the prince of portland

At Powell’s book store in Portland, Oregon. 10/30/17. WHAT A DESCRIPTION, STAFF, REALLY SELLING THE BOOK THERE WOW (<– sarcasm).


Highlights from last night:

-running into a handful of Pens fans and getting “Go Pens!” shouted at me instead of “Pens suck!” Although I have the perfect answer if it ever happens again. “Pens suck!” “Statistically untrue!”

-Portland beating Prince Albert (😏) 6-1, yeah buddy!

-calling the opposing team the Dick Jewelry Raiders (innocent ones, Google ye not) in the GC

-two goals from my son, Cody Glass. I’m very proud.

-at one point there were FOUR dudes from the opposing team in the penalty box and it was hilarious and then we scored and it was even more hilarious


-Winterhawks uniforms, remain, as always, The Worst

february thirteenth

summary: after a trip around the world, emma returns home to storybrooke, unprepared to be suddenly entwined in killian jones’ life thanks to ruby’s constant meddling, and her dad’s insistence that killian is off limits.

word count: ~12,000

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Ruby Lucas is by definition a meddler.

She’s the reason Emma works at Granny’s, she’s the reason Killian sits in the corner booth alone every morning at 7:00, and she’s the reason Emma holds an unending grudge regarding the morning of February thirteenth.

But that’s not how the story starts.

It starts with Emma Nolan driving through Storybrooke, Maine and bumping into Killian Jones on the sidewalk outside of Granny’s Diner not fifteen minutes into her forced stop in the tiny town.

Actually, the story starts a long time before that, during a time where Emma was dating a Class A asshole named Neal, but that’s less important.

Killian’s carrying a paper cup filled with steaming hot coffee when she bumps into him and the only reason she knows is because it splashes straight out of the cup and onto her favorite sweater.

“Oh, bloody hell,” he immediately blurts out. “I am so, so sorry, love.”

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Hip hop nonstop “it goes on and on” playlist

Listen in order one after the other and they flow together simultaneously.

1. DNA- Kendrick Lamar

2. Why I love you- Kanye and Jay-Z

3. All of the lights- Kanye

4. 90210- Travis Scott

5. Anita- Smino

6. Smart went crazy- Atmosphere

7. Get em high- kanye

8. Nevermind this interlude- Bryson tiller

9. Passionfruit- Drake

10. Garden shed- tyler the creator

11. Run me dry- Bryson Tiller

12. Angelface- Atmosphere

13. Sweatpants- Childish Gambino

14. Waves- Kanye

15. Ric flair drip- offset and metro boomin

16. Gotta have it- kanye and jay-z

17. No exit- Childish Gambino

18. Fake love- Drake

19. Vice- Jay Prince

20. Bound 2- Kanye

21. The jam- logic

22. Portland- Drake

23. Everybody- Logic

24. Boredom- tyler, The creator

25. Devil in a new dress- kanye

26. I’m in it- Kanye

27. Gang related- Logic

28. Glitter- Tyler, the creator

29. Jorja interlude- Drake

30. I ain’t got time!- Tyler, the creator

31. 3005- Childish Gambino

32. Wat’s wrong- Isaiah Rashad

33. 745- Vince staples

34. 911/Mr. Lonely- Tyler, the creator

35. Killing spree- Logic

I’ll be adding more as I find them, it’ll flow better with more songs and ones that don’t have little 1 second silences, but for right now, enjoy

Pop-Up Drive-In - For one weekend a year, Zidell Marine turns this empty plot of land into a drive in theater. With the Ross Island Bridge overhead, you can watch movies outside complete with popcorn. On this particular night it was a double feature of Purple Rain and Mean Streets.

Story Time

So the guy who came to do window estimates for my parents today was super talkative. My parents somehow ended up mentioning that I was a big soccer fan.

Turns out this guy is Chad Prince. He played on a few men’s youth national teams, the Chicago Fire, and coached with Paul Riley for the Thorns! He said that Tobin Heath was absolutely as chill as she seems, and that Alex Morgan wasn’t really great to work with. Was super pumped when I said my favorite player was Krieger (he’s a defender) and seemed really excited that JJ and Zach Ertz are getting married lol. Kind of a random encounter, but cool none the less.