the princess's choice

  • Annelyse: You don't think I can fight because I'm a girl.
  • Raydan: I don't think you can fight because you're wearing a dress. For all that's worth, I don't think Dom could fight in that dress either.
  • Dom: Perhaps not, but I'd make a radiant woman.

uniquewithwings  asked:

Ok so its 1:30AM and i just had this random thought. Im not sure if you're taking requests or but imagine Talia wearing one of Mephisto's shirt as pajamas or after a steamy night (; (; (;. Oh and his reaction is just adorable. I can picture the scene as fluff or siniful. .I think something is wrong with me. P.S. I LOVE YOUR BLOG<3<3<3!!!

Ok so its 1:30 AM and I GOT U BABE

she’s just…have you ever seen anyone so gorgeous??? he can’t help himself his fiancee is too cute and also i love you this was such a cute idea lmao