the prize is a secret

my goals depending on mood
  • depressed me: get out of bed and shower
  • sans symptom me: get a stable job live in a nice house, just be happy
Sore Loser

A little context: I run a homebrew 5e campaign for my school’s DnD club, so all the players are students. The regulars are a Human Paladin named Yang, a Teifling Sorcerer named Eldernoct(who was gonna for this), and a Drown Rouge named Griff. Yang has a modified sheild made specifically for sheild sliding so, naturally, I included a surfing contest. Yang joined it immediately. These are the events that transpired.

DM(Me), as Contest Announcer, on a podium: “Welcome to the 512nd Annual Sheild Surfing Competition! Are there any dudes out there rad enough to take on the Verbanian Mountains!?”

Griff, OOC: “Something is off about this guys tone. I’m going to roll Insight.”

*gets a 2*

DM: You can tell he plans on standing up there trying to recruit people for this contest.

Yang: “Hey, Buddy, I don’t know what this “Rad” thing is, but I know for a fact that’s what I am! I’m joining right now. How do pal?“

DM, as CA: "It’ll cost approximately 250 Gold my dude! If you win, you’ll get a sweet secret prize!”

Griff and Yang: “Deal!”

So they enter and I threw in two in other NPC’s to play too, for a challenge. In the end Yang won by a long shot and Griff came in second, but the Announcer had different ideas. He was distracted by

CA: “Woah dudes and dudettes, sweet moves! That was a close race! Anyway, let’s give out those ranks. In third is a… Cliff? Bummer dude, shoulda surfed better. In second place is… Yang! First place goes to the Baker lady with the sweet buns, if ya know what I mean. Yang, here’s your prize.”

*Sticks out fist for a fist bump.*

Yang, OOC: Do I know what he’s doing?

DM: Go ahead and roll Wisdom.

*Yang rolls a 1*

DM: You think he’s both attempting an attack and insulting your mother.

Yang: You son of a… *rolls to slug* *1*

DM: You end up punching the Baker Lady and her falls over and *1* smashes her face on her sheild. You now have the blood of a winner on your hands.

Your Name

Nursey Week Day Four: Shout


       Spring C is nothing like any other concert Nursey had ever been to. It isn’t loud so much as full, as if every one of Nursey’s senses is just bursting with sensation and he can’t do anything but experience it. He doesn’t remember if he had anything to drink, but he feels loose and happy like when he steals some of Dex’s tub juice because he really doesn’t appreciate it as much as he should. Of course, the feeling could just be from dancing, screaming lyrics he doesn’t know, being anonymous, other worldly, immortal, just for a bit.

         A hand curls itself around his wrist and he turns, grinning widely when he sees Dex standing there, flushed from head to toe, jumping in time with the beat. Dex grins back and Nursey laughs for no other reason than he’s happy and needs to let the world know.

         “Come on!” Dex shouts over the music, though Nursey still doesn’t hear him. The only reason he knows what Dex is saying is because he’s staring so intently at Dex’s lips. A little on the thin side, but sometimes when he fusses with them the bottom one gets all red and kiss bitten, puffing up a bit, and Nursey could write sonnets just on that bottom lip.

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Character Sheet

//Witter here with a character sheet that I use. I hope it comes in handy!

“A quote from or about your character.”

     - Book, Chapter, Thought, Etc.

   General Information

Name: [The name you call them and they call themselves mainly; but if it isn’t their real biological name, make sure you note that information down somewhere]
Name Meaning: [Self explanatory]
Pronunciation: [Self explanatory]
Other Names: [Nicknames? Aliases?]
Titles: [A title they might have earned? Like ‘The Trouble Maker’ or ‘General’?]

Sex: [Self explanatory]
Gender: [Self explanatory]
Age: [Can add what they look like in terms of age]

Birth Date: [Were they born on Earth with our terms of years?]
Birth Place: [Self explanatory; where were they born?]

Species: [Human? Shape shifter? Alien?]
Home-Planet: [Earth? Mars? Completely made up planet?]
Nationality: [I think this goes without saying]
Occupation: [Space janitor? Mortician? Artist?]

Dominant Hand: [Ambi? Left? Right? Third Hand?]
Astrological Sign: [Leo? Cancer? Virgo? A completely new one?]
Blood Type: [Might come in handy]


Main Appearance: [Here’s where I put a detailed paragraph or two talking about the general description of my character, from skin color, to facial shape, to height/weight, hair color, birthmarks, scars, skin conditions, eye color, etc.]

Alternative Appearances: [This refers to other forms your character might have. Like, say they have a disguise or they’re a shape shifter]


Wardrobe: [Self explanatory]

Accessories: [Self explanatory]
Musical Instruments: [Self explanatory]
Piercings: [Self explanatory]
Hygiene: [Self explanatory]
Makeup: [Self explanatory]
Perfume / Cologne: [Self explanatory]
Scent: [Natural]
Tattoos: [Self explanatory- I usually put this and piercings up in Appearance, but if it’s feeling cluttered to you, this is fine]


Diet: [Self explanatory]
Exercise: [Self explanatory; how frequently?]
Fitness: [Self explanatory; Are they ‘in shape’?]
Posture: [Self explanatory]

Abnormalities: [In their health]
Aids: [Medicines, coping habits, Glasses, Hearing Aids, etc?]
Allergies: [Include their severity]
Diseases: [If they have any]
Illnesses: [If they have any]
Disorders: [If they have any]
Broken Bones: [If they have any]
Reason for Health: [This is a general explanation of how they might have come to have what they have, hereditary or if they fell from a tree and got a broken bone]


Accent / Dialect: [Self explanatory]
Voice: [Self explanatory; rough/delicate/raspy, etc]
Laughter: [Self explanatory; is it breathy? Bubbly? Almost too soft to hear?]
Impediments: [Self explanatory; stutters, etc.]


Languages: [Languages they might know]
Personality: [Self explanatory; this usually gets really long]


Outlook on Life: [Self explanatory]
Philosophy / Motto: [Self explanatory]


Priorities: [Self explanatory; goals they have in mind?]
Self Confidence: [Self explanatory; how they outwardly show it]
Self Control: [Self explanatory]
Self Esteem: [Self explanatory; this is how they feel deep inside]

Quirks: [Self explanatory; like, do they rub their neck a lot? Always fiddle with stuff?]
Hobbies: [Self explanatory]
Closet Hobbies: [Self explanatory; stuff they aren’t too keen on sharing]
Guilty Pleasures: [Self explanatory]

Habits: [Self explanatory]
Nervous Tics: [Self explanatory]
Soft Spots: [Self explanatory]

Most Prized Possession: [Self explanatory]
Collections: [Self explanatory]

Regrets: [Self explanatory]
Secrets: [Self explanatory]
Darkest Secret: [Self explanatory]
Pet Peeves: [Self explanatory]

Phobias: [Self explanatory]


Likes: [Self explanatory]
Dislikes: [Self explanatory]

Favorites: [Self explanatory; general things, such as favorite food, movie genre, music, etc]
Least Favorites: [Self explanatory]


Ability: [Self explanatory]
Position: [Self explanatory; position they find themselves when in combat, defense or offense, as well as if they’re leader, etc]
Weapon: [Self explanatory]
Element: [Self explanatory]
Martial Arts: [Self explanatory]
Strengths: [Self explanatory]
Weaknesses: [Self explanatory]
Restrictions: [Self explanatory]

   Home, Work, and Education

Abode: [What kind of place do they live in? Apartment? Duplex? House? What does the interior look like?]

Pets: [Self explanatory]
Roommates: [Self explanatory]

Sleep Patterns: [Self explanatory]
Eating Habits: [Self explanatory]


Mother: [Self explanatory]
Father: [Self explanatory]
Guardians: [Self explanatory]
Siblings: [Self explanatory]
Children: [Self explanatory]
Best Friend: [Self explanatory]
Close Friends: [Self explanatory]
Friends: [Self explanatory]
Team: [Self explanatory]
Acquaintances: [Self explanatory]
Rivals: [Self explanatory]
Enemies: [Self explanatory]


First Love: [Self explanatory]
Love Interests: [Self explanatory]
Significant Other: [Self explanatory]
Sexual and Romantic Orientation(s): [Self explanatory]


(Optional; but generally, this is how they react to what they’re feeling)



Background: [Self explanatory, but basically how they’ve grown up- their past, etc. that leads up to their story]

Earliest Memory: [Self explanatory]
Fondest Memory: [Self explanatory]
Worst Memory: [Self explanatory]


  • [If you’ve missed anything, you can add it here! Fun things to add: MBTI types, temperament, Hogwarts House, Pokemon Team, etc.]

Lane Bryant’s #ImNoAngel Campaign Shows What ‘Sexy’ Really Looks Like

Move over Victoria’s SecretLane Bryant just won the prize for sexiest campaign of 2015 .The plus-size brand launched its #ImNoAngel advertisements on Monday, featuring models Ashley Graham, Marquita Pring, Candice Huffine and more.

See how these women define “sexy” in numerous ways in the ad here. 

Contest Results!

1st Place Winner! {Prize: Companion Cube Messenger Bag and Drawing}


2nd Place Winner! {Prize: Companion Cube Keychain and Drawing}


3rd Place Winner! {Prize: Drawing}

Participants! {You will all be contacted about a secret participations prize!}

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THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR ENTERING!!! This has been a lot of fun! Look forward to more of these in the future! I’m coming up on a follower milestone, I’ll probably do something special for that.

Everyone’s art and writing was truly lovely and special in its own way and I fully encourage you to keep doing what you are doing. It’s a little overwhelming to know that there were enough people that liked my fic enough to want to make art for this contest, but it makes me really happy. I didn’t expect this good of a turn out! You are all wonderful, talented people and I love you! <3

Expect a message from me within the next couple of days!

The Signs As Stuff Around My Room

Aries:Small flatscreen T.V.

Taurus:5SOS poster from 2014

Gemini:Sketchbooks and art supplies every where

Cancer:Pastel pink and lavender plush penguins

Leo:Aesthetic clothes all over the floor

Virgo:My prized Vans

Libra:Lots and lots of makeup

Scorpio:My secret candy stash

Sagittarius:DIY flower crown

Capricorn:Huge wipe board and Expo markers

Aquarius:Multicolored water speaker

Pisces:Tons of books


Dearest Winter, how the years have aged you,
Changed from rain to biting coldness,
Frost over green paddocks, in this little memory town.

Thermometers on fence posts, this reply is not worthy
For her heart is stronger,
Armour made from travelling the nights deep freeze.

Dearest Winter, how I pray for a Crones blessing,
Maiden and Mother have flown,  the most wise
The oldest androgyny has come to claim her prize.

I welcome her, my beautiful hermaphrodite,
To know the secrets of this frozen empire,
Whispers of atoms, alchemists battling starvation
The many small fish are thawing my closed, spiked heart

Dearest Winter, bring me angel’s tears,
Ice so pure, bullets  and stars of dew,
Filled  in bottles that shatter as the water freezes
In rain tanks, filtered pure, straight from the clouds.

Here comes, the heavy blanket,
Filigree threads of a neglected  love
Can you see, how I am picking my way
With hands stuck  to an axe, plying my skeleton fingers,
Away, to wrap and bind, my true self

Dearest Winter, only you know my flaws and cracks,
How ices properties and grotesque landscapes
On my Island, home, of pseudo-science,
Creating a myth both familiar and foreign
Thawed out by history and yet still fresh.

@rarasworldbro: thank you for being amazing and inspiring!!


Part 1

Wes wandered his way through the lunch line, not bothering to pay attention to whatever Chris was trying to tell him or what the lunch lady was piling on his plate. It wasn’t like he’d be able to tell what it was anyways. 

He’d had all weekend to think about what Fenton had said, the house to himself to go back over research he’d done the past year and no one to interrupt him; he didn’t want to think about his Dad was doing over at Vlad’s mansion, so the conspiracy was really the only thing left to distract him. Although Fenton’s situation wasn’t much better. 

He kept thinking about what he’d said about people wanting to hurt him, to kill him… Somehow Wes had just never made the connection that it was really that serious… Although when he went through the old news footage, videos of ghost attacks, even a few police reports, he couldn’t believe how he’d missed it. He wasn’t just looking for similarities between the two characters, further proof of his theory, like a game where you had to solve the mystery, pull together the facts, get people to believe you. This time he was just watching to watch, actually listening to what was happening, not just how it could further his own interests. 

It had finally hit him that weekend: This was real. He was actually watching his classmate go out and fight for his life. The kid wasn’t pretending to be a superhero, or playing the good guy, he was actually living it. And Wes just sat there, watching reruns of the kid catching a truck that was about to fall on a crowd, about to kill people, mostly teenagers and fangirls who had run up to see the fight, oohing and ahhhing like they were watching a film…

But this wasn’t a film, wasn’t a game… It was a job. A very serious, very important job. One that no one in their right mind would entrust to a freshman but that was the thing; no had realized that it was a freshman… Except for Wes. And what had he done with that knowledge? Wined and blackmailed and acted entitled to the secret like the kid’s life was a prize to be won. 

He felt sick, disgusted with himself because he’d somehow always thought of Fenton as a conspiracy and not a person… And now that he’d had the chance to think about it… He could finally see why no one made the connection between Fenton and Phantom. Phantom was strong, witty, confident, fast, and Fenton was weak, spindly, and it was frankly impressive that the kid could even lift a pencil… But more than that, the way he moved, the way he held himself… He just looked… Tired. 

And not the “stayed up late playing video games tired.” More like “Stayed up playing into triple over-time with no subs and we’ve still got a four hour drive home” tired. He was actually watching as Fenton’s head drooped, falling asleep in the middle of the lunch room, shoulders slumped, looking too exhausted to even lift his fork… Before Wes would have held that up as evidence–

“What you gonna do?” Wes jumped when Chris bumped his shoulder and spoke. “Take pictures and say that Fenton kid is Phantom ‘cause he’s tired? Give it a break, man.” Wes hadn’t even realized he’d been staring. 

“Ah, sorry. I was just thinking about stuff…” Wes looked back down at his plate, pushing the less-than-appetizing mush around with his fork. He was only vaguely aware that it was now his friend’s turn to stare. This time at him. “What?” He met their eyes.

It was Chris who spoke, “… You’re not going to go on rant about Fenton? About how it's so obvious? About how we’re all terrible friends for not believing you?”

“You're not terrible friends.”

“We don't believe you about Fenton, though” Louis said, jabbing his fork mockingly from across the table.

“Yeah, I know.” And for the first time Wes was glad about that. He made a decision. Fenton deserved his privacy. “It’s not him anyhow.”

Louis pretended to do a spit-take all over Emmett, which sparked an argument on that side of the table. Everyone else was staring at Wes, open-mouthed and seriously exaggerating their shock. 

“Who are you and what have you done with my friend!” Sometimes he really hated how funny his friends found overreacting.

“I saw a clip of them both in the same place at the same time.” He lied, “I was wrong. My mistake. Sorry. Are we done?”

“You sure it wasn’t just a clone? Evil twin? Life-model robot?” Emily had always been on the forefront of the 'make fun of Wes’ brigade.

Yes, okay. I. was. wrong.” Emily narrowed her eyes at him, pretending to be looking for a flaw in his facade, as if she was good enough at poker to tell when anyone was lying. He glared back.

“Wow, I do believe Wes has actually grown a brain. Congratulations.” Wes rolled his eyes at Louis and, after a few more terrible jokes and unwanted comments, the conversation changed… Except for Chris.

“You sure you’re alright, man? You seem kind of out of it.” He sounded concerned, even lowering his voice in the cafeteria to protect Wes’s privacy. He was nice like that.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” It wasn’t a lie, not exactly, but it still felt bad to tell… And Chris wasn’t buying it.

“Is it about your Dad? You know you can talk to me.”

Wes shook his head. “I just feel kind of bad, you know? I think I got Fenton in trouble with his parents.” It felt much better to tell the truth, even if it was only a small part of it.

“Are you going to apologize?”

“I… hadn’t thought of that…” Wes looked over at where Fenton was sitting, his head actually lying flat against the dirty cafeteria table, fast asleep. Maybe he should. After all, he’d assumed Fenton’s parents knew and if they they didn’t…  it looked like he could really use some more help… If he was even willing to accept it…

Still, it didn’t hurt to try. Wes stood and made his way across the cafeteria. No one paid him much attention, but as he reached the table where Fenton was sitting it occurred to him that the boy was actually asleep… meaning he’d have to wake him… but it was a little late for that now…

His friend’s exchanged glances and looked curiously at Wes; apparently Fenton hadn’t told them about the kid who was slandering his reputation…

“Ghost.” Wes just had to speak the word and Fenton was up in truly comical fashion, looking around like a dog told to fetch.

The boy to his right burst into laughter. “Oh, man, dude! You are totally turning into your dad.”

Fenton actually whacked him in the head for that, before he noticed Wes standing there and groaned. “What do you want?” He did not sound happy to see Wes at all.

“I just… wanted to apologize.” It didn’t really sound like enough and he remembered what he’d said at the party about protecting people… “I guess I just never thought of how it might affect you. So… sorry, I guess. I’ll stop talking about you… Even tell people something else if you want…” He found himself looking down at his shoes, noticing for the first time that the laces were laced differently on the left and the right…

“Apology accepted." That he had not been expecting; his eyes flew up to Fenton’s face and he was smiling, actually smiling… Still ridiculously tired, though, which was probably what compelled him to actually reach out a hand and say "Welcome to Team Phantom.”

His handshake wasn’t as strong as Wes had expected; it was average at best, supported by spindly arms that held next to no muscle. His friends were looking slightly horrified, as if concerned that their friend had finally succumbed to stress and lost his mind.

But Wes smiled back. “You know, you might not get so tired if you exercised more. Built up some endurance.”

“You sound like Sam.” Fenton– Danny? Rolled his eyes.

“Well, Sam is right.” The girl had spoken, nudging her friend. “You’re thin as a rake." 

"Clearly you didn’t see me lift a car the other day. That had to be at least a ton.”

“Pretty sure weight doesn’t count when you’re floating. Does gravity even affect ghosts?” Wes asked.

 Danny looked shocked, mouth hanging open, like he’d finally understood Einstein’s theory. “I never thought of that…”

✕                            TUMBLR HOLY GRAIL WAR

✕                Fuyuki City, July 2017. “Geminus War.”

Background. Not quite a traditional War and not quite like Apocrypha, in this war, Heroes have been placed into pairs to work together for the ultimate glory, both summoned under one Master. Can the greatest heroes in history cast aside their pride to work as teams? Will some Heroes prove that they really are better off alone? The Geminus Holy Grail War is nigh.

Rules. Randomly assigned pairs are teams, and these teams square off against all other teams. Any team you are not a part of is an enemy. Alliances can be made, but in the end, only one team will be victorious. A Saber could be randomly paired up with an Assassin to work as a team to annihilate another pair. A Lancer and an Archer. Berserker and a Caster. Perhaps even a pair of two Sabers, two Riders. The Heroes don’t have to work together at all times, and can go their separate ways — it’s all up to the muns. Perhaps there will even be betrayals. 

How do these teams get set up? Orrie mun will handle the random selection using a generator. To hold this event, we need two muses, canon or oc, of each Class. If specialty Classes (Avenger / etc ) wish to participate, we can make adjustments. If no participants volunteer from a certain class, then participants will be taken from other Classes (a Lancer will take the missing Assassin’s place, possibly leading to three Lancers in the war, etc.).

It would be NICE if we had seven Masters to handle the teams, but as Master muses are harder to come by, if we cannot find a Master for a team, the Master will have to be a NPC, or something of the sort — the muns of that team can decide themselves.

The War will take place starting July 01, when the Heroes are Summoned (you would be expected to begin your threads relating to the Geminus War on July 01; there is a level of commitment expected from participating). The War officially ends at midnight (EST) on July 31, granting an entire month for everyone to write their threads and get their action in. Threads that take place in this War should be tagged a certain way to separate it from other verses. The phrase ‘faterp geminus’ or ‘geminus’ should appear in the tag somewhere for ease.


Master x 7.

SABER x 2.



RIDER x 2.




Getting a spot in the War is by random selection. I ask that people who are extremely selective about who they rp with consider it carefully before joining, as they may end up writing with people that they are not typically mutuals with. Essentially, this event may force you to temporarily and selectively lift a mutuals-only rule to be able to write with the other members of the War. Cooperation and communication is HIGHLY encouraged and will be VITAL to this event.

Fight threads are expected. Violence is expected. It is expected for teams to be knocked out in threads, and for those knock-outs to be made KNOWN, but if all are still standing by the end of the month, a way to fairly determine the ‘winners’ will be used. 

BOTH Servants need to be defeated for a team to be considered out. A Servant can continue on without their partner and still stand a chance.


If you have any questions or wish to participate, please message Orrie mun ( NORDIIXA ) ( BRYNHILDR ) and I will answer everything as best I can. =) 


neko atsume themed questions
  • snowball: what is an activity that makes you happy?
  • smokey: do you prefer warm or cold weather?
  • spots: what never fails to make you laugh?
  • shadow: share an interesting fact about you!
  • sunny: do you like planning out things?
  • fred: best bad pickup line you've heard?
  • pumpkin: do you consider yourself to be a spacey person?
  • callie: do you worry a lot? or are you carefree?
  • tabitha: talk about one of your favorite pass times!
  • bandit: what is the strangest thing you've done?
  • gabriel: do you always arrive on time, or are you late? early?
  • marshmallow: what's your favorite thing to drink in the winter?
  • socks: where would you like to visit and what would you do there?
  • lexy: do you value expensive gifts more, or ones clearly from the heart?
  • bolt: name one thing you would like to accomplish in life
  • breezy: do you like sleeping?
  • misty: do you procrastinate a lot?
  • pickles: what are you afraid of? do you ever tell people irl about it?
  • pepper: do you like meeting new people?
  • patches: do you envy others often?
  • gozer: talk about something you're good at!
  • cocoa: do you think it is important to make fast decisions?
  • princess: what do you find most beautiful in life?
  • ginger: is it important to be modest?
  • peaches: do you ever go back on your word, or are you one to always keep a promise, no matter what?
  • spud: do you like to jump into things without thinking?
  • mack: name one goal you'd like to accomplish this week!
  • speckles: do you think you can be lonely, but still happy?
  • willie: what's your favorite form of expression?
  • rascal: are you a selfish or a selfless person?
  • dottie: what do you like most about your friends?
  • spooky: talk about a time you wish you spoke up.
  • joe dimeowgio: do you like group projects?
  • senor don gato: are you very secretive?
  • xerxes: what is your most prized possession?
  • chairman meow: do you tend to argue with people a lot?
  • saint purrtrick: talk about someone/thing that inspires you!
  • ms fortune: are you easily charmed by others?
  • bob the cat: would you ever go camping? if you have, did you like it?
  • conductor whiskers: when was the last time you rode a train?
  • tubbs: are you a picky eater?
  • mr meowgi: do you like to teach others, or be taught?
  • lady meow-meow: do you like being the center of attention? how about dressing up?
  • guy furry: what's your favorite food?
  • kathmandu: do you like to study and learn new things?
  • ramses the great: are you good at riddles and puzzles?
  • sassy fran: talk about something you find cute!
  • billy the kitten: do you believe in life after death?
  • frosty: do you understand people easily? or do people often find you cold?

anonymous asked:

Homra Dance studio Au? And Yata trying to teach Fushimi how to dance...

So say this is one of those AUs where Homra runs this dance studio for underprivileged kids and helps get them off the street. Yata’s been working there and living in the apartment above the studio with a bunch of the other guys for a few years, he got kicked out of the house after his mom remarried and had some trouble living on the streets before he ran into Totsuka one day who convinced him to come to the dance studio, thinking Yata’s moves on his skateboard were cool and that he could be a great dancer. Yata was reluctant at first, immediately assuming that dance is for girls, but then he sees Mikoto’s cool hip hop dance moves and becomes entranced, determined to become just as good a dancer so that he can be part of Homra’s crew. After that Yata joins up, he’s one of the younger members of the group and being in Homra’s given him some much-needed stability and focus, like Kusanagi home-schools some of the younger members of the troupe and while Yata’s not the brightest bulb in the drawer he respects Kusanagi and wants to do his best even with stuff like learning because Kusanagi tells him that if he wants to go further with Homra he needs brains as well as moves.

Then say a few months have passed since Yata joined up and he’s picked up the moves quickly, he’s already featured in some dances and he’s finally feeling like he belongs somewhere for the first time in his life. That’s when Totsuka brings home a new stray human, this sullen skinny kid in glasses who claims to hate dancing and doesn’t see the point in being dragged to the dance studio. Fushimi ran away from home to get away from his abusive father but anywhere he goes Niki seems to find him, Homra was his last resort because they don’t keep electronic records of who’s there or anything. Yata initially dislikes Fushimi on sight, like this guy has a bad attitude and does nothing but disrespect Homra why do we even want him here. Totsuka keeps telling Yata that he’ll understand eventually, Yata doesn’t realize Totsuka’s meaning until one day he decides to sneak out of his room at night to go down to the studio for some late night practicing and catches Fushimi there doing like this amazing ballet routine. As it turns out Fushimi was forced to take lessons as a kid, his family wanted him to be a great ballet dancer but he ran away in part to avoid those expectations. Yata doesn’t get why Fushimi doesn’t want to dance though, like he thinks Fushimi molding his ballet skills into Homra’s hip hop style could do something great but Fushimi thinks it’s stupid and refuses.

Maybe then it turns out there’s some kind of big dance competition coming up and Homra desperately needs to win in order to have enough money to keep everyone housed in the building and safe. Yata’s determined to do what he can to make sure Homra gets the prize money and he thinks that with Fushimi as their secret weapon they could do it. Fushimi of course has already decided he wants nothing to do with dance or even Homra, he’s just using them for a roof over his head, but when Yata starts talking about how amazing Fushimi’s dancing was Fushimi finds himself suddenly not hating his skills as much as he once did. Yata convinces Fushimi to enter one event in the competition, the duo section, where he and Yata will form a team and dance together. Fushimi complains that he doesn’t work with a partner and beside their styles aren’t compatible at all but Yata’s already decided that he’s going to make this work. He choreographs this whole amazing routine that incorporates Fushimi’s ballet moves and then takes it on himself to teach Fushimi how to dance in Homra’s style. The more they dance together the more they both start to discover how much they enjoy it, like at first they’re just bickering and tripping over each other but Fushimi’s a quick study and he starts to find it exhilarating trying to keep up with Yata’s moves, matching him step for step, both of them moving in perfect sync with each other as if they’ve known each other forever.

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Hi! Do you have any headcanons on how Dazai would spend the weekend?

i sure have some sunshine! let’s go through them one by one <3 - mikado

Dazai Osamu

. As shown in the series, Dazai is a pretty lazy and laid-back guy when it comes to anything other than suicide. He doesn’t have any particular creative hobbies like music or art, and sports and other gym-related activities are a big ‘no’ from him. If it weren’t for his active status in the Agency, he’d probably spend his weekends scouting for the ideal place to end his life in or complimenting women on the street [which in itself is a great thing to do] before completely ruining his first impression on them by asking them to die with him.

. Then again, I specify this to the Dazai who isn’t part of the Agency. So then, what does the current Dazai occupy himself with during the weekend? Well, it’s basically the same activities, but with Kunikida’s yelling serving as breaks in between them. Kunikida is a very precise man and it’s no secret how much he values his prized notebook. His ideals are of crucial importance to him and he would not hesitate to destroy whoever gets in his way of fulfilling them.  However, Dazai seems to be the only person itching to pick a bone with him, which brings us to my next conclusion; Dazai has nothing else to do but torture Kunikida, whether during work hours or post work. So obviously, he spends part of his weekend creating detailed plans that will sabotage Kunikida in front of the people he respects most. He names each plan like an episode of a series [a youtube clickbait one that is] with the pilot being “Uncovering Kunikida Doppo, case #1: Bathing with rubber ducks KILLS people?!”  The series has two seasons, confirmation for a third is strongly foreshadowed.

. I personally theorize that Dazai also has some strange intrigue towards cooking. There’s something about it that just gives him a very sudden adrenaline rush, mainly because he gets to try and make food that actually tastes pretty well before causing deadly side-effects. It’s basically a simpler, Dazai-friendly version of a chem lab. One of his most infamous attempts is curry with hot sauce; it certainly didn’t go well, as he mixed his peppers altogether and ended up adding a few Jalapenos too many, resulting in a fire-breathing Ranpo the next day in the Agency. “That was extremely unpleasant Dazai! The curry itself was nice, but I wish you would’ve brought a pair of wings for me to complete my dragon cosplay!”

. Dazai is a very well-educated man when it comes to logical and strategical planning and observing, but he has the common sense of a three year old when it comes to standard social norms. Case in point; socializing. Dazai is a lot of things and I could write a full blown analysis on his character, because his personality is that well-detailed and rich, but sometimes his mafia experience as well as the ‘hero of the day’ lifestyle he has to put up with now certainly make him and his ideology stand out from the crowd. I imagine him calling Kunikida in the middle of the night as he enters an existential crisis to ask his latest philosophical question and get feedback on it. “Kunikida-kun, what happens when you get scared half to death twice? Does it like, lead to immediate death? Do you think I should watch more scary movies? Are you up for ‘The Conjuring’ tomorrow night? Kunikida-kun? Are you even awake?”

. Even if Dazai may have a few bad tendencies that activate in a way his goofball side, in overall, he too knows how to appreciate life and what it stands for. It’s ironic, since Dazai is the last person you’d expect to give a damn about life, but I don’t mean appreciating life as in the occurrences that happen. I mean it as in the history of society, the cultural development, the psychological impact of certain events. I consider Dazai an avid historian not only when it comes to famous political figures, but also important people in science, art, education and sociology. He really likes studying people, because there’s such a variety of interesting individuals you could meet, that despite what actions they’ve done or what they believe in, they all are unique in their own way. Dazai likes this diversity and he’s glad he’s his own unique group in a way. I do see him in art galleries and museums if he has the will to get up and take a walk once in a while, but I also picture him in front of ordinary places that do hold some special meaning to him. Obviously, Lupin Bar is one of them. That’s where he got to know Oda best, where he discovered who Ango was and most importantly, where he found out who he himself was. It just shows how much he’s been through and how far he has managed to come.

. But most importantly, there’s one activity which Dazai never skips during his weekends; sleeping in the afternoon. He may not seem like the type of person to fall asleep everywhere and he isn’t, but during the weekend, all he wants is a moment of blissful dreaming as the sun sets behind the closed curtains of his room. He looks so peaceful when resting, he has almost no resemblance to his awake counterpart. However, it’s a short-lived moment, as he only sleeps for about an hour before putting on his fanatic, jovial yet charming attitude once more.

Highborne Ruins - Eldre’Thalas

Sidenote: The city has been spelled with the ‘t’ in ‘thalas’ both capitalized and lowercase. The importance of one or the other is unclear, however the spelling of Eldre’Thalas where it is capitalized seems to be the official one.

One of few royal cities in Azshara’s empire, Eldre’Thalas was built during her reign twelve thousand years ago to protect Queen Azshara’s most prized arcane secrets. This ranged from processing her most important demands to the safekeeping and storage of her precious tomes. Led by Prince Tortheldrin and Azshara’s greatest revered arcanists, the House of Shen’dralar, Eldre’thalas was established by expeditionary forces in the lush jungles of Feralas.

Eldre’thalas appears to have more of a druidic and naturalistic direction than many other Highborne cities of its age. Granted, all night elf cities were shaped in concert with nature and built with dozens of gardens, however Eldre’thalas has the touch of nature magic in its very existence. In addition to many elven statues, there are figurines of deer, bears, and owls. Eldre’thalas had an Ancient protector, Tendris Warpwood, whose very heart was inexorably entwined with the fate of the city. The official art of Eldre’thalas shows wandering treants, some of which inhabit the conservatory in the eastern wing and Milicent Serene, Highborne naturalist, created the Fruit of Fertility which protected Eldre’thalas and made it flourish. Eldre’thalas may, as a result of its unique direction, have been a useful location for the combined study of arcane and natural magics even before druids existed.


Eldre’thalas is a massive, multi-tiered sprawling expanse of gardens, districts, and corridors (sometimes hidden) that connect every part of the city. There are three official districts in addition to the central colosseum. The north and western districts, the Gordok Commons (named for the ogres that now inhabit it) and Capital Gardens respectively are connected to the Athenaeum, the library that serves as the very purpose of Eldre’thalas’ existence. The eastern district, the Warpwood Quarter exits through multiple passageways, such as Lariss Pavilion which opens up well outside the boundaries of the city.

In similar fashion to other decrepit Highborne cities, some areas of Eldre’thalas have been renamed in favor of their intruders. The Gordok Commons and Warpwood Quarter were claimed by outsiders and likely no longer sport their original names (although the Warpwood Quarter may have been named for Eldre’thalas’ protector, Tendris Warpwood). The function of the northern district is unclear, but the eastern district has a conservatory, a pool (either for bathing or as a moonwell, perhaps), and the Shrine of Eldretharr. The western district, the Capital Gardens, was likely a great place for socialization. It’s dominated by a massive garden and plethora of benches which make up the Court of the Highborne.

The Athenaeum

The Athenaeum is indisputably the most valuable part of Eldre’thalas. It is the library that holds much of Queen Azshara’s tomes in addition to compendiums detailing the known history of Azeroth. It may also be a place of science, considering the Highborne armillary sphere on display. It shares its model with the Highborne Astrolabe, however it looks like an armillary sphere which is a model of the celestial globe.

All books stored in the Athenaeum are protected with the Mark of the Athenaeum which prevents any unauthorized viewings. Even if one were to break the seal, it is implied that only people with the “requisite intellect to consume the knowledge” can read the sacred books. This may just mean that it depends on the reader’s skill level and has nothing to do with one’s magical aptitude.

The books are arranged according to the Dewey Decimal System.


The same prefix, “Eldreth” shows up in regards to Eldre’thalas many times. Eldreth Row and the Shrine of Eldretharr are subzones of the massive city. Ghostly inhabitants are called “Eldreth Sorcerers”. It is likely some Darnassian word with an unknown meaning, however ‘thalas’ alone translates to kingdom. In the translation of Eldre’thalas, ‘Eldre’ would then be its own word, meaning that Eldreth, at least where the name of the city is concerned, does not apply.

Eldreth could be a name for the inhabitants, similar to how people who live in America are called Americans. It could simultaneously be a word used to denote things that are “Eldre’thalas” in design, like how one will refer to certain items as “American”. Eldre’thalas is inhabited by the Shen’dralar, however they are not a race so much as they are a house: the House of Shen’dralar. This may have been Prince Tortheldrin’s royal house, which would include his servants and most loyal followers. The Eldreth, in this case, would be the lower caste civilians of the city, later to be sacrificed by the Shen’dralar in order to prolong their lives after the Sundering. That would explain why any living Highborne from Eldre’thalas never call themselves Eldreth, but instead Shen’dralar.