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Buttercup: Nicole Beharie

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Westley: Cara Gee

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Inigo: Rosario Dawson

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Fezzik: Gwendoline Christie

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Vizzini: Julia Louis-Dreyfus

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Prince Humperdink: Lena Heady

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Count Rugen: Jessica Chastain

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Grandmother: Oprah Winfrey

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Granddaughter: Marsai Martin

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favourite tropes + THE PRINCESS AND THE PIRATE

She’s a princess and he’s a pirate. Maybe he’s less of the parrot and pegleg variety, and just a rebel, or a thief. Maybe she’s not Disney so much as a Rebellious Princess. Heck, maybe she’s not even a princess, but an upper class gal.


The Department of Awesome Parenting loves Lilith’s Lunch Bags, the brown bag lunches playfully labeled by 9-year-old Lilith’s dad, copywriter Ryan Myers. It all started when Lilith’s school required that her lunch be labeled with her name.

“I did it the first day, just to be silly and make her laugh. I took a picture to share on Facebook, because I figured our friends would get a kick out of it. She asked me to do another one the next day, and it just kind of went from there. Some of our friends get mad if I don’t do one, now.”

Lilith’s lunch bags make geektastic references to a seemingly endless selection of movies, TV shows, and video games. Lilith love the bags so much that she saves them all in a box in her room.

To check out all of Lilith’s funny lunches visit this Imgur gallery and then this one for the rest.

[via That’s Nerdalicious! and The Huffington Post]