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there is a convenient fiction in neoclassical economics that says businesses are primarily price takers rather than price makers, i.e. they accept the prices imposed on their products by the market rather than actively playing a role in how they price the commodities they sell. this works wonderfully with the similarly absurd micro foundations that say individuals are indistinguishable from firms (“corporations are people”), to the point where workers, as sellers of the commodity labor-power, can be looked at as an extension of this logic. we are price takers like every other seller, and so we can’t simply override the natural laws of markets and choose what we sell ourselves for– that would be a mistake and would only amount to a drop in labor’s sale, and by extension it’s collective income. this ignores that businesses are NOT price takers but are absolutely capable of affecting prices however they please for just about any reason, and are often times still able to command a higher level of profitability despite the price hike all because of their position in a strained market (some might dare to call this sort of thing “monopoly pricing”). despite this, labor is still subjected to the “laws of economics” while it’s exploiter dances around them and pays for the textbooks which pen this allegedly natural structure into existence.

“The name of political economy has been constantly invoked against every effort of the working classes to increase their wages or decrease their hours of labour.” - henry george

“If the capitalist pleases to feed you upon potatoes instead of upon meat, and upon oats instead of upon wheat, you must accept his will as a law of political economy, and submit to it.” - karl marx

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Hi, I was hoping you guys could put this question out there, so those of us who have been wondering (pining, lol) could maybe get answers in case anyone in the fandom knows.: Those Gift company Yoi plushes Aitai Kuji has on preorder again (for a very hiked up price) how come no information can be found about them, anywhere? Not even in other, usual merch places. Are they store exclusives, or a pre-run of preorders? I would really like to know more. Thanks! <3

EDIT (02/11): Hello! Aitakuji is indeed official store, they’re providing easy access to these limited edition and hard­-to­-find goods in Japan. More clarification by the CEO here:

We’re so sorry about the missunderstanding we cause before. Also, check the store ‘About’ section for more information :)

PS: If you want to buy stuffs from other store as well you can go to amiami, cdjapan,, and animate. However not all of them ship worldwide so you have to use forwarding service.

Aaaaand! The potential final version of this guy! I know it seems like spamming, but this is the only way I currently have of sharing with the commissioner. (Internet still out!) Custom Aequis designs are open!

Caran d'Ache supracolor (watercolor) colored pencils, Derwent colored pencils, Winsor and Newton watercolors, bits of W&N gouache on Arches hot press 140 lb paper, approx 11x14".


Apple might move iPhone production to the U.S. — but then costs could double

Apple — the eighth largest company in the world — is considering moving production of its flagship device back to the United States. Supporters of President-elect  Trump were quick to cite the rumors as an early victory. One big problem is that higher costs could cause a big price hike on an already-expensive product or worse a trade war with China.

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Australian students recreate Martin Shkreli price-hike drug in school lab
Sydney Grammar students create HIV and malaria drug Daraprim in their school laboratory, putting results online
By Melissa Davey

The Sydney Grammar students reproduced the drug, Daraprim, used to treat a rare but deadly parasitic infection, in their high school laboratory with support from the University of Sydney and global members of the Open Source Malariaconsortium. 

“I couldn’t get this story out of my head, it just seemed so unfair especially since the drug is so cheap to make and had been sold so cheaply for so long,” Williamson said.

“I said ‘Why don’t we get students to make Daraprim in the lab’, because to me the route looked pretty simple. I thought if we could show that students could make it in the lab with no real training, we could really show how ridiculous this price hike was and that there was no way it could be justified.”

The students made their work open to the internet, and scientists anywhere in the world were able to view all the data generated and mentor the students to accelerate their progress.

He said unfortunately the students would not be able to sell their drug to the US market. While the drug can be bought in Australia for about A$13 for a packet of 50, there are a number of complicated legal roadblocks in the way of producing and selling it in the US.

“Turing has the exclusive rights to sell it, even though the drug is no longer under patent,” Todd said. “The ridiculousness of this legal loophole means if we wanted to launch it as drug in the US we’d have to go through a whole new clinical trial because we would have to compare the Sydney Grammar stuff with the officially sanctioned stuff, and Turing would have to give us the drug to allow those comparisons to be made.

“It’s not just a matter of going to the store and buying the Turing drug either, they would have to hand it over directly.”

In response to a question on Twitter about whether the schoolboys were competition, Shkreli simply tweeted: “No”.


Guadalajara, Mexico: Protest continue against gasoline price-hike and the government’s austerity program, January 9, 2017.

“Guadalajara contra el gasolinazo y el gobierno del hambre y la miseria…”

Photos: Communist Party of Mexico (PCM) 

I hope that any of you living in West Virginia make, your senator, Joe Manchin’s life a living hell for being the ONLY democrat to vote YES to confirm Jeff Sessions

His daughter, Heather Bresch, is the CEO of the pharmaceutical company behind the ridiculous epi-pen price hike, a 400% increase. She is being investigated by the justice department and with Sessions as Attorney General he can basically make that investigation go away.

Ok so here’s the straight skinny. I ordered cheap ass gen admin tickets for Katie and me for Torcon. I was going to be done with Creation, I swear, but Katie has been patiently waiting for me to take her to a con and since Torcon doesn’t seem to be seeing the massive price hikes (at least not yet) I said fuck it and did it.

Then, I sent an email to Creation withdrawling my volunteer status for Seattle, Pittsburgh, and DC. I will be at Seacon for SNS tho. That’s it. (Will be in Tacoma, Seattle, and PDX from April 4-12th and at the con hotel on Thurs, Fri, and Sat, but won’t be attending the con except SNS and possibly Karaoke.)

Ok that’s it.

Fake AH Crew and Grudge Holding

Michael doesn’t hold grudges. If you piss him off, you get a fist to the face or a bullet in your leg. Michael is always moving, always in fast forward and looking towards their next heist, their next bar fight, their next police shoot out. He doesn’t have the time or patience to hold anything against you. 

Lindsay has a bit more patience than Michael, but not by much, and the only grudges she holds are the important ones. She doesn’t care about the representative from some up and coming crew they are negotiating with making sexist remarks but she damn well cares when the guy turns to a rival crew of theirs to try and double-cross her. He can only run for so long before Lindsay is tracking him down. They don’t have anymore problems with the crew he came from. 

Gavin can hold anything against you, from trying to shoot him to insulting his new gold painted nails. But besides some petty revenge, such as hiking the prices of their service for someone who told him that his shirt didn’t match his pants, Gavin doesn’t really do anything about it. The fact is, he can’t. Gavin is the face of the crew, the person everyone goes through to get to the rest. Gavin makes the deals, is known for making the deals, and he can’t risk his reputation because he wants to get back at some asshole. Luckily, he has Jeremy. 

Jeremy doesn’t hold grudges. Not for himself at least. But he will for the rest of the crew. Being the newbie, Jeremy holds the advantage of not having a reputation and no one taking him seriously. He can tell some fucker that he’s going to kill them for daring to take even a pot shot at someone from his crew straight to the asshat’s face and it’s ok when the dumb motherfucker laughs down at him. Because Jeremy always follows through. 

Ryan doesn’t hold serious grudges because there is no one in Los Santos dumb enough to piss of the Vagabond. Besides his crew, of course. Ryan will laugh at some practical joke the lads play on him and then a month later, laugh some more when they find their favorite toys sabotaged (though he promises to tell Geoff beforehand after the mini gun incident).

Geoff. Geoff is the King of Grudge Holding. But, like Lindsay, he only seeks revenge for the Big Insults. Unlike Lindsay, he has the patience to go along with it. Lindsay wants to make someone suffer now, wants them to fear the upcoming days till she can get to them. Geoff likes to wait, to laugh it off and play nice, likes it when his enemy relaxes. He can go for a month or two, has gone up all the way till five years, before revealing the nasty surprise he has cooked up. Geoff loves to walk in and smile, to go remember me before striking, and loves to watch the fear cross their face. God help the poor fuck that has the gull to cross Geoff Ramsey, head of Los Santos and holder to the reigns of a group of psychopaths. Not many are dumb enough to cross him too. 

Not anymore.

me reading the dlc descriptions

Automatron: Oh you get to build robots? Robot stuff? Can I date Nick Valentine?

Wasteland Workshop: Death arena that sounds fun.



It’s been a while since I advertised my commission information, but I’ve had to update not only what I offer but also my prices. I do apologize for the price hike.

If pictures did not load:

All prices are on a per character basis

Lineart - Head & Shoulders - $7, Torso - $8, Full Body $10

Flat Color - Head & Shoulders - $8-10, Torso - $10-12, Full Body $12-14

Watercolor OR Shaded - Head & Shoulders - $16, Torso - $18, Full Body $20

Chibis/Cartoony/NekoAtsume - Uncolored - $4, Colored - $5, Watercolor OR Shaded - $7

Backgrounds are an additional $3 or $5 depending on complexity. Transparent, single color, or gradients are no extra charge.

I will NOT draw racist/sexist//abusive/otherwise rude content, furries, NSFW, or explicit gore

Payments are only accepted via PayPal through “Goods and Services”, please remember to say “no address needed”.

You may contact me through personal email of eeachen1 AT gmail DOT com or a tumblr message. My email is slightly more reliable than tumblr inbox.

“In 1870, Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company of Ohio processed two or three percent of the country’s crude oil. Within a decade, it controlled 90 percent of the refining business. Rockefeller reaped huge profits by paying his employees extremely low wages and driving his competitors out of business by selling his oil at a lower price than it cost to produce it. Then, when he controlled the market, he hiked prices far above original levels. Alarmed at the tactics of industrialists, critics began to call them robber barons.”

Just a reminder. Uber and others are the new robber barons.

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Martin Shrkeli's drug price hike may have been overblown but he is by no means a good person.

yeah I can agree with that.  

Why Suspicion of Luxury Brands is Essential.

I’m reproducing my breakdown from this post into its own post, since I really feel this information should be spread and is important even outside of the original context.

People often assume expensive things are better than cheap ones (sometimes they are, sometimes they aren’t, and oftentimes the extra quality isn’t proportional to the extra expense) and people also fall prey to conspicuous consumption, also known as “keeping up with the Joneses,” where you buy something not because you want or need it, but because you’re trying to show off.

This is the business model used by TONS of companies, up-price a generally okay product and let the cost convince people it is the better buy.

Häagen-Dazs ice cream was originally sold cheaply under a different name, in an attempt to provide a better product more cheaply than competitors, but consumers assumed it wasn’t good because of the price, and a fancy name and price hike later it took the country by storm.

Monster and Pear cables sell cables that perform no better than store brand but a combination of marketing and cost make them desirable to people with too much money and too little understanding of the tech.

Beats Headphones are vastly overpriced for their performance (and aren’t particularly durable either), but they’re pricey, so they’re a status symbol, and they put weights where they’d normally have hollow plastic so they’ll be heavier (people associate heavy things with quality construction.)

Double blind tests confirm time after time that wine, bottled water, and food in general is perceived as tasting better when people are told they are drinking the pricey stuff instead of the cheap stuff. Pabst Blue Ribbon, one of the shittiest malt liquors this side of Schlitz, has positioned itself as a luxury brand in China, selling the exact same swill hipsters buy and drink ironically at Jack Daniel’s Black Label prices.

This is also literally why lobster is considered a rich-person food. It used to be a garbage fish, the hard to open, bland-flavored giant mud-bugs you’d sweep up in nets while fishing for things that people actually wanted to eat. They served it in prisons because it was cheap. The opening up of the American west to rail travel and the explosion of newly-wealthy Westerners isolated from the New England old money allowed sellers to ship the things in by rail and alter car, sell them at a huge markup after drowning them in butter, and convinced a whole generation of newly wealthy that it was a delicacy. Then the newly rich spread it back East, and now you

And if you know anyone who can afford, say, a Jenn-Air refrigerator (they go so far as to have no-advertised-price policies, IE, “if you have to ask you can’t afford it.) how reliable it’s been, then compare to the one that you rent as part of your apartment.

People need to know about these impulses and recognize that they have them, because recognizing an impulse is there is essential to resisting it. Making an informed decision that best benefits you as a consumer rather than the corporations you’re buying from is in your best interest.

Ironically, there’s an opposite issue where one assumes that, for instance, a dollar store is going to provide you with your best value to cost, whereas if you can afford to get the larger $5 size of a foodstuff, say, frozen fish, you’ll be getting more than five times what you get in the $1 package, because bulk if often cheaper. A two-liter of soda routinely costs the same or less as the 16 oz bottle, for instance. and the per-unit price is more important for gauging how to stretch your dollar in normal grocery stores and big box stores than the package price (presuming you have the luxury of being able to afford the larger size and being able to use it all before it goes bad.)

Hope this helps some folks.

A new study shows that ads on Netflix would be a disastrous idea

In a survey of more than 1,200 people on Reddit, AllFlicks asked respondents if they would rather pay more for Netflix or see ads while they were streaming, and found that 90% would prefer a price hike instead of ads. Mic even obtained a spreadsheet of comments left on the survey, and they are more revealing than the statistics.

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