the problem is that i don't even know if i like them

I don’t deserve to be treated poorly by my friends, especially when they had the means to help me get away from my abuser and just didn’t (because I guess if I don’t show up on their doorstep in tears literally begging them for shelter I’m not really being abused and they need that spare bedroom for their waifu statuettes or whatever). And DOUBLE especially when they refuse to help me/look the other way/scoff, but have no problems making jokes about it to undercut that the situation makes them uncomfortable but they feel absolutely no other type of way about my physical and mental well being. Like sorry if I got myself into this by moving back in with my parents, sorry I had no transportation and no choice, but laughing about the fact that my mom is abused right along with me and implying she only got a job because everyone at their church knows and pities her is fucked up. It’s fucked up. I really envy people who don’t understand the self-worth part of abuse in relationships, and who undercut those people in their own minds all the time because they can’t understand what it’s like to fundamentally believe you are worthless. My mom is in a really bad place mentally that she might never dig herself out of, and she may have been violent when I was younger, but she still doesn’t deserve to live like this for the rest of her life, with someone who literally yells ‘I’m not yelling at you or hitting you so I don’t know what the fuck your problem is’ every time they get into it. Like calling her stupid and crazy and ugly and letting her believe that more than he does is okay. Is a funny joke. I don’t understand how one of my friends can seem so socially aware and knowledgeable about rape and be a victim of sexual abuse like I was and stiLL BELIEVE A WOMAN BEING COMPLACENT IN HER OWN ABUSE BECAUSE SHE HAS BEEN MENTALLY BROKEN SOMEHOW PUTS HER AT FAULT… We may have been growing apart as friends anyway and I may publicly say she was just distant and hypocritical about mental health and put more effort into dodging me and making my anxiety go off than she did into simply telling me she was busy, but when I think about it, that comment was the thing that broke the camel’s back. She wasn’t the same person I met 8 years ago, who would have been compassionate and understanding and nurturing, who used to open her home to me as an escape from my parents in high school when my mom was worse. She loves to hoist that in a ‘look at all I’ve done for you’ kind of way, not considering that I tried to give that back whenever and however I could. The stacks would just never have been even in her eyes. On some level she started believing I deserved what I endured as much as my mom did. So the girl I walked away from two weeks ago?

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I’m sick and don’t want to move, so you get Stan and Soos headcanons.

Did twelve year old Soos even know how to fix anything? I submit that he did not. I mean, it’s possible he’d helped Abulita with some simple home repair stuff before—but also, it’s just as likely that he didn’t? He was twelve and his qualifications for being hired were “he was holding a screwdriver at the time.” 

So imagine the day he first shows up for work. Stan’s like “okay, twelve year old that I hired in defiance of both common sense and child labor laws, here’s the golf cart. The problem’s pretty simple, I could fix it myself if I weren’t busy, so hop to it. Here’s a toolbox, I will provide no adult supervision.” 

Stan leaves and Soos is like “okay, I can do this. How hard can it be?” And proceeds to break it a whole ton more than it was broken to begin with, because he’s just a kid kind of taking things apart and trying to put them back together with no idea what he’s doing.

Stan comes back a few hours later and looks at the small child surrounded by engine parts like “welp, I should have seen this coming.” But Soos is close to tears, he’s frustrated and exhausted and probably with a handful of little cuts and such on his hands from rooting around inside a golf cart. He’d been so proud that he’d gotten a real grown-up job–at the coolest place in Gravity Falls, no less! But now he can’t do the one thing he’s supposed to and his fingers hurt and he’s tired and embarrassed.

He starts bawling and begs Stan not to fire him–which, of course, makes Stan incredibly uncomfortable and tugs at his soft little marshmallow of a heart.

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Doubts and Kisses

Hey hey hey! So this was a suggestion given to my by @alexfierrno where Fierrochase and Solangelo meet :D

BTW this is BEFORE Fierrochase gets together and Magnus has an embarrassing crush on Alex and is scared to admit it cuz he thinks Alex is gonna decapitate him and Alex is practically pulling her hair out with how much she just wants Magnus to say the stupid words (cuz lbr, Alex probably would know the whole time).

So ye Fierrochase and Solangelo r gonna be brought together cuz

A n n a b e t h



Magnus has no idea why he is even here. Here at a camp where the children wore orange t-shirts and ran around with swords in their hands. Sure, that was exactly like Hotel Valhalla, but technically they where all already dead so there wasn’t the problem of accidentally killing someone, but the residents of Hotel Valhalla tended to be older that 12. It freaked Magnus out when he saw a kid no older than 9 flash a toothy grin at him as she brandished her sword, pintails flying. He almost had a heart attack when the boy, Leo, set himself on fire. Really, it was an interesting day.

On top of all of it, Alex was with him. As if he wasn’t nervous enough, Alex frickin Fierro had to be at his side the whole time. Magnus didn’t really know what to expect from the demigods, and if his dubious expression wasn’t enough, Alex had to laugh at everything he did. He would stutter as another Greek came up to him with some ability that was just crazy and when they finally went off to do who knows what, Alex would pinch his cheeks and call him cute. It took every ounce of his will power not to blush, but he did it anyway. 

Magnus wasn’t really sure how Alex could do it so casually. Show affection towards him without thinking that it could play with the feelings of a crush Magnus wished he didn’t have. How she kept playing with him and teasing him, without having any romantic desires. Without seeing that he had a crush on her. Of course, Alex obviously didn’t return any of these emotions. To her, her relationship with Magnus was 110% platonic and she never had the thoughts that Magnus had of kisses that ran past midnight and hands running through green hair. Magnus was a mess around Alex, and everyone knew it. 

“Look Maggie! There’s your cousin!” Alex says. Magnus can make out the outline of Annabeth standing by a tree. The sunlight caught on her blonde hair and she was talking animatedly to two boys who where practically leaning on each other they where so close. The boy with golden hair like Annabeth and Magnus had his arm over the shoulder of the boy with black hair, who was noticeably slouching. The clothing of the boy with golden curls was much more colorful than the other boy’s, who wore a deep void of black. They where literally the day and night. 

“C’mon. Let’s go say hi!” Alex says excitedly. For some reason, she has been super hyped about meeting Annabeth. Magnus isn’t even sure why, but he chose not to ask for reasons concerning keeping his head. 

“Alright.” They walked up the hill to the tree and as soon as they where in sight of Annabeth, she called out to them, “Magnus!” She ran up to him and hugged him. Magnus, feeling really awkward, pushed her off, but his was smiling brightly. 

“Annabeth! It’s so good to see you! This is my friend, Alex,” Magnus says, gesturing to Alex.

“Oh is she the one–HEY!” Magnus elbowed her in the ribs. He knew exactly what she was about to say, and Magnus was regretting ever telling her about his crush on Alex. Before Alex or Annabeth could say anything else, the two boys Annabeth was talking to earlier came over.

“Oh! Magnus, Alex. This is Will and Nico. Will, Nico. This is Magnus and Alex.” 

“’Sup,” Will said. Nico waved his hand shyly. 

“Hey,” Magnus said and Alex offered a hand. 

“Well, why don’t you guys talk a little bit while I go check on my idiot of a boyfriend. I swear, I can’t leave him alone for five minutes without him making a toilet explode or something.”

“Sure,” Magnus says, not wanting her to go. Strangers and Alex. Great. 

“So you’re the dude with the scary father?” Nico says.

“Girl. It’s girl unless I say otherwise. And why?” Magnus has to give Nico some credit, he doesn’t seem to fazed at the fact that Alex is gender fluid. He just looks 100% done with the world. That is, until he looks at Will. There is definitely chemistry there. 

“Oh. It’s just my dad was dubbed bad guy too.”

“No way!” They started to walk away.

“Goodbye, Death Boy!”

“Shut up, Solace.” 

“Don’t steal him while I’m gone,” Alex says, causing Magnus to turn a bright scarlet.

“The feeling is mutual, my friend,” Will says. Just before they disappear through the trees,  Magnus catches Nico blushing as he digs his hands in the pockets of his black sweater, looking a little like he’s storming off from embarrassment. Will giggles. 

“He always does that. Sit?” Will asks, gesturing to some logs nearby. Magnus shrugs and they sit down.

“Okay, dude, you have a crush on her,” Will says bluntly. 

“Wh–what?” Magnus chokes out. Will rolls his eyes and crosses his arms. 

“Dude. It is literally the most obvious thing in the world. Plus, Annabeth told me.”

“She did what?!” Magnus yells, drifting into hysteria. He should’ve known not to trust her.

“Dude, calm down. It’s not that bad. Just go for it. It’s what I did with Nico.”

“Wait. You two are… huh?” This is the stupidest Magnus has felt all day. 

“Yes. Me and Nico are dating.” There is a silence.

“How did it happen?” Will flashes back to the memory that is the happiest memory he had. 

It was one night during the campfire. Will insisted that he needed to be with Nico a little more often to help his “mental health”. In reality, Nico probably would’ve been fine with a few pills, but Will just wanted to spend more time with Nico. Somehow, Nico’s darkness touched the corners of his heart until his head filled with Nico’s dark curls and perfectly shaped lips. 

They where all singing campfire songs and being merry, but Nico was his usual self, staring menacingly at the fire. Will threw his arms around Nico’s shoulder and got him to sway with him.

“C’mon. Sing with us,” Will whispered in Nico’s ear.

“Why?” Nico said grumpily. 

“Because. Doctor’s orders,” Will said simply. That was the best part of his job. Whenever Nico doubts what Will tells him, he just shrugs and says, “Doctor’s orders.” And he gets away with it. Nico rolled his eyes but started to murmur the words. Will kept his arm over Nico’s shoulder. When a breeze blew through, Will subconsciously pulled Nico closer, which caused Nico to blush a bright scarlet. 

As soon as Will was in his right mind, he let go of Nico hurriedly. He was surprised to find Nico still at his side, shivering through his thin sweater. Nico grabbed Will’s shirt and turned him to face him. 

“Don’t let go,” he said, his teeth chattering. 

“I’ve got you,” Will said, pulling Nico closer. Nico settled his head on Will’s shoulder, breathing in deeply and letting out a happy sigh. Will was only partially aware of his hands combing Nico’s hair. This was the best possible moment for it. 


"Hmm?” Nico says sleepily. 

“I like you.” Finally, the words where off his chest. He felt free, like he reached the top of the highest mountain. 

“I like you to, Will.” Nico says, sounding confused. 

 "No, Nico. Like, like, like you.“ 

 "Oh….” Nico says. For a second, Will wonders if that was the best decision. Then, Nico turns his beautiful face to Will so he’s looking up at him. 

 "I do too,“ he says, hugging Will even tighter. Will felt his insides squirm as he rested the side of his head on top of Nico’s. He likes me. 

 On the other side of the woods, Nico and Alex where having an interesting conversation. 

 "You seem really comfortable with that boy,” Nico says. 

 "Yeah. He’s really great underneath that snarky exterior he puts on.“ 

 "You like teasing him?" 

 "Oh all the time. He’s just so easy to make fun of and he’s always getting so flustered. It’s a miracle he hasn’t found out…." 


 "Well, it’s obvious, isn’t it? I like him. I like him a lot." 

 "And you don’t think he likes you?" 

 "I know he likes me." 

 "Then why don’t you ask him out?" 

 "I don’t know. Because he’s scared? Because the last thing we need is distractions when my father is still out there, plotting Ragnarok?" 

 "But that doesn’t mean you should let that stop you from achieving your happiness." 

 "But what if he doesn’t want to be with me?" 

 "I don’t understand your reasoning…." 

 "Being with me is confusing. My father is the evilest person there is, sometimes I just randomly take out my anger on people who don’t deserve it, and on top of it all, I’m genderfluid. Why would anyone want to be with someone who doesn’t even know what gender they want to be?” Alex says, collapsing on the ground with her head in her hands. 

 "I’m a mess.“ Nico crouched down to her, moving her hands away from her eyes. 

 "Alex… I’ve heard all of these wonderful things from you and Annabeth about how nice Magnus is. If he really did all of these things to help his friends, then I don’t think he’ll blow you off because of all of these things that make you, you. Before he fell in love with you, he knew everything that went into just being friends with you. Plus, if he breaks your heart just call me and I’ll raise a skeleton army for you." 

 "Aww Nico.” Alex felt tears start to stream down her face. She ran her fingers through her hair, took a shaky breath, and hugged Nico. 

 "Thank you. Thank you so much.“ She breaths. 

 "How about we get back to our boyfriends?" 

 "He isn’t my boyfriend." 

 "Not yet,” Nico says with a smirk. Alex rolls her eyes and they stand up, walking back to the tree together. When they saw Will and Magnus again, Alex walked straight up to him, her face set determinedly. Magnus backed himself up against the tree and winced. 

 "Magnus Chase,“ she booms. Magnus was practically trembling. Will and Nico shared a knowing smile. 

 In the end. Alex was not as patient as Will and Nico who still haven’t had their first kiss even though they’ve been dating for three years. She did not want to take Magnus gently into her arms and whisper "I love you,” until he finally believed her. No, she wanted him to know right now, and she wanted him, right now. 

 That’s why, instead of taking out her garrote as Magnus expected, she pressed her hands to his chest and dragged him towards her, guiding him to her lips. Magnus let out a startled cry, but then melted onto Alex, feeling the fireworks bursting between them. His hands dangled at his sides and Alex grabbed his hands, forcefully putting them on her waist. Magnus was practically swooning, the only thing holding him up was his back pressed against the tree. 

Alex whispered her thanks to all of the gods, Norse, Greek, and Roman alike, and felt like finally something was finally going right in her life. As quietly as possible, Nico and Will slipped away, leaving the two of them to sort out their feelings alone. Nico put his head on Will’s shoulder as he wrapped his arm around Nico’s waist. 

 "You know I love you, right?“ Nico asks. 

 "Of course, Neeks. I never had a doubt in my mind." 

 "Then why haven’t we kissed?” Will stopped in his tracks.

 "I-I-I didn’t think you’d want to.“  

"Gods, you’re as stupid as that Magnus guy." 

 "C-c-c-can I kiss you?" 

 "Your a dork,” Nico says as he pulls Will’s face towards his, pressing his lips to his. This was the confirmation. This was the confirmation that they belonged together as Nico felt Will radiate sunshine beneath his fingertips. Nico pulled away just enough so he could whisper against Will’s lips, “But you’re my dork.”


I’d like to address something in this fucked up FNDM.

Honestly what do people have against Sun and Jaune? It’s literally just them that people have so many problems with for some reason??? “Sun is a stalker and abusive!!!” How? For caring about his friend and crush and trying to see if she’s okay? Do you just not want him around Blake because of your little Bumblebee ship? Guess what? It’s just a fucking ship. So excuse him for trying to see what was wrong with Blake and trying to get her back to her team. Excuse him for being the only faunus that she has something in common with and can confide in. And even if they do end up together so what? Yeah I’m a Black Sun shipper, but I was also a Arkos shipper and you don’t see me bitching about that. Speaking of Arkos, let’s get to Jaune and Pyrrha.
Yes. She died. Everyone was angry, including me. Yes, Jaune took her crown and smelted it into his own armor. Know why? Because they were fucking friends! Yes, Jaune may not have noticed her crush on him until it was too late, but she also didn’t tell him about it either so honestly that was her fault. And it’s not like he just said “Well she’s dead let me take her stuff and make it into some bitchin’ armor!” No, he clearly felt remorse for her. HE OBVIOUSLY CARES ABOUT HER AND WANTS TO KEEP HER AROUND WITH HIM! ALSO! KNOW WHY HE GETS SO MUCH SCREEN TIME? JAUNE IS A FREAKING MAIN CHARACTER! THAT’S WHY! He was literally one of THE first characters to be shown in the first episode! Yes, the show may be named RWBY, but clearly if Jaune has so much screen time then HE WOULD BE IMPORTANT FOR SOME REASON?!????????!??????? We’re only 4 volumes in the series. Shit’s clearly gonna go down and obviously Jaune is an important part of it. One thing I WILL agree on with you guys though.. Jaune did need to stop going after Weiss after countless rejections, but you guys have to know, it’s just for comical relief. Ya know… “Haha” “funny” or did you turn into some humorless sack of boring flour? Yes, Jaune is a flawed character, but he’s not a bad guy so don’t make him out to be one. Sun isn’t a bad guy either. He really cares for Blake and we all just need to get the ships out of our head and focus more on the stories and platonic relationships.

FYI: I really don’t like Bumbleby as a ship.. I just don’t. I see them as more of sisters, but if they do end up together, then hurray! Good for them! Hurray for lesbian ships! I also ship Sea Monkey, so there’s possibly still hope for Sun. In the RWBY team, I’m honestly more of a Monochrome/Checkmate shipper. Also… Don’t even get me started on a White Rose rant…. God I hope that doesn’t become a thing… I really hope it doesn’t… I hate White Rose.. (but as I said before I will be happy for them and the LGBT)

I just don't feel like I'm doing my job.

I spend so much time running around and putting out fires, giving breaks, telling kids to get off of YouTube, and when we do have time to do work kids not wanting to work and not having a space.

I’m not feeling too upset at myself, but more just at the structure. I don’t know how to do my job well. I have students who cannot read, but I do not have an opportunity to teach them. The time I am supporting them in language arts i have 4 other students I am supposed to be supporting. If I pull them, then they are missing the core instruction they are supposed to have too. But then they all need to be working on different things and some kids won’t work without 1-1 support.

I also come from one class into the middle of another for all my classes.

This is the problem with inclusion and cross-categorical. I believe in it in theory, but I do not have the resources to do it well.

I don’t know. I’m just annoyed.

this post really got me thinking lmao…like the invention of cameras has got to be such a pain in the ass for the nations in hetalia? cameras that are now everywhere & capturing facial features with crystal sharp, good-enough-to-be-used-in-biometric-passports-clarity. i mean…

‘you don’t see the problem? cameras today are different, grasshopper, different. sure, i’ve been depicted in art at least ten thousand times because i’m older than the wheel, or so you like to claim. the fifth terracotta soldier in the second column from the left in the first emperor’s tomb is me, they based them all on real soldiers you know—you can’t tell? exactly! because the guy didn’t get my face shape right! even if he did, who’s going to notice since they fucked up the preservation and all the coloured paint came off & it’s sort of stylised a little?

nobody knows that painting of a court official holding a half-bitten peach in that awkward pose hanging in the nat’l art museum in beijing is me. again, stylised and whatnot. but photos? photos—yes i know those of you standing outside your tent with that constipated expression during the civil war are so grainy nobody goes ‘isn’t that the white house intern???’ but come on now, during ww1 you just had to get yourself photographed, beaming with that obnoxious smile in your uniform amongst a group of people who are almost very assuredly all worm food by now, or at least not still looking buff and youthful and not a day over nineteen. and even that’s not so bad because they didn’t put it in those coffee table portraits of ww1 books and it’s just gathering dust in some back archive in the imperial war museum. like nobody knows the guy photographed holding one end of the banner at that shanghai labour union protest in the 1920s is me ‘cos the quality’s crap. 

like how you could probably fake the whole ‘oh my! i really look my great-grandpa!’ thing you did when you ran into that poor guy from your squadron who kept excitedly shoving the yellowing photo of you posing next to your mustang in everyone’s faces. not a chance with digital photos today. nobody’s going to buy that when they run into you fifty years from now and come across a fifty-year old digital photo of you standing next to the UN Secretary General, crisp and sharp as the day it’s taken—when they can distinguish every single pixel of your jawline and down to your individual nose hairs!’

I’m tired of this. I’m tired of being so socially awkward and shy all the fucking time. It just leads to way too many problems.
1) I have barely any friends, and with the friends that I do have, I never know how to start a simple conversation, so I always rely on them to think of something to talk about. I’m always the receiver in a conversation.
2) I can never carry out a conversation, so it just ends up becoming awkward for me and the other person.
3) Since I’m so shy and quiet, a lot of people think I’m weird and hardly nobody wants to talk to me, which just makes me feel even more like a worthless piece of shit.
4) Whenever I see a friend or someone I really care about in a bad mood or vent about their problems, I never know what to say, which in turn makes me think that the other person feels like I’m ignoring them, when in reality, I just don’t know what to say cause my social skills fucking suck. When I do actually say something in a way to try and help them, it always sounds so cliche to me, and I feel like I didn’t put in enough effort to help them. Which again, makes me feel like a worthless piece of shit.

I just wish I could be as outgoing and as confident as some of the people I look up to, in real life and on the internet. I just always get scared that if I show my real self, my interests, my personality to others, that they’ll judge me for it, and potentially hate me.

Sorry for being so rambly and negative. I just really needed to get this off my chest.

I know im gonna sound like I’m defending them and i’m not. God i feel so betrayed. I’m still crying tbh. But listen to me.
Why ACD wrote ‘The Final Problem’? Really, remember, why? Because he couldn’t tell the story he wanted. He killed Sherlock (Holmes) because of that.
What if Mofftiss went through the same situation? Because really guys, it doesn’t make sense. TAB speak for itself. So maybe, just maybe, that’s the reason why they made so many mistakes. So many plot’s holes. That’s why they made a wrong final problem. This isn’t even about Johnlock anymore. The plot is just bad, wrong, inconsistent.

Or maybe i loved Sherlock and Mofftiss for so long that i can’t think wrong about them. But it really doesn’t make sense.

Hey guys!! Okay so I have received a lot of messages about making like a master list for all the headcanons, and I’m trying to, but I have a bit of a problem: My computer hates me. I’ve been going through my own tags, and things are coming up like completely out of order, and some I can’t even find at all unless I type in like 30 keywords to search for it. It’s pretty frustrating. However, as someone who maybe-slightly-obsessively checks tags on all the reblogs on her posts (whoops), I know for a fact there are a couple people out there who have their own like, personal tags for my stuff. If any of you who do that could like message me for help, that would be so great!

Dude just because some fans are young - in middle school/in their teens or whatever that doesn’t give them any excuse or justification for acting without basic respect and courtesy towards both members of groups and just other fans in general??? It’s not even a valid explanation??? Making mistakes is understandable and then people can be taught that they’re wrong and learn from it and there is nothing wrong at all with that. But? Just simply being rude and lacking common decency? There is something wrong with that. And I cannot understand it at all.

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wait, isn't it also a problem when people are aggressive about that sam only bottoms? like versibility exists

I didn’t even realize this was in my inbox so I’m sorry this was late. The answer is yes and no. Yes, versatility exists, but that’s not the issue. The issue is that fandom takes black characters, specifically men, and hyper-masculinates them to the point of being 1. unrecognizable and 2. someone who’s only there for the service of the other.

Like, yeah Sam could be a top - but the only time I’ll agree with that is when he’s not being stereotyped or at the beck and call of another character. If the balance is there then fine, but I can’t trust fandom to write top Sam without fucking it up. And anyway, my bird prince deserves to be dicked down seaux

I’ve been having this problem where if I become upset I start crying uncontrollably. Like sobbing. And I can’t stop or can’t control it it seems.

And I have two parties in the next two weeks and I really just want to cancel. Especially the one next weekend. I’m already feeling anxious and scared. The worst part is I know everyone there, it’s not even a big group. It’s only people I know, but in the last month I’ve already accidentally had two breakdowns in front of most of them and having another one is just so scary.

it’s very weird to be a huge proponent of mental health care and then think you’re a huge failure for even considering it for yourself. like if someone, even someone I don’t know, wants or absolutely needs treatment I want them to have it, and i dont think it makes them weak in any way, but then when I even have a thought of having it for myself it’s just “haha wow, loser, fix it yourself,” or just “suck it up your problems aren’t that bad.”

urgh. the lady I had an interview with today canceled on me but I also canceled last night because I don’t think I can work with children successfully or effectively for that matter….but she still wants to do an interview? she called me, left a message, and emailed me in the same hour. I’m feeling sort of annoyed and frustrated. I’d hate to not try to get a position there so I can actually use the degree I got for psych. related things but at the same time I have no certification to work with mentally disabled kids? I just don’t know what she’s thinking or what to do for that matter. my gut says to go for it but its not always right. maybe I need to ask the cards. 

Okay, so you know what I’m kind of jealous that other people can just do? Flirt. Like, just walk up to to a stranger, whether they like them or not, and flirt just for fun.
Me, on the other hand, can not just flirt (to be honest, I’m not sure if I even know how). I’m guessing it has to do with the hopeless romantic in me that wishes for a connection and friendship built into a relationship.
I don’t like fake things or decieving, and that includes relationships.
Part is me is telling me that it looks fun but another is…. I don’t even know.

Do NOT put out just because you feel like they're expecting it or like you owe them!!

This problem fucked younger me up multiple times.

By all means, have sex on the first date if that’s what YOU want. But never feel like you have to, even if they bought you a fucking Ferrari, you DO NOT owe them a damn thing. If they start taking their pants off like that was the plan and in reality it wasn’t part of your plan, just tell them not yet and that you’d like to continue getting to know them better.

It hurts my heart knowing that little younger me thought that a guy would like me better if I put out earlier on in the relationship, when I really would’ve rather waited. I know that not all men are bad, but it’s so sad that growing up that’s what I thought had to be done to be liked.

If someone really likes you they will be willing to wait until you’re ready, if not you need to pass them up buttercup xoxo

Laura Jackson-Blofis

If you didn’t know Percy, you’d think he was a professional in childcare. He could put them to sleep without any problems, they wouldn’t protest to eating when it was he who was doing the feeding, he could even calm a crying baby with just the sound of his voice. Percy Jackson had never even held a baby before his little sister was born, yet he couldn’t do any harm when he first held her.
“Would you like to hold her?” Sally asked, the baby was not even a day old, she was so tiny. Percy quickly shook his head, even taking a few steps away from his mom.
“I might drop her.” he protested. However, after Sally had fallen asleep, and Paul had gone home to shower, the little girl started crying in her crib. “No, no, don’t do that, mom’s tired, you can’t wake her” he pleaded trying to hush the baby. Popping his head out the door he saw no nurses, cursing he ran back into the room and carefully lifted his sister. “Shh.” Percy had been told before that his voice was powerful, that he could stop entire armies just by talking, he would never have guessed that quieting babies was something he could be capable of. The baby stopped crying instantly, with his voice and the rocking, she was as quiet as she would be if she were sleeping. Only, she was wide awake, looking at him with the most perfect blue eyes he’d ever seen, just like their mothers. “There we go, that’s better” only an hour ago he was adamant on not holding her. Now, with small tears in his eyes, he didn’t want to put her down. “You know, you look just like mom,” he told her as he walked towards the small armchair “You even have that dimple on your cheek like she does.” He gently poked it making her giggle. “I wish I still lived with her now, just so I could see you everyday. Wait, you don’t even know who I am, do you? I’m Percy, your brother.” He continued talking to her for almost an hour before Sally woke up to feed her and he had to leave for school. However, before he left, Sally quickly called him back.
“Her name’s Laura, Percy.” Laura, after his grandmother, any other name couldn’t have fit any better than Laura.

4 years later, Sally still talked about how she woke up to him having an entire one-sided conversation with Laura, how he’d take her giggling and gurgling noises as noises of agreement to whatever he said. As Laura Jackson-Blofis grew up, anyone could tell that her favourite person in the world was her brother. Some nights Sally would call him to come over, just so he could put her to sleep. If Percy was around, Laura would refuse to be fed her apple sauce by anyone else. When she could stand on her own, he’d let her stand between his legs as he slowly rode his skateboard around the apartment. Annabeth’s new favourite moment was when Percy put on a little fashion show for Laura. He needed to pick out an outfit for their sixth anniversary and she was determined to find him the perfect one.
“What about this one?” he asked the now 4 year old. She looked up from her book, a small smile on her face, but when she saw his green button down, she scrunched up her nose.
“You don’t look nice in green” she told him.
“Then what colour should I wear?” he couldn’t help but chuckle at the ‘thinking’ face she put on, as she furrowed her eyebrows and tapped her chin, Annabeth walked in. Neither of them noticed her, too caught up in what colour Percy’s shirt should be to hear the camera click of her phone. Instead of saying anything, Laura jumped off the bed and ran into the closet, promptly coming out with a white button down and a black vest.
“What did you ever do before I was born?” she asked, a finger pointing at him with her other hand on her hip. She even had the same look their mom gave when she scolded him, it kind of scared him. Annabeth couldn’t help but take another picture, laughing at the sight of her 6 foot boyfriend being scolded by his hardly 3 foot tall little sister. Laura’s eyes seemed to light up at the sound of her laugh, Percy swore that this girl loved Annabeth more than she loved him. “You’re home!” she exclaimed running right into Annabeth’s arms.
“I was only gone a few hours, you two looked busy” Annabeth teased, winking at Percy, “What else did you do while I was gone? Other than give Percy some fashion advise”
“Uhm, Jason came over for lunch, we had grilled cheese and apple juice, then he took me to the library while Fishy took a shower,” if anything could melt your heart, it was Laura calling her brother Fishy. It started when she first saw him breath underwater, it was when they were gone to Montauk for her fourth birthday. She already knew who Percy’s dad was, she just hadn’t seen any of his powers yet because no one was sure if she’d be able to see through the mist. After they realized that instead of a poodle she actually saw Mrs O'Learly as she was, they decided it was okay to show her. Ever since that day on the beach, he was forever known as her big brother Fishy. “I got a book, that one.” she pointed towards the bed, a copy of Sleeping Beauty laid discarded on a pillow. Laura went through the rest of her day; she told Annabeth how she ate ice cream with Jason and Piper, how Katie grew a flower for her right in her palm that only had a tiny bit of soil. With each event, Laura counted it on her finger. By the end of her story, she had a total of 6 fingers held up.
“Wow, you’ve had an eventful day” she smiled and nodded as if she accomplished something amazing. “Now, why don’t you go pack your over night bag while I get dressed and we’ll go drop you off at…”
“Nico said he’ll watch her.” Nico Di Angelo didn’t smile much, but something about Laura had put a new spring in his step ever since he met her. Apparently, Laura could even make the darkest of people light up.
“Nico?! Nico lets me eat cookies before bed!” in a flash Laura was out the door and headed for the guest room, which she declared as hers the moment Percy and Annabeth moved into their new apartment. Annabeth smiled and walked over to Percy, placing a hand on his chest, she gave him a kiss.
“I think she likes Nico better than you” she teased, Percy rolled his eyes and picked up the clothes Laura left for him.
“I don’t know why, I let her eat cookies before bed all the time”
“No, you eat cookies while putting her to bed. Anyway, at least we don’t have to feel bad about leaving her tonight” usually, Percy never left her side when she was staying with them. However, with their anniversary, they really had no choice but to find someone to watch her. Especially over night, because they were probably going to do something that Laura could not accidentally walk in on. Percy replaced his shirt with the new one as Annabeth walked into the closet to change. A few minutes later, Laura was waiting at their bedroom door, her backpack looking as if it was going to explode with what she stuffed in there.
“See! I told you this is better!” she stated seeing Percy in the outfit she picked out, “And hurry up, I want to go to Nico’s house” she turned on her heel and walked off towards the front door. Percy just rolled his eyes and smiled.
“Yeah, we don’t have to feel bad. And even if we did, the sight of Nico after being her make up doll will make us feel better” Annabeth laughed from inside the closet, the memory of Nico’s last babysitting experience replaying in her mind.

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I'm surprised Ras doesn't have more active ships!

This has been sitting in my inbox for a while; I honestly didn’t want to answer this because I don’t know how to without sounding like I’m whining?

I mean outside of the obvious, which is Ras is decently slow at forming actual romantic bonds, even after he knows he has feelings for someone because of terrible mental state and his anxiety and problems voicing his emotions when it comes to such things. It will just sound like me vague whining about people, and I don’t want anyone to think I’m talking about them when I’m just trying to convey a point and doing so poorly, or speaking in a general sense. 

So simply put, Ras just doesn’t. 


Kiss Me On The Mouth And Set Me Free

Louis has his head thrown back in a laugh, his wet fringe hanging in front of his eyes, and a beautiful flush to his cheeks. From this angle, the sun hits his face just right to where the beams of light are shining in between the spaces of each individual clump of watered down eyelashes. His chest is showing through the soaked material of his white jersey and it seems that his biceps are attempting to break free from the sleeves that are clinging to his skin.

And Harry can do nothing except take it all in. He doesn’t even think he’s breathing at this point. He is literally stuck in place, admiring the true beauty of Louis Tomlinson, while being surrounded by fit footballers and generally attractive people. He doesn’t think he’s ever been in love before, but if Louis let him, he’s pretty damn sure he could change that in the matter of a few nanoseconds.

A Fallen Star That Shines No More

Louis might have a problem.

Said problem lies entirely in the fact that he can’t seem to avoid Harry Styles, The Ex-Boyfriend That Broke His Heart and World Famous Popstar Sensation. Everything is only made more complicated by the fact that he doesn’t really want to avoid Harry either, even though they’re supposed to mean nothing to each other.

Another tiny problem may also be that Harry has no idea that Louis has a daughter now.

Yeah, he’s screwed.

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     One of the teachers had asked Oka to give some documents to a student named Rin Himura. He didn’t mind, it would be no problem at all if he actually knew who the student was. He wouldn’t have even been able to describe their face if asked until shown a picture by the teacher. Red hair and not Yui Rio, that should be easy enough to find right? She hadn’t been in any of the places most students wandered though.

    He peeked his head into one of the last classrooms he was checking, though nearly all students had left them by now and saw the red strands of hair.

   “E-Excuse me.. But are you Himura chan?”