the print studio

Can someone PLEASE link me to the original comic print of that grad cap? I want to decorate it the same way but i need the original comic print, please help please! i need it asap because the women who would be printing it for me needs the original comic print, please please reblog until it gets an answer, please!

from one marvel fan to another, please help.

Animated stereoview portrait of two unidentified women in San Jose, California, c. 1800’s. By John H. Heering.

Source: New York Public Library.

I got this idea a couple years ago but I knew it would mean doing a crazy background and that did me a frighten so I procrastinated. Then I did a really good scene at work and was feeling good and began the journey of finally finishing this piece. I’m pretty happy with it! I was hoping to finish it by the release of the 4th game but in the end I finished this in August. 

So the idea is a riff on a certain fantastic scene from one of the most (if not THE most) underrated Disney movie ever. Except these carvings are far more relevant to Drake’s journey.