the princess from the land of porcelain

Happy Birthday James Abbot McNeill Whistler
11th July 1834- July 17th 1903

Rose and Silver: The Princess from the Land of Porcelain, 1860s
Christine Spartali, sister of Marie Spartali Stillman, modelled for the painting.

Symphony in Flesh Color and Pink: Portrait of Mrs. Frances Leyland, 1870s
Frances was the wife of the Art Collector Frederick Richards Leyland a patron to the Pre-Raphaelites. Their daughter Florence married Valentine Cameron Princep

[…] “Tommen is king now, and he is not his brother.”

“Nor is he his sister.”

It was true. Tommen was a good-hearted little man who always tried his best, but the last time Ser Arys saw him he had been weeping on the quay. Myrcella never shed a tear, though it was she who was leaving hearth and home to seal an alliance with her maidenhood. The truth was, the princess was braver than her brother, and brighter and more confident as well. Her wits were quicker, her courtesies more polished. Nothing ever daunted her, not even Joffrey. The women are the strong ones, truly. He was thinking not only of Myrcella, but of her mother and his own, of the Queen of Thorns, of the Red Viper’s pretty, deadly Sand Snakes. And of Princess Arianne Martell, her most of all.


A Feast For Crows, The Soiled Knight, George R.R. Martin

(I’ll never get tired to find the context of the most famous quotes from ASOIAF. I’d forgotten it was Arys Oakheart who said this one, for example, or that Sansa’s porcelain-ivory-steel quote was thought while she was in the godswood, getting ready to flee from King’s Landing with ser Dontos. *__*)