the print studio

We live in a society whose whole policy is to excite every nerve in the human body and keep it at the highest pitch of artificial tension, to strain every human desire to the limit and to create as many new desires and synthetic passions as possible, in order to cater to them with the products of our factories and printing presses and movie studios and all the rest.
—  Thomas Merton, The Seven Storey Mountain

Cerco Espresso cup by Kutarq Studio for Othr.

Kutarq Studio, is Base in Spain, Valencia. They got their inspiration for this special little Espresso cup from traditional jewelry and decorum. The handle is inspired especially by the body art of piercings. It gives the Cerco called cup an eye-catching element, that also serves as the main function of a handle. Produced is this piece of design with 3D-printed Porcelain, by Othr.

Photo Print: Theatre Café 🎭☕️