the print project


Misty Copeland, Harper’s Bazaar, and NYC Dance Project recreated stunning works by Edgar Degas in advance of our exhibition Edgar Degas: A Strange New Beauty, opening March 26.  

[All photographs by Ken Browar & Deborah Ory. Courtesy Harper’s Bazaar


@danielhowell hallway of dans. 2017. watercolor on paper.


So things are slowly progressing for me, and I think I can safely announce one of my print projects I’m working on for the Panel One Festival in June!

The Littlest Empress will be a 16-page wordless, greyscale comic about a youngster zhuchengtyrannus’ search for new friends! I’m very happy with how it’s turning out, and I’d love to gauge people’s interest in it online here, so I know if I should print up extras for online sale afterwards?

I won’t be setting up preorders or anything like that for this little comic, but if you are interested, let me know! I’m hoping it’ll cost around 10$ max, but I will update y’all as this comic and others I’m making for print are quoted and finalized!


The MegOp Zine project lives!!!

After a very long time, the Kickstarter is finally up! ovo/

The Equinox Anthology is a collection of Art, Stories and Comics in celebration of the relationship between Megatron and Optimus Prime. It features 88 pages of new content created exclusively for the zine by 21 awesome Writers and Artists from the Transformers Fandom!

The Equinox Fan Anthology has the honor to feature:

…..FICS BY…..

   Spaceliquid || AgentBlurr || Zuzeca || Enfilade

…..ART BY…..

   @larrydraws || @chuchu9532 || @inmytimewe || @coralus || @thismightyneed|| @bonnini || @charliedzilla || @tralma || @pompoof & @arecchi || @paellapelea


   @glitzbot || @herzspalter || @iyyokuk-lucid || @blitzy-blitzwing
|| @bonnini || @taiyari

Zine characteristics:

  • 88 pages in full color.
  • Zine size: 17cm x 26cm (6.69in x 10.23in).
  • Soft cover book with a matte laminate 300g cover printed in both sides.
  • Silk-screen printed dust jacket in special heavy paper.
  • Interiors in Couché 135g paper.

The proof sample is already printed and everyone did a wonderful work for the zine. With your help, we’ll be able to print this small project everyone’s worked so hard for!

This Zine project took a lot of time and effort to put together, and only with your support we’ll be able to make it. There’s no way a small print-run can happen without you. Please help us spread the word and bring this Fanbook to life!

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