the princess abd the frog

Representation MATTERS !

Let me tell you a little story : I’m a 20y black women. I grow up in an Caribbean island where almost the entire population has African ancestors.

I have a niece, she is 5 years old and a big fan of cartoon, especially Disney. At one point she keep asking me why her skin was not like the princess on the TV, why she doesn’t look like Cinderella or the sisters from Frozen. So one day I show her The Princess abd The Frog. And guess what ? Even if she keep watching the others Disney, Tiana is her favorite Disney princess, cause Tiana has the same color as her and now my baby can picture herself into a princess. Since that day I swear that she never ask me anything about her color, she doesnt care anymore that her hair isn’t straight like Cinderella, cause it’s like Tiana’s hair.