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02. chocolate for the sweetest | jihoon

a simple act of kindness leaves a heart print that lasts a lifetime.

Jihoon assembled the ingredients requisite for the customary cup of coffee that had begun to bore him. He figured it would become another conventional day at work, where customers would either be students fighting to remain awake whilst skimming their textbooks, or elders with their accustomed newspapers treating themselves a nice cup of tea. 

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anonymous asked:

Now I've heard of tag switching clearance stickers, but this was ridiculous. I had a couple customers come up with bottles of $5 shampoo and conditioner, but they took the stickers off of these $1 travel soap containers and just slapped em on. First of all, you think I'm stupid enough to believe those huge bottles of name brand shampoo were a dollar? Second of all the shampoo bottles have the bar code PRINTED ON. Third, the stickers they slapped on had the OTHER PRODUCT NAME ON THEM. Smh

Not the less bruised banana in the bunch are they? First time scamming the store I assume. -Abby


Pairing: mafia!yoongi x reader
Genre: angst ?
Warnings: profanity/language and violence
Word Count: 574
Author’s Note: Wow these parts just keep getting shittier and shittier.

Hitman Yoongi receives somebody new on his Hit List and questions why a seemingly innocent looking girl has a place on his list.

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