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Breath of the Wild - Successors

I wanted to create a series with all the main character of breath of the wild. I loved the game and the stories behind the characters.

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Mipha and Sidon

Daruk and Yunobo

Urbosa and Riju

Kass and Link

Old man and Zelda

Revali and Teba


when your best bud has a crush on some edgy guy and starts a rivalry with him to hide the fact that he’s big time pining, but it’s not hidden at all because everyone already knows about it and is angry that he won’t drop the act oh my god lance just drop the act already. everyone knows. we all know. i know. shay knows. coran knows. the mice know. maybe even prince motor vehicle knows.

Lil things I know are true

-Keith would take a bullet for anyone

–especially Pidge

-Shiro only drinks black coffee

-the reason Shiro has white hair is bc of the Altean magic in his Galra arm

-Coran is the weird uncle, Shiro is the Dad™

-Lance is good at everything, and he just doesn’t know yet

-Hunk is the group psychologist

-Hunk always #KNOWS

-Coran has an Altean Sailor Mouth

-Seriously, Keith would take a bullet for everyone

-Allura would love Madonna

-Pidge forgets to brush her teeth sometimes

-Pidge doesn’t get cavities

-Thace deserved the world

-Shay deserves the Universe

-Lance sings in the shower. No one makes fun of him for it bc he sings so beautifully and no one wants him to stop

-Each paladin has gone to the main deck on the castle and just looked at the stars thinking at some point

-Keith is a dog person

-Lance is a cat person


-the black lion is a mom

-Pidge and Shiro write Lance good notes and stick them under his door at night

-Now that Slav is here, Shiro has a swear jar

-Hunk gives the best hugs

-Matt will tell Pidge he likes her haircut
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First Words of Voltron Characters

Shiro: You guys get a little more excited about ice samples than I do.

Matt: Amazing!

Sam: Easy son.

Lance: Galaxy Garrison flight log 5-11-14, begin descent to Keberos for rescue mission.

Pidge: We’ve picked up a distress beacon!

Hunk: Lance, can you keep this thing straight?

Keith: Shiro?

Allura: Father!

Coran: Enemy combatants!

Zarkon: Take them back to the main fleet for interrogation.

Haggar: The blue lion has returned.