the princess and the frog*


princess tiana by Charlotte Anne

MBTI Types as Disney Songs

ENTJ: Just Can’t Wait To Be King (The Lion King)
ENTP: Part Of Your World (The Little Mermaid)
INTJ: Do You Want To Build A Snowman (Frozen)
INTP: I Won’t Say I’m In Love (Hercules)
ESFJ: Once Upon A Dream (Sleeping Beauty)
ESFP: Touch The Sky (Brave)
ISFJ: Tale As Old As Time (Beauty And the Beast)
ISFP: Reflection (Mulan)
ENFJ: Be Our Guest (Beauty And The Beast)
ENFP: Friend Like Me (Aladdin)
INFJ: Colors Of The Wind (Pocahontas)
INFP: I’ve Got A Dream (Tangled)
ESTJ: I’m Almost There (Princess And The Frog)
ESTP: Hakuna Matata (The Lion King)
ISTJ: Dig A Little Deeper (Princess And The Frog)
ISTP: He’s A Trump (Lady And The Trump)

Behind the Scenes at The Princess Collection Photo Shoot: Part One

Now that The Princess Collection has been released, check out these behind the scenes goodies from the photo shoot!!

Primpin’ and posin!’

Ariana DeBose: “I love this (GGG) community for a couple of reasons because we celebrate the strength of these princesses. They overcome a lot of obstacles, they teach lessons of determination and perseverance, and doing the right thing over doing the easy thing, which are all lessons which I think are really important right now. And everyone’s so warm and lovely in an industry that is filled with rejection, it’s a community that really embraces you, embraces other women.”

SO many selfies!! 

Carrie St. Louis: “I really love Mulan. I think that she’s not your typical princess. She has the best songs, she kicks butt, her sidekick is amazing. She’s just my favorite! What do I love about the Gagged line? I mean, everything! It’s so cute, and it’s so fun to see all of these awesome women that I love and admire and respect all working together on something so cool.”

Stay tuned for MORE behind the scenes content NEXT WEEK! 

Legends of Tomorrow masterlist

Ray Palmer

Jax Jackson

Leonard Snart

Nate Heywood

Mick Rory

anonymous asked:

I've seen your Frozen HansxElsa art as well as your Moana art which I believe you stated was a WIP? Ever consider a Tangled or Princess and the Frog piece? Absolutely adore your art by the way.

Sure! 💖 I really need to do more Disney art, especially of the princesses since I mean hello childhood much! 👑 But definitely Tiana because she’s a NOLA girl like me and she means a lot to me! 🚃


Inspired by the Women’s March and my firm belief that these Princesses would be out there. Dream Big, Princess!


it’s 20 fucking 17 and i can’t believe i still have to explain that tiana is the best disney princess not only because she defies every stereotype imaginable for black women in the twenties in louisiana but also because her storyline is basically ‘yo i wanna raise money in order to own my own small business and don’t need no man oh this prince guy is cute i guess i can get him to wait tables or something’ truly she is the princess i aspire to be