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The Awakening

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Rating: T

Pairings: Tendou Satori & Ushijima Wakatoshi; Semi Eita & Tendou Satori; Semi Eita & Shirabu Kenjirou; Goshiki Tsutomu & Shirabu Kenjirou; Goshiki Tsutomu & Ushijima Wakatoshi ((Romantic pairs to be determined))

Word Count: 5,906 (over all)

Summary: Alternate Universe - Demon/Urban Fantasy

When Ushijima Wakatoshi, a highly ranked Demon Hunter and early graduate of Shiratorizawa Magic Academy, returns to his alma mater tasked with the mission of finding a demon hidden within the student population, he expects it to be a simple job. Go in, locate the demon, turn it over to the coven council to be disposed of, and add another successful mission to his ledger.

However, the prime suspect, a young man named Tendou Satori, although odd, doesn’t seem to fit the profile. And after Tendou and his friends welcome Ushijima into their group with ease and warmth, he finds himself second-guessing everything he knows about demons and humans alike.

((A stand-alone fic in the Being Human AU))


On 2 October, 2006, 32-year-old milk-truck driver, Charles Carl Roberts, entered the one-room Amish schoolhouse, West Nickel Mines School, in Pennsylvania. He was armed with an arsenal of weapons including multiple guns, knives, and 600 rounds of ammunition. He immediately took the entire classroom hostage before allowing the ten males and a pregnant teacher evacuate the small building. He then bound the remaining ten female hostages and boarded up the door with a wooden board he had carried along with him. He then called his wife and confessed that he had, years prior, molested two young family members and had recently been harbouring sexual thoughts about young children again.

When authorities arrived, Roberts informed them that if they didn’t leave, he would kill all of the children in the schoolhouse. Moments later, authorities attempted to break down the door and as a result, Roberts began shooting indiscriminately. Five of the girls, raging in age from 6-years-old to 13-years-old, died from the gunshot wounds. The other 5, albeit injured, managed to survive. The bloody massacre ended when Roberts turned the gun on himself. An investigation revealed that Roberts had brought along lubricant and had most likely intended on molesting the young girls before killing them. 

Faction before Blood?- Masterlist - complete

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Being an Abnegation transfer to Dauntless is in no way easy. Being the sister of the flawless prodigy is harder. But sleeping with your brother s enemy and dealing with the outcome might just seem impossible. 


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my eyes snap open at 4 a.m.

i have a rare disease that will make me extremely ill and kill me while showing no symptoms prior and my family is all wrong about me being healthy

Are Lemony’s memories of his chilhood incorrect?

“All the Wrong Questions” tells us all about the times young Lemony Snicket got things wrong… except he really didn’t. He was right about Ellington being a liar, about Hangfire being a villain, about the Bombinating Beast being central to his plot. The only parts of the plot he truly got wrong concern Kit and his family in general, and the way they relate to the VFD organization.

But what if Lemony’s misinterpretations extended even further? What if the series hid something even more ominous, more sinister, of which Lemony only got a glimpse?

We will argue (after the cut) that Lemony suffered a form of trauma during his early chilhood, which eventually caused him to exhibit symptoms of False Memory Syndrome (FMS) as a coping mechanism. This syndrom eventually damaged his relationships in later life. Simply put: Lemony’s memories of his family life prior to his VFD apprenticeship are completely wrong.

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Hi! I just was wondering because I can't seem to fond a theory abput this but, has anyone considered that Sebastian could have been Vincents dog? On ch.17 p.4 the dogs not bleeding but has that same black aura, miasma ( not sure exactly what to call it. ) that Sebastian has. Maybe its another demon? What are your thoughts?

Some people actually *have* created theories about it, at least about Sebastian the demon possibly having been Vincent’s dog… but to me it’s just crack theory. If they were the same, Sebastian should know a lot more about the Phantomhive family, and it would help him to use that info to reach his goal faster. There’s nothing to suggest he had any prior knowledge about the family. Besides, according to the lyrics of “Phantom? Knight!” (Performed by the P5) the demon had been deep asleep when woken by the boy in the cage….

Sebastian the dog having been a different demon is only slightly more (not less) plausible. It would have to have faked its death that night until the boys were out of the manor, since the dog was seen looking quite dead next to Vincent and Rachel. (To me, that could just be the way Yana-san depicted the blood. It’s hard to draw convincing blood spatter patterns.) It also would have to have not cared whether Vincent and Rachel died. If it had a been a demon with a contract with Vincent (or any of them), it should never have let any of this happen….

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In cryptid AU, is the fish world relatively similar to human world? Do summer or Morty ever wish they were human Cuz it seems fun and have a Little Mermaid-esque adventure?

Culturally the cryptids and humans share some basic similarities but are pretty different from each other. The kids hang out on land plenty in their breathing helmets with their human side of the family. Although prior to meeting the Pines, their only real interaction with humans was the occasional trip to the Citadel. As for wishing they were human? Nah, not really. They think their human family should grow some gills and come visit Atlantis though.

“I must admit I’m disappointed,” I note.

He smiles without humour, because there are so many things to be disappointed about. “Why?”

“I changed myself for you. I thought I’d be stronger than that.”

“Love makes a fool of everyone,” he says dryly, before he sobers. “You’ll find yourself again.

"You’re strong enough to.”

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #7 // lily rose.

If Priam was to join near the ending of the Valm Arc in Fire Emblem Awakening.

AKA - What I can only see in my dreams. You know. Giving Priam connections to the Chon'sin Royal Family prior to the war. Being friends with Say'ri and Yen'fay. Giving him, and by extension, them, attention and the love that all they deserve (and this includes Bad Future Yen'fay). Because God, don’t I wish the development team did this. Even the NPC unit leading the Dynast Forces is a bloody Hero Unit. How they let such a perfect golden moment escape them baffles me?!

But look at me give my favorites attention as I write out (what I hope is) a good story to them. And guess who finally figured out how to properly work with Awakening’s scene support customizer generator?

20 Questions for your Sole

1- What was their previous career?

2- What method of fighting do they use (ie- long range)

3- Main weapon? Secondary? Melee?

4- Companion? Relation with said companion?

5- Family life prior to nuclear devastation?

6- Favorite kind of post apocalyptic food

7- Worst mutation in their opinion

8- Opinion on Synths

9- Worst memory so far

10- Best memory so far

11- Favorite settlement

12- Outfit right now

13- Opinion on Jet and other drug use

14- Opinion on non feral Ghouls

15- What’s their perk chart

16- S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats?

17- Collect anything? (ie- vault lunchboxes)

18- Favorite animal, mutated or not

19- Opinions on the institute

20- Opinions on the war

OK HONESTLY the more i learn about Sanji’s family life prior to meeting Zeff, the more i understand why he doesn’t ever raise a hand against women

just imagine tiny Sanji seeing all these helpless servant girls just get the shit beat out of them for absolutely no fucking reason (especially since his shitty abusive brothers did the exact same thing to him), just because his shitty family felt like it…. him refusing to fight women starts to make a lot of sense now.

it’s really sad, but that experience must’ve left such long lasting scars on Sanji that he just physically cannot raise a hand against women b/c it reminds him too much of his terrible awful family, and, on a fundamental level, he just refuses to do anything that they would do, regardless of logic or circumstances

it’s no less frustrating, but at least we have some understanding of why he’s like this now, instead of just Sanji saying ‘that’s how i was raised’

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                   driven with guilt, it’d been an impossible alley of guilt coming back down these streets, it’d been a month at least since everything happened but the memo had still been drafted, not wanting to drop the bombshell on his family prior to, what was supposed to be, the happiest day for his sister. nevertheless, the endearing questions of his grandmother sending him on a downward spiral; which resulted him here. raindrops tapping against the car before he’s rushing out the door, attempting to make his way to her door without falling flat on his face ( though harder than anticipated. ). fingers clasp into a fist as he knocks. once, twice and it’s open. ❝ —  i need to talk and you need to listen. ❞


Prior to her marriage to the Prince of Asturias, the Queen of Spain was a successful journalist, news anchor and reporter for Bloomberg, CNN+ and Spain’s state TV company Television Española. In 2000, she reported from Washington, D.C., on the presidential elections. In September 2001, she broadcast live from Ground Zero following the 9/11 attacks in New York and in 2003, she filed reports from Iraq during the war.