the princess and the squid

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In the fairytale, The Frog Prince, a selfish princess reluctantly befriended a frog when she dropped a golden ball in the pond.  She was forced to listen to him on accordance of her father until the frog transformed into a magical prince (different ways depending on the version).  Then they lived happily ever after…

WELL not in MY version! This princess is more than willing to kiss the squid in her hands! Maybe someday I’ll draw the prince… we shall see!

Jasprosesprite^2 is a dead teenage girl combined with a dead cat combined with a giant princess doll combined with a knitted squid combined with a kernelsprite combined with a kernelsprite.

It hasn’t even been 2 months and Hussie’s already topped the clusterfuck that is Lord English, and that guy contained half of a clown.