the prince of thieves

(in an effort to better understand his new human enemies, Lotor has been watching pop media transmissions from Earth. Unfortunately, they’re more than a little out of date and kind of jumbled up)

Lotor: Gah! So Paladinus Azulus, you’re like totally bumming my house up and bringing me down. So very uncool. Why can’t you let birds and bees be free, bro?

Lance: Listen, Lotor. You have no idea what you’re playing with. It’ll bring more than your house down.

Lotor: Look, bro. I see that you are a tough cowboy…a man with taste…style…vision…a connoisseur of finer things. Like me. Look, I’m sure two cats in a bag like us can work something out, yeah? We smoove, yeah? Look…see the Quintessence? You like the Quintessence? You can take all you want. I can-.

Lance: No deal! You and the rest of the Galra Empire have to be stopped! We’re going to use Voltron and-.

Lotor: What is this with Volts, bro?! Have you no vision? Are you hearing what I beam to you? You think you have juice? Don’t show me a little mind when talking about such BIG things. You think you can swing the bat? Show your bling and let me shine you!

Lance: I have no idea what you’re saying…and your cape sucks.

Lotor: AUGH! Let’s dance!

Omegaverse Masterlist

Ω - In a rotten world where crimes occurred and criminals with unsteady blood changed into unknown creatures, types/dynamics were determined by physical and psychological test. Only the ones with strong blood and the ones with pure blood were allowed to work under the government.Katsuki Yuuri was the only omega working in the Ministry of Defence and was thrown to the Border for his mistake. He came back to the Ministry of Defence almost two years later, trying to recover his former alpha partner and protect his present alpha partner, reflecting from his past mistake, dealing with hatred from others.

Helping with the Heat -  Viktor is an omega, and while at Yuri’s house, he goes into heat. Yuri cannot resist his instincts, so he decides to help relieve Viktor of his problem. The heat gets heated and steamy, causing their heads to get foggy. Their true feelings for each other are then revealed.

Rubatosis : The unsettling awareness of your own heartbeat - Can one heart beat for two? Yuuri sure hoped so.When Katsuki Yuuri found out he wasn’t only an omega, but also an alpha, his universe changed. But coming out in a world that both denied the existance of people being both second genders and also outlawing it in some parts of the world was never an option. Yuuri stopped skating, stopped everything. Opting for a life where he denied and pushed down his alpha side. Knowing he was destined to be alone and never mate.Because who can love an OA?
As it would turn out, at least two souls.

Una familia de verdad - Viktor y Yurio no eran una familia normal, parecían dos desconocidos viviendo en el mismo departamento pero todo cambia drásticamente cuando a un lado llega un nuevo inquilino, Yuuri y les muestra lo que es una verdadera familia.Universo alterno. Omegaverse.

Surprise? -  Yuuri just wanted to surprise his husband. This, however, was definitely not the way he wanted him to find out.

Chrysanthemum -  It’s in your lip and in your kiss. It’s in your touch and your fingertips. And it’s in all the things that make you who you are, and your eyes irresistible.

The Sound of Rain -  Tales of married omegas have always been riddled with darkness and uncertainty, so it’s with a tremendous amount of fear that Yuuri weds an alpha who he believes has very little to gain but so much to lose.

You and I, Complete -  Alpha!Viktor had been alone for way too long he could not even remember the last time he had a close relationship with someone else. On one fateful night, he found one stray omega that somehow had him drawn towards it. Then everything changed. For both him and the omega.

The Ballad of the Powerless - Viktor Nikiforov is the Emperor that conquered the world in less than nine years. He raised the percentage of able-bodied people working, abolished slavery in all the states he ruled over and made an entirely new law book for their new golden era, as people believed it to be. He is a beautiful and charismatic tactical genius, and on top of that, he’s an Alpha.
Yuuri Katsuki is the front person of the Omegan rights movement. He is seen as fearless and brave by some, and incredibly stupid by others.One day Yuuri receives a letter that says that he has been granted an audience with the Emperor at the palace.
He knew that this would change his life forever. He just didn’t know how much.

шестнадцать стаканов -  Yuuri nodded, trying to remember his humiliation over the mind numbing scent of Viktor. He leaned forward, until his nose was almost nestled in the man’s neck. He’d never smelled an omega this close, never mind had the opportunity to sleep with one. He hadn’t slept with anyone, full stop, but he knew that finding an omega willing to accept what might as well have been a beta was difficult. His body still ached for them though, he’d seen enough videos and photos to know how they melted when they were feeling good. He wondered what Viktor would look like, the clear and crisp look of his blue eyes replaced with a lust ridden glaze.

Home -  Katsuki Yuri is an omgea struggling to keep from Victor Nikiofov his secondary gender. Will he succeeded or fail? And what relationships will he have in the meantime.

My Little Omega -  When Viktor gets pushed into a gentlemen’s club primarily for Alphas, he gets to meet the lovely Yuuri Katsuki. The Alpha then makes it his goal to get the sweet Omega to fall for him.

teeth and claws -  A series of drabbles and one-shots set in a feline omegaverse universe. Worldbuilding will be abound, as will explicit stuff later on.

Always One, Never Broken -  Demisexual (adjective): A person who is sexually attracted to people only after a strong emotional bond has been formed. 

To Woo a Prince - Yuri Plisetsky was eight when his village was attacked by thieves. When his family was murdered.He was also eight when he became the crown prince of Yu-topia Akatsuki.He was fifteen when he presented as an omega.And Yuri was nineteen when he offically met his alpha, Otabek Altin.


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A Completely Original And Revolutionary Talent, There Will Never Be Another Like Him

RIP Prince


Alan and Megan Dodds at the NY premiere of “My Name Is Rachel Corri” 2006, Alan Rickman and Miranda Richardson attend the closing of Marina Abramovic’s “The Artist is Present” 2010, Alan Rickman with Lindsay Duncan, 2002 Tony Awards, Radio City Music Hall, NYC, with  Helen McCrory (2013), Alan with Rachel Hurd-Wood“Perfume: The Story of a Murderer" premiere, 2006, with Christine Baranski at the Public Theater’s Annual Gala, June 2, 2015, Alan Rickman and Sigourney Weaver attend the ’Snow Cake’ premiere Berlinale 2006, with Kate Winslet at “A little Chaos” premiere, with Juliet Stevenson, Jan 30, 2008,  Alan Rickman and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio at premiere “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” (1991)

How classes affect their session

Every class alters the parameters of the session in some unique way

Lord- the aspect is aggressive and pushing against the session
Witch- their aspect must change or the session is screwed. They find a massive loophole
Princes- too much aspect in session
Thieves- their aspect is fragmented and scattered, having no focal point
Knight- not enough of the aspect
Maids- their aspect will soon die without them
Mage- an aspect disaster is coming down the line

Seer- their aspect’s machinations are so vast that they affect most actions in the session, but nobody knows it (their aspect is the illuminati)
Sylph- the aspect is so horribly low it’s no longer a vital part of the session
Page- their session isn’t aware of how important their aspect really is, being neglected even though it’s secretly valuable
Rogue- their aspect is not evenly spread
Bard- they are aspect time bombs and so is everyone else and the session, but nobody wants to admit it
Heir- their aspect is begging to help them, but it is shackled
Muse- the aspect is weak and useless to the session