the priness and the frog

British comedian Jack Whitehall gives his opinion on The Lion King and it’s the opinion of every Disney fan.

The Zodiac Signs as Disney Princesses

Aries: Rapunzel
Taurus: Elsa
Gemini: Belle
Cancer: Ariel
Leo: Jasmine
Virgo: Mulan
Libra: Briar Rose/Aurora
Scorpio: Merida
Sagittarius: Pocahontas
Capricorn: Tiana
Aquarius: Kida
Pisces: Cinderella

The Signs as Disney Princesses
  • Aries: Jasmine (passionate, opinionated, brave)
  • Taurus: Cinderella (determined, warmhearted, resourceful)
  • Gemini: Ariel (curious, creative, adaptable)
  • Cancer: Mulan (protective, purposeful, understanding)
  • Leo: Merida (dramatic, stubborn, cunning)
  • Virgo: Jane (witty, practical, helpful)
  • Libra: Pocahontas (expressive, fair, indecisive)
  • Scorpio: Megara (strong-willed, manipulative, insecure)
  • Sagittarius: Rapunzel (restless, adventurous, impulsive)
  • Capricorn: Tiana (ambitious, realistic, resolute)
  • Aquarius: Belle (intellectual, independent, friendly)
  • Pisces: Aurora (romantic, gullible, imaginative)
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