the price of evil

Medicine should never have been privatized in the first place. The concept of profiting off of human desperation and the need for life-saving medicine is, philosophically, intrinsically, and morally wrong both as a fundamental concept and in practice. The fact that Martin Shkreli was ever able to buy an AIDS drug and increase its price 5000% is indicative of a problem even bigger than a truly evil, despicable, and selfish human being; it is indicative of the problem of the current system of for-profit pharmaceuticals with obviously inadequate price regulation.

Okay, so it kinda looks like Eve is with DOSA, right?

but as we can see, Eve would never betray her new family

I admit I panicked a little bit with the ep 3.09, I really thought Eve believed that she was an asset but now that I am calm, I remembered the trailers and those scenes. So we’re good, Eve is with the Library.  No Evil!Eve I am sad.

Now, we know the EoR comes with a price that Flynn is willing to pay, he would never d…

hahahaha, fuck!!! Why would you Flynn Carsen!!!!!!!??


  • tbh if I spend as much time on homework and studies as I do on video games, I'd honestly put Einstein to shame

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Me:  Should I update now? Are they ready for the climax chapters? My readers might still be shaken from the Season 2 trailer.

Also me:  Post it. We will all burn together.  

Weekly update, Chapter 33

Warning: Implied illegal acts

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Hey there- Uh I know no one here is really interested but I’m going to make a little commission sheet/ post thing. I could really use any money so I’m willing to take just about anything- but there will still be things I wont draw. If I decline please be respectful.

Sketches (traditional or Digital) $5


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A little post-Dark Waters ficlet.

His stories have been untold for too long.

Emma sits on the edge of the bed, dressed in nothing but an oversized version of what she calls a T-shirt, all soft cotton and long legs left bare, with her hair unbound and streaming over one shoulder. She’s so beautiful that it actually hurts his eyes to look at her at times, like the days when the sun rose high in a cloudless sky and reflected on the water, shimmering like gold and brighter than a diamond.

(her love is more valuable than gold and more rare than diamonds, the greatest treasure he’s ever found in all his years spent searching for something else, something he no longer wants and yet has returned again from the fathomless depths to haunt him)

He tells her a tale, of a pirate who made a bargain with the Evil Queen and a boy who paid the price, of a father and his sons, all three of them. She listens, eyes bright with sympathy he doesn’t deserve and a finger curled around the curve of his hook. His voice cracks and he looks away, staring at nothing but the ghosts of a past he’s hidden behind saucy quips and theatrical swagger.

“Killian, hey. You’ve changed so much since then.”

Her words pierces his disquiet but doesn’t soothe it completely. He’s still bargaining, fearful of what losing her would do to him, what depths he would sink to if the vision becomes truth and their Happy Ending slips through his fingers like sand and scatters to the wind. An empty heart…

She lies in his arms, legs tangling with his under the quilts and her head on his shoulder. He may not have split himself like Regina, but the dual desires war within him in the darkness of the midnight hour. He was selfish enough to keep the shears and heroic enough to let them go, but a pirate can always find a treasure chest and he’s Killian Jones again but he’s still Captain Hook.

Out in the hall the tall grandfather clock ticks steadily on, heavy pendulum swinging back and forth to mark the seconds as Emma shifts sleepily against him and he feels the brush of her breasts against his side while her hand settles over his heart. He covers it with his own and kisses the top of her head.

He won’t let this story end.