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87. You Better Cheque Yourself (Season 4 - All Season Long)

In honor of the premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4 - RuVealed tonight, I wanted to delve into one of the funniest hidden gems of the season. It was only done during season 4, and I wonder why.

The thing I’m speaking about is the eliminated queen presenting the winner’s cheque the next episode. I can just imagine Ru handing them the cheque and telling them to act campy. Let’s take a lot back at these strange little add-ins:

Even though Alisa Summers was only there for an episode, she sure left an impression. Just like summer: Alisa was unbareably hot, not nearly as long as people expect, and full of bad decisions.

Despite all of my searching, I discovered that LaShauwn Beyond never actually filmed a segment. Luckily, our resident fugitive Alisa is no stranger to doing some extra time, so her cheque presentation was used twice. I do wonder why LaShauwn never showed up though. I know this isn’t RuPaul’s Best Friend Race, but at least text “feeling sick :(“ before ditching us like only a true buddy would.

It must be a sunny day because The Princess is sure in a sour mood. Sadly for her, she only lasted on Cloud Nine for three episodes before getting kicked off.

Madame LaQueer in a green dress clutching a wad of dollar bills? Somewhere in a house full of hoarded Seduction t-shirts and Bodyguard soundtracks, Michelle Visage is very conflicted. Anyway, Madame’s campy expression only adds to the strangeness of this photo. She just lepricant.

If only I auditioned for Sixteen and Pregnant, Kenya contemplates. She might not have won the Aretha Franklin lip-sync for her life, but in this photo: Kenya Michaels sure feels like a natural divorcee. Sad, overpainted, and holding onto the money that a man fucked her out of.

This is a little known fact, but this photo was taken after Milan was banned from Puerto Rico Pride. After eliminating both Hispanics with her lip syncing skills, Milan fell during the Float Your Boat challenge. The ocean’s humidity explains the frizzy hair, but I’m not sure if Milan’s facial expression is exactly sea-sickening…

At least she’s serving more mug than gum. Jiggly looks like she just went to prom in Brooklyn and robbed a liquor store on the way out. Seems like season 4 is full of criminals; but if Jiggly’s contour is any indication, none of them are particularly smooth.

What did Willam do? Well, it seems like she actually played by the rules for once. I’m not sure if she’s modelling the prize package or how much LOGO is paying her to keep quiet, but Willam has that $100,000 in her back pocket. I hope she can keep this one in the books.

With the rising cost of cheesecake in the U.S., I understand Dida’s pain here. She was only a few challenges away from the crown but fell at a pivotal moment in the competition. Her hunger for the prize was matched only by the thirst of her wigs.

I can’t speak ill of our favorite Miss Congeniality, especially when she’s going for the gold. Latrice takes me to church every Sunday morning, and then puts the ho back in Hozier every Sunday night.

Now that you’re yearning for some more, be sure to check out RuPaul’s Drag Race season 4 Ru-vealed tonight on Logo at 8/7c.


“what kind of benders (or if they’re a non-bender) do you think your OC’s would be?”

  • Annie Mei - My ‘chosen one’ was an obvious choice.  Annie’s my dA mascot and her abilities in her own personal story is even more versatile than just bending the four elements!
  • Rion - As one of the main characters from TΛB, Rion acts as the grounded and logical type.  He’s definitely the sort of person I’d describe as someone who waits and listens and it doesn’t hurt that he’s a total athlete and built like Bolin ;)
  • The Princess - The princess is much like Miki: out of control yet always in control.  She’s a master at what she does in an unconventional way.  As a royal rebel, she’s definitely a difficult flame to tame!
  • Fantasia - She’s swift like the wind with her blade.  Never the one to strike first, air seemed to be the right choice for this calm and patient and righteous warrior.
  • Giza - Giza was influenced by the great white shark.   In her story, the entire world is flooded and every one lives in domed cities.  So based off of those two things, she already made a choice waterbender. She’s also cold and ruthless to her enemies yet incredibly vulnerable and sympathetic.  Her outwardly composed demeanor doesn’t reflect the inner passion she carries for others (as a matter of fact, she’s actually a giant tsundere).  I feel like her personality reflects the ocean: calm with the capacity to destroy all.

All characters belong to me

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The signs as The Breakfast Club

The Criminal: Aries, Taurus, & Pisces

The Princess: Libra & Gemini

The Brain: Sagittarius & Capricorn

The Basket Case: Scorpio, Virgo, & Cancer

The Athlete: Leo & Aquarius