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Happy birthday to this amazing woman, the one and only Carolyn Jones. You would’ve been 87 today. Not a single day goes by without being thankful for how much you have inspired me to keep going and fight and work for what I believe, to do what I love, especially when those closer to you don’t understand you. You certainly have a special place in my heart; wherever you are know that you are loved by many and always remembered, your brief presence in this world was a gift for many. Who you were and your work made a diference in our lives, today we celebrate the fact that you existed and you will continue to do so for ever because we’ll always carry you in our hearts, not only as the memorable-one-and-only Morticia Addams, but also as Linda on “Last Train from Gun Hill”, as Ronnie in “King Creole” with Elvis Presley, as Shirl in “A Hole in the Head” with Frank Sinatra but also as Wonder Woman’s mother… Queen Hippolyta and Batman’s Marsha Queen of Diamonds, all of them so different and yet so you. Happy birthday Carolyn Sue, wherever you are. I love you! 

A little bit about the two surviving children of Thomas Jefferson’s six...

Martha “Patsy” Jefferson was only ten years old when her mother died and recalled that her father took long horseback rides to ease his grief. Patsy would fulfill role as companion throughout her father’s life; as a teenage girl she accompanied him to Paris while he served as minister plenipotentiary to France, and as an adult she served as his hostess at the President’s House in Washington, DC. Following her father’s retirement to Monticello, she and her husband lived with him there, and she took on the responsibility of supervising the domestic activities of the plantation. Jefferson later called her “the cherished companion of my early life, and nurse of my age.”

Maria Jefferson, called Polly as a child, was sent to stay with her aunt, Elizabeth Wayles Eppes, following her mother’s death. Polly became very attached to the family at Eppington, and when Jefferson arranged for the eight-year-old to join him and Martha in Paris, she wrote, “I don’t want to go to France, I had rather stay with Aunt Eppes.” Upon her arrival in England, Polly lived briefly with Abigail and John Adams, who were so charmed by the little girl that Mrs. Adams wrote to Jefferson that “she was the favorite of everyone in the house." Maria married her cousin, John Wayles Eppes, and returned to live at Eppington. Like her mother, Maria suffered from poor health; she died at the age of twenty-five. After her death, the grieving Jefferson wrote his friend John Page that "I…have lost even the half of what I had. My evening prospects now hang on the slender thread of a single life. Perhaps I may be destined to see even this last chord of parental affection broken!”

I was at the Lake and some boat stared to play “can’t help falling in love” by Elvis and I JUST STARTED TO FLIP OUT IN THE WATER AND TRY TO CATCH MY BREATH WHILE I STARTED TO CRY.