowl ends up getting a thing for the human after speaking to them and then suddenly he's asking them if they want some fruit or some tea so they have to stay there with him forever.

Oh my gosh!  Yes!  I love this idea!  

Poor Prowl spends the entire evening trying to make sure the Constructicons don’t scare off the poor human by being Super Forward and Intense!  Sometime during the party though, the human ends up getting tired and goes back home to bed while the others are too busy arguing over who gets to dance with them next.  The next morning six men, five unusually large and muscular and one nearly inhumanly good looking, all show up at the human’s farm house and ask them for their hand in marriage.

Lana Del Rey, Lust For Life

Lust For Life, Lana Del Rey’s fifth studio album is exactly what you would expect from the melancholy, dream pop songstress; pleasantly sad music. Del Rey’s three octave vocal range continues to take you on a hazy ride where you experience sad or depressing feelings all whilst blissfully enjoying her chill, laid back singing style where the sound of her voice is so ear-pleasing it’s hard to remove yourself from it. Each song has a unique mood and attitude with lyrics revolving around love, emotion and the world around us.
In “Summer Bummer,” she sings in a lower octave full of bad-ass attitude while teaming up with A$AP Rocky and Playboi Carti as they sing and lay verses over a downtempo piano and drum beat with trap elements about a summer fling. In “Groupie Love” she raises her octave and sings over dreamy, magical production where each element is strategically intertwined, including hers and A$AP Rocky’s voice as they sing in unison “groupie love” dragging out the word “love” and almost inviting you to close your eyes and picture yourself floating around in the galaxy or a peaceful abyss with them. Lust For Life also includes tracks with The Weeknd (“Lust For Life”), Sean Lennon (“Tomorrow Never Came”) and Stevie Nicks, who’s legendary distinct voice is immediately recognized in their duet, “Beautiful People Beautiful Problems.” Get in your feelings and take a listen to  Lust For Life on every music purchasing and/or streaming service on Friday, July 21st.

–Jazmyn Pratt

Honestly though interacting with people and receiving so much love and support recently has been so nice and like pretty much all of what’s been making things easier for to get better this time around and I just wanna say thanks cause yinz don’t have to d that but you do because you’re kind and ily


The digital booklet for @lanadelrey’s Lust For Life in high quality.

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Most YA Novels VS Sarah J Maas Novels
  • Katniss: I'm really not that pretty.
  • Peeta: Your so beautiful.
  • Tris: I'm not pretty.
  • Four: I love your haircut, and you're gorgeous to me.
  • Clary: I'm not beautiful, or pretty, I'm just cute.
  • Jace: You're the most beautiful girl I've ever laid eyes on.
  • Aelin: I'm the most stunning being to ever grace this freaking planet.
  • Rowan: Yeah babe, even the bakery down the street heard you yell that.