the prince & the pauper


Here’s a cleaned up version of that FairyTale AU sketch I did :)

This one took a little bit longer to complete but that’s ok at least it’s done

I’m absolutely in love with this AU. Can’t decide if I love 2 princes more or Prince and Pauper type of story line. Then again all the male skaters being princes in one castle would be amazing lol


Disney’s The Emperor’s New Groove was first released on December 15, 2000.

This film was originally planned to have been a dramatic, sweeping Disney musical named “Kingdom of the Sun”, to be directed by The Lion King (1994) director Roger Allers and Mark Dindal, director of Turner’s Cats Don’t Dance (1997), with six original songs written by Sting, that was essentially an Incan re-telling of Mark Twain’s The Prince and the Pauper.

The resulting film tested very poorly, and the production was suspended, even though the film was 50% complete. During the production hiatus, Dindal, producer Randy Fullmer, story man Chris Williams, and screenwriter David Reynolds completely overhauled the film, eventually throwing out Wilson, the Prince and the Pauper angle, the completed footage, and all but one of Sting’s songs. (x)

The signs as fic tropes
  • Aries: "their tongues battled for dominance"
  • Taurus: high school au
  • Gemini: fake dating au
  • Cancer: ooc villains
  • Leo: the prince and the pauper
  • Virgo: gender bending
  • Libra: five things one thing
  • Scorpio: flanderisation
  • Saggitarius: "member", "sex", "throbbing manhood" and all other awful euphemisms for penises
  • Capricorn: bed sharing
  • Aquarius: enemies to friends to lovers
  • Pisces: coffee shop au

#104: “Sometimes I feel too old to love Barbie movies, so I can never talk to anyone about them. Princess and the Pauper makes me cry everyone because the plot is so genuinely good, and I love it.”

- anonymous

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies… The man who never reads lives only one.”
George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons


Ruddy curls damp with the heat, skin so delicate it looked like it would bruise if you breathed on it too hard. He looked like he’d fallen into the wrong story, a prince turned pauper. From then on, Jesper had been stuck somewhere between the desire to taunt the pampered little merchling into another blush and the urge to flirt him into a quiet corner just to see what might happen. But sometime during their hours at the Ice Court, that curiosity had changed. He’d felt the tug of something more, something that came to life in Wylan’s unexpected courage, in his wide-eyed, generous way of looking at the world. It made Jesper feel like a kite on a tether, lifted up and then plummeting down, and he liked it.

princess and the pauper | pt.1

You’re a fairytale I keep in my shelves, in my pockets and in the crevices of my heart. Whatever the universe decides, you will always be my prince in my kingdom.

➤ fluff; royal!au, pauper!jimin

➤ 3.1k words

➤ summary: royalty was no adventure to you. but when you find yourself in depths of the kingdom for the first time, you didn’t expect to find your favourite adventure in the heart of a pauper florist.

To your parents’ sheer disapproval and admittance, you were not by far the most prim and proper princess that every reader of a fairytale would expect you to be. And there was no reason for anyone to sugarcoat how ‘unique’ or ‘extremely charming in exotic ways’ you are because none of that sweet talk could compromise for your lack of dignity in this regal position.

Growing up with older brothers who find solace and extreme delirium in the most outrageous activities, you were quick to follow their boisterous ways. There was always the bubbling adrenaline that skirts your system like a roller coaster, quenching your thirst with new discoveries and adventures.

But the greatest adventure lies in the heart of the kingdom. A place, that a princess like you, was taught to beware of its possible dangers and festering communities in the isolated parts of the kingdom that speak nothing of ridiculous shenanigans. Your mind has always been beclouded by the foul knowledge and the warnings but it was too soon that you surpassed the age of innocence that you pondered over the fact that maybe, your parents, the king and queen, were just skeptical of someone like you to manage yourself into the real world. So for years, the fortress that you were reluctant to trust had taken away the unknown, the unexplored. For years, you let the walls hinder and barricade you from the impending thrill of discovery and you were beyond infuriated by the idea of it.

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  • *sun woo improvising a story for children*
  • child 1: so, did the prince have him killed?
  • sun woo: no, the pauper died...
  • sun woo: of embarrassment!
  • child 1: boo!
  • child 2: that story sucks.
  • sun woo: *mutters* everyone's a critic...
  • child 2: was there at least blood?
  • sun woo: yeah, sure... why not...
The Prince and the Pauper fic idea for Haikyuu!!

So after talking to @teenytanee​ and @ghost–fox​ about this, I have decided to write a Prince and Pauper fic for Haikyuu characters (it’s all Suga and Semi’s fault for looking so damn alike!). This fic will be pretty similar plot wise to the Barbie: The Princess and the Pauper movie (which all 3 of us loveee). Idk how long this fic will be but I’m just super excited so I thought I’d share! Here’s the cast:

1.     Princess Anneliese–> Prince Suga

2.     Pauper Erika–> Pauper Semi

3.     Julian (Anneliese’s tutor)–> Daichi

4.     Prince Dominick (prince from neighboring kingdom to be married to Anneliese)–> Ushijima

5.     The Queen (Anneliese’s mother)–> King Asahi 

6.     Perminger (The Queen’s adviser and villain)–> Oikawa 

7.     Perminger’s two lackeys–> Lev and Koganegawa 

8.     Serifina (Anneliese’s cat)–> Yachi

9.     Wolfie (Erika’s cat)–> Kuroo

10.  Madame Carp (Erika’s evil bosslady)–> Shirabu (changed it lol)

11.  Erika’s friend–> Tendou 

12.  Akiteru and Alisa are Suga and Semi’s real parents

Pairings are Daichi/Suga, Ushijima/Semi, and Kuroo/Yachi (as cats hehe)

Let me know what you think of it!! :D 

Where the fuck are the fairytale AUs at?

Give me Cinderella Credence Barebone.
Give me Red Riding Hood Queenie Goldenstein.
I want my Newtina Beauty and the Beast where Newt is Belle and Tina is the ‘Beast’.
Jfc give me The Prince and the Pauper Scorbus.
I want that Jacob Kowalski Snow White shit where he eats an apple pie instead and forgets everyone he ever loved and then Queenie comes in and Jacob falls in love all over again.
SLEEPING BEAUTY DRARRY (This one probs exists idk)



The Ugly Duckling AU. Oh my God. The Ugly Duckling AU.

Once Upon a Time: Alan Dale books return trip — exclusive

Alan Dale is slated to reprise his role as King George in an upcoming episode of Once Upon a Time, EW has learned exclusively.

The Lost alum first appeared in season 1, where viewers learned that King George’s wife was unable to bear children, so he enlisted Rumple (Robert Carlyle) to acquire an heir — James (Josh Dallas) therefore grew up the prince, while his twin brother David (also Josh Dallas) was raised the pauper. But when James died, David took his place and eventually rebelled against his pseudo-father when he fell in love with Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin).

“King George returns to cause trouble for Snow and Charming in an episode later this season that shines a new light on all of their pasts and has a profound impact on their futures,” executive producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz tell EW.

To note: King George is not to be confused with Charming’s real father, who died in a mysterious cart accident that David is investigating this season. Get scoop on that here.

Dale joins several other familiar faces who have popped back up in season 6, including David Anders, Jessy Schram, and the soon-to-return Sean Maguire. More scoop here!

Kim Taehyung FanFic Rec

❀ ❀ Hello Everyone! I decided to make a Masterlist of my favorite Taehyung Fanfics! I will add to this list as I come across more that catch my attention. I hope you all enjoy and please love all of the authors! (They are also in no particular order)  ❀ ❀


Laws of Motion & Attraction Series 




All This and Heaven Too






The Prince and the Pauper 

Youtubers!AU: A Bad Connection


Into the Depths


Be Mine




A Housemaid


I Needed Her


Boy with Hormone


Still Into You


It Hurts 


Kiss of Life 


Slip Through The Seams




A Virgin…Until I Met You

 This last one is not a Taehyung pairing but I have a soft spot for mafia/gang AU and this one is a must read! 


Unfinished Business

Please feel free to suggest some fics that I may have missed!

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Fantasy!!! On Ice@haruharokuhana

I ended up just doing some Noctis and Prompto for this because of how much work I got swamped with thanks to classes and stuff. But this was a fun request for what I did! A Yuri!!! on Ice crossover AU for Final Fantasy XV. We kinda for that whole duet dance and stuff, something inspired by the Prince and the Pauper kind of thing. Maybe even Cinderella?

I love these two idiots~


Cole Sprouse is one beautiful looking dude. He can go from cute to sexy in no time with his facial expressions. Awesome hair, great looking skin and that signature big smile. No wonder I’ve had such a ridiculously long crush on this guy.