the print palette

“The reason I can give my all is ‘cuz you’re here with me”

Fluffy boyfriends going to see the cherry trees together :’)

(still love that Atsushi’s kimono its purple 💜)

Edit: tysm to @freezingdreamer for the precious fic Linked Hands! ;-;

So I bought this dress because it reminded me of African prints and color palettes. This year I was about to drop everything and buy a one way ticket to Africa. Possibly Tanzania, maybe Ghana. But life happened. It happened so fast, so hard. My reality was not my cup of tea these last few months, but the wanderlust still lurks within me. I’ll make it happen. I make things happen. Life is on my side when I least expect it. I’m coming for you Africa.

youtuber!reader + BTS prologue - taehyung version

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Using Tom Ford Luna highlighters on my neighbor ;)

“Hello all,” you say brightly to the camera. The frame shows you’re in your typical setup, seated next to a sturdy young man. “The highlighters you guys tweeted about to me are finally here and I’m here with my neighbor, Tae, to test them. Look at his face and tell me he doesn’t have the cheekbones Tom Ford imagined when he made these highlighters.” You grab at Taehyung’s cheeks playfully and squish them lightly. He makes a please expression and the frame slows down and replays a few times, zooming in on his expression more each time until his face is uncomfortably close to the camera. A new shot shows you two facing eachother so one of Taehyung’s cheeks is angled towards the audience. You look for an angled brush.

“Y/N,” he says trying to look at the camera through his peripheral vision, “Are you gonna make me look pretty?”

“No, you’re already plenty pretty. I don’t need to compete with you more than I already subconsciously do.” A pop up appears in the corner of the screen: Thumbs up for true friendship!

“You’re just saying that because you’re grateful for when I bring you cookies.”

“Taehyung,” you say like you’re offended, “Do you really expect me to turn those cookies down? They’re the product of stress baking. If I said no, you would probably cry.” He sticks his tongue out at you and you brush on the first highlighter . You reach into the foreground to zoom the camera in on his cheekbone gesture to the sparkle on his cheek.

“I don’t know if the camera is picking it up, but in person this first shade is really gorgeous. The base powder is silver, so despite it not really being skin-toned, if used the right way, it can act as a neutral, I think. What I really love is that there are little hints of blue and purple sprinkled in, so the eye has something to latch onto when you turn your head.” You lightly swivel Taehyung’s jaw so that the light bounces off the makeup and sparkles in the frame of the camera. “This was the shade…Moonrock.”

You continue to brush on highlighters while Taehyung gabs with you as best he can about the product. You hand him the palette and let him read the names of the shades in the order you applied them.

“And this last one is called,” he hesitates squinting at the fine print on the palette, “Lu-luminescent?” You smile at how cutely he reads the names. You turn in the shot to face the viewers.

“Can you tell he’s from Daegu, guys? You hear that twang?”

“Hey, we can’t all be from Seoul. Plus, do you know how many girls I’ve picked up with this accent?”

“I don’t know. 3?” You scoff. He blinks owlishly at you before ducking his head and grinning self-deprecatingly.


“Alright. We’re getting a little off topic here. If you look in the corner of the screen…” Several small clips push their way onto the side of the frame, each one a looped video of you rotating your swatched wrist so the light picks up the glitter particles. “I’ve put some clips of the highlighter swatched on my arm so you can see them in a less dynamic setting. I really like the way these products apply and these are cruelty free, so I think they’re worth every penny.”

“Please support Y/N’s channel by liking and commenting and subscribing. That way I can see you guys again, hmm?” Taehyung puts a friendly arm over your shoulder and drags you into the foreground with him. You nod and look proud at your new convert.

You both wave and the video ends.


DylanOFan81 (+601) - @Y/N u should do a giveaway but w tae as the prize <3

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