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A well-executed accent can be the sharpest tool in an actor’s toolbox. But when an accent is off, everyone notices. Everyone. (Remember Tom Cruise in Far and Away? Kevin Costner in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves? Of course you do, because you winced through their awfulness.) Sometimes bad actors can do good accents. Sometimes great actors do terrible ones. In the video here, dialect coach Erik Singer analyzes the accents of 32 different actors to see who aces the accent test. Turns out, Idris Elba is one of greatest around. From his performance as Nelson Mandela in Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom to his mastery of the Baltimore accent in The Wire, he’s amazing. But he’s rare. Actors ranging from Brad Pitt to Will Smith have struggled with their ability to sound like they’re from somewhere else. Watch Singer analyze the best (and worst) in the biz above.

Source: A Lot of Actors Suck at Accents. Not Idris Elba!

It’s an amazing to describe around the world accents of English.

Actors/Actresses are hard working people on their accents and very talented. Many of us who don’t need to change our accents/dialects couldn’t think of working on it.

How amazing the job is!


         The Daedric Prince whose sphere is the night and darkness. She is also known as the Night Mistress and “Lady Luck”. Although Nocturnal has arguably one of the largest followings of all the Daedric Princes, she has no form of organized clergy. Worshipers of Nocturnal consist primarily of those who operate in darkness and night, such as thieves and spies. However, Nocturnal’s deception is not usually meant to be harmful or violent in the manner of Boethiah. Rather, the unknowable nature of Nocturnal is the core of her being, and serves no real ulterior purposes beyond being mysterious. Thus, while thieves may consider Nocturnal their patron. Nocturnal has three mortal servants upon Nirn who are known as the Nightingales. The Nightingales serve Nocturnal directly, granted the power over shadow, subterfuge and strife in exchange for their service. Once a Nightingale enters into their contract with Nocturnal, they are bound for life and beyond to serve the Night Mistress in guarding the Twilight Sepulcher and in Nocturnal’s realm Evergloam until Nocturnal feels the Nightingale’s contract with her has been fulfilled.

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“Magic is real,” is what young Charls d’Acquitart (Laurent de Vere) grew up to believe, surrounded by mirrors and flocks of cards flying in and out of existence under his siblings’ sleeves. And yet, it didn’t feel very magic when his older brother (Auguste de Vere) and sister (Jokaste Artes) were locked up in maximum security prisons after a particularly ambitious heist turned sour. Years later, a master of prestidigitation, manipulation and lockpicks, Charls is ready to attempt the most insane and rocambolesque double prison breaks of history. But that’s without counting on quickly rising FBI agent Theo Karthas (Damen Akielos) keeping an eye on the family of magician thieves…” 

—     “The de Vere brothers are as astonishing as always.” –  The Starbust
—     “Two hours of pure magic (literally).“ – The Marlas Paper
—     "Where is the sequel?” – The Ios Times

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How classes affect their session

Every class alters the parameters of the session in some unique way

Lord- the aspect is aggressive and pushing against the session
Witch- their aspect must change or the session is screwed
Princes- too much aspect in session
Thieves- their aspect is fragmented and scattered, having no focal point
Knight- not enough of the aspect
Maids- their aspect will soon die without them
Mage- an aspect disaster is coming down the line

Seer- their aspect’s machinations are so vast that they affect most actions in the session, but nobody knows it
Sylph- the aspect is so horribly low it’s no longer a vital part of the session
Page- their session isn’t aware of how important their aspect really is, being neglected even though it’s secretly valuable
Rogue- their aspect is not evenly spread
Bard- they are aspect time bombs and so is everyone else, but nobody wants to admit it
Heir- their aspect is begging to help them, but it is shackled
Muse- the aspect is weak and useless to the session


Everyone needs young Christian Slater in a red shirt on their dashboards

McHanzo Week, Day Four- Role Reversal: Tricky Shot

Music: Anything you can do - Annie Get Your Gun

In which I tried to figure out how to draw Hanzo’s new hairstyle.

Hanzo’s wondering about how to mess with McCree, who’d claimed he could probably do just as good with a bow, seeing as Hanzo probably had some experience with firearms when he was younger. So Hanzo let him try, but is doing a pretty job of putting him off by making McCree nervous and affecting his aim.

I was gonna make it more like the scene in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves where Marian distracts Robin when he does the contest