the pretty little dreamer

  • Aries: Influence - Love myself tonight and I think you can feel the same
  • Taurus: Don't Talk About It - The world is beautiful / so why don't you feel anything?
  • Gemini: True Disaster - Keep playing my heartstrings faster and faster / you can be just what I want, my true disaster
  • Cancer: Imaginary Friend - Got my arm around with superglue / come power through
  • Leo: WTF Love Is - I know that I'm a handful / but you get me, know what you signed up for
  • Virgo: Flashes - People come / I push them away
  • Libra: Vibes - Flickering, our eyes go wide / you giving me studded sight / painting stars / in our hearts
  • Scorpio: Keep it Simple - Let me keep it simple / so I don't have to face ya
  • Sagittarius: Cool Girl - No, let's not put a label on it / let's keep it fun
  • Capricorn: Don't Talk About It - Don't talk about it / sweep it under the rug like we do
  • Aquarius: Lady Wood - Looking like the freak card kind
  • Pisces: Vibes - Whisper pretty little things / heart sings, I feel 'em, ooh / dreamer, tripping on your highs / feelin' all the vibes
Request -- Teen Wolf One Shots! How cool is this? Can you write me a stiles x reader one shot about their first kiss? Just some fluffy awkward stiles moments pretty please? You go Girl!

(For be-a-little-dreamer. My first Teen Wolf one shot! I hope that y’all like it! xx)

If there was one thing that you were absolutely certain of tonight, it was that Beacon Hill High School’s annual “Spring Fling” dance was complete and utter bust.

Your eyes had almost rolled back into your head when the cheesiest slow-dance song ever had started to play, but had put on a big grin that didn’t have to be forced for Stiles when he had asked you to dance. Now, the two of you were swaying a bit awkwardly amidst the crowd of couples in the middle of the gymnasium floor and feeling like you were reliving a nightmare of a sixth-grade dance. The weirdest thing, though, was that Stiles was acting a bit more…odd than he usually did. Not that you were complaining, or anything; his clumsiness made him all the more charming. But when he stepped on your foot for the fourth—yes, you had started to count—time, you began to become concerned.

A nervous chuckle escaped from Stiles’ mouth when you brought a gentle hand to his cheek, and you could tell that he was trying to mask the edginess. You couldn’t help but notice that his skin grew warmer under your fingers as well; that little detail just made you more bewildered than before.

“Are you okay?” you asked quietly with a smile playing at the corners of your mouth, taking your hand from his face and locking it again with your other one behind his neck.

“Wh-What? Psh, yeah, I’m totally fine,” Stiles smirked and you barely had time to muffle your loud laughter as he suddenly pulled you closer to him. It was the perfect scenario to distract you from his unconvincing reassurance, but he was aware that you were smarter than that. “This dance really sucks, doesn’t it?”

You searched his face for some type of tell, and when you couldn’t find one, you held back your sigh. “It really does. I mean, the decorations, the music, the teachers practically leering at us—it’s like the cliché dance of dances.”

Stiles scanned the half of the gym over your shoulder, and snickered quietly at something that he saw. “Look at that. We even have the wallflower couple in the background.” He guided you with his hand on your waist into a slow turn so that you could see what he was seeing. It was Scott and Kira, standing around with cups in their hands and looking awkward and embarrassed. “Hey, at least nobody has spiked the punch yet.”

Not more than three seconds later, the ears of the population of the gymnasium were shattered by Coach Finstock’s booming voice. “Alright, who spiked the punch?! Was it you? Come on, kid! We don’t live in the nineties anymore!”

"Spoke too soon,” you told Stiles, and the both of you shook with soft laughter. Looking at him, you bit your bottom lip and missed how his eyes traveled to your mouth and how his cheeks flushed a bit. “Why don’t we ditch this monstrosity of a dance?”

“I’m totally on board with that,” Stiles gave you a wide and cheesy grin, and leaned in closer to you. “In fact, I have an idea of my own.”

You raised your eyebrows quizzically. “Please, do share.”

“You’ll have to find out when we get out of here!”

“Fine, fine,” You giggled when he twirled you around before letting to of you, and you held up your pointer finger as a signal for him to wait. “I’ll meet you out there. There’s something that I have to do.”

With a bounce in your step, you walked over to where Scott and Kira were sitting. Nothing much had changed from before, and the scene was practically pitiable now. You were about to change that.

Scott looked up when you approached him, and glanced at Kira shyly. “Hey, Y/N. Where’s—”

“Hey Scott!” He jumped when you interrupted him loudly, your voice causing some heads to turn in your direction. “Kira really, really wants to dance with you, so if I were you, I would take her out onto the dance floor before another guy does it for you. Do you understand?” He was blushing furiously and didn’t have time to answer your question before you waved at both of them. “Okay, great! Have fun, you two!” Kira mouthed a “thank you” to you as you walked towards the exit, and you acknowledged her with a wink before you pushed the door open.

Cool air settled upon your exposed skin the moment you stepped outside, which was adorned by a golden setting sun in the sky, and you wrapped your arms around your body. Stiles was nowhere to be seen, which was odd, because you thought that he would have at least been waiting for you at the door.

"Stiles?” you called, but as your voice echoed throughout the parking lot, there was no answer. “Well, maybe he’s in the Jeep.”

You walked, shivering, to the place where he had parked. When you got close enough to where you could see his beloved car, the engine and headlights turned on. It was then that you heard the melody of your favorite song floating into the night air, and burst into a grin when Stiles walked out in front of the Jeep. His headlights were spotlights that illuminated him perfectly, and you saw his foolish smile as he held his arms out. You started to run as quickly as you could in his direction while in heels, and practically fell into his chest when you reached the spot where he was standing.

“I thought that we could have a little dance of our own,” he told you, his brown eyes clear and alight. “You know, one without horrible music.” His expression became bashful, and he ran a hand through his hair. “…And, you know, with just you and me.”

“That sounds absolutely perfect,” Those words were nothing but purely honest and full of bliss, and a new atmosphere of intimacy fell around the two of you. You were instantly a bit more shy than you were before, and Stiles had to take a deep breath before offering his hand to you.

“Then, would you like to dance with me? And don’t say no, it would be really awkward if you did right now.”

“And leave you in the midst of rejection?” you joked playfully, and put your hand in his. Your heart rate oddly shot up at the contact of your skin. “I would love to, Stilinski.”

It was unlike before when Stiles had put his hands on your waist; this time, you were more conscious of how they sat on the shape of your body, and heat radiated from your cheeks. You locked your hands together at the nape of his neck, and before you could stop yourself, you put your head on his shoulder. Stiles closed his eyes at the sensation of your warm breath on his neck before starting to dance to the music still pouring out from the speakers of his Jeep. He was now too conscious of the pace at which his heart was beating, hoping that you couldn’t hear it. There was no need to worry, though, because you were too concerned on if he could tell that there was a nervous edge to your breathing.

“Inside, you were asking if anything was wrong,” Stiles’ whisper that suddenly broke the silence between you almost made you jump. “And I said I was fine. That wasn’t the truth, and I knew that you could tell.”

You hesitantly pulled away from him so that you could look into his eyes, which were now unfathomable. “Then, what’s wrong?”

Stiles’ hand shook as he took it from your waist and tucked a piece of your loose hair behind your ear. His fingers lingered a bit there, and you hoped your hard swallow wasn’t audible. “All I could think about then…” He laughed, but it was half-hearted and tinged with anxiety. “…was how much I wanted to kiss you. There, I said it!” His last exclamation was full of victory, and you couldn’t help the giggle that made its way from your throat. “I—I just didn’t know how—”

“Kiss me now, then,” you told him, placing his hand on your cheek. Your own was shaking the slightest bit, and you wished for it to stop.

His eyes grew wide. “Really?”

“Really,” you confirmed with a smile. “Unless you want me to change my mind!”

Stiles didn’t say anything in reply, but used the hand that wasn’t on your cheek to guide you closer to him. It was obvious now that the breaths that left both of your mouths were ragged in anticipation and anxiousness, adrenaline rushing through your veins. Your eyes fluttered closed as the two of you leaned in towards each other…

…and bumped noses. Stiles burst into laughter that was akin to a hyena’s, and the sound that left your mouth was one of complete horror.

“I am so, so sorry!” you exclaimed, sure that your face was the color of red wine. “That was totally my fault—”

Your apologies were suddenly cut off when Stiles smoothly brought your mouth to his, taking advantage of the situation to catch you off guard and do what he had been wanting to do the whole time. You relaxed into the kiss and out your arms around his neck once more, deepening the embrace as his arms tightened around your waist. A chuckle left Stiles’ mouth, and the both of you smiled against each other’s lips.

"Well,” Stiles breathed when you finally pulled away, a wicked smirk on his face. “That could have been a lot worse.”

You punched his shoulder with a stupid grin. “Shut up and kiss me again, Stilinski.”

“Your wish is my command,” Stiles teased before putting his lips on yours once more, a promise that there would be many more in the future.