the print palette

Fluffy boyfriends going to see the cherry trees together :’)

(still love that Atsushi’s kimono its purple 💜)

Edit: tysm to @freezingdreamer for the precious fic Linked Hands! ;-;

So I bought this dress because it reminded me of African prints and color palettes. This year I was about to drop everything and buy a one way ticket to Africa. Possibly Tanzania, maybe Ghana. But life happened. It happened so fast, so hard. My reality was not my cup of tea these last few months, but the wanderlust still lurks within me. I’ll make it happen. I make things happen. Life is on my side when I least expect it. I’m coming for you Africa.

OC outfit list!

Draw your OC: 1. In (one of) your favorite outfit(s) you own 😍 😍 😍

This is by far one of my favorite outfits, it’s just layers and layers of cardigans and jewelry stacked on each other with a dominant pink, green, and black color palette~ FLOWER PRINT UP THE ASS. For shits and giggles I also decided to draw Gya with my haircut └(○`ε´○)┘ he’s even cuter in skirts imo