the prince searched and searched and searched for his princess

I don’t even know where this came from....enjoy...

Imagine Ned Stark finding and saving Rhaenys Targaryen at the end of Robert’s Rebellion.

((As the title says…I have no idea where this came from. Well, I’ve been having Rhaenys Targaryen feels so…that might be partly to blame haha.))

Word Count: 1, 962

Warnings: SLIGHTLY….VERY….ooc Nedders?

The princess is missing. That was the first thing Ned Stark heard as he came out of his shock from seeing the two red cloaks, clearly hiding bodies, laid out on the floor of the Red Keep’s throne room like it was an honorable gift to grant their new King. Tywin Lannister, Ned knew without a doubt, had ordered the deaths of the Dornish Princess, Elia of the House Martell, and her two children. The Lion of Casterly Rock had been the Hand of the King for many, many years. He knew what it would mean to leave a single member of House Targaryen alive. So, he had set his monsters on the frail Dornish Princess and her two, defenseless, babes.

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Hi, guys! So, I am a huge sucker for fics based off of fairy tales, especially Cinderella. Do you guy know of any that fit the bill?

Of course! Here you go! 

20 Featherbeds

Prince Bucky’s search for a true princess continues to go sour, until one cold, rainy night.

Stucky AU. Loosely inspired by “The Princess and the Pea.”


A kingdom is in uproar searching for the missing Prince Thor and his team. Heading the search, Captain Steve Rogers is more invested in finding his best friend, but when he stumbles onto an abandoned castle in a snowy meadow, he finds a lot more than he bargained for.

Even if You Change

There was a land once, that was more than a little bit magic. And in that land there were two boys, named Steve and Bucky, who from their first meeting decided that it was far better for them to be together than apart, and so endeavored to remain so as they grew into men.

But even places that are more than a little bit magic, are often far from kind So when you are separated from the one you love, you have no choice but to fight to get them back.


James Buchanan Barnes is cursed with perfect obedience, unable to refrain from following any commands given to him. Though he finds solace in the friendship of his schoolmate Steve Rogers, his life takes a turn for the worse when his wicked stepfather sends him off to a remote school. After breaking free from the traumatic, memory-loss-inducing experience known as the RedRoom program, Barnes teams up with unlikely allies on a quest: to both find a new life outside of HYDRA, and to break his Curse.
Meanwhile, Rogers becomes disillusioned with his military life. Deciding instead to combat cruel public policy on the home front, he quickly earns the enmity of a powerful politician. The twists and turns that reunite Barnes and Rogers culminate with three massive charity masquerade balls, hosted by the now-famous Captain America himself. Commanded to attend all three events,Barnes is tasked with a single mission: to end his beloved friend’s life.

The Lost Avenger 

*Tangled AU*
Bucky’s first official mission with Hydra had been going well… if by well you mean he had screwed it up completely and was well on his way to getting half the city destroyed. He’s just about managed to get the Tesseract away from the Avengers, when he finds himself under the interrogation of a mysterious blonde man who only has one request: to be taken out into the city so he can seethe lights in the sky for his birthday.

Magic Follows Courage

A Cinderella AU. Steve is as kind and brave as his body is frail and sickly, which is to say very. Meanwhile, Prince Bucky must marry for the good of his kingdom, but he knows he will never find love with a princess. Can courage, and a little magic, help Steve attend a ball,and Prince Bucky find his True Love?

Part of Your World

What it says on the box, really. I got bit by the fantasy AU bug, and because I watch more Disney than is strictly good for me, this is what my brain came up with. A Little Mermaid AU that nobody asked for