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“Your life in exchange for the Blue Paladin’s freedom. Interesting indeed.”

Kidge week Day 7 : Warmth

Au where Katie went on Kerberos mission and was captured. She was first human that Keith, a half Galra half human that Zarkon took because he knew he was one of The blade of Marmora members child, saw and decided to take her as his own. Zarkon gave her to Keith believing that if time came he could use Keith as spy. At first Katie hated Keith, but learned to accept him because he was only one who treated her warmly and unbeknownst to her, Katie was only one who treated Keith as proper being too,  


Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.

Ephesians 6:10

When you say, “I can manage this problem by myself, Lord,” God says, “Okay, you do it then.” But when you say, “Help me, Lord! I need You. I cannot do this on my own,” God says, “Good, I have been waiting for you to say that. You cannot, but I can. Now, watch Me!” That is how God is—He loves it when you depend on Him.

You see, when you think that you are strong and don’t need God, He cannot help you. But when you need Him and look to Him, He will not leave you weak and helpless. He comes and becomes the strength of your life. He becomes the breakthrough that you need.

A church member with a smoking habit came to me one day and said, “Pastor Prince, please pray that God will help me. I want to stop my smoking habit.”

I told him simply, “You cannot, but God can.”

He replied, “Yes, I know that I can’t. But with God’s help, I will discipline myself and try my best to quit the habit.”

I told him, “No, you cannot, but God can.” I repeated this to him a few times until he realized that it was not his self-discipline or willpower that would help him overcome his smoking habit, but the power of God. He finally understood that true deliverance from this destructive habit would not come by his own strength, but by “[being] strong in the Lord and in the power of His might”.

When I saw him again a few weeks later, he said, “Pastor Prince, since that day, I didn’t even try to stop myself from smoking. But each time I lit up, I told God, ‘I cannot, but You can.’ Then one day, the craving was gone! Jesus has completely delivered me from my bondage to nicotine!” This man experienced true deliverance, not just an outward form of discipline and willpower.

So when you say, “I can do something about it,” you are still relying on your human strength. But when you say to God, “I cannot, but You can,” you have just tapped into the real source of your strength—Jesus. And as you rest in His strength, you will see His power manifesting in your life!

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BATB science boyfriends AU sketches

I haven’t seen the new movie yet nor have I watched the old animation in a very long time, but I do remember something out of it and used that as inspiration with these pictures.

Though while I drew this I already made a story about these two in my head in this AU. Prince Robert Bruce Banner managed to piss someone off and was turned into a beast, and then he dedicated his life to try to reverse the spell (he has a laboratory, etc. in his castle). So, when Lord Anthony Edward Stark exchanged his freedom to [character]’s (still not sure whose) freedom, the Prince and the Lord started to bond. Well, they first really don’t get along, until Tony learns about the curse and what Bruce has tried to do (like trying to get the spell off of him with science). Then they science together, trying to lift the curse, Bruce often feeling like Tony tries to act like little smartass and Tony being occasionally frustrated by Bruce’s own pride. However little by little they start to learn about each other and have some feelings too.

And something something something…


                                                      you have been my greatest love.
                                                                     be careful, diana.
                                                              they do not deserve you.

Some FFXV thoughts:

the other day I heard someone describe Noctis as ‘bland’ and it really got me thinking, not just about how much I love his character but about why I love him–like, Prompto’s my all time fave but I love all the chocobros so much, and there’s something about Noct and the way he’s written that I find really intriguing? and I think I finally put my finger on what it is.

it’s really rare to see characters (especially in video games and especially protagonists) who start off the game in a state of resignation, but that is exactly Noct’s emotional state when you meet him. he’s not particularly traumatized–at least, not in the usual way video game characters are, with some kind of large loss or grand dramatic tragedy that befalls them right after the opening credits. we spend a lot of time with Noctis before the fall of Insomnia, we see how he reacts to his father and to the burdens of being the prince, and in the Brotherhood anime we see it in even more (I’m thinking of the episode with Ignis specifically, although it’s kind of a running theme in the whole webseries.)

and the interesting thing is that Noct isn’t rebellious and angry and resentful about the responsibilities that he was born into. we don’t see him having an argument with Regis about how he doesn’t want to marry Luna, or become King, or how he just wants to run off and be a dentist or whatever. most modern stories of ‘prince reclaims throne/becomes king’ start with the prince bemoaning his lost freedom and running away from his fate. it would’ve been very easy to play into cliche and have Noct be that character who runs from responsibility and learns to accept it at the end, but they didn’t. Instead, his character arc is less about him learning to accept the inevitability of his fate and more about his capability to rise to the challenge.

Noct is afraid to become king because he doesn’t want to watch his father die and then be consumed by the same unbearable weight, and perhaps because he fears that he won’t be able to protect what he is meant to. Noct mourns his freedom but he doesn’t take it out on his friends or family or country the way so many other protagonists do. no matter how angry he gets he recognizes that it isn’t anyone’s fault that things are the way they are, and that’s just… such a surprisingly mature angle to take for a character who seems so immature in other ways. and I think it’s that dichotomy, between Noct as a bratty teenager who hates vegetables and tells dumb jokes, and Noctis as a solemn young prince trying to work up the courage to do what must be done, that I find so fascinating.