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negative reviews about power rangers hurt my feelings personally and then i look and see it was written by a white dude and i know he’s just mad that it wasn’t a story all about white people, so with that in mind, here’s a list of why white nerdboys hate this movie and why you should go see it!! mild spoilers!!

  • only one white ranger (jason, red), and while he’s the leader, his screentime was not significantly greater than his teammates, nor was his background the most fleshed out. he also suffers real consequences for his poor choices instead of being let off with a slap on the wrist. 
  • half indian ranger (kimberly, pink) who makes a very bad choice that is very cruel, who is not coddled. she is told that her choice was bad, point blank, but that she can still be a good person. reformed mean girl!!! and she’s not a white blonde!!!
  • mexican ranger (trini, yellow) who is LGBT (we don’t know if she’s bi or a lesbian but i’m guessing she’s a lesbian).
  • chinese ranger (zack, black) who is bilingual, showing the struggles and pressures of a kid who is responsible for caring for a single parent who is sick and struggles financially.
  • black ranger (billy, blue) who is autistic, and actually says the words “i’m on the spectrum” in the film instead of dancing around it. is the heart and soul of the team, his friends treat him completely normally.
  • NO ROMANCE!!!! there are slight hints but seeing as the events of the film span roughly two weeks, the film is all about friendship and sacrifice and acceptance, not about teen love.
  • i’m dead serious go see this goddamn movie i cried like ten times and was absolutely amazed by how they took this cheesy little show from the 90s and gave it so much heart and love.

“We talked about it [about marriage]. I think, both me and Marzia, kinda feel like when we want to, we will, but we’re still young…we’re still beautiful. What’s the rush? You keep seeing these young couples getting married way too soon, you know, and it all goes to the shitter. You want that to happen? Is that what you want? Don’t think so….so until then…shut the fuck up” [x]

The entire plot of Daddy Day Care, but with Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent.

Clark: Ok, we just need to get this place up to regulation so we can keep our doors open.

Bruce: *Imitating Clark* Oh! I have a great idea! We dont work nearly enough. Let’s turn the fortress into a daycare. Hey random lady! Bring your kids to the crystal death castle for quality child care!

Clark: I need the extra cash!

Bruce: I DONT. AT ALL.

Gil’s Story Is My Nightmare

You know, it normally takes weeks if not months for my feelings to settle on a subject relating to fiction. Like, my first time through, it’ll wash over me, I’ll consider it a while, and then, eventually, I’ll come to a conclusion.

But Gil’s story rubbed me wrong on first run, and I easily figured out why.

Gil’s story is my nightmare as a gay man.

I know I’m not the first to sum it up, but I am SO frustrated and pissed off by this (and Mass Effect Andromeda’s handling of M/M relationships in general), I need to work it out of my system.

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Ok but what if Ransom doesn’t really want to be a doctor.  His family and culture put a lot of pressure on their kids to be doctors and get prestigious jobs, and he wanted his parents to be proud of him so he went into pre-med.

What if he was having a post-game panic attack over molecular biology when a scout from the Maple Leafs asked him if he had a minute to talk.  And the thought of just not going to med school, of just ending his education in two months and not having to study for a test ever again, made him feel so relieved he found Holster afterwards and cried for five minutes.

“I don’t ever want to stop playing hockey,” he says to Holster, who… honestly, was kind of looking forward to not having morning practice for the first time since he was four.

What if Justin Oluransi made his parents the loudest, proudest cheering section in Toronto, screaming with love for their son the NHL player.

KakaSaku Parent Headcanons

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i was so excited to write these and share them with you guys that I didn’t queue it like i normally would :D
  • So first off let’s say about half the village is surprised to find out Kakashi and Sakura are having a baby, the other half isn’t.
  • Kakashi is super attentive to pregnant Sakura, mostly because she’s one of the unlucky ones with a miserable pregnancy and it’s his fault, also because Naruto and Sasuke would kill him if he didn’t attend to her every single need.
  • When Sakura finally gives birth, Kakashi lowkey freaks out but acts super chill about it so Sakura doesn’t flip her shit.
  • Kakashi insists that Sakura is the first one to hold the baby and he can wait.
  • Unfortunately when Kakashi becomes Hokage he can’t spend as much time with Sakura and their kid(s).
  • Totally see them having multiple kids. Maybe two or three, probably because Sakura wants her firstborn to have siblings.
  • They’d probably have two boys and a girl. Boy would that girl be ADORED by Kakashi. She has him wrapped around her finger.
  • Tying back to my Kakashi dad headcanons, Kakashi does not put any pressure on his kids to be incredible shinobi, but as the children of the Sixth Hokage and Sakura Haruno, student of the Fifth Hokage, they’re little prodigies. They all probably skipped a year and graduated a year early at the Academy.
  • Even with his duties, Kakashi still makes a point to attend every single event in his kids’ lives.
  • Sakura is a mother hen. Those are her babies. Do not mess with them.
  • Also do not expect to get away with anything. Sakura has eyes on the back of her head. She needed those eyes with Naruto around all the time in her teen years.
  • Sakura expects them all to take a family picture once a year in the first few months of the year. She started the tradition when the kids were young because she was just fascinated by how fast they were growing and wanted to have pictures showing how much their family changed over the years.
  • The age gap isn’t a problem at all in the Hatake-Haruno family. The kids don’t even bat an eyelash at the thought that Kakashi was Sakura’s sensei.
  • If Kakashi’s daughter has a male sensei, you can bet Kakashi will be keeping an eye on that guy. He’d also be lowkey pissed that he retired from the Hokage position just a few years too early to pick a female sensei for his daughter’s team.

This ended up being a lot longer than I intended but it’s KakaSaku so *shrug*

Always (Prologue) (M)

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Everyone is happy…

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Killer!Jungkook, Angst, Smut (in later chapters)

Word Count: 1,800

Content/Warnings: Since this is the prologue it’s pretty tame, but prepare for future: Violence, Gore, Smut, Offensive Language. The next chapter has very graphic gore, so if you’re not into that, back out now. Although Jungkook does kill in this series, this is not a serial killer AU.

A/N: For those of you who have read my other works before, you’ll find that this one is quite a departure from my usual “cute” and more light hearted fics. It’s my first time writing a series so it may be quite short compared to series by other writers. Anyway, I hope you enjoy ~


You would die for him, kill for him, and everything in between. 

He was as much a part of you as yourself. 

You didn’t want anyone else. 

It was always Jungkook.

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FO4 companions as parents (headcanons)

Loves his children to bits but unfortunately also lets them walk all over him, they know how to push his buttons and they often get a lot done from him. It’s not that he doesn’t attempt to be strict, he does, but as soon as his kid looks even the slightest bit upset starts to apologize excessively and does anything to make them feel better and tell them it wasn’t their fault. Leaving Sole to inform them when it actually WAS their fault (someone has to keep em from becoming a spoiled brat). When they wanna get something, they tend to ask Codsworth first. Welcoming to any and all of their friends who really like coming over because he’s the dad who essentially makes THE best food all the time. When the kids come to him with nightmares or things that happened he always tries to put things in perspective and makes the child feel understood.

Danse is a super protective dad and ridiculously patient as well. He doesn’t like to rush their kid in the slightest. Particularly sensitive to anyone putting too much pressure on his kid, and a very gentle approach to teaching his child anything. He strives to be his child’s confidante and seemingly succeeds at that rather well. If Sole gave birth to the kid also in awe over what she’s managed to do, sees her as some sort of goddess for it.


Dress-up with the kids is a weekly event. When Sole brings up they’re worried on their kid getting an identity crisis early on like that, he just says they ought to experiment with who they wanna be. Dad jokes all around, ready to pretend not to have seen them sneaking out of the window to meet up with a boyfriend or a girlfriend BUT needs to know where they’re going. He does, after all, know it’s a harsh world out there. When concerned about his kids he sometimes follows them around in disguise, although only when he believes there’s something they’re not telling him. Sole often feels like they’re partners in crime and not telling them stuff, even having inside jokes.

His kid is raised to be a rebel, but one with their own sense of right and wrong. Much like their dad, they aren’t afraid to speak up, not even to Hancock who welcomes anything they have to say and tries not to actively stop them from doing anything unless it’s overly dangerous. Doesn’t judge them for the way they dress nor their (lack of) sexual promiscuity. DOES however keep them away from drugs as well as possible, interestingly enough. Always ready to listen and always has his kid’s back, even when that means threatening people who looked at them the wrong way in a dark alleyway. Nobody dares to bully his kids, but none of their friends are scared to come over either. Hancock really trusts his child’s judgement in other people.


MacCready is somewhat more used to parenting thanks to Duncan and is capable of telling his kids off when necessary. If they did something wrong, he sits down in front of them at their height to explain them when they did something wrong and why it was wrong. Regularly picks their kids’ side against Sole, when he thinks Sole’s being a bit too harsh. Nevertheless he provides his children with comics to put under their pillow at night, so they have some important literature near them at all times. Finally remembers why the word ‘mungo’ was banned from his own vocabulary when his child starts to use it. Would readlily fight, kill and die for his kids. 

Very strict parent, doesn’t let their kid win them over with puppy eyes regardless of the age. Nevertheless, he makes sure their kid knows he’s always there for them and doesn’t judge them when they fuck up nearly as easily as Sole expects. He actually listens to his child’s arguments and explains where there are flaws in their reasoning. He does, however, remain very insistent on them learning all about the Brotherhood ways of life. Very protective of his children.

Nick Valentine:
Exceptionally good at keeping a balance between being strict and letting his kids go their own way. Tries his best to keep his kid out of trouble, and raise them with very strong moral values which surpass any kind of laws. Very understanding and never tells their child that how they feel is ridiculous. Sometimes the right thing isn’t just trusting superiors no matter who those superiors are. Makes sure his kid feels appreciated and loved at all times and teaches them that differences aren’t ever a bad thing. His kid also happens to be fluent in sarcasm and tries to make sure they keep their childlike curiosity intact. 

The dad who’s calm, responsible but knows everything. His kid has no idea of how he does it but whenever anything happens he just knows, not to mention he can read their face like a book, and instinctively knows when something’s up. Also highly supportive of their kid, and tries to spend as much time with them as possible. Strong believer in that the thing a kid needs most from their parents is their time and love. Adores his kid(s). 

Not the one who readily starts speaking jibberish to his child, speaks to them as if they were an adult, even as a kid. Annoyed by how defenseless the little one is, but deep down concerned about his kid’s wellbeing. He’s the silent type but does let their kid know when they’ve impressed him and tells them he’s proud of them every once in a while, although usually with a straight face. He’s more careful out there BECAUSE he’s a father and doesn’t want his child to lose him. 

NOT a natural at motherhood, probably didn’t really sign up for it. Nevertheless, she attempts to give the child a better life than she’d been given by her own parents. She’s pro the ‘let them make their own mistakes’ approach, knowing that she’s sure as hell made her share of them. Teaches the kid self-defence as soon as she can. If anyone utters even one bad word about her kid she gets on edge VERY fast.Teaches her kid that if someone hits them, they ought to hit harder. 

Never seizes to be in awe over her child, her face just lights up as soon as she sees her little one. Carefully keeps track of their growth and reads anything she can find on child development. Makes sure the child eats the right things and tries very hard to get the child’s cognitive functions developed as early on as possible. Tries to raise the child bilingual: French and English.

She adores her little one and is the kind of mom who’s also her child’s best friend. She’s pretty chill and always ready to give her kid advice but also strict enough to tell her kid off when they fucked up. Only con: she wants to find out anything and everything that’s going on, sometimes behind her child’s back. Super supportive, always ready to get in the line of fire to protect her kid. A true lioness when it comes to her baby.  

BONUS GIF: Sole and all of her companions at the settlement love this kid and therefore they have the most amazing extended family.

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Do you think, if they survive the second apocalypse and the end of the show, that Clarke and Bellamy could ever have a family? How do you see each of them handling parenthood?

This has been sitting in my inbox forever, mostly because parenting and to have/to not have kids is a topic that risks alienating people and it is so difficult to talk about without someone feeling like you’re shitting on their choices and I have not had the brainpower recently to navigate it. However, @wellamyblake‘s awesomely morose headcanon on this subject (I loved it. I cried. I loved it some more and then yearned for fluff) has inspired me to put digit to keyboard at last.

This may border on fluff. You have been warned, but WE ALL NEED HAPPINESS RIGHT.

Disclaimers out the way first, because this stuff is important.  Women in all walks of life face so much pressure to have kids and it annoys me immensely that happy story endings for ladies almost always involve children somehow, even if a female protagonist has repeatedly said she doesn’t want to procreate (I’m looking at you Suzanne Collins). THAT SAID, it also annoys me immensely that parenting is repeatedly shat on as a lesser (i.e. feminine) choice more generally, as in bringing up other humans could not possibly compare to the Very Important Man Jobs that also make the world go round, and I wish that parenting and its associated joys and terrors were tackled more frequently in the media more generally.

You see the minefield we’re dealing with here.  (Sidebar: my feminism is undoubtedly not what you were after with this ask but I offer no apologies for delving into it.  THIS STUFF MATTERS.)

So what follows is just my read of Bellamy and Clarke and my own personal headcanon – no more valid than anyone else’s – and is inevitably coloured by my own experience as a parent.

OK, so the question at hand. Could I see Bellarke family? The short answer is YES PLZ, because my beautiful space babies have been through so much and I would dearly, dearly love for them to have a shot at family life after everything they’ve been through, and to reap the rewards thereof. Not actually in-show, mind you (JASON NO), but this is what my headcanon looks like.

I’m going to reference MJ throughout because her headcanon was so beautifully put together and I super agree with lots of it. Bellarke’s legacy will absolutely be cemented in the lives they’ve saved over and over again and I don’t think Bellarke kids would be relevant to their legacy per se. So too, Bellarke’s legacy will exist in the found family they have amongst the delinquents.

But honestly, I think that having a family would be something selfish, just for them and just about them as a couple, and that’s what I like about it so much after all the sacrifices they’ve made for their people.

Let’s rewind for a second. Why would Bellamy and Clarke even want kids?  Well so much of it for me is bound up in their respective childhoods. Bellamy’s family life was clearly very important to him.  He loves his sister. He loved his mother very much too. It is this love from which he derived so much of his strength in impossible conditions in the Ark, and later on the ground. In fact, Bellamy is basically made of familial love – the love for his actual family, his love for his found family, and his love for the various waifs and strays he picks up on the way (Charlotte and, *cough* Riley).  How awesome would it be for him to have a family on his own terms?  A family which he chose to have (rather than foisted upon him), with the woman he loves? The thought of it warms my tired, grizzled heart to a veritable furnace.

Need I mention this:

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Clarke’s situation is slightly more complex, as biologically she would bear the initial brunt of parenthood, and let’s face it, Clarke is a person with Shit To Do. But in my headcanon, Clarke is tired of saving the world, ready to try something different even if it’s just for a little while, and take on a challenge of a different nature. And my girl NEVER shies away from a challenge if it’s something she wants. I get the impression that Clarke’s childhood was relatively happy, and I think Clarke, like many people, would like to recreate that childhood happiness for someone else with someone she loves.

Also this

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And just, drawing from my own experience, having a family together is about building a life together, and while achieving that through kids is not the right thing for everybody, I think Bellamy and Clarke’s depleted family connections and unique situation would drive them to create something new in their own image.

Now, MJ made the absolutely valid point that Bellamy and Clarke wouldn’t feel worthy of passing on their legacy via the gene pool, having had  hand in circa 1,600 deaths between them. This is 100% fair, but one thing about being a parent is this: you want better for your children than you had for yourself.  You want your children to be BETTER THAN YOU. You want to pass on the wisdom gained from the mistakes you’ve made so that they don’t make them.  And Bellamy and Clarke, who have made so many mistakes and had the courage to face them all, would have more than a little invested in passing on their wisdom to a second generation of Skaikru.

As for how they’d handle it. Well parenthood is and always has been about sacrifice, but (where it is a choice) it is also a selfish thing too – about bringing life into the world partly for your own benefit. And who knows more about sacrifice, or deserves more selfish pleasure than Bellarke? What’s more it has always struck me that Bellamy and Clarke are both naturally very affectionate people.  They enjoy lavishing love and affection on people and receiving in return. Again, own family, own terms.

And most importantly, Bellamy and Clarke have each other. They are a team. Bellamy may struggle with letting his impulses get the better of him, or expressing himself; Clarke may struggle with relating to those she loves, but between them they’ll muddle through because they always have and they always will.

(Before embarking on yet another sacrificial journey though, both Bellamy and Clarke deserve a long, long rest of several years, just them, spending lots of time together lounging in long grass, swimming in lakes and screwing in caves. Just have a look at the fanfic, OK? It’s all there.)

I warned you about the fluff. Now I’m embarrassed and I’m going to shove my face in a cushion until you all go away and stop looking at me.