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The Awakening

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Rating: T

Pairings: Tendou Satori & Ushijima Wakatoshi; Semi Eita & Tendou Satori; Semi Eita & Shirabu Kenjirou; Goshiki Tsutomu & Shirabu Kenjirou; Goshiki Tsutomu & Ushijima Wakatoshi ((Romantic pairs to be determined))

Word Count: 5,906 (over all)

Summary: Alternate Universe - Demon/Urban Fantasy

When Ushijima Wakatoshi, a highly ranked Demon Hunter and early graduate of Shiratorizawa Magic Academy, returns to his alma mater tasked with the mission of finding a demon hidden within the student population, he expects it to be a simple job. Go in, locate the demon, turn it over to the coven council to be disposed of, and add another successful mission to his ledger.

However, the prime suspect, a young man named Tendou Satori, although odd, doesn’t seem to fit the profile. And after Tendou and his friends welcome Ushijima into their group with ease and warmth, he finds himself second-guessing everything he knows about demons and humans alike.

((A stand-alone fic in the Being Human AU))

Faction before Blood?- Masterlist - complete

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Being an Abnegation transfer to Dauntless is in no way easy. Being the sister of the flawless prodigy is harder. But sleeping with your brother s enemy and dealing with the outcome might just seem impossible. 


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On 2 October, 2006, 32-year-old milk-truck driver, Charles Carl Roberts, entered the one-room Amish schoolhouse, West Nickel Mines School, in Pennsylvania. He was armed with an arsenal of weapons including multiple guns, knives, and 600 rounds of ammunition. He immediately took the entire classroom hostage before allowing the ten males and a pregnant teacher evacuate the small building. He then bound the remaining ten female hostages and boarded up the door with a wooden board he had carried along with him. He then called his wife and confessed that he had, years prior, molested two young family members and had recently been harbouring sexual thoughts about young children again.

When authorities arrived, Roberts informed them that if they didn’t leave, he would kill all of the children in the schoolhouse. Moments later, authorities attempted to break down the door and as a result, Roberts began shooting indiscriminately. Five of the girls, raging in age from 6-years-old to 13-years-old, died from the gunshot wounds. The other 5, albeit injured, managed to survive. The bloody massacre ended when Roberts turned the gun on himself. An investigation revealed that Roberts had brought along lubricant and had most likely intended on molesting the young girls before killing them. 

Are Lemony’s memories of his chilhood incorrect?

“All the Wrong Questions” tells us all about the times young Lemony Snicket got things wrong… except he really didn’t. He was right about Ellington being a liar, about Hangfire being a villain, about the Bombinating Beast being central to his plot. The only parts of the plot he truly got wrong concern Kit and his family in general, and the way they relate to the VFD organization.

But what if Lemony’s misinterpretations extended even further? What if the series hid something even more ominous, more sinister, of which Lemony only got a glimpse?

We will argue (after the cut) that Lemony suffered a form of trauma during his early chilhood, which eventually caused him to exhibit symptoms of False Memory Syndrome (FMS) as a coping mechanism. This syndrom eventually damaged his relationships in later life. Simply put: Lemony’s memories of his family life prior to his VFD apprenticeship are completely wrong.

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I get the feeling this is Camille’s first real relationship with a woman. She’s always been bi, she’s hooked up with plenty of men and women over the years. But we see that Camille doesn’t really do relationships. She’s guarded, she doesn’t get close to people easily. She didn’t want a relationship with Linus because she didn’t want to get hurt, and because she didn’t want to lose a friend.

And the thing is, when she tells Linus about Amanda, he didn’t know she was into girls. She mentioned it before, off hand, but it was this passing thing, and he didn’t take it seriously. And before he can even finish the question, she’s cutting him off (”Uh huh, stay woke.”). She’s prepared to snark at him if he says something negative. And she tries to brush it off with Kirsten, hoping she won’t make a thing of it. (Though it seems Kirsten took her seriously on it before, especially with her threesome dream too.) But her parents left when she was 16, and her brother was an ass, and she never really had friends. This wasn’t something that would have gone well back in Bakersfield. Just another reason for people to hate her, to not be her friend, to ostracize her.

Idk where this is going, except that Camille is in new territory here. She doesn’t have much experience with serious dating in general, and none with women. It’s huge for her that she has a group of friends around her who love and accept her, the way her family never did, and it’s a struggle with Amanda, but she’s really trying.

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I read your backstory for Vanderwood and i love it a lot. I was wondering if you could do a HC for him where he actually falls in love with MC, like after the party and everything goes down she hangs out at Seven's bunker sometimes and they get to know each other there..?


Once my Vanderwood Backstory Fanfiction is over I’m actually doing a VanderwoodxOC love story called Tagged which is an rp conversion with my rp in our Discord server between myself as Vanderwood and @chaoticstarblossoms as her OC Cerise. You can read about her OC and see her character art here. (And you should totally follow her, she’s my favorite artist as well as my official FFC artist.) 

ANYWAY, yes some headcanons for Vanderbb in love with default MC!!! Gonna go ahead and say he and Seven have retired at this point.***

  • He didn’t like Seven bringing her around all the time. She was always too nice. The idea of someone like that being around him just made him feel dirty and guilty. Every time she’d come over she would smile at him, get this little blush on her face. What did she want from him?? Turns out she didn’t want anything…just to be nice.
  • Vanderwood developed a habit of watching her when she’d come over, making special meals just to make her smile. Whenever she’d tell him it tasted amazing, his face would light up red from her praises and get angry at himself for caring at all.
  • Thanks to having left the agency, he wasn’t as stressed as usual, and the more she came over, the less he found himself smoking and the more time he found himself spending on the couch watching TV with her. He introduced her to his favorite secret agent movies and complaining at the inaccuracies, and she would just giggle.
  • Once one of the movies ended and they were just sitting there enjoying the silence and she moved to snuggle into him. Vanderwood hated to be touched but…not by her. And then he moved and was holding her chin, kissing her deep and slow like he’d never kissed anyone. And that’s how he fell in love.
  • He spends a lot of his time worrying about when they have sex, because he doesn’t want to relapse. Vanderwood worried about when was the right time the first time, then he worried every other time because he wanted to make sure it wasn’t coming from the wrong place whenever they did.
  • As an addict, whenever he gets angry or frustrated, he’d have to evaluate himself to make sure he was okay and sometimes that meant leaving the room.
  • Vanderwood isn’t an easy man to love. He’s spent the majority of his life around people who are sociopaths, so sometimes he says incredibly rude or cynical things, but MC helps to mellow him out.
  • His brother’s death and his prior family life will always haunt him and he depends on MC to help him through his grief and abandonment issues.
  • Yandere. Vanderwood is yandere. Anyone attempting to take MC away from him or hurt her in anyway is likely to get slammed against a wall and or beaten to a pulp depending on the situation, so hey, best you just don’t mess with his girlfriend, alright? ;3 SERIOUSLY DON’T MESS WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND
  • This man though, he says he doesn’t know anything about love, but he is the cheesiest, cutest guy. He will give anything to make his girl happy, spend any amount of money, take her anywhere, and gives the cheesiest lines.
  • Getting him to start a family is really hard because he’s terrified that any children he has will end up like his brother. He needs a compassionate and guiding hand.
  • A bit of a control freak and definitely OCD, at least MC’s house will always be clean, and she’ll always be loved because she’s the only happiness Vanderwood has had in almost a decade. No way is he letting that slip through his fingers.

Send me an ask! Patrons get first dibs, but everyone else is first come first serve. NSFW and SFW accepted. Check out my fanfictions. Specially that Vanderwood one ;3

20 Questions for your Sole

1- What was their previous career?

2- What method of fighting do they use (ie- long range)

3- Main weapon? Secondary? Melee?

4- Companion? Relation with said companion?

5- Family life prior to nuclear devastation?

6- Favorite kind of post apocalyptic food

7- Worst mutation in their opinion

8- Opinion on Synths

9- Worst memory so far

10- Best memory so far

11- Favorite settlement

12- Outfit right now

13- Opinion on Jet and other drug use

14- Opinion on non feral Ghouls

15- What’s their perk chart

16- S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats?

17- Collect anything? (ie- vault lunchboxes)

18- Favorite animal, mutated or not

19- Opinions on the institute

20- Opinions on the war
Troian Bellisario Joins Richard Linklater’s ‘Where’d You Go, Bernadette’ (EXCLUSIVE)
Troian Bellisario has been added to Richard Linklater’s upcoming comedy-drama “Where’d You Go, Bernadette,” Variety can exclusively confirm. She joins the already announced cast of Cate…
By Dave McNary

Troian Bellisario has been added to Richard Linklater’s upcoming comedy-drama “Where’d You Go, Bernadette,” Variety can exclusively confirm. She joins the already announced cast of Cate Blanchett, Kristen Wiig, and Billy Crudup.

The film, based on Maria Semple’s novel of the same name, follows Bernadette Fox (played by Blanchett), an architect-turned-recluse who goes missing just prior to a family vacation. Bellisario will assume the role of Becky, the first person Bernadette encounters as she makes her way through Antarctica.

Megan Ellison’s Annapurna and Nina Jacobson’s Color Force acquired the movie rights to Semple’s 2012 novel in 2013. Producers are Ellison, Ginger Sledge, Jacobson, and Brad Simpson of Color Force.

The latest draft is penned by Holly Gent Palmo and Vincent Palmo Jr. with Linklater. The previous writers were Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber.

Linklater has directed 20 films, including last year’s “Everybody Wants Some!!” and the upcoming Bryan Cranston-Steve Carell-Laurence Fishburne drama “Last Flag Flying,” which will be released by Amazon Studios. He received an Oscar nomination two years ago for “Boyhood.”

Bellisario had starred for the past seven years on the Freeform series “Pretty Little Liars,” which aired its series finale on June 27.  After graduating from Warner Bros.’ director’s program last June, she went on to direct her first episode of “PLL,” episode 5 in the final season.

Bellisario also wrote, produced, and stars in the independent feature “Feed,” which will be released by Sony Pictures on VOD and digital platforms on July 18. Tom Felton and Ben Winchell also star.

Bellisario is represented by Gersh, Management 360, and Loeb & Loeb.

Partners- AU Frat Logan- Part 11

A/N: It’s here! To say ‘sorry’, this chapter is 3k words (previous parts being around 1.7k). Also, anything family/backstory related is pure headcanon and I do not claim to know what the truth is. But if Westworld writers won’t give me anything to work with, then fuck it, it’s up to me! Hope you enjoy!

The early morning light woke the two of you almost at the same time. Logan lazily yawned and draped his long leg over yours, locking you in tight. You thought for a moment that you’d like to stay like this forever, just wrapped up with him in the back of his car in the middle of nature. Nothing could get to you here; there was nothing that seemed pressing or bothersome when he was next to you, just starting to stir.

“Morning babe,” he said, his voice full of gravel and sleep.

“Hi,” you whispered back, nuzzling close into the crook of his neck. This made him laugh a little and rest his head on top of yours.

“You got plans for today?”

“No, not really. I usually go to karaoke with Sam Saturday nights, but that’s about it,” you replied with a smile, adjusting so you were propped up on his chest, your fingers lightly trailing in the small patch of hair in the middle.

“Well…I usually stop by my parent’s house, say hi to Jules and all that. They live like 10 minutes from here,” he paused and considered his next question. “Would you want to come with me?” It caught you totally off guard. You hadn’t for a moment considered that Logan would really want to let you into his world. All mention of his family prior to this moment had been cut short. He could sense your confusion and was quick to follow up. “You don’t have to if you don’t want. I can drop you off…”

“Of course I want to come!” you finally reply. “I’m gonna look a little over dressed though,” you laughed, gesturing to the nicely folded dress you had from the night before.

“Don’t worry about that. I’m sure I can steal some of Jules’ clothes for you,” he smiled before popping the trunk open so you could crawl out. You stood and quickly slipped back into last night’s dress, Logan never taking his eyes off you. The gaze coming from him still made you a little nervous, sending butterflies in flight in your stomach. Once you had fished a hair tie from your bag and thrown your hair in a high bun, the two of you set off again.

As you were drawing closer, at least you assumed you were getting closer, the houses kept getting larger. You’d driven through this suburb a time or two, always marveling at the old mansions lining the streets. Every one was meticulously maintained and looked like the inside pages of Home and Garden. But Logan had turned down a small side street, one you were sure you’d never seen in your life. At the end of the drive was a large, wrought iron gate with a key pad to the left, which Logan quickly punched a set of numbers into. There were only a few homes on this private drive, but they were somehow even more breathtaking than the ones leading up to the ones scattered here.

“I uhh…I didn’t even know these houses existed,” you admitted, finally peeling your eyes away from the window and over to Logan who was rubbing at his eye.

“That’s the idea,” he replied simply, pulling into a long driveway at the end of the cul-de-sac. He parked in front of a four-stall garage and walked over to let you out of the car. Truthfully, you’d never seen a more beautiful home in your life. It was clear it had been here for years, so while it was massive, it still had and old charm about it. Logan watched as you drank in all the little details, leaning casually on the hood of his car. “It’s been our families for three generations. My great-grandfather, Orson Beal, had lot of the stones shipped over from our ancestor’s home in England. At least, that’s the story that’s been passed down.” He walked over and wrapped his arms around your waist, “We can go inside if you want.”

You nodded your head and followed behind him as he pushed the large oak door open. Whatever picture you had painted in your mind was immediately outdone by what you saw. Logan was just casually throwing his keys and wallet down, not bothering to see if you were following when he started making his way up the marble stairs. He called out a couple times for his mom and sister to no response. Once he realized he was only hearing one set of footsteps, he turned around to give you a crooked look.

“You coming?” he called down, snapping you out of your reverie.

“Yeah, yeah I just…” you stammered as you shuffled to catch up with him, “It’s just super nice in here. Beautiful.”

“I’d prefer something a little more modern, but it’s alright I guess,” he shrugged as you made your way down the hall. It’s alright I guess; it occurred to you then that this was just normal life for him. This was his base standard of living. You shook the thought from your head and followed him into a large room you assumed was his. “Wait here a second, I’ll be right back,” he said before placing a small kiss on your forehead and walking out. You paced around the room, looking at the rather generic art on the walls. None of Logan’s personal things appeared to be here anymore, save for a few trophies and books. Logan appeared a moment later with a pair of shorts and a white v-neck tee.

“Thanks, Lo,” you smiled as he handed the garments over. “Where can I change?” He cocked his head to the side and raised his eyebrows.

“Right here,” he said as he pointed to the middle of the room, taking a seat on the edge of his bed. “Or is your boyfriend not allowed to see you without clothes on?” You blushed and slowly unzipped the side of your dress, letting it drop around your ankles. Logan drank in every inch of your skin, trapping his bottom lip between his teeth. “Get over here,” he commanded softly, inching his finger at you.

You slowly made your way over, carefully straddling your legs over Logan’s lap. He let his hands softly ghost over your thighs, making their way up to the small of your back and squeezing softly. In an instant, his lips were on yours, hungry and full of lust. Your tongues battled between you as your breathing became more labored. Logan moaned into your mouth when you began to nip at the soft skin of his neck, placing hot kisses over the spots you’d just bitten.

“God, I wanna fuck you on that balcony so bad,” he growled as your hips sank down lower onto his growing length. You smiled into his skin and nodded your head in submission. He had just moved to lift the two of you off the bed, your legs wrapped tightly around his waist when his bedroom door clicked open.

“JESUS CHRIST!” a high-pitched voice yelled. Logan was quick to set you down and block your body with his. You were sure you were the deepest shade of red, but you couldn’t help but peek around his shoulder at who had walked in. She was very small- short with the same espresso colored hair as Logan. Her had was dramatically covering her eyes in horror. Great, his sister had seen you half naked and you hadn’t even shaken her hand yet.

“What the fuck, Jules! You don’t fucking knock anymore?” Logan yelled.

“Well at least I wasn’t mom!” she spat back.

“Or dad,” Logan joked. This made her laugh and all appeared to be forgiven between them. “Now get out!” You heard her huff and the door shut once again. “Y/N I am so sorry…” he began as he turned to face you.

“Oh god she already hates me, doesn’t she?” you asked as you quickly pulled the shirt over your head and shimmied into the shorts you were sure were going to cut off your circulation before the day was over.

“Nah,” he laughed, walking towards the door. “I’m sure she thinks it’s funny, don’t ya, Jules!” he shouted at the door before whipping it open. Sure enough, there she was, intently listening through the crack.

“Funny, yeah. But traumatizing,” she chirped, pushing him out of the way. “I’m Juliet,” she smiled, offering her extended hand.

“Y/N,” you mumbled almost to yourself, still embarrassed she’d seen you for the first time in just a bra and thong.

“How long have you guys been here?” she asked Logan as the two of them walked out of the room, you following close behind.

“Not long enough to do what I wanted,” he joked, turning his head over his shoulder to wink at you. When he turned back, he whispered something in Juliet’s ear which made her shake her head no. She then whispered something back, standing on her tip toes to reach up to his ear. You were really wishing you had any idea what they were chatting about as you descended the stairs once again, this time heading down a long, open hallway which led to the massive kitchen. There was a woman leaning on the island, chattering away on her phone. But once Logan had entered the room, a wide smile appeared on her face, her dark eyes crinkling at the outside corners.

“Logan is here, I have to go. I’ll talk to you soon…ok…love you too,” she rushed through as she locked her phone and trotted over to Logan, throwing her arms around his neck. “Hi sweetheart! Sorry, I didn’t think you’d be here so early.” She finally let him go, only now seeing that he was not the only visitor in her home. “Oh! Oh, I’m sorry dear, I didn’t see you there.”

“Mom, this is my girlfriend Y/N” Logan introduced, placing his hand on the small or your back to usher you forward.

“Girlfriend?!” his mother and Juliet asked at the same time.

“Goddamn, don’t sound so surprised,” he huffed.

“Language, Logan,” his mother chided. “I don’t mean to be rude. It’s just…been a while since we’ve met a girlfriend of Logan’s.”

“No, no worries. It’s nice to meet you, Mrs. Beal,” you smiled, waving a small wave at the two women.

“Please, call me Susan,” she smiled, her confusion finally settling. “Can I get you anything to drink, dear?”

The rest of the afternoon was spent on the garden patio, drinking liquor from top shelves you’d never dared to ask the price of. For as much money as you knew this family had, Juliet and Susan were very down to earth and personable. Juliet was quick witted with a sharp tongue; she was an equal to Logan when it came to sass and arrogance. She was much funnier than he was, however- something you could tell made Logan envious. Susan was demure and kind hearted. She loved to listen intently to her children’s stories and seemed to delight in just being a mother. She was sure to ask you personal questions and really take in the responses you gave. You were thankful for her gentleness as your stomach had been on edge with nerves since this morning when Logan first asked you to come over.

Dinner time had rolled around and a new sound was filling your ears- the purr of an engine and lifting of a garage door. Juliet and Susan headed inside to start getting ready for the next meal. This must have meant his father was home, a thought that made you slightly uneasy.

“Why are you so tense, babe?” Logan cooed as you sat stiffly next to him.

“Probably because this is the first time I’m meeting your family and now your father is here and I’ve never heard you say anything positive about him.” You let out a sigh before looking back at him. He was giving you that smug look you both loved and hated all at the same time. “What Logan?!”

“Nothing. You’re just so cute when you’re worked up,” he smiled. You rolled your eyes as he gently squeezed your thigh. “He’ll like you. He tends to like women better than men.” This was not reassuring to you at all, but you still followed Logan inside where a tall man with the same dark hair as Logan, only with salt and pepper sides, stood speaking with Susan.

“You must be Y/N. Vincent Beal,” he stated, offering his hand out to shake. His voice was cool and deep; it was evident introducing himself was something he did often.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Beal,” you replied softly, trying to win him over with a smile. You weren’t sure how well that was working.

“Mr. Beal! I like the sound of that,” he smirked, turning on his heel to enter the dining room where dinner had been set out. You let out a breath and looked over at Logan who had a strange expression on his face. It was concerned and almost a twinge sad. He reached down to squeeze your hand and took a seat next to you at the long wooden table.

“So Y/N, where are you from?” his father began right as you had shoved a fork full of salad in your mouth. You quickly tried to chew and swallow before answering him.

“I uh, I’ve lived here all my life, sir,” you smiled, looking over at Logan out of the corner of your eye. He was gazing at you, leaned back as far as possible in his seat.

“How nice. So-” His father began talking about some work-related issues with Logan and his sister, speaking with absolute authority. You nodded along as he spoke, but your attention was on Logan’s hand which had made its way on your thigh under the tablecloth. He silently popped the button of your shorts undone and pushed down the zipper, slowly moving his fingers toward the edge of your underwear.

“Y/N?” His father was looking right at you. Shit. What had he just said? Something about his job? School? Vegetables?! Panic was setting in and you could feel Logan loving every moment of it.

“Mhmm!” You decided it was safer to just agree with whatever it was he said. He gave you a smile and began asking Juliet about some school related business, allowing you to finally let out the breath you didn’t realize you were holding. You shot a look at Logan, warning him he was entering dangerous territory. All he did was wink back at you.

As the conversation became more lively, Logan continued on his mission, gently pushing your underwear to the side with his index and middle finger. He ran a long finger up your folds, gently flicking at your clit. You dropped your fork loudly on your plate, momentarily shifting the attention on you. Once everyone had gone back to their conversations, he made his way down to your entrance, gliding two fingers inside you.

“Mmm, so good!” he exclaimed as he took a bite of the chicken had been placed in front of him. You glared at him out of the corner of your eye. That same shit eating grin was all over his face, so pleased with his performance in the game he was playing.

“I’m glad you like it, dear,” his mother said smiling a sweet smile at him.

“Oh, I love it. Don’t you, babe?” He asked, turning to finally look at your face.

“It’s great,” you said through gritted teeth. He continued to pump in and out, steadily increasing his pace before passing his thumb back over your clit, making you squirm in your seat. You looked over to him, begging him with your eyes to stop before you came. But instead, he nodded only slightly, encouraging you to ride out your high here in their dining room. A few more moments and you were coming undone under the table, careful to bite down on your lip and stifle any noises that typically would be coming from you right about now. Slowly, he removed his fingers from you and refastened the button on your shorts. He then placed them in his mouth, casually sucking your juices from his long fingers

“What are you studying, Y/N?” Vincent asked abruptly.

“Art. I actually just had a show last night. Logan was th…”

“How do you plan to make money with that degree?” he interrupted.

“I…I guess I’m not sure yet. I really like making prints and I think I’m pretty good at it,” you shrugged. The high of your orgasm was already being killed.

“Have you considered switching programs?” he asked taking a large swallow of bourbon.

“Vince…” Susan said in a hushed, but embarrassed tone. You looked down at your plate, but caught sight of Logan’s grip tightening around his fork. This did not go unnoticed by his father as well.

“If you have something to say, boy, go ahead and say it,” he almost mocked. Logan said nothing, but pushed his chair out from the table, throwing his napkin down on his plate.

“We’re leaving,” he said definitively, looking over to you for a response. You were sure your face turned crimson red as every pair of eyes was on you, waiting for your reaction. Slowly, you also pushed away from the table, sadly looking at Susan and Juliet, who looked equally as embarrassed. Every noise- the scraping of your chair, the clang of silverware being set down- sounded like it was pounding directly in your ear. Logan took your hand and shot his father one last look.

“You’re looking at me like you want me to apologize and ask you to stay,” Vincent said before taking another drink. “You know that’s not going to happen.” With that, Logan pulled you from the dining room, out the front door, and chirped his car unlocked.

Interrogations || Minho


Summary: There were some positives about being you parent’s only child… Having your long term boyfriend interrogated by your Police Officer Uncle and ridiculously overprotective Father on Christmas Day was not one of them.

Word Count: 1,000 (exactly on the money)

A/N: Thank you for the request Anon! I’m sorry MC isn’t sleeping, but I tried to keep that whole “you’re listening” aspect in the scenario. Thank you again!

Christmas lunch was long over and you were busy playing with your younger cousins. Their happy laughter fluttered throughout your parent’s backyard, which made you smile as you reminisced back to your childhood. Your cousins ran around without a care in the world, playing with their newly acquired toys in one insane mix-matched game that you couldn’t comprehend. Perhaps that was the sign that you were a fluffy fledged adult.

As you continued to scan your backyard, your gaze settled on your boyfriend of 2 years, Minho, messing around with you baby cousin - a fit of giggles erupting from the toddler’s mouth. You couldn’t help but laugh at the scene before you - you always adored Minho’s impeccable skills with kids; you were almost jealous of him for it.

You had met Minho through Taemin, being the latter’s family friend prior to idoldom, more than 4 years ago. Your relationship began as nothing more than a platonic friendship, slowly evolving into the intimate and loving relationship you had now. Minho looked away from the toddler as he waddled to play with his siblings, smiling fondly at you from afar. You sent one back; thankful he had been able to get time off to meet your family. You began to made your way over towards him before you had been beaten by -

“Oh no…” You groaned to yourself after realising who you had been intercepted by: your own dad and uncle - also known as the [Y/N] Protection Squad. You sighed as you watched your boyfriend shake their hands, his normally tanned skin growing paler by the second. Throughout the entire day, you had remained by his side as his shield, saving him from any awkward situations that could make him seem “like an idiot”, as he stated a few days prior. If you didn’t feel so bad for him, you would have taken a photo to send to the other SHINee members for the laughs.

You folded your arms in mix of amusement and annoyance as you watched the poor guy been interrogated. From all the times you had brought a boy home - whether it was a friend or a partner of yours - they had all been subjected to facing the [Y/N] Protection Squad and their usual threats. You had come to memories their overused speeches and quarter-empty threats, to the point where you had started using them when meeting your friend’s boyfriends for the first time.

As you watched, you read their lips in an attempt to understand the premise of the conversation.

You gained small parts of conversation - nothing too threatening or off-hand that would have meant disaster for your relationship. For a while, the three spoke of quite common topics that merely made them laugh together. You grinned to yourself as Minho bonded with the older men over sports, growing more proud of your boyfriend’s athleticism.

And then, long after the trio’s laughter wore out, you watched as your father’s expression harden suddenly. The sudden action made both you and Minho falter. You watched as your uncle stepped closer to the much taller and younger male, an aura of seriousness washed over the entire backyard, going unnoticed by everyone save the four of you. He said something so quickly that you couldn’t read his lips, the words being too incoherent for you to decipher. Your dad nodded along, matching his brother’s expression.

You didn’t like the look of the situation. And from the expression Minho wore on his face, neither did he.

Without another thought, you broke out into a sprint across the yard, narrowly dodging small children in the process as you made your way to your boyfriend. “Oppa~” You chimed, pulling your arms around him from behind him once you had reached your target. “Jinki oppa called me on my phone so he could talk to you about your upcoming promotions. He said he couldn’t get through to your phone.” You lied, feeling Minho’s muscles tense ever so slightly.

Your uncle looked at the two of your curiously, settling on Minho as he inquired, “Promotions?”

“Minho’s an idol, [U/N], you know that.” His co-interrogator explained, redirecting his gaze to the two of you. “We won’t keep you, son - remember what we said.”

Minho nodded his head vigorously, stammering out a string of nervous affirmations. You took his hand into yours, dragging him into the house and into the lounge. When you were sure you were well away from the party, he sighed and pulled you into a hug. “Thank you, jagi, I owe you one… But a bit of warning would have been nice.”

You rolled your eyes. “I did warn you about them, oppa, you were sure you could handle it.” You retorted, reciprocating the hug nonetheless. “What happened?”

“It started off okay, just the basics of any conversation… And then your uncle told me he was a police officer and then threatened to arrest me if I broke your heart… He even gave a well described image of prison to seal the deal… And then your dad said he’d unscrew my head and use my body as a wishing well if the prison threat wasn’t good enough…” He rambled out quickly, grip tightening around you.

“They aren’t actually going to do that, you know…” You laughed at him.

“I know, but it’s actually terrifying.”
“Just know that they won’t actually do it. While those two seem terrifying, they’re terrified of what I could do to them if they hurt you.” You consoled, resulting in Minho laughing at your mood lightening comment.

“You know I love you, right?”

“Mhm, and I love you too, babe.”

“Yes Mrs [Y/L/N]!” Minho obliged, jumping away from you at your mum’s passing comment.

“Mum, c’mon!” You said through your bout of laughter, a somewhat scolding tone lacing your voice. The older woman winked at the two of you before returning to the rest of the family outside.

“I must admit I’m disappointed,” I note.

He smiles without humour, because there are so many things to be disappointed about. “Why?”

“I changed myself for you. I thought I’d be stronger than that.”

“Love makes a fool of everyone,” he says dryly, before he sobers. “You’ll find yourself again.

"You’re strong enough to.”

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #7 // lily rose.

The Amityville Horror: A Tale of Murder and the Paranormal

The history behind the famous house at 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville, Long Island, N.Y. is much more horrific than the classic 1970′s horror film which depicts paranormal events supposedly experienced by the Lutz family. The film was based on a book about the supernatural activity, written by Jay Anson and published in 1977.

George and Kathy Lutz moved into the house in December of 1975, with Kathy’s three children, Daniel, 9, Christopher, 7, and Melissa (Missy), 5. The house had been vacant for 13 months before the Lutzes purchased the Dutch Colonial, dubbed “High Hopes” by the previous owner, Ronald DeFeo, Sr.

What had occurred at “High Hopes” 13 months prior to the Lutz family moving in is more like a slasher movie than a ghost story.

Twenty-three-year old Ronald Defeo Jr., a.k.a. “Butch” burst into Henry’s Bar, on a Wednesday evening at 6:30 p.m., November 13, 1974 with a shocking announcement: “You got to help me! I think my mother and father are shot!” A group of people from the bar went with Butch DeFeo to investigate the family’s home at the now-infamous 112 Ocean Avenue. What they found was a gruesome scene. All six members of his family were shot dead in their beds: his parents, Ronald DeFeo Sr, age 44 and Louise DeFeo, 42, sisters Dawn, 18 and Allison, 13, and brothers Marc, 12 and John Matthew, 9.

It would later be determined that the family was killed 3 a.m. that morning by a .35 caliber Marlin 336C rifle. Each member of the family was found lying on their stomachs in their beds. The parents suffered two shots each and each one of his brothers and sisters was shot one time each.

Ronald “Butch” DeFeo Jr. first claimed that the murders were the work of a mob hitman. As investigators interviewed Butch DeFeo, they found that there were many inconsistencies in his story.  Butch DeFeo confessed to the murders the next day. Besides having the confession, the hitman named by DeFeo as the killer had a solid alibi. DeFeo even told police where he got rid of his bloody clothes and the murder weapon. DeFeo had casually gotten up and gone to work that morning, getting rid of the evidence on the way to his job.

The DeFeos were far from the perfect family. Father Ronald DeFeo Sr. was physically abusive towards his wife and children.

DeFeo Sr. worked for his father’s car dealership and allegedly had been stealing money from the business.

Juror Peggy Giambra recalls Butch DeFeo’s words on the stand: “I remember the chilling words of him saying that once he started, he just couldn’t stop.”

DeFeo Jr. was convicted of six counts of second-degree murder on November 21, 1975. He was given six life sentences and is incarcerated at Sullivan Correctional Facility, Beekman, N.Y.

When George and Kathy Lutz moved in and learned about their new home’s gruesome past, they decided to have a Catholic priest come and bless the house. As he attempted the blessing, the priest claimed that many flies appeared and that he heard a voice commanding him to leave.

The Lutzes also claimed that the front door suddenly blew off its hinges in the middle of the night, a pig with glowing red eyes appeared to them, Kathy claimed she was levitated two feet off her bed and that she received mysterious welts, George claimed Kathy’s appearance would change into that of an elderly woman with wrinkles and white hair and Kathy said she saw a demonic entity appear in the fireplace. The Lutzes described many other bizarre experiences while living at 112 Ocean Avenue.

According to Butch DeFeo, the Lutzes’ story was a fabrication, created to help the Lutzes out of debt. DeFeo’s lawyer William Weber admitted to help fabricate the story in the hopes that the tale would lead to a lesser sentence for DeFeo.

For example, the story of the demonic pig was supposedly based on the neighbors’ cat who DeFeo Jr. hated and called “a fat pig.” Another detail was that George Lutz used to wake every morning at 3:15 a.m., which is the time the murders occurred.

“Weber and the Lutzes started this whole thing,” DeFeo says. The strange tale of the supernatural was meant to be a financial arrangement between DeFeo, the Lutzes and William Weber.

“Amityville itself is just a story – the whole thing is a hoax,” DeFeo says. “The agreement was $850,000.”

However, DeFeo and Weber never got their share of the money. Instead the Lutzes took their story to writer Jay Anson.

“I knew them Lutzes weren’t stable. They double-crossed everybody, then took off and went to California,” DeFeo says.

Reporter Marvin Scott attended a seance at the infamous house, conducted by demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Scott says: “ Lorraine Warren and I walked upstairs to the sewing room. Now, the sewing room was the location where there was reported the strongest presence. She started talking, and at one point, became a bit hysterical, saying, ‘Marvin, I hope this is as close to hell as I’ll ever get.’ I didn’t see anything oozing from the walls. I didn’t hear any strange voices.”

One year after the séance, Jay Anson’s book about the Lutzes’ experiences was published.

The Lutzes lived at 112 Ocean Avenue for 28 days before leaving, supposedly driven from the house by demonic forces. They left all of their belongings behind.

Sources: Wikipedia: The Amiltyville Horror and Ronald DeFeo Jr.

Documentary: “High Hopes: The Amityville Horror Murders” (2014)


If Priam was to join near the ending of the Valm Arc in Fire Emblem Awakening.

AKA - What I can only see in my dreams. You know. Giving Priam connections to the Chon'sin Royal Family prior to the war. Being friends with Say'ri and Yen'fay. Giving him, and by extension, them, attention and the love that all they deserve (and this includes Bad Future Yen'fay). Because God, don’t I wish the development team did this. Even the NPC unit leading the Dynast Forces is a bloody Hero Unit. How they let such a perfect golden moment escape them baffles me?!

But look at me give my favorites attention as I write out (what I hope is) a good story to them. And guess who finally figured out how to properly work with Awakening’s scene support customizer generator?

For Riley Bates, moving to White Pine Bay was a chance for her and her family to start over. To start a brand new life after the death of her father six months prior. However, the family will find that White Pine Bay is not your average town, despite its peaceful facade. And trouble always finds its way into the Bates Family.