the prince of portland

top 10 songs i’ve been listening to lately tag~

tagged by @jaebumsbb tysm :)

in no particular order:

  1. Jhene Aiko - Spotless Mind
  2. Jason Derulo - zipper ( i blame a jaeybeieommue fan vvid ohhhmmgod)
  3. blackpink - playing with fire
  4. got7 - never ever
  5. got7 - q (this is my jam my dude myso n my man this is a bOP written by the composer of the century) 
  6. kris wu - july
  7. yugyeom - the way you are
  8. ars - hey guide (the one where its only youngjae singing blessings on blessings listen to it on his soundcloud support our vocal prince)
  9. drake - portland
  10. bts - dope

tagging @pinkjbeom @junmyeonseok @pinkhoodiemark @justwhatevermark @jajalone @huggableyoungjae i always say you dont have to do these games but this time you all have to do this!! :)

Story Time

So the guy who came to do window estimates for my parents today was super talkative. My parents somehow ended up mentioning that I was a big soccer fan.

Turns out this guy is Chad Prince. He played on a few men’s youth national teams, the Chicago Fire, and coached with Paul Riley for the Thorns! He said that Tobin Heath was absolutely as chill as she seems, and that Alex Morgan wasn’t really great to work with. Was super pumped when I said my favorite player was Krieger (he’s a defender) and seemed really excited that JJ and Zach Ertz are getting married lol. Kind of a random encounter, but cool none the less.