the prince of zelda

anonymous asked:

Why does prince Sidon have the small small legs???? I've not played this game but all the art of him, is like a lifeguard but they've stuck on such small legs? Is there a reason for this in the game because I am very confused by it

Sidon does indeed have short leggies canonically.

and it’s not just him, it seems to be standard Zora anatomy to have longer torsos and short legs.

my guess is that it has to do with swimming performance. good ol’ Michael Phelps, the guy who has 28 Olympic medals in swimming and has set several records for speed, is an excellent irl example of how having a longer torso, shorter legs, and arms disproportionately long to actual body height is pretty effective at aiding in speedy swimming. of course, his proportions aren’t nearly as exaggerated as they are in Zora. and again, that’s my own personal guess as to why they have ridiculous teeny legs. 

I also do not play the game or have the resources to do so, I’m just garbage for the jumbo fish