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Mr. and Mrs. Andrzejewski show up for Matteusz’ parents evening. Miss Quill does not like that. At all.


“Next!” Miss Quill barked, not looking up from her tablet. She’d already had to talk to over fifty different humans, and if she had been wearing thin at the start, she was a hair’s breadth away from completely snapping. Parent’s evening – what parent truly cares about their offspring enough to attend parents evening? Miss Quill had unfortunately had to do said job, and round up His Majesty’s quarterly reports from each of his teachers-

“Are you Matteusz’s physics teacher?”

Miss Quill’s finger, half-way through swiping to her next meme, hovered in mid-air. Slowly, her head lifted, and she was greeted with two plebeian humans, standing strongly in front of her.

“Yes.” She said flatly, in response causing the humans to sit. A silence passed, atmosphere slowly becoming tense. “…What are you doing here?”

“We are Matteusz’s parents,” the female said, as if Miss Quill were stupid. “We want to know how he is doing in advanced physics.”

“That’s none of your business,” Miss Quill immediately replied, “You have no jurisdiction over Matteusz.”

The man seemed about to explode, “Excuse me-”

“You’re excused, now leave,” Miss Quill stared them down, before noticing the piece of paper loosely folded in the female’s hand. She leant over, snatching it, ignoring their protests, raising her voice. “I’m the one with legal custody of your son, and by Rhodia, if you do not leave school grounds immediately, I will skin you for your audacity.” They were shocked into silence, giving Miss Quill the chance to look at the timetable. “I was first. Good.”

Standing, she picked up the pile of folders beside her and a chair, pulling it outside her door and setting the folders on top of it. Looking around at the waiting parents, she waved at it.

“Family emergency.” She looked into her classroom, where Matteusz’s parents still sat. “Get out of my classroom!” She bellowed, waiting for them to scurry out before shutting and locking her door, stalking off towards the main hall where all the other parent-teacher interviews, minus the science department, were being held.

She had several appointments to get to, it seemed.


Later, when Miss Quill returned to her home, she found Matteusz where he was curled up with His Majesty in front of the television. Turning their movie off, she put up with exactly three seconds of Charlie’s whining before cutting him off, speaking directly at Matteusz.

“I attended your parents evening. Get your English grade up or so help me, I will kick you out.”

Matteusz stared for a moment, blinking, before slowly replying. “You went to my…parents evening?”

Miss Quill rolled her eyes, “Yes, I did. I got some very odd looks, but I don’t care. When you moved into this house I took the liberty of forging your signature on guardianship documents. I won’t tolerate your biological progenitors showing up and doing my job. So I’ll say it again – get your English grade up. Quickly.”

Going over into the kitchen, she opened up the fridge, taking out a bar of chocolate and a bottle of champagne – which she desperately needed after all that human interaction – while simultaneously ignoring His Majesty’s pitiful questions about his own scholastic progress.

Matteusz was hers and those insipid humans would not be interfering in his business again if they valued their lives.

Maybe I should do something to make sure they get the message, she thought, before going upstairs, comfort food and alcohol in her grasp, ignoring the “Thank-you, Miss Quill!” from Matteusz as he called after her.

His Majesty King Philippe and Her Majesty Queen Mathilde of Belgium will make a state visit to Denmark on 28 and 30th March 2017.

The forthcoming state visit aims to strengthen the already strong ties between Denmark and Belgium. The close connection between the two royal families that descended from the Glücksburg line dates back to the year 1863. Thus attended the Belgian royal couple in celebration of HM the Queen’s 75th birthday in 2015 and HM Queen Mathilde is also godmother to HRH Princess Isabella .

—  Danish Royal Court
BBC Class headcanon

I have this headcanon that the five of them are outside, and Charlie goes inside to get a drink or something, and when he comes back out, everyone is playing basketball, and he’s really confused and they try to explain to him what basketball is, but he keeps asking questions like, “What’s the educational value?” or “And what’s the purpose?” to the point where it’s really adorable. Charlie later finds out Matteusz loves basketball. Charlie does a lot of research and learns how to play, and practices whenever Matteusz isn’t around. One day, Matteusz comes home, and Charlie is outside, and asks him to play. Matteusz realizes what Charlie has done for him, and once again, is proved wrong, because he didn’t think he could love Charlie anymore, and then he goes and does this for him.

  • Obi-Wan: Prince-Consort Bail Organa of Alderaan, I entrust to your keeping one of the children of Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala. Hide her well, and keep your family safe.
  • Bail Organa: I shall raise her as my own child and, when she is of age, send her off to a high-profile job in the Galactic Senate. Also, I shall become one of the main spokespeople for dissent against Emperor Palpatine.
  • Obi-Wan: That... That is a terrible idea.
  • Bail Organa: I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of your plan to give Darth Vader's other kid to Darth Vader's step-brother on Darth Vader's home planet.
  • Obi-Wan: In my defence, Anakin is incredibly dim.

That flicker he could have sworn he felt in answer, like the fluttering heart of an ember.

Unleashing a cry that set the world trembling, Prince Rowan Whitethorn Galathynius, Consort of the Queen of Terrasen, began the hunt to find his wife.

- Sarah J. Maas, Empire of Storms

PS. I’m not really a fan of Rowaelin. I just learned to endure it because I love the series. My heart still beats and suffers for Chaolaena. Hopelessly. LoL 😅

Fanart not mine. Found it on the web. Too amazing not to share. Credits to the owner/artist.


Here’s what I’m thinking: though the Matteusz and Charlie aspect of it was adorable, I doubt that’s why Patrick Ness made Charlie claustrophobic. There has to be another reason. Could it be natural? Absolutely. However, considering this is a television show, there most likely is another reason. Did something happen on Rhodia? What about when he was hiding from the Shadow Kin and saw it kill his mother? Either way, the fact that Matteusz calmed him down from his panic attack made me so happy.

granpappy-winchester  asked:

Prompt! Young Prince Hannibal is rescued by Hunter/Peasant Will.

The prince, they said, had turned in the night. And how the townspeople whispered. Great antlers twisted from his head in a sickening crown. His flesh had shriveled inky black. Prince Hannibal Lecter, they swore, had clawed a guard half to death before being locked away in the castle’s highest tower. Their beloved future king more beast now than man.

For his part, Will refused to accept it.

Their affair had begun suddenly and in secret. A prince consorting with a peasant was not to be tolerated. But Hannibal liked to wander the forest where Will hunted every morning. Their paths, it seemed, were destined to tangle together.

And Will’s hands came to know the prince’s form as well as the curve of his own bow. Every line and jut of bone. Secrets whispered softly between parted lips and thighs. Their cries of love and pleasure joined the melange of songs of the forest.

“One day, all of this will be mine,” Hannibal promised often. “And on that day, you shall be always by my side.”

These words echoed in Will’s mind as he waited for night to fall. Then, with great caution, he stepped from the shadows and slipped twin arrows quick as thunder cracks into the necks of the tower guards. Blood spurted from them in a great, gasping flood that ruddied Will’s boots as he stepped over them to begin his ascent.

He’d snatched the ring of keys from one of the guards and, the last of a hundred steps behind him, fumbled with one after the next until, finally, the lock of the iron door snapped open. It was only then that Will’s heart began to pound. The door creaked like an animal caught in a trap as Will slowly pushed it open. Inside, the room was dark, the only point of light the sliver of moon shining through the single square of a window.

“Hannibal?” Will whispered, his soles sticky with blood as he crossed the threshold. “It’s me. I’m here to–”

Twin points of crimson shone through the dark. Eyes, Will knew, glowing like the final breaths of embers snuffed out from a flame. The sight of them stole Will’s breath away. Over the frantic thud of his own heart, a low growl began to cut through.

“Hannibal.” Somehow Will’s legs propelled him forward. His heart beat so fast he was choking on it. “I don’t care what you are. I don’t believe what they’re saying about you. I don’t care…”

Will reached out a trembling hand. His prince–his Hannibal–would still be there, no matter his earthly form. Beneath the flickering glow of his new eyes, the soul of his beloved remained. “I don’t care what you are,” he repeated, a new mantra. “I don’t care. Come to me. Hannibal…”

Outside, clouds rolled in to block out the moon. Within the cold stone walls of the tower, the prince began to move. Lumbering forward, he scooped Will up and into his arms. Will reached out blind until his hands wrapped around what he instantly knew to be antlers.

“I know you’re in there,” Will whispered against his ear, the curve of which still felt entirely human. “Hannibal. Say something.”

“Will you come away with me? Now. Tonight.” Hannibal’s voice was that same lyrical cadence Will had come to know so well. His prince. His Hannibal.

“Yes,” Will said, without hesitation. “Where else would I go?”

How to tell if a suitor likes you.

Louis- He smiled at you - once. Twice means he’s in love.

Alyn - He did not refuse to dance… this time.

Albert - He let you use your make up brush on him.

Leo - He kissed you, got slapped, and came back for more.

Giles - He chose you to be Princess elect and did not try to ship you off with a different Prince consort.

Robert - He listens to you complain about your boyfriend … oh wait, he does that in every route… oops.

Sid- He said something nice, followed by something horrible… followed by doing something nice, but no apology.

Nico - He said he wanted to eat you all up. Not creepy in the least.

Byron - He asked you to marry him (he’s not known for being subtle).

Who will die?

My predictions: Tanya’s mum and Ram’s dad, and possibly Quill and possibly April and possibly April’s mother and/or father and possibly everyone HOW AM I TO WAIT ANOTHER WEEK?!?!? I WILL GET ZERO WORK DONE!!! IF ANYTHING HAPPENS TO MATTEUSZ I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL SCREAM!

A never before seen photo of Prince Consort Henrik, Prince Nikolai, Prince Felix, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary with newborn Prince Christian. The photo is featured in the book “"Enegænger portræt af en prins” written by Stephanie Surrugu on Prince Consort Henrik.

Does Felix remind anyone else of Prince Vincent in this photo!? Wow!!!