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Former NFL player Joe Montana shakes hands with an Israeli football player in Ramat Hasharon, near Tel Aviv, Israel. 18 members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame who arrived for a weeklong visit to meet some of the 2,000 active players in Israel’s various leagues organized by New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who has been sponsoring the sport in Israel since it was launched in 1999.

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After nearly nine years in prison, O.J. Simpson will soon be a free man. Again. A four-member parole board in Carson City, Nev., voted unanimously to curtail his 33-year prison sentence for kidnapping and armed robbery, stemming from a confrontation over sports memorabilia in Las Vegas in 2007. 

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Simpson rose to prominence for his athletic talent and record-breaking football career. He became the first NFL player to rush for more than 2,000 yards in a single season. After the 1979 season, he retired from football and was later inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, beginning careers in acting and football broadcasting.

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In 1994, Simpson became embroiled in controversy and media scrutiny after he was accused of murdering his ex-wife, Nicole Brown, and her friend Ron Goldman. The two were found stabbed to death in Los Angeles near Brown’s condominium. Police treated Simpson as a person of interest, and after failing to turn himself in, began a low-speed pursuit of him along Interstate 405 in California, while he was riding in the backseat of a white Ford Bronco SUV.

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Simpson was acquitted of charges in a lengthy and widely publicized trial that culminated on Oct. 3, 1995, in a jury verdict of “not guilty.” Millions of people tuned in to watch or listen to the announcement. The crime remains unsolved, but many saw his nine-year service in prison as a place he should have been since his murder trial.

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He faced other legal troubles throughout the early 2000s that included arrests, FBI searches and lawsuits. Attention returned to the Hall of Fame running back and former actor for his 2007 ill-fated bid to retrieve sports memorabilia and again, ten years later, when he became eligible for parole. This Sept. 9, 2008, file photo shows O.J. Simpson arriving at the Clark County Regional Justice Center on the second day of jury selection for his trial in Las Vegas. Nevada parole board officials cited good behavior in prison as factors for his upcoming, early release on Oct. 1.

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Suburban ass attitude? But wasn't your father a pro football player?

My dad played in the NFL, and USFL 1982-1989
Now. Be it as you a tumblr dumbass, you prolly thought thy were handing out 100 million dollar contacts since the beginning of time.
You also seem to think that everyone that gets some type of money doesn’t have other things they want to accomplish which involves them living in certain cities.
My dad is A Newark legend. Newark and NJ hall of fame. But he also became a teacher in the same city he grew up in. Because why not educate the youth? Something you seem to know nothing about


Back behind his desk in his office, Roy is trying to make a list of likely questions Freddie might be asked at his press conference on Thursday. The only thing Freddie wanted to discuss with him this morning was music, specifically the song he wanted to use for his grand entrance onstage. It had to be something suitably triumphant, but not too cocky. Freddie’s wife Chantelle was keen on  Don’t Stop Believin’. Freddie favoured Eye of the Tiger. He also suggested to Roy that he be allowed to sing the chorus to Eye of Tiger himself, because apparently he has a rich and soulful voice and might have been a recording star had he not decided to pursue a career in sports. Roy closes his eyes and wonders if it’s not too late to cancel the  media conference and just issue a simple press release instead.

His encounters with Gus, Freddie and Anita this morning are all combining to deliver him the mother of all headaches. He wishes Sonia was there to put a cool, non-nonsense hand to his forehead and order him to swallow two aspirin. If he moaned enough she’d sometimes even be persuaded to give him a scalp massage. On an instantly regrettable, self-pitying impulse he rings her number. It goes straight to voicemail. He rings the house. Apollo answers after several eternities.

Roy: Where’s Sonia, Apollo?

Apollo: Did you try her number?

Roy: Obviously. Duh.

Apollo: There’s no need to get snippy. Anyway, as I’ve told you myriad times, I’m paid to babysit the children, not Mrs Goddard- 

Roy: I’ll put a nice bonus in your paypacket this week.

Apollo: I cannot be bought, Mr Goddard.

Roy: §100.

Apollo: She was meeting Genevieve for lunch. That’s all she told me.  

Roy: Genevieve? Who the hell is Genevieve?

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Chicago Bears tight end Mike Ditka talks with head coach George Halas during a game against the Philadelphia Eagles on Nov. 5, 1961 at Franklin Field in Philadelphia. A Hall of Fame player who made five Pro Bowls, Ditka also compiled a 121-95 record in 14 seasons as a head coach. He was an NFL champion with the 1963 Bears and is a three-time Super Bowl champion, playing on the Cowboys Super Bowl VI team as well as winning as an assistant coach for Dallas in Super Bowl XII, and coaching the Bears to victory in Super Bowl XX. Ditka turned 77 years old on Oct. 18, 2016. (Neil Leifer)

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I have been so terribly good this year. Tell me a new interesting fact about Vadrans! :D

Only three Vadrans have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame since the inception of the NFL. They are Skoldur Hausingar (wide receiver, 1972), Aingrin Serpent-Hands (cornerback, 1984) and Hiskun “Vomit Comet” Hiskunskar (kicker, 1997).

Southern Miss quarterback Brett Favre (at 19 years old) eats a po boy with his family on Sept. 19, 1989 at their home in Kiln, Miss. Favre was selected to 11 Pro Bowls and won the NFL MVP three times, including in 1997 when he led the Green Bay Packers to a Super Bowl victory. Favre, a 2016 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee, turned 47 years old on Oct. 10, 2016. (Ronald C. Modra)

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Ok not important but Harry's a Green Bay packers fan and the packers #1 rivals are the Chicago Bears, whose logo is on that sign.

oh, you’re right. i didn’t even realize it was an american football reference.

“The Bears–Packers rivalry is a rivalry between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers of the National Football League. The two clubs have won a combined 22 NFL championships (13 for Green Bay and 9 for Chicago) including 5 Super Bowls (4 for Green Bay and 1 for Chicago) and have 58 members in the Pro Football Hall of Fame (Chicago with 30 and Green Bay with 28.)

The rivalry began in 1921 and is the league’s most played, with 191 regular-season and post-season games.[1] (Note that the rivalry is not the league’s longest continuous rivalry, as the 1982 strike-shortened NFL season did not include a Bears–Packers game. That title goes to the Lions–Packers rivalry, who have played each other at least twice a year since 1932. Also one meeting between the Bears and Lions was canceled in 1987 due to another strike.) Because both the Packers and Bears are in the same division—the NFC North—they play each other at least twice every regular season.

Chicago currently leads the series 93–92–6.”

Getty Images staff photographer Tom Pennington wins Dave Boss Award of Excellence in the 47th Annual Pro Football Hall of Fame Photo Contest. 

His photo titled Take That, was named Action Photograph of the Year for the 2014 NFL Season. Captured on August 16, 2014 at AT&T Stadium, It depicts Baltimore Ravens’ Brynden Trawick in midair about to make an interception against the Dallas Cowboys receiver Dwayne Harris.

Pennington has been a Getty Images staff photographer for the past three years. Prior to joining Getty Images, he was a senior staff photographer with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram for 10 years. Pennington has worked across the globe covering sports, conflict and human interest stories.

He will be officially honored at the 2015 Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival this summer in Canton, Ohio.