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anonymous asked:

who are your favorite dreamworks/non disney women of color?

Off the top of my head for Dreamworks: Chel, Asenath, Tip and Miriam, Tzipporah, Tuya..hell basically all of the women in The Prince of Egypt lol.

Other studios: Princess Yum Yum from The Thief and the Cobbler and Queen Tara from Epic (she was the only good thing about this movie and she’s only alive for like 20 minutes -_-)

There’s also a couple of other women of colour from foreign movies that I like: 

Rita Martinez (Afro-Cuban) - Chico y Rita

Zlabiya (Algerian/Maghrebi -Jewish) Le Chat du rabbin/The Rabbi’s Cat

Found. Forgotten. || Closed

Anna could’t believe what she was looking at. Who would leave a baby out like they did. She saw the peace of paper that was lying on the babies chest. The princess picked it up. The note read: This child is from Egypt. She has the same Ice magic as Elsa. I can not raise a child with this magic. Anna was angry at this peace of paper. She picked up the child, but stopped herself. She was Only Nineteen what was she going to do? She thought she would think of this later. 

She took the baby to her room not knowing what to do. after a while of thinking Anna told a maid to fetch the queen. It took a while to decide what they were going to do. At first they thought of the orphanage but if she really did have Ice magic that could be bad. 

Five years later Anna still had the child. She does everything she can to raise the child well. Of course, Elsa and Kristoff help to. “Look, it’s almost time for the ball to start. Do you want to go or not?”