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Inspired by the art style of Mononoke (not ghibli) and Gankutsuou.

以心伝心 (Ishin-denshin) roughly translates to “heart to heart understanding” but literally translates to “what the mind thinks, the heart transmits,”

Ishin-denshin (以心伝心) is a Japanese idiom which denotes a form of interpersonal communication through unspoken mutual understanding.

ishin-denshin refers to a passive form of shared understanding. Ishin-denshin is traditionally perceived by the Japanese as sincere, silent communication via the heart

(source: wikipedia bc I’m too lazy to look for a legit source rn.)


brandon we’re gonna have to start taking pickup trucks to the bookstore if you keep making these books longer!! please!! i can only lift so much!!

I don’t know if anyone’s had ever addressed this or not, but Helen Cho and her people printer, why isn’t this talked about more??

Like I come back to the people printer a shit ton when I’m sitting around doing nothing. I’m no scientist or biologist or any type of doctor, I’m just an art school drop out trying to wrap my little brain around that people printer thing.

Like Bruce specifically says “She (Cho) is creating tissue!”, and after Clint jokes that he is going to be made of plastic Cho reassures him that he is “Going to be made of you (Clint).” So in my little unprofessional mind this says that Cho has figured out a way to rapidly clone and replicate cells and join them with the preexisting cells with no problems and little recovery time. Recovery time after a skin graft is about two to three weeks depending and the area must be kept safe from any sort of trauma (hit, scratch, stretch), yet we clearly see Clint up and moving and even fighting in like two days.


Oh and then she pretty much creates a sentient being, which is kinda a fluke and something she couldn’t really do again, because like Vibranium cost the big bucks and there is only one Mind Stone…. So i would assume only one Vision. But she STILL created artificial life, so the question still remains, what else can she do with that thing?

So like if it is indeed cloning cells, she could probably print organs. Like there would probably be little fear of the body actually rejecting the organ because, hey guess what?! It’s the persons actual organ. And is the printer precise enough to say actually print a replacement limb? Like could it clone the bone and tissue and each little vein and part of the nervous system so that it would actually be compatible with the persons already existing nervous system? Would fine motor skills still be present? Or what about touch as a sensation? Could it get precise enough to print an eye? Like pupil, cornea, rods, and cones that actually work? And can send that info to the brain in tandem with the other eye? Or what about organs that didn’t work properly in the first place? Can it mend or replace those?

Could this thing also be applied to cosmetic surgery, both voluntary and involuntary? Like in the case of burn victims and skin grafting, could it also clone and recreate the ruined and missing tissue? Or say if someone wanted breast enlargement, could it print more cells for a bigger bust? Or remove tissue and prevent scars? Or what about gender reassignment surgery? Could it be used for something as benign as tattoo removal? Or scar removal? Can it reconstruct a face?

Like I need to know the extent of Helen Cho’s people printer, and if half of this shit is even remotely possible that woman needs like 10000x more recognition and like her own movie or show. Because I would watch a medical drama where Cho fixes damn near everything with her trusty people printer!