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On The Life of Queen and Consort - Zelink Wk Day 1

I’m participating in Zelink Week this year with a new series called On the Life of Queen and Consort. This is a ten part fic that looks into the reign of the first Queen of Hyrule in 100 years, and the ups and downs of her partnership with her Prince Consort, Link.

Prompt: ‘Awakening’
Words: 1165
Setting: Breath of the Wild

The following is an excerpt from the introduction to ‘On the Life of Queen and Consort: An Official History of the first Queen Zelda in Hyrule following the Calamity’ by Larella of Zora’s Domain.

When I was employed in the service of Queen Zelda of Hyrule, one of my many duties was to remember. Dates, numbers, names, laws and protocols; and so I fancy myself to have a precise and robust memory. Few remember me, however. I was the Queen’s left hand, and her Consort’s right. I was their first, best and last friend. But above all, I was their advisor, and now that my tenure is almost at its end, it is time to write their story.

It has been now almost 171 years since the Great Calamity, and 70 years since the Dark Beast Ganon was sealed away by the Queen herself. I served as Chief Advisor in Hyrule Castle for almost that entire time. I have only recently been released from my service, but not by choice.

I consider it the Goddess’ blessing that Zelda is still with us, but she is ailing. I want to finish this as soon as possible, so that she may remember as well. Recently she has begun to forget. There is an…emptiness to her that we have both seen before, in a similar circumstance. But I do not wish to dwell on the present and all of its melancholy. There is so much to write!

To allow a small indulgence into my background, I met the Queen when she was simply ‘Princess Zelda’, in the months following Ganon’s sealing. I was a young Ambassador then, untrained in the complexity of politics, but she trusted me and named me her Chief Advisor when it came time to rebuild her regency. Her consort too went out of his way to protect me many a time. It is this trust and friendship that they both extended to me that I know I will never forget, even if all else must go. This is why I must write this history for Zelda. So that she will not forget either.

From the chapter titled ‘Link’s Awakening.’

Before His Highness was Prince Consort, we knew him just as Master Link, or sometimes as ‘Champion’, for the age-old order that he belonged to in Hyrule before the Calamity. Raised a Knight, Link was not one for politics, despite having spent time at court with Zelda. And so when the proposal was made that he and Zelda should marry, the Knight naturally had concerns. Not of marriage itself; in fact, Link was ecstatic at the proposition. He and Zelda had settled into a comfortable courtship that by then had lasted about two years. The Knight would never admit it, but a part of him enjoyed knowing he was the envy of every young-blooded Hylian in the Kingdom. Many had eyes for the Queen, but the Queen only had eyes for Link.

No, it was not the possibility of spending his life with the woman he was so clearly besotted with that gave Master Link pause. It was the politics that terrified him.

The day after the announcement of the engagement, Link found me in my study. He appeared a strange and shy shadow of himself. Gone was the strength of the young Knight and the determination of the Hero!

“I don’t know how to admit it,” he told me. “But the idea of a royal life makes me so nervous I could be sick.”

“Have you spoken with the Queen?” I asked him. Yes was the answer, and that she had assured him she would always be at his side, and that he would never be expected to take on as many duties as her.

“And none of it helped?” I asked.

“None of it helped.”

Standing from my desk, and I went to my bookshelf and pulled a small but thick tome, bound in fresh leather. The pages were still clean. On the Governance of New Hyrule (with lessons from the old). A book of laws and protocols for court and council that the Queen and I had spent the past two years developing.

“I can’t pretend ruling isn’t difficult, or at times dreary, but I find nothing gives me more confidence than processes!” I smiled, handing him the heavy book. I could tell the young Knight didn’t share my enthusiasm as he began to slowly leaf through the pages, his brows upturned as he read its small print.

He shut the book with an emphatic thump. “Zelda helped write this?”

“That she did. Every word,” I nodded proudly.

Face now softened, with a look of purpose returned to him, the Knight took the book of laws and left my study, but not before thanking me for my help. The next I saw him was at the meeting of the Hyrule Council, bright and early the following day. Master Link had not attended previously, always either off in the wild somewhere, or at training with his Knights, However, that morning he ambled into the council chamber, with On the Governance of New Hyrule in hand, and took his place beside Zelda. The young Queen seemed torn between abject shock and quiet glee, but she contained herself as ever and proceeded with the meeting.

It was not until halfway through that we did realise that Link’s silence was not a product of patient listening but rather deep sleep; he had drifted off with that heavy tome still in hand, and snored so loud the whole council paused to look.

The Queen was ever the diplomat. Without waking Master Link, she tactfully explained that she had sent him on a night-time mission the evening prior and that his weariness was entirely her fault. The meeting ended, and not once did the Knight stir.

After the councillors had departed, and we were left to ourselves, Zelda placed her hands on Link’s to usher him from his sleep.

“Wake up now, sleepyhead,” she teased, and in an instant Master Link was wide awake.

“Did I…?” he said, looking around the empty chamber. “Did I miss the meeting?”

“All of it!” Zelda laughed, leaning toward to kiss his forehead. “Not that there was much to miss.”

“I was up all night reading!” he explained, tossing the book of laws onto the table. “At Larella’s suggestion. I wanted to understand.”

The Queen tightened her hands around Link’s, visibly moved but dismayed as well. “I told you, that you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to - not just because you are to be Consort.”

But Master Link would not be swayed in his devotion. “I want to support you, that’s what I want.” And that was that. The Queen released Link’s hands from hers and pushed On the Governance of New Hyrule back towards him.

“Well, I would be glad for it,” she told him. “But from now on, read during the daytime, sleepyhead.”

In Tangled and Tangled: The Series, Rapunzel is the sole heir to the crown as the only child of her father, Kind Frederic. Rapunzel’s position as a future queen seems to have raised many questions in the fandom. Because I’m a history enthusiast, I wanted to make some points clear for all fans and fanfiction writers.

Originally posted by disneyfeverdaily

Rapunzel will become a queen of her own right, a queen regnant. This means she will inherit her power and become the sovereign ruler of Corona. This differs greatly from her own mother, Queen Ariana. As king, King Frederic is the sovereign ruler of Corona. As his wife, Ariana is actually a queen consort, being the wife of a king. This means that Queen Ariana shares her husband’s rank and title but not his sovereign power. The series actually confirms this, as about all decisions this far have been made by Frederic alone; King came down hard on crime, King enacts a martial law that forbids Rapunzel from leaving Corona, King will decide what happens to Eugene after his confession to the queen…

But the biggest question in fandom seems to concern Eugene and his status after Rapunzel becomes queen. And no, he will not become a king. This is both a historical fact according to European tradition (while Corona is a fantasy land, it is definitely in Europe) and something Eugene himself points out at the end of Tangled, where he says that Rapunzel ruled her kingdom with wisdom and grace. Not they and their kingdom, Rapunzel and her kingdom.

Eugene becomes prince consort. This means that he will not have sovereign power. Husband of a queen is not called a king unless he has inherited sovereign right to rule himself. Husband of the queen will not share her rank and title. This is because of male primogeniture; male heirs are given privileges before females. King means a male ruler who has inherited his right to rule and so ideally, queen would actually be queen consort. However, Rapunzel is an only child so she will definitely become queen regnant instead. Eugene will not hold any royal power. Instead, he will most likely act as counsel and guide for his wife, Rapunzel.

Originally posted by dj066rapunz3l

I know it may seem strange for many fans that Eugene will not become king or hold any actual power. This is because traditionally, Western stories have loved to glorify male heroes by giving them power and titles. I don’t see many people wondering what Cinderella or Tiana will do after their princes become kings and I think that is because it’s just so easy to imagine a heroine as simply a wife but it’s harder to imagine a hero as simply a husband, with position depending completely on his partner. I personally take Tangled as a great opportunity to get used to and celebrate a heroine finally having power in her own right and becoming a great female ruler.

This has been some interesting historical and not so historical trivia for today. Rapunzel will become an amazing queen and Eugene will be there to support her all the way through.

As a sidenote, Rapunzel will never become Rapunzel Fitzherbert. Royalty in Europe do not need last names even today. And even so, Rapunzel is clearly higher in rank. It would be unwise to give up her father’s name after marriage as she will inherit his title and power. Actually, historically in such cases husbands could take their wife’s name instead. I think Eugene was either using his commoner thinking or simply making cute rhymes in Tangled Before Ever After when he sang about her becoming “Mrs Eugene Fitzherbert”. Modern fics are a different matter, of course. But taking your husband’s name is not the only way to be cute and romantic so I’m sure their marriage is just as sweet anyway.


more zelink but this time it’s post botw and zelda is the queen of hyrule while link is the prince consort

they’re also a bit older so they have a little girl named roma ain’t she cute

give me this nintendo i want them to be happy

If Allurance is endgame, there better be an epilogue scene that parallels the flashback scene of Zarkon presenting Alfor and the Queen with a war helmet for baby Allura but with a present day Prince Consort Lance and Queen Allura with their like probably five Atlean/human babies and Keith, following the Galra tradition of gift-giving to infants, presenting them with the gift of a giant basket of knives. Not toy knives. Just regular, deadly, freshly sharpened knives. 

“Goddammit Keith.” Lance mutters, facepalming as a delighted Queen Allura shows her nearest infant daughter or son how to properly hold a throwing knife.

A week later, Emperor Lotor sends them tiny laser guns with a note saying For the little sharpshooters.

Sunday afternoon at Fredensborg Palace!  

The Danish Royal Family posted this adorable photo of Queen Margrethe II and Prince Consort Henrik with the Crown Princely Children and Henrik’s dog Tillia and her puppies on the grounds of Fredensborg. || August 27, 2017


Part ½ | Part 2

“Rowan shifted and soared high on a fast, wicked wind of his own making, the glimmering sea sprawling to his right, the marshes a green-and-gray tangle to his left. Chaining the wind to him, swiftly catching up with his companions now flying down the coast, he committed her scent to memory, committed that flicker in the bond to memory.”

“Unleashing a cry that set the world trembling, Prince Rowan Whitethorn Galathynius, Consort of the Queen of Terrasen, began the hunt to find his wife.”


April 1st, 2017 || Official photos released by the Danish Royal Court to mark the confirmation of HH Prince Felix, the youngest son of Prince Joachim and former wife Alexandra, the Countess of Frederiksborg. 

The three photos taken by Steen Brogarrd feature Felix with his siblings, parents, grandparents, and godparents.

When writing fantasy hierarchies—royal, noble, religious, etc.—you don’t need to stick to pre-existing titles and hierarchical structures.

If your system allows for same-sex marriage, perhaps there is a specific title or titling system for the consort (the one who married in). There may be a King and a Queen Consort or a Queen and a Prince Consort (or King Consort or Prince), but you could have a specific alternative title for the Prince Consort when you have a King or the Queen Consort when you have a Queen.

If the King or Queen has multiple official spouses, they can have different titles that denote different levels of rank, importance, or chronological joining the family. If there is a harem or are concubines, they may have different titles, either from each other or from the official spouses.

Appointed nobles can have different titles than those who are noble based on familial ties to the royal family.

Titles can be based on types of landholding, geographic location, or other characteristics.

There can be innate titles and given titles, as well as titles that can be taken away.

Religious titles don’t need to match Christian religious titles, and religious hierarchies really shouldn’t look Catholic unless you’re writing about Catholicism.

  • Obi-Wan: Prince-Consort Bail Organa of Alderaan, I entrust to your keeping one of the children of Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala. Hide her well, and keep your family safe.
  • Bail Organa: I shall raise her as my own child and, when she is of age, send her off to a high-profile job in the Galactic Senate. Also, I shall become one of the main spokespeople for dissent against Emperor Palpatine.
  • Obi-Wan: That... That is a terrible idea.
  • Bail Organa: I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of your plan to give Darth Vader's other kid to Darth Vader's step-brother on Darth Vader's home planet.
  • Obi-Wan: In my defence, Anakin is incredibly dim.
Every Pawn Can Become A Queen Snippets Part 3 of 3

I promised people that I would write the ending of the Historical Fantasy Arranged Marriage Au that came from my original fake Viktuuri fic list from the Rivals series alternate A03 so here it is! 

Original post here

Part 1 here

Part 2 here

Disclaimer - this is a mock up of what one of the fics written by Viktuuri fans in the Rivals universe on the alternate AO3 might look like and therefore is a reflection of how fans see umfb!Yuuri and Viktor not as they actually are. Also again this is a quick fun piece of writing so please don’t take it seriously!

Every Pawn Can Become A Queen Snippets Part 3 of 3

Rating:  Explicit

Archive Warning: Graphic Depictions of Violence

Category: M/M

Fandom: Figure Skating RPF

Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri/Viktor Nikiforov

Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Viktor Nikiforov, Katsuki Mari, Phichit Chulanont, Christophe Giacometti, Yuri Plisetsky, Otabek Altin, Jean-Jacques Leroy, Georgi Popovich, Mila Babicheva, Other Character Tags To Be Added

Additional tags: Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe - Arranged Marriage, Alternate Universe – Historical Fantasy, Alternate Universe – Royalty, Plotting, Assassination Attempts, Enemies to Lovers


Yuuri is the Prince of an Empire, second in line for the throne and renown in battle, a formidable warrior who has been fighting for almost half his life against the neighbouring Empire and their barbaric ways. But after tragedy strikes both kingdoms, an uneasy peace must be formed between the two opposing sides, a peace that must be sealed with the strongest of bonds.

Charged with keeping the peace for the sake of his people, Yuuri is forced to leave his homeland forever and marry the only son and heir of the opposing kingdom, forging an alliance with marriage to protect the empire built on the backs and blood of his family and now ruled by his beloved sister. But Yuuri knows what the marriage truly is beneath the pretty words. A life-sentence, imprisoned forever under the rule of a man he hates and has faced on the battlefield countless time.

But the political machinations of the foreign court might prove to be an even deadlier battlefield than the one he just left and he must keep the peace between the two kingdoms to save the lives of millions, whatever the cost. And what’s more, his long-time enemy and new husband is not the man he believed him to be and his position as Prince Consort holds more power than he ever expected. For the one who holds the heart of the future king is the one who can control the kingdom.

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Older!Team Voltron headcanons

- by the age of 22 every paladin has  at least one scar on their face.
- Pidge got her because of the lack of sleep: she and Hunk  were working on a new experimental weapon, she got distracted and the thing hit her mouth.
- Lance got his scar during hand to hand training: Keith insisted he exercised more in close range fight with him. Since that flirty quiznak aka the Blue Paladin cannot live without hitting on his boyfriend at least six times in the morning, the training bot hit him on the eyebrow.
- Keith is super ashamed of his scars, not because they make him look ugly (he doesn’t give two fucks about that) but because of how he got them: it was a rescue mission and he’s not that great with children, let alone clawded galra children. He didn’t say anything about it for weeks, the whole team gave him hell until he exploded “ I TRAINED IN SWORD FIGHTING, NOT DIAPER CHANGING”. Pidge and Lance sometimes bring this story up; they learned to run faster than Keith.
- Hunk is the only one that got his scar during a fight: one of Haggar’s druids made it past Keith and Lance and hit him in the face. The druid was then shot by Lance, but the Yellow Paladin was down. Hunk risked his life that day, both Keith and Lance still feel guilty about it. 
-Allura can pilot the Black Lion when needed: she was it’s temporary paladin and when Shiro doesn’t feel strong enough to do it, she steps in.
- Shiro… well, Shiro returned from the astral plane (or whatever that violet mental room is) both stronger and weaker. It was a fight of will between him and Zarkon and he won, absorbing his knowledge and strenght. This had it’s down sides too: his PSTD got worse because of Zarkon’s memories, so he could not pilot the Black Lion for a while.
- he was in terrible shape, so the team thought to get him a pet.
- it was not easy, the pet had to be the less threatening thing in the galaxy, so no sharp teeth, claws, horns. Then Pidge found the solution: she remembered those strange  floating fluffy animals in the garbage galaxy she ended in after Haggar messed up their wormhole. She and Hunk went back to that place and took the cutest one, a white one. Shiro called her Kumo.
- they all thought that those animals were small sized: they were wrong. Kumo grew enough to lift shiro. He can be found sleeping on her, sometimes.
-Shiro marries Allura, he becomes some sort of Prince Consort.
- Shiro and Allura had three kids: Alfor jr (or Alfor 2.0, as Lance calls him), Fala and Ryouko. Fala and Ryouko are twins.
- Coran is the happiest man alive, he spends all his free time with the children. They call him the Altean equivalent of “granpa”. He cries everytime.
- Allura attends important meetings with her children in her arms, no one dares to say anything even when they throw tantrums.
- Shay is Allura and Shiro’s first choice for the royal nanny.
- Alfor jr.’s favourite uncle is Lance (calls him “tio”). Fala’s is Hunk. Ryouko’s can’t choose between Pidge and Keith.
- The kids call Keith “Keef”. The nickname stays forever. It has grown on him.

(this is all i got for now! I hope i did not make any grammar error while writing.)

For the Flower Adventures AU, what if at one point, the whole team knows that Flower goes off to random universes, but then one day, Flower literally somehow tumbles back into the locker room with 18-year-old Prince Consort Sidney Crosby Malkin of Russia, who gathers his robe around him more tightly as he stares at the 20+ half-naked guys in the locker room and scoots back against a wall. He produces a dagger strapped to his side with shaking hands, his eyes wild.

“If you touch me, I’ll have my husband cut off your tongues and your hands,” the Prince Consort whimpers out, his gaze flickering from Flower to Jake to Tanger. “Return me to my home or I’ll–”

“What’s noise? Everyone so loud, is too early for this,” Geno complains, shucking off his shirt as he goes to his locker. “Oh hello, Flower, you back. Hello Jake, hello Tanger, hello mini-Sid–wait.”

Prince Consort Sidney flies up immediately and into Geno’s arms. “Zhenya,” he sobs. “What’s happening? Where are we? Why are we surrounded by strangers?”


Then Sidney comes in, saying, “Good morning, boys,” takes one look at Geno, Flower, and his younger self in some expensive looking robe from the 1500s, then puts his bag down. “I’m…going to come back later.”

Ken Penders and how his misinformed view of how monarchies work ruined not only what could have been a good au story but also Sonally

*profanity warning*

Now, just to preface as you may have gathered from my current icon and some of my art, I primarily ship Sonamy, however that does not mean that I hate Sally or Sonally, as a matter of fact I really like Sally as a character, she subverts some of the typical princess tropes (which I’ll get to later) and her relationship with Sonic, especially in SatAm is really fun to watch, they bounce off of each other so well. 

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April 7th, 2017 || Yesterday, HRH Princess Marie was awarded the highest French honor at the French Embassy in Copenhagen by French Ambassador to Denmark, Francois Zimeray. Marie was made a Grand Officer of the Order of the Legion of Honour, the second highest rank of the order. She joins the ranks of her mother and father-in-law, Queen Margrethe II and Prince Consort Henrik, who are the Grand Cross of the Order of the Legion of Honour, the highest rank of the Legion. Marie was joined by her husband, parents, brothers, and father-in-law for her big day. 

Marie, like her father-in-law, is a French native and was awarded the order as a foreigner. In 2008, when she married Prince Joachim, Marie renounced her French citizenship in order to become a Princess of Denmark. The Princess said this was a huge honor for her and wanted to share it with her patronages, family, and staff.